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You may know. Still, are there enough sufficiant conditions to demonstrate your knowledge?

You might know the topic before the interview. You might know the topic after the interview.

During the interview you failed to demonstrate your knowledge. Do you know or don’t you?

Apparently, knowledge is Not a mere mental process: It is intrinsically related to your emotional system.

There are periods of memory lapses. And it does not matter how often you repeat “I do know”, but the external observer has no tangible evidence to your claim.

You may know, but if you are unable to communicate this knowledge then your audience will believe you are another idiot.

That is why people feel comfortable within their circles of competent companions or same professional colleagues.

It is the hardest job of all to explain your knowledge using various perspectives and angles to convince your various audience.

In fact, if the institutions designed to properly disseminate knowledge are not doing their jobs, then your audience will have no idea what you are talking about.

There got to exist a base level of compatibility between your knowledge and the methods you use to explain your knowledge.

For example, it is necessary that you strongly believe in your knowledge of the topic.

And it is necessary that you are capable of providing reasonable justifications that you know about your topic.

The problem is that neither belief nor justification are sufficient to prove your knowledge.

The community has to “think clear” too in order to comprehend your knowledge.

If it was so, it might be. And if it were so, it would be. But as it , it ain’t. That is logic” (Lewis Carroll)

If an experiment says that there is significant probability that cause A has effects on B, it would be wise to consider the counter-effect scenario: If Not A, then No B. Otherwise, what the experiment discovered as the cause may not be the real cause but correlated to other more important causes.

We fall prey to False Causality bias, or this false prophet tendencies

For example, if you have high fever, this fever is not the consequence that your head is filled with lice: actually, lice vacate your hair as soon as it senses that your head is hot and feverish. “Hot heads” are not the favorite dwelling place for lice.

Removing the lice from your hair does not guarantee that your fever will come down.

Large fires leave big damages. It is not because too many firefighters were present at the scene that the damage increased. Well, it depends:

If 8 fighters are engaged doing the same task, each one will be investing 50% OF HIS ENERGY or potential talent in putting down a fire.

Members of teams of firefighters must have different specialties so that each one will be cognizant that if anything wrong happens, then the investigators will know who was at fault and failed to perform according to his specialized task.

Each member must be aware that accountability can be pinpointed and no cover ups can convince the investigators.

Another example. Students with good grades tend to have a library at home.

Obviously, if the books are covered with dust, no reading is taking place. Because you parents are professionals and read books that does not mean that you are a passionate reader.




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