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Meditate in full Consciousness: In 25 Lessons?

I say: “Truth is what I experienced and fits nicely in my Life World Vision; for a duration, the longer the more trustworthy” (adonis49 saying)

A few of the best selling books of Christophe Andre are “Imperfect, free and happy” and “The states of the spirits”

Five basic exercises:

1. Follow your respiration (12 min)

2. Take conscious of your body (13 min)

3. Absorb the sounds (11 min)

4. Detach from your thoughts (12 min)

5. Open up to the experience of the moment (15 min)

Why these numbers exactly? To fit an hour of exercise?

Four advanced meditation techniques:

1. The body in pain (14 min)

2. The painful emotions (14 min)

3. Full consciousness of pain and happiness (15 min(

4. Meditate on love and relationship (15 min)

And a single lengthy meditation session: Open Consciousness (30 min)

And how’s that is done?

1. Regular practices require efforts

2. Stop, sit, and close the eyes: Receive and observe what the body and spirit capture

3. Start in quiet locations. Afterward, you can meditate anywhere you are.

4. Learn to just feel instead of reflecting: Be instead of doing

5. Stay focused on your experience: Do not worry if occasionally you feel uneasy and uncomfortable

6. Any moment is good for meditation. Better to begin your day with a few exercises.

I say: ”

Truth Beckons

Truth Beckons

A few adage for experiencing full consciousness

1.  Who believes he reached his goal must have missed everything else.  Zen

2. All begins in necessity. All must end in freedom. (Maurice Zundel)

3. The many little pains offend us far more than a single violent one.

4. Never forget: You are what you consider banal. Banal events and feeling are what constructed your essential ideas and viewpoints.

5. Abstaining of thinking is what we are incapable of mastering and controlling. This is our worst constraint.

6. Goodbye, and remember: Faith is more beautiful than God.

7. Are you a poet? You should notice the clouds hovering over your piece of paper: Clouds are the source of your writing paper. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

8. At every second, we either enter paradise or exit from it. (Christian Bobin)

9. Truth is earth without paths. (Tiziano Terzani)

10. Where’s my pain? It’s just a murmur at the edge of the sun. (Paul Fort)

11. The spirit doesn’t look back or forward. Only the present moment is source of our happiness (Goethe in Faust)

12 Who can catch the present moment sees all that occurred during eternity and all that will happen to the infinity of time. (Marcus Aurelius)

13. Breath. Breathing transforms the experience of what we take for reality.

14. Suffering? Breath. Distressed? Breath. (Happy? Breath)

Note: Extracted from the French  “Meditate in full consciousness. Day after day in 25 lessons” by Christophe Andre




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