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You know it is a Civil War when…

1. When every town an d village forms its local militia to control entrance and exit of its inhabitants

2. When Every religious sect (Christians and Moslems) has its clerics split between supporting insurgents and the regime. For example, a Christian sect in a town is supporting the government while another town is allied to the insurgents…and the same behavior goes in towns with Moslem sects…

3. When the Sunni sec in Syria have clerics divided on which side to support. And the Christian Orthodox is divided with which power to side with. And the Maronite Christian sect divided on the group to support. And the Alawi sect divided on the party to support…

So far, the Syrian regime managed to induce in towns with Christian majority to constituting “Shabbiha” Christian militia in order to control the areas dominated by Christians…and Sunny towns to constitute “shabbiha sunny militia” to function as controlling force and advanced posts to the army of the regime…The Syrian regime is de-facto inducing a climate of civil war because it cannot rely on the total loyalty of its army and the Presidential Guards have been overwhelmed with the many centers of uprising in almost every province…

The cities or towns that failed to organize under local controlled militia allied to the regime were invaded and taken control of by the insurgents, mostly the radical salafist Sunni factions…

All the other internal revolutions or upheavals, which were not the result of splitting within religious sects, can be classified as social disobedience, religious war, or mass civil disobedience…

All European States suffered many, recurring and major religious wars. In most cases, they are cohesive minority religious sects against the vast majority sect supporting the monarchies.

A few and rare cases are cohesive majority sect revolting against a minority monarch such as the puritanical protestant civil disobedience of Cromwell against the Catholic clerics supporting the monarch Charles I…

In the 16th century, the French protestants (the Huguenots) waged a major civil disobedience against the Catholic clerics allied with the monarchy…

The French revolution was against the Catholic clerics entirely shouldering the monarch Louis 16…

The American internal war (1860-64) was between a federal central government refusing the right of any State or union of states to demand independence from the central dominance.  Slavery was not a factor, no matter how often historians are trying to give a human right face to this war

The Russian revolution was against the orthodox clerics entirely sustaining the absolute monarch Nicholas II…

There are two major characteristics that represent these mass disobedience movements:

1. They were all internal mass civil disobedience uprising of cohesive and united religious sects against the sect shouldering and sharing in the power of the absolute monarchs…

2.  The internal wars ended in clear-cut victory for the regime or the insurgents, at least for a long period, before another major round of upheavals.

3. These internal social disobedience, ending with a clear vanquisher of one party, point to a potential future for a developed nation…

4. Internal wars that ended with no victors are the trade-mark of underdeveloped nations, regardless of how vast or how populous they are

Lebanon civil war (1975-91) started as a civil disobedience and reverted to a civil war within 6 months.

The foreign powers supported religious sects for political and military supremacy over the entire sect, thus fomenting armed internal struggle within each sect. Most of the war in Lebanon was mainly armed struggle within each sect in order to represent and talk in the name of the entire sect.

The Christian Maronite sect was the major loser in this civil war, not because it has been reduced to a minority sect for decades, but mainly because it was still the only sect militarily battling within, while the other sects Moslem Sunni and Moslem Shia had resolved their political differences…

While the Lebanese deputies were assembled in Taef (Saudi Arabia) in order to reform the Constitution, the Maronites were undergoing the worst armed struggle for political dominion of the sect.

All indicates that another civil war is being fomented in Lebanon. Why? Every religious sect is divided on its political leaders  to represent their privileges and conformist “rights”…More on that topic in the next post…

Note: I am not a religious person by any criteria and I think that all religions are based on myths and thrive on power struggle…However, I cannot deny evidences, facts, and trends in describing what start a civil war and how it unfolds…

“The sirens of the Levant (Near East)”; (Feb. 24, 2010)

Hurrah, Evil wins this time around in this first French novel by the Lebanese Peter Germanos.  It is not amenable to reviewing because

1.  first, the situation in the Middle East, especially Lebanon, is very complex and would require another novel to explaining the conditions in order to make a semblance of sense;

2. second, this story involves half a dozen of intelligence institutions such as CIA, GRU (Russia), Mossad (Israel), Second Bureau (Lebanon and France), Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, to name a few nations, involved in having Lebanon a good starting base for interfering in the Middle East and securing oil exploitation and transport is one too many for a short novel of 242 pages.

We have two heroes: The Lebanese intelligence officer Marwan Hajj and the Al Qaeda.

Marwan is originally from Akoura in Mount Lebanon or “Marounistan”as Germanos calls the district, in one of the districts where the Christian Maronite sect is in majority (Kesrouwan, Jbeil, Betroun, and Bshari). Marwan is young, from a “noble” family, drives a Porch, and is willing to shell thousand of dollars for beautiful girls wishing to have lifting of whatever needs lifting so that they look “jnoun” (driving males crazy) as their gorgeous girl friends.

Al Qaeda is regaining ground after the Lebanese army defeated it in the Palestinian camp of Nahr El Bared.  The Qaeda was far better equipped with modern arms and high tech communication facilities and the army suffered over 170 soldiers and officers, not counting hundreds of injured, after 6 months of fighting.  The US refused to arm the Lebanese army and only Syria supplied the army with canon shells to resume the battle.

Al Qaeda (well established in Iraq, northern Africa, and around the Indian Ocean) is planning a major terrorist activity that would close the Suez Canal for ten years; thus, oil prices would jump to $600 the barrel and the “koffar” in Europe and the US would suffer economically.  Al Qaeda disseminates misinformation that the attempt is targeting the Strait of Hormus in the Arabic/Persian Gulf.  All the intelligence institutions have wind of a major terrorist act but are mislead on the proper maritime target.

The Mossad is cooperating with Al Qaeda in order to ignite another civil war in Lebanon to weaken Hezbollah and also to involve the US in a war against Iran.  The US army prime enemy is Al Qaeda (Islamic Sunni sect extremists) but the CIA (and its officer in Lebanon, Kyle from Kentucky) is willing to cooperate with Al Qaeda against Hezbollah and the Shiaa axe (Islamic sect) extending from Iran to Iraq, northern Syria and Lebanon.

If you feel disoriented bare with me a little while.

Wealthy Saudi princes are financing Al Qaeda terrorist plans to weaken Hezbollah and Iran, and wealthy Lebanese business men and politicians are cooperating with Al Qaeda and the Israeli Mossad to weaken Hezbollah.

Hezbollah launches a counter attack and within a couple of hours closes down dozens of Mossad bunkers and safe heavens along with other offices of the Sunni and Saad Hariri militia in Beirut who were wearing security guard outfits.  Samuel Dagan, (Israel’s Mossad chief who is currently under fire for involving many European fake passports to assassinating Hamas officer in Dubai), said that “Hezbollah destroyed within hours four years of work and preparation”.

To make a long story short, Al Qaead managed to secure a dirty (low level) atomic bomb to the port of Beirut and used the Middle East like Ho Che Minh route of (Tripoli-Palmira Syria- Anbar Iraq) to deliver the dirty bomb to Saudi Arabia.

The novel mentions the Egyptian Al Zawahiri as the master mind of Qaeda but I think it is the Libyan Al Libi who is involved in terrorist activities targeting the Shiia sect since Zawahiri is trying hard to unite all Islamic sects against the US imperialist strategy.

I could follow the story, but I doubt people (non Lebanese and none politicized) will find the courage to finish this exciting novel.

Note: Minorities in societies have this knack of constructing myths; they end up believing myths for real. You cannot defeat myths “made real” when communicating for establishing real modern States.




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