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Chinese Official: We Subvert America Through Wall Street Jews

China is not America. World Jewry may have just met its match. 

Eric Striker Dec 8, 2020 

A Tucker Carlson segment putting the spotlight on a November 28th, 2020 talk by Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) foreign relation expert, Di Dongsheng, is being circulated throughout social media, including by Donald Trump. 

According to Carlson, the video reveals that Joe Biden and his supporters are agents of the Chinese government.

What was dishonestly edited out of the segment was what professor Dongsheng really said: Joe Biden is controlled by Wall Street Jews, who the CCP deal with directly when they need something from America. 

Dongsheng recounts his experiences with an “old friend,” an American power broker who, in the original video, he mockingly describes as a “big nosed Jew” that speaks fluid Mandarin and has been trading influence over the US government in exchange for a foothold in China over the years.   

During the speech, he talks about his initial reluctance when the Jew told him that she was a Chinese citizen, as dual citizenship is illegal in China.

Dongsheng hints at homegrown corruption going back to the 1970s, stating that it is otherwise unlikely the figure in question would sacrifice her “Israeli or American” citizenship.  

While Dongsheng does not specify who this person is, some are speculating that it is Roberta Lipson, a US Chamber of Commerce figure who serves as CEO of Chindex International in Beijing. 

What is most striking about the video in question is that Dongsheng makes it clear that the Chinese are fully aware that for almost 50 years, Jews have been subversively using their control over America to try and ingratiate themselves with China’s political elites.  

The CCP expert goes on to speculate that China’s “old friends” have been less effective in winning them concessions in recent years due to what he assumes is the waning influence of Wall Street. 

Experts in the United States disagree, however. Permanent Washington under Biden is expected to maintain Trump’s aggressive posture towards China for the foreseeable future. 

Yesterday, Democrats and Republicans voted together to bring the entire population of Hong Kong to the United States. The bill’s sponsor, New Jersey Democrat Tom Malinowski, rationalized the decision using Cold War rhetoric.  

It’s increasingly looking like China’s Jewish “friends” are starting to give up on ever gaining an upper hand over the world’s oldest continuous civilization.

The powerful state, its control over the economy and media, and the turn towards ethno-nationalism inside the CCP under Xi Jinping.

Jeffrey Goldberg in the influential Atlantic recently accused Xi Jinping of being inspired by the philosophy of the Nazis (And the Nazis emulated the ideology of the US institutions), is closing tried and true vectors traditionally used by Jewish interlopers.

China’s assertion as a military and economic superpower is also a problem for the Zionist-liberal world order.

China has become a vital military and economic lifeline for Iran and has been supportive of Bashar Assad’s government against America and ISIS in Syria throughout the civil war.

China also exerts enormous economic influence over Israel, a potential checkmate officials in both America and Israel are desperate to break out of. 

Bringing the ascendant Chinese to heel is beginning to look like an impossible task. 

China is not America. World Jewry may have just met its match. 

The next 2 superpowers in this century: China and India?

Currently, India that rely heavily on China for ingredients in its pharmaceutical industry and its major importer, is trying hard to distance itself from reliance on China, and pressured by the USA to go this way.

India and China have even come to military confrontation on a stupid border swath of land.

China and India Empires: Same and Different (April 28, 2009)

Since antiquity, China and India formed vast empires.

They were the wealthiest, the most populous, and the most creative in almost all fields of industries such porcelain, gun powder, paper, vaccines, compass, rudder, the invention of zero, philosophy, art of war and you name it.

Europe relied on the silk, spices, perfume, and luxury items imported from China and India through Persia, Turkey and Egypt.

The Great Wall of China is the only human made construction that can be seen from space.

Three centuries before Portugal put to sea its galleons to circumnavigate oceans, China had fleet of ships 3 times bigger than the biggest that Spain or portugal constructed.

Every society has gone through the same historical development and experienced with feudal systems, caste systems, monarchies, and oligarchies.  The difference between China and India are:

First, China had gone through the harrowing communist period and millions of people suffered from famine, forced labor displacement and indignities under Mao for 2 decades, but it managed to crush the priesthood or sacerdotal castes and feudal foundation of the economy and social fabric.

In India the priesthood castes are as powerful as ever.  There are millions of this “untouchables” caste, the lowest caste of the 5 structured by the Brahma and Hinduism religions.  The “untouchables” are consecrated by religion to remain untouchables.

Gandhi confronted that humiliating condition head on, but no other modern Indian government or political parties dared to revisit this abomination.  In fact, the caste system prevalent in the Middle East was imported from India by the Ottoman Empire as trade with Europe stopped after the occupation of Constantinople.

For over two centuries, Europe was closed to the Ottoman Empire as Turkey was militarily expanding in Europe.  The Ottoman Empire had to rely almost exclusively on India for administrative organization, culture, and trades.

Among the good things, the Ottoman Empire also received (imported) the worst that India could export; it is so enduring that the Middle East societies cannot shake off the plight of caste system that is exacerbated by close knit community structure.

Second, China has the mentality of becoming a superpower at par with the USA.  Everything that China is doing is at a gigantic measure such as the biggest dam with all the subsequent mass transfer of people, traditions, and customs.  The focus on urban centers and industrialization is diverting water from agriculture, the source of its initial prosperity and social stability.  A 7-month dry season in the northern part, the wheat basket region, is sending shivers of forthcoming famine.

The rivers in China are heavily polluted and the western diseases from water and land pollution are harvesting thousands of young lives. Over 25, millions were forced to vacate the urban centers to their remote villages after this financial crisis.

India is progressing at a steadier and less drastic strategy and linking the country with new route infrastructures.  The cheaper car produced by India are supposedly to be sold in India for only $2,000.

Third, China is investing heavily on energy resources and lands oversea, particularly in Africa.  India prefers to cajole the USA and signed a less favorable deal for importing light nuclear rods from the USA and satellites from Israel, though it could produce these advanced technological items.

Fact is that the British Empire held on to India, for 3 centuries, because it realized that the vast Indian population is the hardest working and was adding all the values to the wealth of the British Empire.

During the Soviet Union period of 1917 to 1989, China and India followed the precepts of communism and tight control over private ownership and enterprises.  These two nations experienced famine on large scales, and suffered all kinds of miseries and humiliation.

As soon as the Berlin Wall fell and the capitalist system dominated world economy and finance. And China and India transformed their development accordingly.

In China, tiny Deng Xiaoping ordered restitution of collectivity lands to private cultivators and authorized selling part of the production.  Then the private agriculturists were permitted to select what they wanted to plant and production tripled.  Small enterprises and private shops were granted to be formed and in no time 22 millions small industries were hiring 135 millions employees.

In China, small modifications in freedom of choice, and small increases in production mean gigantic increases in internal production.

In India of 1991, the finance minister Manmohan Singh relaxed certain restrictions on doing business. There were no needs for previous permit for each transaction, for importation, for investment, and for increase in production. The Indian economy took off at great strides.

Currently, the GDP of China has surpassed France, Germany and Japan.  Shanghai alone has more high rises than New York and Los Angeles combined or 5,000 high-rises.  It is no secret that ten years after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, China and India were viewed as the main enemies to the USA and Europe.

China and India are two powers that had the technologies, the know-how, and the resources in raw materials and human potential to rival the economies of western nations.

It is no secret that the hurried frenzy of Bush Junior to invade Iraq unilaterally had the main purpose of dominating oil reserves and blackmailing China and India.

Amine Maalouf wrote in “A World Adrift” that Colin Powell told ex-President Bush Junior “You break it; you own it.  You invade Iraq then you will end up with the responsibility of caring for 25 million Iraqis”  Bush Junior didn’t own it alone; the whole world is sharing the price of a financial and economic meltdown.

Iraq alone has more war refugees than most other countries (Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen…) that experienced civil wars and pre-emptive wars.

In the mean times, China expanded its oil exploration in Africa and built a major pipeline to Russia and Central Asia States.

India built many nuclear reactors and pipelines and are not as affected by energy shortages as Europe that relies on Russia, Algeria, and Libya for gas.

One of the major problems that the world is facing is that in addition to the 50 millions middle class families in the USA and Europe, over 150 millions middle class families in China and India can now afford and demand the same consumer items that the USA and European middle classes enjoyed for a century.

They want their cars, their washing machines, their refrigerators and all the commodities that any human desire to own when he can afford it: They believe under a Capitalist ideology that it is their right and no one can obstruct or make these new middle class desist from their hard earned rights.

If just 50 million families in the USA and Europe almost exhausted earth minerals and energies. then how humanity is going to satisfy the demands of the new added 200 millions “rich families”?

Western colonial powers to dig into its “reserves” of sovereign funds

Implicit sovereign funds of centuries of looted wealth from their colonies

Covid-19 pandemics has forced the colonial powers to start printing currencies in order to cover for the “expenses” of focusing on their crumbling health institutions and lack of the necessary health human services.

They are printing money in the $ trillion, money Not covered my any incoming foreign currencies or export or expanding internal economy.

Fending off mass revolts of serious decrease in standard of living is the price for the creation of inflation at long period. 

A quick overview that condenses the main phases of western colonial powers wealth accumulation.

1) Slave trades:

After Constantinople fell in 1443 into the hands of the Ottoman Empire, all the slave routes from central and eastern Europe stopped. The Europeans colonial powers had to seek slaves from Africa, indirectly from Cairo, Tunisia, Algeria and directly by their own ships.

One third of the slaves died in the crossing of the African desert and as many in the crossing of the oceans.

All the universities and facilities and fancy buildings and institutions were the result of slave trading. And the symbols are falling and the universities are starting to redirect funds for the inclusion of “minorities” into their programs.

Actually, the American colonies revolted against England because the British Empire made it illegal to “import slaves”. Implicitly, England didn’t stop trading slaves but this law was a sword to harass the rich colons who were expanding their business and Not paying enough taxes.

2) First industrial revolution and child labor.

In order to export products to the colonies at exorbitant “added values”, the colonial powers in mainly England and France put children and women to work in sweatshop factories and in the mines.

Generations of youth were lost in shortened life expectancy, uneducated, and a life of miseries and indignities.

These generations were sacrificed simply because the people in the colonies were Not to learn any skills in production or transforming their raw materials into even semi-finished products.

3) Second industrial revolution and mass infrastructure and transport within their countries and in the colonies in order to quicken the exploitation of the raw materials in their colonies and fast transport of moving of their troops.

4) From 1950 to 1980, China experienced 30 years of internal instability, famine and inequities. Millions of Chinese barely survived the many dogmatic pronouncement of Mao that reduced this Nation into stagnation at all level: economically, financially, education, culture…

Millions starved, were dispatched into far away villages and camps, and forgotten there. China just lived in the memory of faked propaganda as the leading fair and equitable communist nation. The western colonial powers had a field day of Not encountering any serious economic competitor.

5) The fall of Berlin Wall and invasion of financial multinationals of world markets.

The US lead the way in concretizing the notion of “World Free Market” by forcing the acceptance of their financial multinationals in the economy and finance and production in the foreign countries.

Financial crisis followed crisis and many countries suffered the movements of faked and fictitious trillion of dollars circulating around the globe, with no fundamental coverage in Gold or real material production.

And what now?

China is in the forefront at all levels.

And still China is the leading country in sweatshop factories, displacing millions to countryside whenever a giga project is underway, and many millions are barely surviving.

Yes, still generation of Chinese are still being sacrificed in order to supply this God of Export, as many generations of the poorer classes in Europe and USA were sacrificed a centuries ago.

And what now?

China is back to re-creating the Silk Road, inland and by sea and is the second most powerful economic power, and by far the the leading creditor nation, if Not the only real creditor nation with $ trillions to spare and buy foreign bonds.

Fact is, almost all States are debtor States, even Japan is the second debt nation after the USA.

Only China and a few of Northern European States (Scandinavian States of Norway, Sweden, Danmark, Holland, Finland…) have “sovereign funds” to rely on in time of major financial crisis.

The colonial powers have to dig into its “reserves” of sovereign funds of centuries of looted wealth in order to fend off mass revolts of serious decrease in standard of living

Note: When all the US liabilities are accounted for, US national debt amount to $135 trillion, Not the official $26 trillion. In this Covid-19 pandemics, the US printed (balance sheet) over $10 trillion. Mind you that during the financial crisis  of 2007, US printed less than one trillion.

No country ever was paid on the principal for US bond purchases. Trump financial blackmail of Saudi Kingdom was of two kinds: Fresh money on useless weapon, and slashing a large portion of Saudi principal, thus reducing the interest to be redeemed.

Chinese family in Peking a few year before Mao died

Depuis 5 ans, ma famille (femme et 2 enfants) partage un pavillon de 3 maisons disposées en en fer de cheval autour d’une cour. Nous vivons dans notre maison avec mes beaux-parents, mon beau-frere, ma belle soeur dans 3 pièces, une par menage. C’est un luxe d’habiter cette ruelle (houtong) au centre de la ville. J’ai eu de la chance d’avoir pu quitter mon immeuble de la périphérie de Pékin.

A 5:30 am, je transvase les pots de chambres de la nuit dans un grand seau que je vide au bout de la ruelle dans les WC publics. Un quart d’heure pres, et je me trouverais attendant en queue.

Je me hâte pour aller chercher le lait au point de vente du quartier, une petite guérite ouverte une heure seulement. Je remplis mes deux quarts en verre. Ca coute 3 yuans par mois pour un quart de litre quotidien. Un yuan valait 2.70 francs.

La ration de sucre est un kilo par mois par famille.

Pas de viande dans les jardins d’enfants

Le matin, je n’ai pas le temps d’attendre que le poêle chauffe pour cuire mon petit déjeuner”. Je caresse la tête de mes filles engourdies de sommeil. J’enfourche mon vélo pour une distance de 15 km a mon travail.

Sur le chemin de l’institut, je prend mon casse-croute du matin, bol de bouillon de riz et deux petits pains dans une ancienne petite maison de the’. Vite servi dans un endroit chauffé’ et le tout pour 3 maos (27 centimes de franc)

J’aime bien cette course a velo car la solitude est rare et synonyme de liberté’. Je peux rêver a ma guise a des projets fous et sans lendemain. L’ivresse de ne pas être contrôlé’.

C’est sans remords que nous réservons la douzaine d’oeufs par mois et par famille pour les enfants. Pour dégoter des oeufs supplémentaires, j’ en achète au chemin de travail: par des des codes gestuelles, je m’approche d’une maison, paie et reçoit des oeufs. La plupart du temps j’en achète des oeufs les dimanches.

On ne livre a domicile la ration familiale de charbon que la première semaine de chaque mois. Sinon, on doit aller au depot a des heures d’ouverture inconciliable avec mes horaires et je dois me charger du transport en empruntant une charrette et puis la ramener a l’autre bout du quartier.

Ce n’est pas l’effort qui me rebutte, c’est la bêtise qui m’enrage.Quel pays serait la Chine sans ce gaspillage insensé’ de force humaine?

For most of its “revolutionary period” China had no serious currency. The people valued the “tickets for rations“. National tickets, tickets that can be used everywhere in China, especially for cereals (rice, wheat flour and corn flour..) were 5 times more important than province tickets and 20 times the tickets of districts.

There were many categories of tickets: for cereals, for meat (poultry), for vegetables, for coal, for industrial products (stoves, watches, furnitures…).

A person had to carry a bag of different tickets when he had to go “shopping” at various designated outlets.

Note 1: From the book of Claudie et Jacques Broyelle ” Apocalypse Mao”, 1980

Note 2: It is beyond comprehension the millions of Chinese who died out of famine, malnutrition and cruelty through Mao dictatorship since 1949. No less than 100 millions died from One Man ideas to institute his ideology.

This 21st century started Islamic, supplanted by Covid-19, and maybe China?

Note: Re-edit of “The Century of Islam, (March 11, 2009)”

The 20th century was the communist century, particularly of the Soviet Union and China, as the nemesis for the liberal and capitalist world. 

And the Afghan cataclysm that started in the 1980’s, and which is still going on, changed the geopolitical framework and pressured the Soviet Union to disintegrate.

And the change of power system in Iran in 1979 and the 8-year savaged war between Iraq and Iran. Actually, Khomeini decided before his death to declare cease fire, otherwise, his successors will feel like continuing this senseless war that profit the colonial powers. This war was meant to create a fault ridge between the Sunni and Shia sects and all other religious sects in the Middle-East. A nasty divide that the colonial powers have been foamenting and investing in it to the hilt

The 21st century was predicted to be the century of Liberal Capitalist America after the fall of the Berlin Wall: “Liberal capitalism” was advancing globalization and the free flow of capitals to national markets by international financial companies.

And the new US strategy of dismembering Yugoslavia into several weak States and this lengthy civil war in that Serbian region.

And Iraq invading Kuwait in 2003 once the US ordered Saddam to divide Iraq into 3 States. And the Bush Jr. administration irradiating the Iraqi people with toxic and nuclear munition and open pits for burning plastic materials, for a period of 5 years that contaminated generations of Iraqis.

After the September 9, 2001 Twin Towers attack, supposedly planned by al Qaeda, the Bush Jr. Administration spewed his venom for a decade on Islam, as the major enemy to democracy and for a stable World Order.

And the prediction of the End of History.

The implementation of US-type of “Police of Democracy”quickly ended with the worst financial crisis of all time (2008), and the emergence of many players in world economics and politics.

And the Barak administration encouraging and supporting extremist Islamic organizations like Al Nusra and Daesh to enter Mosul and control northern Syria.

And this created civil war in Syria that started in 2011 and is an ongoing morass to all concerned people with millions of displaced and refugees.

This century was showing the definite characteristics that it is of Islam.

The superpowers have targeted Islam to be the main nemesis for stable world order:

The superpowers need to create a focused enemy for its people.

Before I broach on current events and realities, a little history is in point.

Islam was the world civilization for over 9 centuries.  Three centuries of Eastern Arab Empire that was first located in Damascus and then in Baghdad.  The Arab/Islam Empire shifted its center of gravity in the next two centuries to the west or the Maghreb Empire, and particularly in Spain or Andalusia.  

Two centuries of Islamic domination were marshaled by the Ottoman Muslim Empire in Turkey in the 16th and 17th centuries; and another two centuries of the Muslim Mughal Empire in India, and one century of the Islamic Safavid Empire in Iran in the 18th century.

These civilizations waned after Portugal and Spain circumnavigated the Oceans to bypass Egypt for direct trade with India and Far East Asia.

In fact, the various Crusaders campaigns failed because they could not conquer Egypt, where the major trade routes intersected before reaching Europe, the main target and purpose of the crusaders financial backers.

Christian Europe owes it to the Muslim Empires to be saved from the multitudes of invasions originated in Mongolia and Central Asia by the Mogul and Tatar hordes.

After the Indonesian dictator Suharto died, his successor Bahr el Din Habibi invested over one billion dollars to develop a small civilian airplane.  The “Financial Times” mocked the new President for investing on airplanes that can be purchased with much higher quality and performance.

The West was purposely belittling what they perceived as the new challenges coming from the largest Muslim Nation in matter of knowledge and technology. Habibi meant to build new generations of Muslims that can manufacture instead of being simple consumers.  Habibi said “Money comes and goes. Human brains can be purchased but how can we secure loyalty to a nation and to citizens?”

The Ottoman Empire was later weakened by relying too heavily on its mercenaries the “Inkisharia” (soldiers raised from foreign slaves), as the Arabic Empires were destroyed from the interior by relying on foreign mercenaries.

Pakistan had to build the first Muslim Atomic Bomb in order to challenge India’s bomb.  As Zhu Fikar Ali Bhutto said “we will have to build the atomic bomb even if we end up eating grass”. Actually, Bhutto was overthrown and put to death because he challenged the West for building the bomb.

Iran is facing constant pressure from the West for manufacturing its own arms, munitions, missiles, atomic power generators, and space satellites.

India has more Muslims than Pakistan, Indonesia, and Egypt combined.

The middle classes of Indian Moslems and Chinese Muslims are nearly as large as the total US population.

Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, and Nigeria are almost continents of their own in size and populations and they are acting and behaving as self-sufficient nations.

The West has to start trading knowledge and technologies without any pre-conditions if it seeks peace, security, stability, and prosperity.  War is a losing option for both parties and no one can hope to emerge winner anyway

I have mentioned in several articles that the 5 nations in the UN with veto power are negotiating to partition Sudan for its huge raw materials, oil reserves, and water resources.  This adventure is doomed to fail unless they negotiate a fair deal with the people in Sudan and the most populous Muslim nations in Africa such as Egypt, Nigeria, and Kenya in Africa.

And Covid-19 pandemics spread and changed this “sustained growth” notion, cleared the air from pollutants in urban cities and megapolis, as well as improving the quality of potable water.

And oil prices fell drastically and producing nations having no idea how to stop the gushing of oil (lest the wells are totally degraded) and where to store all these humongous quantities.

Note 1: The “Arabic Spring” revolts against dictators and absolute monarchies have set the tone for democratic systems in the Arabic States.  The major underlying factor for this mass indignity is the realization that western governments encouraged dictator and absolute monarchy regimes for an entire century in order to maintaining the “Muslim” people subjugated and unable to grow and develop.

Note 2: Sudan had a referendum for partition, but it does not seem that problems will vanish any time soon in Sudan:  The exploitation of oil and mineral resources will resume unabated, and turmoil in north and south Sudan will be enhanced even further.

And what China Leader offered during online G20?
الصحيفة القانونية posted on Fb (Sponsored

الصين في قمة العشرين : مستعدون لقيادة نظام عالمي جديد ، هذه خصائصه و هذه شروطنا

في تطور ثوري لسياسة الصين التي تقوم على المقاربة الناعمة للنظام العالمي ، القى الرئيس الصيني شي جين بينغ كلمة أمام القمة الافتراضية الاستثنائية لمجموعة الـ20 بشأن “كوفيد-19” نهار البارحة الخميس

حملت الكلمة اعلانا مدويا عن رؤية الصين لنظام عالمي جديد تقوم به بدور المحرك الرئيس ،

نظام يقدم سياسات الاقتصاد المنتج و الحقيقي على السياسات المالية الافتراضية للولايات المتحدة.
 كشف عن تسع خصائص و أملى اربعة شروط في المقابل في خطوة غير مسبوقة ، تدل على ثقة و يقين بما سيكون .

***خصائص النظام العالمي الجديد :

●1–النظام الجديد سوف يبنى على مبدئين : العمل و الثقة

صرح الرئيس الصيني شي جين بينغ البارحة إنه ينبغي على المجتمع الدولي تعزيز الثقة، والعمل بشكل موحد والعمل معا في استجابة جماعية لمرض كوفيد-19 وسط تفشي المرض في جميع أنحاء العالم.

●2- انها حرب عالمية شاملة

قال شي إن العالم بحاجة إلى أن يستعمل الحزم اثناء خوض حرب عالمية شاملة ضد تفشي “كوفيد-19”.
و إن المجتمع الدولي يجب أن يتحرك بسرعة لوقف تفشي الفيروس.

●3-فلسفة النظام العالمي الجديد : المصير المشترك

إن الصين، مسترشدة برؤية بناء مجتمع مصير مشترك للبشرية، ستكون مستعدة بشكل أكبر لمشاطرة ممارساتها الجيدة، وإجراء بحث مشترك وتطوير العقاقير واللقاحات، وتقديم المساعدة حيثما أمكنها، إلى الدول المتضررة من التفشي المتزايد.

●4-مقاربة جديدة للعلاقات الدولية تقوم على الصداقة

شدد الرئيس أن الشعب الصيني يتذكر الصداقة دائما ويعتز بها
وقال إن الصين تلقت مساعدة من الكثير من أعضاء المجتمع الدولي في أصعب لحظة في حربها ضد تفشي “كوفيد-19”.
وقال شي “سيتذكر الشعب الصيني هذه التعبيرات عن الصداقة ويعتز بها دائما”.

-●5-شبكة عالمية جديدة عابرة للحدود

و في هذا السياق أعلن شي عن بناء أقوى شبكة عالمية للسيطرة على “كوفيد-19” وعلاجه ، قائلا : “الفيروس لا يحترم حدودا” مؤكدا أنه يجب على الجميع العمل معا لبناء أقوى شبكة عالمية للسيطرة والعلاج.

“هذا فيروس لا يحترم الحدود. التفشي الذي نكافحه هو عدونا المشترك”، مشددا على أنه “يجب أن يعمل الجميع معا لبناء أقوى شبكة عالمية للسيطرة والعلاج لم يشهد مثلها العالم على الإطلاق”.

●6-انشاء اكبر مركز معلومات الكتروني للتنسيق
أوضح شي أن الصين أقامت مركز معلومات إلكترونيا بشأن “كوفيد-19″، وهو مركز مفتوح لجميع الدول.

●7-سوف يكون لنا منظمات دولية ندعمها

صرح الرئيس شي إن الصين تدعم المنظمات الدولية في الاضطلاع بأدوارها النشطة في مكافحة “كوفيد-19”.

وقال إن الصين تدعم منظمة الصحة العالمية في توجيه الجهود العالمية من أجل تطوير إجراءات سيطرة وعلاج بشكل علمي ومناسب وتقليل انتشار الفيروس عبر الحدود.
ودعا شي أعضاء المجموعة إلى تعزيز تشارك المعلومات بشأن مكافحة المرض وتدعيم بروتوكولات سيطرة وعلاج شاملة ومنهجية وفعالة.
ولفت الرئيس إلى أنه سيعقد اجتماع رفيع المستوى بشأن أمن الصحة العام الدولي في الوقت المناسب

●8- اقتصاد عالمي مستقر تقوده الصين يقوم على التقديمات العينية الحقيقية لا النقدية الافتراضية

و لفت شي إن الصين ستسهم في اقتصاد عالمي مستقر من خلال مواصلة دفع الإصلاح والانفتاح، وتوسيع الوصول إلى الأسواق، وتحسين بيئة الأعمال، وتوسيع الواردات والاستثمار الخارجي.

●9-انشاء شبكة حماية عالمية تقوم على المساعدات العينية لا النقدية

قال شي للقمة إن الصين ستزيد من المعروض من المكونات الصيدلانية الفعالة والضروريات اليومية وإمدادات مكافحة المرض وغيرها من الإمدادات، للسوق الدولية.

وأوضح أن الصين ستواصل أيضا اتباع سياسة مالية استباقية وسياسة نقدية حكيمة.

***أما الشروط فقد عددها الرئيس الصيني على الشكل التالي:

●1-تنسيق دولي لسياسات الاقتصاد العالمي مركزه الصين

اذ حث شي على تعزيز التنسيق الدولي لسياسات الاقتصاد الكلي لمنع الاقتصاد العالمي من الانزلاق في ركود.

وفي إشارة إلى أن تفشي المرض أدى إلى تعطيل الإنتاج والطلب في جميع أنحاء العالم، أوضح شي أنه يتعين على الدول الاعتماد على سياساتها الكلية وتنسيقها لمواجهة التأثير السلبي ومنع الاقتصاد العالمي من الانزلاق في ركود.

●2-الاستقلال عن السياسات المالية للولايات المتحدة:

و التي اثبتت فشلها اذ دعا شي الدول إلى تنفيذ سياسات مالية ونقدية قوية وفعالة، والاخذ بالتنظيم المالي الأفضل، والحفاظ على استقرار الصناعة والإمدادات العالمية بشكل مشترك.

-●3- اتخاذ إجراءات جماعية من أجل تعافي الاقتصاد العالمي
داعيا جميع أعضاء مجموعة الـ20 إلى اتخاذ إجراءات جماعية وإرسال إشارة قوية واستعادة الثقة من أجل تعافي الاقتصاد العالمي.

●4-الغاء الرسوم الجمركية و فتح الاسواق:

و في هذا السياق حث شي أعضاء مجموعة الـ20 على خفض التعريفات وإزالة الحواجز وتسهيل التدفق التجاري غير المقيد…

حسن سلمان

And how China reacted to the Coronavirus pandemics?

Note 1: I do agree with what this article explains about the efficiency of the Chinese system in containing this calamity. But I do have a few opinions after watching a recent in the field documentary of someone living in China.

China is barricading itself. Citizens are allowed once every 3 days for a stroll outside their confinement. Entrances and exits are tightly controlled and new types of restriction every week. Field hospitals dedicated to the virus have been erected.  China regime is testing and monitoring how long the Chinese are able to submit to all that restrictive crap.

Note 2: The cities in China are structured in compartments: Every 50,000 citizens are confined in huge 27 buildings around a main supermarket or center that can satisfy the daily life and demands.

Note 3: I suspect that if Coronavirus broke first in the USA, the number of victims would have been in the millions: China “educated” the World Health Organization and now the world is in a state of siege by a tiny virus.


علم.إدارة الأزمات.

في الصين ظهر الوباء،كورونا، فقامت حكومة الصين بادهاش العالم مرة أخرى من خلال سلوكها وكيف تنجح الصين في ضبط سلوك مليار ونصف مليار مواطن بكل يسر من خلال الحكم الرشيد والإيمان بالعلم :

– الشعب الصيني شعب صامت وهادئ ويواجه المشاكل بالحلول والأبحاث العلمية وليس بالصراخ والمقالات والبرامج الفضائية التي تملأ الدنيا صخبا وجنونا دون فائدة* .

– تم حظر التجوال في العديد من المدن ( أقل هذه المدن عددا تصل نحو 12 مليون نسمة ) . وعلى الفور التزم الصينيون بالاوامر وأغلقت المطارات وتوقفت السيارات والتزم الصينيون في شققهم وبناياتهم واغلقوا النوافذ وقد أعدوا طعاما يكفي لاسبوعين* .

– *لم نسمع عن معارضة صينية تستغل الوباء وتخرج للصراخ والنعيق وتحرّض السكان على خرق حظر التجوال* .

– *في غضون أيام قلائل أقام الصينيون أكبر مستشفى على بعد 9 كم من أول تجمع سكني وتم تجهيز المشفى بالمعدات والمختبرات والأطباء وطواقم التمريض*

*وبدأ العلماء الصينيون فورا على ايجاد علاج ولم ينتظروا منظمة الصحة العالمية أن ترسل لهم العلاج* .

– *الحكومة الصينية كانت صادقة في كل كلمة ، ولم تتعامل مع الأمر على أنه سرا عسكريا ،

وبشهادة جميع المنظمات الدولية أن الصينيين شعب صادق ولا يخلط بين الكوارث والمواقف الإنسانية مثلما يفعل البيت الابيض* .

– *المدن والتجمعات السكانية تنقسم الى أحياء ، وكل حي من هذه الاحياء يتكون من عدة ملايين من السكان وله مسؤول مباشر*

*ويستطيع السكان الاتصال بمكتب الحي 24 ساعة في اليوم والحصول على أية خدمة يحتاجونها من دون واسطة ومن دون أن يضطر المواطن الصيني أن يقول أنا فلان أو قريب فلان أو أنه من هذا الحزب أو ذاك*

*وفي حال وجود أي تقصير يتم تقديم مسؤول الحي للمحاكمة وقد تصل العقوبة الى الاعدام* .

– *من لا يجد طعاما في منزله خلال حظر التجوال،يتصل بمكتب الحي فتقوم شركة التوصيل الحكومية بإرسال الطعام المناسب، للعائلة ما يكفي لمدة أسبوعين ويقوم عمال التوصيل بقرع الجرس وترك الطعام أمام الباب والمغادرة

،وتأخذ الاسرة طعامها مجانا دون أن تضطر للشرح او التفسير أو أن يقسم رب المنزل مئات الإيمان الغليظة أنه لا يملك الطعام* ..

*فالأساس هو السلوك الصادق ومن يثبت العبث والسلوك العشوائي في مثل هذه الحالات ينل عقابا لا يمكن أن يتخيله* .

– *أصحاب المركبات والمسافرين لا يحاولون إختراق حظر التجول والبحث عن طرق التفافية . ولا تجد في الشوارع غير المتطوّعين ” .

الذين تطوّعوا بأرواحهم لنجدة المجتمع ، أطباء تطوّعوا وممرضات وباحثين وباحثات يطلبون الإذن من لجنة الحي للخروج وإنقاذ وطنهم وشعبهم .

لا يوجد من يشكك بالرواية الرسمية في مثل هذه الحالات ، وينصت أهل الصين بكل ثقة للتوجيهات الطبية ، ولن تجد صيني يهرب الى قناة فضائية مجاورة ويسرد رواية مختلفة . بل عمل الاعلام الصيني كخلية نحل من أجل انقاذ الصين والبشرية من هذا الوباء* .

سلوك الصين كدولة وحكومة وشعب ولجنة حي ومواطن ينسجم مع غاية واحدة وراقية، وهي( وقف الوباء وإنقاذ الارواح* ) .

*وحين حاولت دول مغرورة تعتقد نفسها أفضل من الصين طلب إجلاء رعاياها فورا ومغادرة الصين . لم تنظر الصين في طلب هذه الدول على انه تشويه سمعة،او مضاعفة البلاء، بل استجابت فورا*،

– وبدلاً من أن تسارع امريكا لارسال علمائها الى الصين فورا ،فقد طلبت أمريكا إجلاء عشرات الدبلوماسيين الأمريكان من الصين ، وهي خطوة غبية قد تنقل الفيروس الى القارة الامريكية كلها .

– الصين خسرت مئات الأرواح ومئات مليارات الدولارات في هذه الكارثة ، ولم نسمع رئيس الصين أو المخابرات الصينية او الجيش والأمن يتحدثون عن مؤامرة أو عن تقارير سرية لإستهداف الصين، مع ان الاحتمال وارد . بل شاهدنا كيف بادر الصينيون الى البحث عن علاج . .

Note: Europe is becoming the hotbed of Corona pandemics and Trump has decided to declare state of emergency and deblocking $50 bn for health matters.

Tidbits #14

Brazil’s far-right president Bolsonaro wants to take away the indigenous lands in the Amazon forest and has threatened to give guns to ranchers — and now, he wants to open the rainforest to new oil drilling, mining, and even more logging. Fearless activist Sônia Guajajara and other indigenous leaders are calling for help.

1 in 1,461 chances of being born on Feb. 29, a leap year

~3000 BCE: Sumerians have a 360-day calendar of 30-day months, plus an extra 5 days of partying and festivals to stay in line with the Earth’s rotation around the sun.

A broad guess is that 25-70% of people in any infected country may catch the new coronavirus. ⁠

Israelis is living under fake mystical news: The worst ghetto in the mind of any people

The best strategy for the Syrian regime to keep Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS off Syria borders is to announce that Syria is secular, in all matter of laws, marriages, inheritance… the dissociation of State affairs from religious chari3at, civil registry, and discoraging imamas and religious clerics from delivering political speeches in mosques and churches…

China is barricading itself. Citizens are allowed once every 3 days for a stroll outside their confinement. Entrances and exits are tightly controlled and new types of restriction every week. China regime is testing and monitoring how long the Chinese are able to submit to all that crap.

Can UN health org. exhibit a list of categories of deaths since the outbreak of Coronavirus: Numbers died out of famine, of curable diseases, of traffic accidents, of fire suffocation, of drowning in seas and pools, from falling in bathtubs, from workplace accidents, mass shoutouts, family deadly violence…?

“Ghost ships”, unmanned vessels, appearing in some kind of undead state: These are outdated ships filled with dangerous materials that colonia powers sent across the oceans, away from their “homeland”. Ghost ships are warning us against the dangers of greed and ego.

Israeli snipers shot with live bullets at 16,000 unarmed Palestinians in last year alone, And the UN is shyly and barely saying: Israel committed what verges on crimes against humanity.

Between 1870 and 1920, 11 million Americans moved from rural areas to urban ones, and most of the 25 million new immigrants settled in cities. By the early 20th century, the West was urbanized with an educational system designed for the industrial age. Educational system is No longer adapted to the digital age, as well as the graduating educated “workforce”

By 2028, the BLS projects more than 85% of all Americans will be employed in the service economy, from retail to home care. Educational systems need to be revamped for the new kinds of workforce

A black hole exploded 390 million light years away.

 Benjamin Bergen found that 🖕this finger sign did not make test subjects think of a penis, but 👉👌 did.

Wetlands cover around 6% of our planet. But 40% of all plants and animals on Earth live or breed in wetlands. Our wetlands are not just the nurseries of life. They are also the kidneys of our planet. They store carbon dioxide and keep it in the ground.

Shouldn’t the Coronavirus bodies be incinerated? One of 10 victims die. In Africa, during the Ebola epidemics, 9 out of 10 died and they were buried the traditional way: digging earth.

With massive deforestation, many animals are flocking to urban centers. If these animals dig the graves of Ebola victims, isn’t that a valid reason for the re-spreading of the deadly virus?

Tidbits and Notes. Part 437

Antibiotic-resistant infections are caused by microbes that have evolved immunity to the drugs that are supposed to destroy them, sometimes leaving doctors with no good treatment options. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate 2.8 million such infections happen in the US every year, killing more than 35,000 people. The World Health Organization calls such infections a “global crisis” that could cause 10 million deaths worldwide by 2050.

If you shred, salt and pack those same cabbages in jars they will last more or less indefinitely, and, in the process, become much tastier.⁠

Carlos Ghosn managed to land in his home country Lebanon: He said he was escaping a “rigged Japanese justice system.” Apparently, the prosecutors in Japan win 96% of the cases: the defense lawyers have no chances for exposing their clients’ cases.

Trump is practically impeached and he knows it. There is NO functional US President. The ones governing the USA is a club of hard liners in the main institutions appointed by Trump and using Trump as their Mascot. A job Trump adopted in all his successive bankruptcy periods for the big companies.

USA will be withdrawing its troops from Iraq before the Iraqi parliament meet to demand its vacation. US wants to liberate its soft flanks in Iraq and Syria so that it strikes Iran with long distance weapons and destroy its infrastructure

“Wisdom comes out of dialogue. You have to develop a capacity to expose your own ignorance so that they may discover their own wisdom.”

Desk toys for sale have hundreds of high-powered magnets, all small enough for toddlers to swallow and could shred the intestines

Huawei said it had a pretty good year, despite being blacklisted. The company expects a revenue of $122 billion in 2019, up 18% from 2018. But its chairman warned of a tough 2020, in which “survival will be our first priority.”

For most of human history, China was the world’s most advanced technological power. ⁠Until western colonial powers invaded world’s countries

An vast scale attack on the MOK military compound in Jordan will send the strongest of messages that the Resistance Front has expanded its reach area: No more safe haven for cool planning and executions of the US/Israeli strategic groups. In my mind this target should be the first and most viable target for avenging the blatant assassination of Kassem Suleiman and al Mouhandess in Baghdad airport.

Trump decision by assassinating Kassem Suleiman is binary: Either the Resistance Front decides to negotiate or he will have to withdraw his military forces from all the Middle-East: Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Jordan and Lebanon. Either way, Trump will be remember with The “Trump Gamble Effects”

Trump wouldn’t mind personally to withdraw his troops from this quagmire in the Middle-East: at least he will be saved from the constant headaches of his “hard liners” in cohort with Israel


Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 225

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pay attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page of backlog opinions and events is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory

Every society has gone through the same historical development and experienced with feudal systems, caste systems, monarchies, and oligarchies.
China has the mentality of becoming a superpower at par with the USA.  Everything that China is doing is at a gigantic measure such as the biggest dam with all the subsequent mass transfer of people, traditions, and customs.
The focus on urban centers and industrialization in China is diverting water from agriculture, the source of its initial prosperity and social stability.
A 7-month dry season in the northern part of China, the wheat basket region, is sending shivers of forthcoming famine. The rivers in China are heavily polluted and the western diseases from water and land pollution are harvesting thousands of young lives. Over 25, millions were forced to vacate the urban centers to their remote villages after this financial crisis.
Shanghai alone has more high rises than New York and Los Angeles combined or 5,000 high-rises.
China and India are two powers that have the technologies, the know-how, and the resources in raw materials and human potential to rival the economies of the western nations.  It is no secret that the hurried frenzy of Bush Junior to unilaterally invade Iraq had the main purpose of dominating oil reserves and blackmailing China and India.
Within a century, 50 millions middle class families in the USA and Europe almost exhausted earth minerals and energies.
Currently, over 150 millions middle class families in China and India, and increasing steadily, can afford and demand the same consumer items that the USA and European middle classes enjoyed for a century, and they want them Now.
Just in fiscal 1997 alone, Israel received from a variety of other U.S. federal budgets at least $525.8 million above and beyond its $3 billion from the foreign aid budget, and yet another $2 billion in federal loan guarantees. So the complete total of U.S. grants and loan guarantees to Israel for fiscal 1997 was $5,525,800,000
Although Congress authorizes America’s foreign aid total, the fact that more than a third of it goes to a country smaller in both area and population than Hong Kong probably never has been mentioned on the floor of the Senate or House. Or that Israel standard of living is higher than Spain and Ireland. Yet this influx of financial support has been going on for more than a generation.

Shou hal fawda wal zolm? Leish elleh ma t7aakamo min sneen laazem yentro al “3afou al 3aam”?

Fi 4 voitures biya3touni sha2leh lal maktabeh iza mara2o. Al bakiyya bi kazbo 3ala nafshon “Adonis 7abeb yetmasha”. Ma 3edon jalad yed3esso frem wa yerj3o ye al3o.

Ahssan di3ayat la Hezbollah woukouf Saad Hariri doddahou: Kel Tareek Jdideh, bi omha wa bayya, badha t7ot warakat baydaa2. Kel sawt moush lal Moustakbal houweh sawt la Hezbollah. Sawto lel fassad wa ma tsadko Hassan

Samir Gea3ja3: Akeed, akeed, “Bad. Hezbollah very bad”. Sa3d Hariri: Kel sawt moush la eli houweh la Hezbollah







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