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How many “role playing acts” can you sustain before people unmask your characters?

I am using the first subject to give weight and credibility to this story. I prefered to use He to mean by brother-in-law.

I submitted a formal complaint on my brother-in-law to the municipality for his nonchalance on a serious health problem that can affect, not only people living in the same building, but the potential epidemic that might spread to the community.

The 4 water tanks , each for an apartment, are located in one of the enclosed roof: water used to washing hands, taking showers, washing dishes and doing laundry…come from these sources.

He has been breeding and raising chicken in that section of the roof for many years.

Once I went up to the roof to check on something.

As I opened the revolving door, I felt dizzy of the foul smell emanating from there, as if a dead foul was left forgotten for days. I could Not enter because all the ways inside this roof were blocked by years of accumulation of junks.

Actually, He has a serious psychological problem that is well documented of people who keep “saving” totally unimportant objects and are unable to clear the depots of a single object or even to try to sell anything they “hoarded”

For a long time, and way before the Covid-19 pandemics, I warned him of Red-Level health danger of breeding and raising chicken there. And told him this is Not within the building codes of any municipality.

In my mind the potential for aviary flu and other kinds of serious viruses was serious enough.

He displayed a yellow smile and said: “I am cleaning after the chicken

His nonchalance in Not taking my inputs and suggestions in a serious manner almost drove me to the wall.

This attitude smacked of considering me as a Non-entity and of no consequence. He has been behaving as the entire building was his own and he could decide what to do without asking permission from anyone, or even throwing a suggestion.

Ten years ago, before He was forced to retire from the military, he constructed a chicken coop but never had “time” to care for it. Since my mother favored raising chicken I agreed to take care of this dirtiest of jobs as long as he purchase the chicken feed because I was almost penniless at the time.

Rain or shine, I was feeding the chicken, cleaning the place, digging and burying the dead fouls and trying to sell the extra eggs to the neighboring shops.

After several years of this stupid and insane toil, He stopped purchasing the feed. Either the chicken will die of famine or I close this costly “business”.

I spread the word that I am closing and people flocked from everywhere and on motorbike to rid me of the chicken. I sold them cheap because time was of the essence in this case.

Mother understood the predicament though she preferred to keep about 7 chicken.

200 or 7 chickens are of the same level responsibility, headache and dirtiness.

Even after submitting my written complaints, He kept entering my apartment without knocking and carrying his cart loaded with chicken feed through my apartment. Though there are two outside entrances to the chicken “farm” of over 200 fouls.

Maybe He is jealous of me and his reactions towards me are meant to humiliate me and degrade my goodwill.

The day I complained, He dispatched my sister (His wife) downstairs to warn me. She was shaking like a leaf and said: “If you don’t retrieve the complaint, He is coming down to kill you”.

I told her: “Let him come down”.

What character can anyone be proud of by sending my sister to warn me? This ignominy proved what I always suspected of this weak , lying and opportunistic individual.

He entered all shaven and dressed up and said: “Raymonde told me that you want to talk to me?” I replied: “Wrong. I don’t want to talk to you”

And he started to display all his acting and affability and nonsense.

I told Him a 70 year-old person is Not meant to spend his retirement on feeding, cleaning chicken places, fill bags of their shit and pouring this shit in every corner of the garden during the rainy seasons.





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