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What is the purpose for this exodus?

Posted on December 30, 2016

ISIS or Daesh ( Saudi Kingdom Wahhabit factions) and Al Nusra (Muslim Brotherhood factions), and all the Islamist extremist movement fighting forces in Syria and Iraq, have been forcing Christians sects and other ethnic minority ethnic communities in Iraq and Syria to leave their houses and leave the country.

All these extremist factions are funded and supplied with sophisticated weapons by the colonial powers and by squeezing/blackmailing the Gulf Emirates and Saudi Kingdom to shell the needed money for these expensive “expeditions” of looting, extermination, transfer and destabilizing strategy.

Christian sects in this region are the oldest Christians in the history of time.

In the first century they formed dozens of sects, which were later dubbed “heretics “by the Byzantine Empire in the 4th century.

Most of them had to flee to Persia, Egypt and inaccessible mountain regions to get away from persecutions.

These terrorist Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood factions are displacing entire population and communities from locations they lived there for centuries.

Adonis Bouhatab shared BBC World News‘s photo6 hrs ·

This photo of an 8th Century BC Assyrian statue excavated from Tell Ajajah, near Hasakah on the Khabour River, was taken in May.

ISIS has also bulldozed statues of lions along with Sufi and Shia shrines in the Raqqa province, this militant group’s headquarters.

Nada Jaffal shared Thamer Alshakrchi photo7 hrs 

Do you know that ISIS are doing this in the name of Islam? Deja vu ah?

Seriously it’s all on you now to force your governments to get the hell out of our countries and let us live in peace and in justice..

Our kind of justice not yours! Enough is enough!

It turned out that these barbaric waves of terrors and displacement of people and minorities were planned by the colonial powers (US, France, England) and vehemently and consistently encouraged and on the field activities by Zionist Israel.

Israel considered that Syrians and Iraqis are the main sources of power and national identity to oppose any expansion for Israel.

The Neo-conservative/Zionist Protestant sects in the US/England want the world population to share their bogus myths of their religious ideology, (Armageddon final phase when only Jews occupy Jerusalem) in order to cover up their Capitalist brutal expansion in this centrally strategic region in the Middle-East.

<img src="; alt="‎لا اكـراه في الـديــن …<br /> أهلنــا المسيحيون .. بـل قـُل أنـفُـسنـا المسيـحيـون .. رحيق الشرق غادروا الارض التي حَوتّ احلامهم وعـَمروها بكل مايحفظه التاريخ لهم من ابداع ليخرجوا صفر اليدين من ديارهم وتصبح نهبا للاوباش وشذّاذ الآفاق الدواعش .. تهـجيـر اهلنـا مسيحيوا الموصل نقطة سوداء في تاريخ العــراق المعاصـر<br /> .. تحية بحجم الكون لكل مظلوم عراقي وأخر المظلومين نكهة الشرق

Thamer Alshakrchi من ابداع ليخرجوا صفر اليدين من ديارهم وتصبح نهبا للاوباش وشذّاذ الآفاق الدواعش .. تهـجيـر اهلنـا مسيحيوا الموصل نقطة سوداء في تاريخ العــراق المعاصـر
.. تحية بحجم الكون لكل مظلوم عراقي وأخر المظلومين نكهة الشرق
وتراثه واحدى أجمل فسيفسائة المسيحيون العراقيون.

Islam: the two messages of Jesus and Mohammad (February 3, 2009)

A challenge to all theologians: Islam is one of the Christian sects.



            Islam means submission (to God, the one and only).  This is a challenge to all theologians, religious researchers, and philosophers of all religious denominations (monolithic or not).  My hypothesis is:  The religious message of the Prophet Muhammad, during the first 13 years of proselytizing in Mecca, is identical to one of the Christian sects.  Let me suggest the following procedure or protocol:


 First, select all the religious Christian sects from the first to the Nicee council in 425; then select the remaining Christian sects after Nicee to the split between Rome and Byzantium around the year 1000, then the Christian sects that were formed between 1000 to the Martin Luther schism, then all the modern Christian sects from Protestantism, Calvinism, Baptism, Methodism, Episcopalian, Armenians (Catholic and Orthodox), and all the sects in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere.


Second, develop taxonomy of attributes in order to categorize all these Christian sects.


Third, allocate all the sects to one of six categories or more if need be.


Fourth, select the verses in Islam that correspond to the period before the flight of the Prophet Muhammad to Medina or Yathreb


Five, assign each verse in that period to the taxonomy of step two.


Six, allocate the message of the prophet Muhammad in one of the categories chosen in step three.


The foundation to my hypothesis stems from reading a manuscript titled “Islam in its two messages: Christ and Muhammad” The author of the book is late Antoun Saadeh, a Lebanese of Christian Geek Orthodox denomination; the book was written in 1942 and Saadeh proves that Islam is almost identical to the message of Christ when we analyze the verses of the Koran pronounced during Muhammad proselytizing of his message before the legislation period for the new community in Medina. 


Since Christianity is an amalgam of many sects that split into schisms in the last two thousand years, then I figured that, from a scientific perspective, it would be more appropriate to differentiate Christianity according to sects.  It would also be fitting to study Islam by analyzing the various Moslem sects; though the variations would be based more on the legislations and Hadith than the fundamental spiritual content during the first 13 years of the message.




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