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“You are not fooling the world. Lebanese, desist fooling yourselves!” by Sarkis Naoum

When you listen to the Lebanese politicians, diplomats, jurists, legal professionals on the Constitution and government procedures, and most sectarian leaders (religious and civil)… you have the impression that Lebanon sociopolitical system should be the ideal alternative to the Arab States who were successful in demoting previous dictators and oligarchies, such as in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, and soon Syria…

What all these “sources of advisors” mean by “the Lebanese experience in a democratic, parliamentary, and constitutional system” are pure lies: Lebanon never enjoyed such utopia characteristics since its independence and then recognition by the UN in 1946 as a State.

You hear a lot that Lebanon before the long and protracted civil war (1975-1990) was a heaven of security and stability and prosperity…peaceful coexistence, smooth application of the laws…Platon Republic that finally was established…

No State is fool enough to give the nod to these lucubrations:  States involved in Lebanon politics know far more about Lebanon reality and the facts that shame us in every aspects of human rights and conduct of politics (internally and externally) than we want to admit of our vast arrays of endemic shortcomings and sociopolitical structural weaknesses

No State is fooled that Lebanon civil war was initiated and planned by foreign powers or that we are “angels” who had to suffer foreign interventions and sick interests, or that tiny Lebanon was basically the location for geopolitical wars waged on its soil…

Sure, foreign regional and international powers came to the rescue of factions within Lebanon and extended financial and military support that served their interests, but the civil war was mainly the doing among our fractured and disintegrating “informal” sociopolitical system that was no longer sustainable and accepted by new generations…In Lebanon, only temporary deals and concensus have long lives, unlike the clauses in the Constitution…

As you listen to the Lebanese on their state of affairs after 1990, you get the impression that the Lebanese learned something from the lessons of the gruesome civil war, that they will no longer fall into traps laid by foreign interests…You want to believe that Lebanon has “recaptured” their senses of multicultural, freedom of expressions, democracy, respect for human rights, anti-discrimination laws based on genders, religious beliefs, …

No one is fooled: Nothing is as far from realities of these chimeric proclamations…You want to believe the religious clerics that Lebanon is the proper bed of reciprocated love among the various factions…You constantly hear that Lebanon is the land of cooperation among its 18 officially recognized sects that enjoy the privileges of defining your individual status, as if a State is a commercial corporation and should be run as such…

It is important that the liberal movements in Arab States cease to disseminate the Lebanese falsehoods of the ideal political structure for a secure, stable, and sustainable system…Lebanon never enjoyed a durable period for any kinds of security and development…

Any State that adopts the Lebanese system is doomed to suffer insecurity and repeated civil wars…and witness the disintegration of its social fabrics into self-autonomous multi-religious-sectarian political system that blocks sustainable development and harmony among the citizens…

Lebanese, cease disseminating your chimeric wishes, values that you don’t know what they means and never experienced, cease fooling yourselves on how is Lebanon and how it should be, and what impressive achievements you could transfer to people who started civic revolutions…

Note 1:  This post was mainly inspired from an editorial by Sarkis Naoum in the Lebanese daily Al Nahar

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