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Children of Nature and megalopolis kids

This is a large brush essay.

We tend to assume that rural kids who have this rare opportunity to be connected to Nature are healthy, robust, vigorous, happy, love life and pleasure and have positive behaviors to the realities of life and nature.

We forget that at a certain age, children of Nature starts to observe Nature and what they see is unsettling: Nature does not judge, is indifferent, is neither good nor evil and just follow its course irrespective of what we think and feel.

Children of Nature become susceptible to nature’s indifference and grow inclined to doubt, torment, contradiction and sceptical. These are a detonating combination that render children of Nature Not so happy, not that at peace and unable to find rest for their confused mind.

All assumptions indicate that children of Nature must be “feeling good in their skin“and more readily tending to harmonious and clear feelings and thinking, kind of emulating nature. They are not harmonious and cohesive in their approach to reality.

Apparently, it is the category of people who were born and lived in cities, detached from Nature, by the force of urban design, who grow with a mental model of life that is coherent, positive, confident and categorical in their opinions.

They represent the Human Spirit that is mostly detached, not only from Nature but from the reality of chaos that is the fundamental structure of life and nature.

Children of Nature acquire an unconscious hostility toward laws in the domain of the spirit. A tendency for negating all affirmations that pressure people to seek solitude in an irremediable desperation.

An atrocious jealousy of people who believe they hold the truth and enlightenment.

They lack a healthy dose of humanism and are prone to nihilistic attitudes.

They are occasionally tolerant and look indulgent, though these attitudes lack sweetness and compassion.

The children of cement are universal in their urge for establishing their order and intellectual legality: What they believe in must be spread and abided by the rest of the non urban citizens.

Children of Nature are not susceptible to final depressive mood for committing suicide: they are familiar with the uncertainties and frustration of life, kind of immune to imbalanced states of life and nature.

Children of cement are not trained or exposed to sudden frustrating incoherent behaviors in life and nature and are more ready to terminate their life after a terrible disappointment.




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