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The Last Gorilla: The Confederation Branch (Short Story, Part 1) (March 14, 2005)

Note: I borrowed the title and a section on the environment theme to Christian Jacq.  The two parts of this story is a gross brush for a novel.  Keep your comments coming.

            It is the year 2050. A decade ago, the world community has lukewarmly agreed that earth is governed by a dozen superpowers from all continents that imposed their weight in size, population, technology, agricultural and energy self sufficiency.  These were the heavy weight dominating world economy, finance, military deterrence, and technologies: the USA, China, India, Russia, Brazil, the European Union, Indonesia, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Viet Nam, and Nigeria.  The UN has been re-structured and two departments were extended practical executive responsibilities: the department of “World Confederation Regulatory Body”, and the department of “Defense of the Environment”

      It was a time when nuclear bombs or mass destructive devices were banned in the world and all the documentations burned and erased from computer storage; theories about their feasibility prohibited by law. Small nuclear energy generators were the norm and special lower level lethal fuel invented.  The only equipments for waging war at a distance were under the control of an international army, equipments such as tanks, ballistic missiles, long range guns, torpedoes and airplanes.  Civil wars could still take place: perceived injustices and famine were still inevitable; but killing has to be at short range, preferably man to man.

      It was a time where people could request an International passport, issued by an international committee after due process.   Holders of these special passports had to relinquish affiliation to any political party or citizenship of any country.  They were permitted to visit any country for short duration, and if they decide to work in any specific place, they could do it for up to 4 years on condition never to return, even to take care of business or visit relatives and families.  The issue of how to establish any kind of profitable enterprises in such a short period was a taboo; it was inconsequential; it was not the committee’s affairs.  It was assumed that people had to get into the internet or die.  Face to face business and paperwork were regarded pre-historic endeavors and these were third class people and barely classified as working people.  A new name was assigned to these low lives:  Bad Breath Creatures or Bugs.


               It was a time oligarchies were accepted, even encouraged, as long as the dynasty had accredited genes; the concept of nobility versus common people experienced strong resurgence in the UN corridors.  People could still revolt against their leaders; this inalienable right was to stay, at least on paper, because the USA insisted.  The rebels knew that such acts would result in a lukewarm intervention from the Confederation as long as the revolt is not directed against class hierarchy.  The leaders of States were pressured to act benevolent, peace loving, and especially, staunch believers in the new world order and very cooperative with the delegation of the Confederate.

            Slowly but surely, these superpowers negotiated a future for survival of the planet, based on rational models of sustainability that excluded any factors of sentimentality in the equations.   The world population was growing quicker than estimated and it was expected to reach 9 billions; regardless of discreet euthanasia policies (thought to be efficient) and prosecuted in the under-developed States that were considered to be just mouth to feed but no return in brain power or willingness to fight for survival.  Even within those sovereign super states, those hopelessly 10% of handicapped and unproductive citizens were systematically and legally made to have their normal longevity abridged by 10 years.

It was a time when leeches and bleeding were not administered for every ailment.  Most children were vaccinated according to a protocol, whether parents agreed or not.  Infants were still allowed to die in their sleep, but their genes were known and their death could be predicted within a couple of months, also according to a well established protocol.  Breast cancer was under control and the loss of bone tissues decelerated considerably.  Thus, women could be predicted to outlive their spouses by 20 years, simply because men revolted against the prohibition of eating meat, drinking milk, and smoking; men staunchly abstained from regularly eating vegetables and fruits.  Instances of men just helping their mates to conceive and then die within months were common occurrences:  The patterns of the Queen insects killing or eating their mates after the job is done was very appealing to the public consciousness.  The ideology of men waiting till they are diagnosed with terminal illness before they copulate was widespread and even encouraged.




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