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Wisening up? Who is your teacher? Buddha, Jesus, Obama… 

A few bits of wise sayings

Is it you either believe in a God or submit to a life of despair?

As if living among the religious clerics and fanatic religious believers is not the ultimate in desperation.

In the Far East, the source of mass production of cloths, people still manually weaves the garment of monks and for burial ceremony.

What do you gain from meditation?

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Have you already been in Hell? Probably you are a spiritual person

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Neuro Linguistic Programming impression on us

"The true focus of revolutionary change is never merely the oppressive situations which we seek to escape, but that piece of the oppressor which is planted deep within each of us, and which knows only the oppressors’ tactics, the oppressors’ relationships."</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Audre Lorde
And I’m still free, totally free
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The Roman philosopher Epictetus wrote:
“Is there another end but death? It is the fear of death that is cause for the cowardice and despicable nature of mankind.
Practice against the fear of death. To that end, let all your words, studies, lectures, and behaviors be guided to taming fear of death.
It is the only way for people to feel liberated…”
(Accepting death can be forced on us in due time. Accepting that it is natural for people to kill me is out of the equation for accepting death. Otherwise, why are we striving for companionship and for compassionate communities?)
The irony is that religious clerics are professional con artists, and they are honored and paid to resume their conning activities every day.

Is violence increasing?  Natural versus acquired developed violence

Should the discussion on “doing violence” be reduced to individual acts of murdering another human person?

Should discussions encompass whether mankind is currently less violent than in previous periods in history?

Are violence on pet animals accounted in statistics?

Should we discuss violence before we define “what is an act of violence” and categorize the kinds of violent acts?

Is encouraging violence in movies and news media coverage, even if not directly leading to violent actions, considered an act of violence?

Is injuring people, physically and psychologically, an act of violence?

Are States strategies of imputing harms, famine, embargoes on other “rogue regimes” and other developing nations, which are not falling in line with superpowers political positions, not considered act of violence?

Is reducing opportunities for education, healthier environment, and private development not represented as acts of violence?

If I say “private multinational companies” are modern pirates, do you believe common people would disagree on the metaphor and fine-tune the differences between activities of pirates and multinationals?  Would any sane person consider that multinational enterprises are less violent and more legitimate and legal to committing highway robberies at a world scale?

Is dehumanizing poorer citizens and people in poor States, ethnic minorities, gender discrimination, sex preferences, religious affiliation, or political positions acts of violence?

Is flaunting the UN Charters for human dignities and rights less violent crimes than those committed by individual people?

There are two major kinds of violence:

1. Naturally induced by fear for physical safety and harm

2. survival and developed violence that are generated by systems.

When nomadic tribes attacked other tribes and killed every male and just saved virgin girls, was it because the custom of fear from retaliations and vengeance dictated such drastic behaviors?

Armies on the march burn villages and instill fear with mass indiscriminate massacres:  The purpose is to preventing reorganization behind their long line that may cut-off their supply lines and endanger their rear-guard. You may think of armies on the move like the Moguls, Tatars, Timorlenk… Emulating these violent activities by States is reverting our current civilization and cultures to prehistoric times.

We need to comprehend that atrocities and brutalities mentioned in “Holy Books” are not allegories:  the stories literally recount the customs and traditions of the prehistoric periods.

Claiming that a God allowed atrocities committed in ancient times in order to alleviating the conscience of people or State governments will not cut it.  It has always been the case, in periods of enlightenment, for all religious dogma to adopt the interpretations compatible with current customs related to moral values and the paradigm of truth and faith.  Even the literal meaning of stories that made plenty of sense in previous periods were interpreted to suit the current moral paradigm.

For example, in medieval Europe, the Church of Rome claimed that Mary Magdalena didn’t in fact wash Jesus’ feet with her long hair:  It should be interpreted as a gesture of total faith in Jesus message.  Why?  Because western culture was not familiar, or refused to accept, the customs in the Near east Orient where common people and even noblemen sprawled in front of a higher individual to indicate complete respect and loyalty.  Moslems kneel the lowest in prayer for their unique God Allah.

The developed violence were initiated in the 12th century.

the Church of Rome dispatched crusading campaigns to capture Egypt in order to shorten the spice and perfume route.  These campaigns failed miserably and the merchant desisted funding further campaigns.  In order to maintain and consolidate its power, the Catholic Church led Europe to is darkest age of ignorance:  All ideas, teaching, or concepts that didn’t match the dogma were judged heretic and scholars burned alive.

The second phase started in the 15th century as Portugal circumnavigated earth and colonized the countries rich in spices and perfume.  As Spain expanded into the Americas, the Pope of Rome divided earth into two parts:  The east belonging to Catholic Portugal king and the west to the Spanish Catholic king.  The “subhuman” species were annihilated and entire civilizations and cultures wiped out.

The third phase started at the turn of the 20th century:  Chemical compound were experimented on mankind, including electroshock for altering human behaviors.  Chemical warfare was initiated in WWI.

The fourth phase took off with the invention of mass audiovisual technologies:  Kids and youth, the most vulnerable categories when subjected to varieties of violence, got aware of many types of violence and got more afraid of this violent world and gathered in gangs for protection and drug abuse: they applied the effective techniques for the wide array of violent acts.  Suicide is the third most prevalent killer in that age category (15 to 22).

It is crime against humanity for any superpower to veto a condemnation against violent crimes committed by another State:  These short-term decisions for short-term political advantages are mining the steady process of qualitatively shifting mankind to a lesser violent attitudes and behaviors.

Mankind moved on to establishing UN Charters after two world wars that reaped over 80 million lives and three times that number in injuries and handicapped people (physically and mentally).  Taking lightly the UN super laws that define acts of violence and what are the human rights is a serious act of violence.

When a superpower veto actions to punishing mass murder, genocides, and apartheid systems it is trampling human dignity and rights; it is blocking the progress of mankind toward a civilized moral set of values that concern “what is an act of violence”.

When former colonial powers adopt “soft” tactics to impoverish developing nations, they are committing acts of violence.  Subsidized agricultural products dumped in poorer nations so that peasants flock to urban centers, and lacking means for survival are acts of violence.  Loaning poorer States at much higher interest rates than what developed nations receive is a violent act at greater scale than witnessed in history.

As long as the UN is measuring with two weights, mankind tendency for violence will increase.

You might say that incremental progresses are taken place, even if solely applied to smaller States, and that one increment upon another will inevitably drive mankind to a more peaceful attitudes.  So far, the attitudes of the developed nations toward the less developed countries are pressuring the people to applying ancient brutal customs by taking Holy Books stories to the letter for retaliation and revenge traditions.

We are now more aware of the different kinds of violence than prehistoric people could ever knew; and it is logical that we tend to apply the types of violence that we learned;.

Discovering newer types of violence and acting impotent or unconcerned should be considered acts of violence.  Thus, mankind is much more violent for not being able to resolving anger and prejudices and abiding by the super laws of the UN.

As long as non-equitable negotiations are still in vigor, it is rational to feeling that acts of violence are at an increase.

With a population of 6 billion, and over 2 billion visualizing and interacting with all kinds of violent scenes and speeches, can we claim that violence will not necessarily increase exponentially in the next decade?

I contend that the complex behavior of mankind and the varieties of his intelligence, especially in the “developed” western hemisphere, are the product of body poisoning from regurgitating unnatural food products in the last 5 centuries, and the dissemination of acquired violent streak due to the poisoning of their mind and feelings with experimental drugs and mental control techniques.

The advance of technology is the byproduct of steam release valve reactions of the unbearable violent tendencies that drove people crazy.  Unfortunately, it is the military institutions that funded and managed most of these technologies:  They adapted and adopted technologies of mass destruction, global eavesdropping, mass media dissemination and control, and gathering spying intelligence such as industrial and scientific spying technologies, and preempting freedom movements by disturbing any kinds of democratic evolution and national development.

I contend that violent acts and violent incitement speeches in the media to violence will increase exponentially, unless serious research are done to courageously pinpoint the dangerous eating habits and curbing violent scenes disseminated to kids and adolescents in the web and movies.

A newer equilibrium to our physical and mental constitution must be investigated in order for more lenient and socially bearable kinds of violent tendencies can be managed and controlled.

It is unconscionable that the individual should be made to bear all the responsibilities for self-improvement and be blamed for not having the capacity to avoiding violent reactions or learning to manage the unraveling of his rage and frustration.

I want to ask simple questions. Since when in history:

1. Children have been rounded up to serve, participate and fight in civil wars? And forced to kill their mothers and parents for pressured indoctrination to extreme acts of violence.

2. Children have used as human shields to protect the soldiers?

3. Parents were forced, and by law, to conceive only one offspring?

4. Parents being able to determine the sex of the fetus and decide accordingly to abort or keep?

Jonas Salk, developer of the polio vaccine, had an idea of the wide range impact of mankind violent tendencies; he wrote: “If insects were to disappear from earth, all other forms of life would end.  If mankind was to disappear from earth, all other forms of life would flourish“.

Note:  A speaker at TEDx claimed that violence is decreasing relying on statistics of individual killing in western developed States. He said that in prehistoric times (meaning less than 4 centuries ago) people would gather in compact masses to watch public hanging, decapitation, dismemberment or stoning to death.

My point was, if the life expectancy was not over 40 in those periods then, most of the crowd was constituted of kids and juvenile delinquents, the same category of people nowadays incarcerated in school systems, for no crimes committed, but because they are the most troubling and troubled age category.

Currently, Saudi Arabia dilapidated women in public places:  a truck brings stones for the crowed to throw at a woman till death.  A physician checks on the woman; if she is still alive then, the throwing of stone is resumed.  It takes about two hours to die in this brutal manner.  I am not sure if decapitation or cutting hands of males for stealing is done in public; but women punishment is a favorite public pass time.

Wars, Preemptive wars: Casualties and duration in the last two centuries

This article will enumerate the wars and armed conflicts among nations, colonial type wars, and civil wars in the last two centuries.  The wars will be listed chronologically from when they started, their duration, and the estimated casualties (killed among soldiers and civilians).

Keep in mind that beside the killed in the battle fields, an equal number will die within a year from serious injuries, and three-fold that number will be handicapped physically, mentally, or both for a life time.

The 20th century witnessed 140 armed conflicts, totaling more than 150 millions in casualties.  More than twenty conflicts produced over one million killed.  WWI generated about 9 million killed and WWII more than 60 millions.

Two dozen conflicts are still on going for decades and the toll is accumulating.

Mind that in every decade, one billion die of famine and from curable diseases.  The UN estimated that currently there is one billion individual earning less than a dollar per day and have no shelters:  Which means, all the most downtrodden of the billion of mankind will invariably die within the decade of famine and curable diseases.

In the 19th century we registered 15 armed conflicts (not including colonial military activity aggression) and about 5 millions in casualties (not including natives casualties from colonial mishandling; for example, in the Congo alone, 10 million natives died in forced labor and cruelty to satisfying the greed of King Leopold of Belgium in rubber and timber within two decades (1890-1910).

Napoleonic wars in Europe (1790-1815); over one million.

France and Mexico (1860-1865); over 100 thousand.

US civil war (1861-1864); over one million.

South America or the triple alliance (1865-1872); over 500 thousands

US  and Mexico (1865-1875) 200 thousands

France and Prussia (1870-1872); over 500 thousand

Egypt and Ethiopia (1874-1876); over 100 thousand

South Africa (Netherland colonial war 1877-1880); over 100 thousand

France and China (1882-1886); over 100 thousand

France and Siam (colonial war in east Asia 1893-94); over 100 thousand.

China and Japan (1894-96); over 100 thousand.

Italy and Ethiopia (colonial war 1895-97); over 100 thousand.

US and Spain (over colonies in the Americas such as Cuba and central America 1897-99); over 100 thousand.

South Africa (the Boers war between the Netherlands colons and the British new colonial power 1898-1904); over 100 thousand.

US and Spain over the Philippines (1888-1903); over 500 thousand.

Now the list of major conflicts in the 20th century:

Russia-Japan (1905-07); over 100 thousand.

Mexico Revolution (1910-1920); over 3 million

Balkans (1912-1914); over 500 thousand.

WWI (1914-18); over 9 million.

Russia civil war (1916-1924); over 500 thousand.

Finland civil war (1917-18); over 200 thousand.

Italy-Libya (colonial war 1920-22); over 100 thousand.

France and Spain in Morocco (colonial war 1922-1927); over 500 thousand.

China civil war (1928-1950); over 3 million

Italy-Ethiopia (colonial war 1935-37); over 200 thousand.

Spain civil war (1936-1939); over 500 thousand.

Japan-Russia (1939-40); over 100 thousand.

China-Japan (1937-1944); over 4 million.

WWII (1939-1945); over 60 million.

Indonesia revolution (1944-1950); over 500 thousand.

France-North Vietnam (colonial war 1945-1954); over 500 thousand.

Madagascar insurrection from France (1947-48); over 200 thousand.

India-Pakistan (started 1947 and going on); over one million.

Burma (1947 and going on); over 500 thousand.

Korea (1950-1954); over 3 million.

Guatemala (1953-2008); over 500 thousand.

Laos (1954-1986); over 500 thousand.

France-Algeria (independence war 1954-1964); over one million.

South Sudan (1955-1973); over 3 million.

US-Vietnam (1960-1973) 5 million.

Cameroon (Africa 1958-62); over 500 thousand.

Angola (Africa 1962-2003); over 3 million.

Yemen (1963-1978 and restarting); over 500 thousand.

Colombia (1964-2009); over 500 thousand.

Ethiopia-Erytria (1963-1992); over 2 million.

Nigeria (Biafra civil war 1967-1971); over 3 million.

Chad (1964-1991 and restarting); over 500 thousand.

Cambodia (1972-1983); over 3 million.

Uganda (1972 – on going) over one million.

Mozambique (1975-1993); over 3 million.

Lebanon (1975-91); over 300 thousand.

Afghanistan (1978-ongoing); over 3 million.

Iran-Iraq (1980-1988); over 2 million.

South Sudan (1983-ongoing); over 3 million.

Rwanda (1990-1997); over 3 million.

Somalia (disintegration of State 1991-ongoing); over 500 thousand.

Sierra Leon (civil war 1992-2003); over 500 thousand.

Yugoslavia (disintegration 1991-2000); over 400 thousand.

Iraq-US (2003-ongoing); over one million.

Turkey-Kurd (ethnic war 1984-ongoing); over 500 thousands.

Darfur (Sudan 2003-ongoing); over 500 thousand.

Chechnya (1994-1998); over 300 thousand.

Burundi (civil war 1993-2002); over 500 thousand.

Israel-Arab States (1948-ongoing); over 200 thousand.

Israel-Palestinians (transfer activities 1948 ongoing); over 100 thousand.

Central America (Salvador, Nicaragua.. 1978-1994); over 200 thousand.

Thus, this century witnessed ten folds increase in armed conflicts and 30 folds in casualties.

Do you think the trend of mankind civilization is improving?

Since 1945 and the establishment of the UN we witnessed 115 armed conflicts.

Note 1:  Chemical warfare began in 1916 by Germany. Japan used it in China in 1942, and the US in China in 1950, the US in Vietnam and Iraq.  Israel is still using cluster bombs, phosphorous bombs and Dense Inert Metal Explosives (DIME) munitions on the occupied Palestinian people and in Lebanon.

Note 2:  France alone produced 52,000 war airplanes in WWI; the US fabricated 320,000 airplane in WWII and Britain, Russia, and Germany each 100,000 airplanes.  How many in other military hardware?  It is too disgusting to mention.




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