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On Jerusalem: Symbolic Center of All evils

Today, Donald Trump delivered on his “evil promise” to claim Jerusalem as Capital of Israel, regardless of the consistent and historic stance of the UN and all the 195 recognized States. As if the USA is endowed to summarizing the decision of the world community.

Since 1915, US Zionists pressured England to agree on a land for the Jews in Palestine in 1917, as part of entering the war. In 2017, an entire century, US Baptist and Protestant sects pressured Israel to agree on Jerusalem as Capital. (Even Apartheid Israeli settlers hasveenough troubles without this new calamity with no end in sight)

A couple of days ago I stated: Do you believe Trump will actually move US embassy to Jerusalem? What for? Tel Aviv is Not more convenient among all the other world embassies and far more secure?

As of 2013, Israel had been condemned in 45 resolutions by United Nations Human Rights Council since its creation in 2006—the Council had resolved almost more resolutions condemning Israel than on the rest of the world combined.

Historical facts prove that there existed the Province of Judea during the Greek and Roman empires. An Israeli Kingdom never existed but in imaginary stories to match the history of the Land in the Levant. All those accumulated stories were meant to give a semblance of history to the Jewish Bedouins down south in the Naqab

If this Symbol of Jerusalem can appease the soul of all the religious sects swarming in this calamity city, let Trump declare Jerusalem a “neutral zone” to all religious sects, including the Jews, and the religious sites run by the UN as museums.

So the US killed, injured, famished and displaced millions of Syrians, Iraqis and Yemenis for 2 decades in order to make the swallowing of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel as a far lesser Evil? Can Jerusalem from now on be considered the Symbolic Center of All evils?

Threatening with an empty pistol? An Israeli commentator on the reactions of the Palestinians and “Arab” people on the eventual proclamation of Trump on Jerusalem as Capital of Israel. As if the readiness of Hezbollah in Lebanon, the reconquest of Syria and Iraq in this world war to divide their territories were done with empty pistol.

Religious institutions mastered the fact that people need stories (myths) to be attached to abstract concepts for viability and credibility.

When in 1967 Israel entered and occupied East Jerusalem, Golda Meir felt relief when the Palestinians did Not demonstrate much revolt. Actually, East Jerusalem was under the mandate of the treacherous Jordanian Kingdom, and the occupiers carried out another wave of transfer of Palestinians around Jerusalem. Thousands of children and females were forced to vacate their villages and hundreds of young males killed while on the road to unknown destinations.

But dignity of people over-ride all kinds of subjugation and occupation.  This next civil disobedience (intifada) of the Palestinians will Not be crushed easily and will linger longer than the world war on Syria.

Even in 1933, the Palestinian intifada lasted 4 years and England had to dispatch 100,000 soldiers to quell this civil disobedience and exercised the cruelest of torture and violence on the civilian people.

The Symbol of Jerusalem will unite all the Palestinian political factions and the traitors for appeasement and swapping of security intelligence with USA and Israel will be eliminated


Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 94

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory. I hope you can also read French

Will the USA execute its plan to exact its revenge on its defeat in Lebanon.: the liberation of the eastern mountain chains from the terrorist ISIS and Al Nusra?

Bouc emissaire? Celui qui empeche de tourner en rond, qui invente quand il n’ y a rien pour deranger les gens? Mais pourquoi on me derange pour s’epancher sur les miseres quotidiennes?

Es-ce que la tendresse la memoire du plaisir, ces petites differences plaisantes? Il doit avoir la grace celui qui conserve ces memoires ephemeres

This Greek, Patriarche of Greek orthodox in Jerusalem has sold the Zionists many pieces of Palestinian heritage without consulting the Palestinians. This sect own a third of ancient Jerusalem. Palestinians from all religious sect are taking him to court. Mind you that Greek PM is also a staunch Zionist sympathizer 

I lived in Houston in 1979. Houston is under water. Calamity does Not follow me: It is climate change accelerating its reality.

Est-ce-que l’ Insolence est le mythe des gens qui n’ ont plus de mythes? Au moins pour ceux qui ont lutte’ contre les mythes dehuminisant et abjectes, et sont fatigues de la betise de certaines communautes

Cette humilite’ d’ ecrire des contes pour enfants? J’ y crois a cette humilite’ des auteurs qui ont des enfants aussi ages que lorsqu’ ils fuent marries

Hezbollah du Liban n’ est plus une simple armee’: Elle n’est pas logee dans des barraques mais dans des familles, et flexible pour se deployer partout ou le besoin l’ exige.

Ce serait un grand jour quand Hezbollah change de nom: Plus de Parti de Dieu et Musulman, mais une resistance permanente contre les injustices, l’ indignation et les oppressions politique et religieuse.

Malgre’ et par-dela la souffrance, la memoire est une joie obscene.

Marx wrote in 1845: The bourgeois and the Jew evade the laws wherever it is possible to do so in each individual case, but they wants everybody else to observe the laws.

Il y aura toujours quelques legistes qui ne croient pas avoir le status politique d’un baron pour continuer la lutte pour le pouvoir

La maniere la plus frequente qu’ont les hommes d’etre constants: Songer frequement a celle qu’on est infidel avec. Et vice versa.

The war on Syria is meant, planned and designed to be indefinite: No one has any clear idea or sustained determination to end it

Civil Disobedience is the hardest of protests and the most dangerous: citizens got to stop paying taxes, direct and indirect taxes. Which means the protesters have to change their life-style. One example, refrain from driving in order not to pay gasoline taxes to the mafia and militia leaders.

Share with me a list of indirect taxes that this defunct State of Lebanon is imposing upon us.

Ce qui retarde le progres et les changements necessaires c’ est surtout le manque d’ energie intellectuelle.

C’ est le devoir des gens eduques de continuer leur achevement intellectuel, par tous les moyens

Considerez que la duree de votre energie intellectuelle represente le sens de votre vie: Augmentez cette duree pour contempler les changements

Woodstock and Paris May 1968 movements for change crossed to Lebanon in 1969 and lingered for 5 years as movable fairs in Beirut.  The political system needed a counter bloody revolution

Pour un plein rendement, le travailleur doit etre associer a la responsibilite’ de la production. Assumant que le produit peut-etre utiliser par les travailleurs?

Le passe’ ne doit pas etre un bien auquel on ne peut toucher sans danger: L’ ideal n’est pas aussi eloigne’ de la realitee’ pour les societes vigoureuses.

La guerre a demontre’ que le credit n’ a pas plus de limites que la confiance



Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 78

A Jordanian was killed when attacking an Israeli in Israel embassy in Amman. Soon, most Israel embassy will be closed for security reasons in States where Islamic emotions run high
Best in all world: Wish Syrian regime reach a deal with Kurdish secular women to integrate all institutions
In every speech, (Hezbollah) encourages the Lebanese political system to constitute a viable State: The midget leaders don’t want a State.
I say: walk to exercise the lungs. have sex to exercise the heart. Swim for all kinds of benefits. All other physical activities hurt the body, in the long-term
Les grandes entreprises dependent frequement de s’ aligner a des “vulgaires canailles”: bailleurs de fonds louches, marchants d’ armes, agents provocateurs… 
La dignite humaine prend son elan avec un ventre plein. Surtout de la viande, quand tout autre chose manque
Experience and feeling is your life: create the best sense of it
When I hear that consumption increased, I know that nature and earth are pretty sick
Ce qui est considere’ comme acquis est redecouvert par les nouvelles generations. Surtout en matiere de literature: L‘eternel retour. Je trouve que les anciens livres sont meilleur en reflection et plus passionnant
You learn by asking the proper questions and you learn by teaching. But asking the proper questions require a comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter: analyzing the kinds of questions you have been asking will show you the gap in knowledge.
As part of civil disobedience, students in private schools will Not miss much in knowledge if parents skip a year from paying exorbitant tuition at yearly increase
A suggestion to Lebanese politicians: If asked about your position on freeing our borders from terrorist factions by Hezbollah, reply: Ask the people.
Racist and apartheid colonial systems repeat dumb decisions, culminating with the dumbest of all: Al Aqsa desaster
You are as many as the language you know (I guess could read, and actually read?)
Les gens tout autour reclament une marge d’ humanite’: seraient -ils contente’s d’ une petite marge?

All deals should be handshake deals, after a detailed contract (never signed) and procedural clauses discussed and agreed upon

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely is asking for donation to Israel after 3 Israelis were stabbed

The real leader of Moustakbal is Fouad Senioura: he is the top agent of USA/Israel and Egypt in Lebanon. He is the shadow PM since he daily receive a copy of the files on the desk of the PM. He compound the files to dispatch them to the corresponding handlers.

Typical one-way talk of Saad with Trump. Donald didn’t care to listen to complexities relative to Hezbollah. Did Hariri find a second to mention Al Aqsa?

Probably a Lebanese contributed to writing Trump’s speech after meeting Hariri: Lengthy and devoid of any meaning. Donald was restless in his body talk, wanting this absurd speech to end.

The higher the company or association cultural density (interactions in decisions), the more important it will get it right.

Facts are facts, but images resonate louder. For example, to unload  a ton bricks it would take you more than 2 months, working 24 hours a day, a brick a minute

Evolution has given us an interface that hides reality and guides adaptive behavior. Space and time, as you perceive them right now, are your desktop. Physical objects are simply icons in that desktop

Le boycott de Al Aqsa c’ est quand on ne voit plus de police ou de soldats Israeliens se parquant a l’entree de la mosque pour harasser les prieurs

Ahmad Hariri hara3a ila 3ersaal. Kharrafo min yawmayn wa tzakkaro ino intikhabaat 3ala al abwaab

Several Daesh suicide bombers were found with women’s underclothes in their pockets, for the virgins that they would meet in paradise


What you lived in e

Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 25

Une caresse dure des milliers d’heurs
“La promesse de l’aube” by Romain Gary

Yesterday, Dec. 23, 2016, the UN issued a resolution summoning Israel to desist from further settlements in the West Bank. Israel vowed to empty this resolution from any effects. Like practically killing the spirit of UN resolution 198 of 1948 declaring the Right of Return for Palestinians to their homeland.

Most new politicians have excessive good intentions. Otherwise, how could they indulge in this nasty business?

What insomnia can generate in Black Matter hypotheses

Black Matters essentially fill the intergalactic spaces. It’s main purpose is to delay the pull of the larger galaxy of smaller ones by reducing the accelerated attraction. Eventually, black matter infiltrates and invade galactic space to fill the void. It then generate these phenomena: 1) It plays the catalyst for enhancing the explosion of supernova by preventing it from naturally dissipating surplus energy to it environment.  The dissipated energy from the explosion transform portion of black matter into live matter that reach planets in the form of gamma rays. 2) It accelerates the dying process of White Star by playing the buffer zone for Not allowing external sources of energy to come in. A Dwarf Star are then invaded with black matter and become the hub for a nascent Black Hole

Kamal Jumblat wrote in 1976: The Syrian military occupation of Lebanon will terminally harm Hafez Assad. Assad’s theory that protecting the Christian Maronite sect (with entrenched Crusader/Zionist mentality) will encourage them to side with “Arab” cause is too far fetched

The US Congress and Senate is doing far more harm to people in Middle-East than a WW3 war in the region. Too lazy in the mind. Israel Knesset discuss more at length the issues in this region.

The Palestinian Authority in the occupied West bank strategy should be to extend the conditions so that towns and villages could sustain civil disobedience in the medium-term

Get the last paper issue of the Al Safir. And read the interviews of the leaders who passed away. You’ll learn something you don’t know.

On ne pouvait pas se contenter du melodrama et des sauces pathétiques: Tout doit avoir un sens.

Nul besoin de déranger les saints pour etre des fils de putes.

La volonté d’éclairer la destiné de l’homme, que du destin d’un seul etre aimé.

Le Libanais avait du mal a réfrainer ses sarcasmes. Qu’y avait -il de devin, de sacré et d’occulte dans une bande de camorra óu le faible est ecrasé et le fort prend sa place?

Une organization mafieuse de la loi de la rue, version terrible, sans drapeau et sans honneur.

Personne ne me fera voir dans le comportement sexuel des personnes le critére du bien et du mal.

Hiroshima, Buchenwald, pelotons d’ execution. la terreur, et la torture… sont mille fois plus horrible et funeste que l’ incest ou coucher avec sa mére 

Trop de controle peut s’averer dangereux: il faut ouvrire quelques évents. Il vaut mieux provoquer de petites pétarades, quelques petit “muort”.

Peut etre que les amoureux ne savent pas s’y prendre: Ils cherchent de tous les cotés.

On avait a peine 10 ans. Le patissier Michka etait un grand artiste. Apres avoir observé ses ebats amoureux avec une servant, il fit de nous des hommes modestes. On ne pouvait plus prétender avoir inventé la poudre.

J’avais a peine fini de manger les escargos (coquille et tout) que Valentine (8 ans) m’avait tendit, qu’elle me dit negligemment: “Jocek a mangé 10 araignées pour moi”

Les hommes vantars, ne vous font grace d’aucun detail de leurs prouesses viriles: ils ne vous dit pas ce que les femmes leurs ont fait manger, meme des souliers en caoutchouc.

Tout ce petit bric-a brac que l’humanité laisse derriere elle, dans des greniers, des granges… Laisser sur ses rives, a force de couler, a force de mourir, traces de passages… de mille campements evanouis.

Germany to withhold any development aid to States dragging their feet for accepting the return of its expulsed citizens. The worst draggers are Tunisia, Bangladesh, Egypt and Gabon. The best States in quickening the process of return are Armenia, Angola and China. 

Civil Disobedience Not weakening: Mobilization of Garbage crisis

Lebanese youth have been manifesting for 2 months against Not resolving the garbage crisis that has been accumulating in all streets and provinces for the last 3 months.

Au 5ème jour des manifestations qui ont débuté ce samedi, la mobilisation ne faiblit pas alors que d’autres revendications se font désormais entendre que celles plus basiques du ramassage des ordures, se font désormais entendre.

La société civile réclame désormais des réformes en profondeur de l’Etat.

Capture d’écran de Facebook
Capture d’écran de Facebook

Alors que le gouvernement libanais a annoncé hier l’annulation des résultats de l’appel d’offre qui s’est clôturé ce lundi, suite aux prix excessifs des entreprises candidates au ramassage des ordures des 6 régions libanaises, provoquant au passage un tollé à la fois dans les milieux politiques et sociaux, cette décision est vécue par la société civile présente dans les rues du centre-ville comme une véritable victoire, amenant certains à s’interroger sur la possibilité d’une #RevolutionDesOrdures (voir la tribune libre publiée sur notre site).

Le Conseil des Ministres – marqué par une crise politique et le retrait des ministres du CPL, du Tashnak, du mouvement Marada et du Hezbollah – qui s’était exceptionnellement réuni ce mardi pour discuter des résultats de l’appel d’offre, avait annulé les procédures en cours, en raison des prix demandés et considérés comme excessifs par les entreprises participantes (voir le lien).

Le Mouvement YouStink, qui avait annulé les protestations initialement prévues ce lundi, a indiqué qu’une nouvelle protestation aura lieu ce samedi en dépit des incidents désormais devenus quotidiens à proximité immédiate du Grand Sérail, siège du gouvernement libanais. Une autre manifestation du Mouvement WeWantAccountability entamera elle, une manifestation aujourd’hui à partir de 18 heures.

Les entreprises gagnantes dénoncent l’annulation de l’Appel d’Offre par le Cabinet Gouvernemental

2 responsables des entreprises candidates ont dénoncé l’annulation de l’appel d’offre ce mardi, accusant le gouvernement de vouloir favoriser la reprise de l’activité du ramassage des déchets par Sukleen.

Ces derniers ont également accusé le ministre de l’environnement Mohammed Machnouk d’avoir menti au sujet des prix proposés et de les avoir augmenté afin de permettre à l’entreprise Sukleen de paraitre compétitive.

La solution gouvernementale rejetée aussi bien au Akkar qu’à Naameh

Sous le slogan « Le Akkar n’est pas une décharge », les mouvements civils locaux dénoncent le projet de création par les autorités gouvernementales d’une décharge provisoire dans cette région du Nord Liban, et annoncent la tenue de prochaines manifestations.

Ils dénoncent également le versement – vécu comme une véritable tentative de corruption des habitants – de la somme de 100 millions de dollars à cette région considérée comme déshéritée, estimant la qu’il s’agit d’un droit et non d’une récompense pour accepter l’ouverture d’une déchetterie.

A Naameh également dont la fermeture, le 17 juillet dernier, de la décharge a été à l’origine de l’accumulation des ordures des régions du Mont Liban et de la Capitale Beyrouth, les habitants redoutent la réouverture évoquée par le Ministre de l’Environnement Mohammed Machnouk en attendant la mise en place d’une solution permanente, de la cette dernière et menacent de mettre le feu à toute benne à ordure pénétrant dans la zone de depot.

Ils réclament également l’adoption par le Conseil des Ministres, d’un décret déclarant la fermeture permanente de la déchetterie.

Les conducteurs de Sukleen en grève

Les conducteurs libanais de l’entreprise Sukleen en charge jusqu’en juillet dernier du ramassage des ordures ont entamé ce mercredi une grève ouverte provoquant une nouvelle accumulation des déchets dans les régions du Mont Liban et de la capitale libanaise. Manifestant devant le siège de la compagnie située dans le quartier de la Quarantaine, à l’entrée Est de la capitale libanaise, ils réclament aux autorités de connaitre le sort qui leur ait réservé.

Après #YouStink, #WeWantAccountability se joint au mouvement

Le mouvement “We Want Accountability” (Nous demandons des Comptes) s’est joint au Mouvement #Youstink, demandant une transparence accrue et une lutte contre la corruption au sein des administrations publiques, avec une manifestation prévue ce mercredi à 18 heures, cela afin de redonner les droits fondamentaux à la population libanaise.

#WeWantAccountability a également exigé la démission du gouvernement du Premier Ministre Tamam Salam dans un communiqué publié aujourd’hui

« Les autorités craignent les personnes qui réclament leurs droits », a indiqué, ce mercredi depuis la place Riad el Solh, épicentre des manifestations, le porte-parole de ce mouvement qui dénonce également les violences dont on été sujet les manifestants, estimant par ailleurs que la guerre n’est pas avec la police mais avec « le régime ».

Ce mouvement a appelé à la libération immédiate des manifestants encore détenus.

Les collectifs civils dénoncent le maintien en détention de manifestants

Capture d’écran de Facebook
Capture d’écran de Facebook

Alors que le mouvement “We Want Accountability” dénonce le maintien en détention de 60 personnes, les forces de sécurité libanaises ont indiqué que 48 individus ont été arrêté dont seulement 18 personnes sont toujours en détention.

Le collection “We Want Accountability” indique également être sans nouvelle de 4 personnes désormais portées disparues depuis les manifestations de ce mardi.

Selon les informations disponibles à cette heure, les activistes notent que les voitures des personnes disparues sont toujours au Centre-Ville de Beyrouth alors que leurs téléphones mobiles sont éteints. Des membres de cette même organisation ayant préparé les manifestations des derniers jours font état de violences politiques et de mise en détention arbitraire.

Plusieurs proches des personnes arrêtées et emmenées aux commissariats des quartiers de Sodeco, Mar Elias, Corniche al-Nahar, Hamra, Verdun et de Bachoura, ont fait part de l’interdiction faite par les FSI aux détenus de consulter leurs avocats.

Ils ont indiqué que les suspects des violences subissent également des examens sur fond de suspicions d’utilisation de drogues.

Les personnes depuis libérées ont indiqué avoir payé une caution de 50 000 Livres Libanaises à l’issue d’un examen de prise de drogue négatif.

Pour rappel, le juge militaire Dani al Zaani a débuté l’enquête ouverte suite aux violences ayant visé manifestants et forces de sécurité au centre ville de Beyrouth ces 5 derniers jours avec l’interrogatoire de plusieurs membres des forces de l’ordre et le témoignage de manifestants présents.

Certaines sources médiatiques que l’enquête viserait notamment 7 personnes impliquées dans les incidents au cours desquels plus de 100 membres des forces de l’ordre et un nombre équivalent de civils auraient été blessés. Dans un communiqué publié par les FSI, on indique que les Forces de Sécurité ont été aspergées avec de l’essence lors des manifestations de ce mardi, entrainant l’entrée en action des forces anti-émeutes au cours desquelles plusieurs personnes ont été arrêtées.

Les Emirats Arabes Unis et la France appellent leurs ressortissants à la prudence.

Capture d’écran du SMS envoyé par le Consulat de France à Beyrouth appelant à la prudence suite aux manifestations qui ont actuellement lieu à Beyrouth.

Après Bahrein qui avait appelé ses ressortissants à quitter le Liban et le Koweit qui demandait à ses compatriotes d’éviter les déplacements non-nécessaires voir même à préparer leur départ si nécessaire, les Emirats Arabes Unis ont demandé à leurs ressortissants d’éviter de se rendre au pays des Cèdres. La France appelle ses compatriotes également à la prudence dans un message envoyé par SMS.

Beyrouth, Liban – Au 5ème jour des manifestations qui ont débuté ce samedi, la mobilisation ne faiblit pas alors que d’autres revendications se font désormais…|By


Before you join the protesters: #YouStink movement

Desist from all illegal activities

Refrain from steeling electricity and water

Stop pocketing bribes as a civil servant

Reform your behaviors as a law abiding citizens

Who want a legitimate government…

These are fine recommendations, unless the youth movement declare civil disobedience. Then citizens have:

To stop paying taxes that go to the pockets of mafia and militia leaders ruling this defunct system for over 35 years

To change your life style that is permitting this rotten system to get richer from your immoderate consumption

Slow down on driving your cars that guzzle gasoline (one third of the price goes to the State)

Do not patronize public beaches that have been privatized by the militia leaders

Do share the list of life-style changes that should make a dent on the politicians and deep pocket wealthy consciousness

Participating In a Protest, sit -in, marches…?   A few Ways to Protect Yourself

Comparing Beirut’s You Stink protest to Kiev’s Orange Protests is quite alarming.

If history has taught us anything is that peaceful protests soon turn violent on both ends.

The Security Forces will not back down, and will be escalating into fatal assaults on the demonstration since the usual Arab strategy of divide and conquer has not worked yet.

Egypt’s spring has proved that warlords that have ruled for decades sometimes lose their grip on reality, and tend to muscle their way using old techniques.

Ferguson’s protest also turned violent overnight and gained international media attention, although to this day it has lacked any significant changes in the way minorities are policed.

Occupy Wall street are still without a clear victory.

There will be more bloodshed before the end.

While the ISF (Lebanon internal security forces) has been the source of much corruption, the army has been the only thing to hold this country together.

The bloody conflicts in Nahr El Bared, Arsal, and other instances have shown that the Army is the least sectarian entity. Not without their vices, I remember distinctly being beaten senselessly by the army on more than one occasion during the 2008 university “incidents”.

I came through those times solely on instinct and pure luck. A lot of my friends had the misfortune of being arrested and getting the ass-whooping of their lives.

Our only target back then was surviving the snipers from the rooftops and protecting our own, as the ISF and army were powerless to protect any civilian at the time, and took their frustration and anger out on the helpless and unarmed.

To this day I have never held a weapon in the face of any military man in uniform, Lebanese or otherwise, and I do not ever intend to.

Despite my martial arts lifestyle, I am a pacifist at heart and dedicate most of my free time to making sure people can negotiate confrontations in a non-violent manner.

In all further demonstrations, civilians are urged to bring gas masks, home made shields, wet cloths, milk, and water proof phones to document everything live.

Do NOT depend solely on Touch and Alfa communications as they have been known before to shut off 3G and 4G networks to provide cover to the corrupt governing entities. Bring alternate internet devices with you.

I believe that it is not yet time for civil disobedience, as the Lebanese people are not yet united. They do not have a cause yet. There are no martyrs yet.

This, unfortunately, will soon change. Give it a few days, and if the political parties do not tear the You Stink campaign to shreds, the ISF will. I can’t say how many martyrs will be necessary for Machnouk to give more than a statement from his vacation abroad, or how deep the rivers of blood will run for the international media to understand that this is more than a fight for garbage collection but rather a fight for control of the country.

With several political countries backed by international powers, I would not expect any change to come easily.

The last internal victory Lebanon had as a country was in 2005, but that was backed by certain political powers uniting against their common enemy at the time.

Since then, a long list of arrests, beatings, assassinations, and targeted political bankruptcy have been methodically used to target enemies of these governing entities.

I do not condone violence, neither through street protests nor open revolutions.

Nonviolent confrontations have succeeded in the past and will do so  in the future. MLK’s I Have A Dream VS the Black Panthers has proved this ideology.

You have the power of Google (if you have internet and electricity lol), use it to research self protection in these times. Gas masks are expensive, but there are home made products and methods that can me used safely and legally. Remember, safety first, both digitally and on the field.

  1. To the protest organizers: DO NOT USE THE FACEBOOK PAGE as a single point of communication with the masses. Facebook is not your friend, and a page can easily be taken down blocked or seized through legal and illegal methods.
  2. Have a united list of demands. It’s ridiculous how a garbage cleanup and demands for a minister resigning can quickly turn into an unplanned demand for cabinet resignation into a void, or even complete revolution. Stay focused. Baby steps. Bad media will jump on the chance to show divided lines.
  3. Using a website hosted in a non friendly country will retain it’s uptime to 99%.
  4. Using a domain name should have a hidden credit card, with a private domain name registration in order to avoid hacking and legal seizure of digital assets.
  5. Using emails should not be through Gmail or Hotmail. They are the easiest to track back to their source.
  6. Do not use home internet connections to upload sensitive data. Non government entities can also track them back to the source. Saving phone contacts under “Ryan Hamze – YouReek” makes it easier for ISF to track down others in case of arrest (and illegal phone searches).
  7. If you cannot physically take part of a movement, support them online. Do NOT criticize anyone during major incidents as tensions are high. Leave the constructive  criticism for later and talk with community leaders.
  8. Always give credit to photo or video takers. During the chaos people tend to forget the ethics that govern social media. It is a weed that I’ve been trying to get rid of for 5 years, and others have joined this fight too like “السلطة الخامسة “, Blog Baladi, and Lebanese Blogs. The rest think it’s just a side issue, but at this point, I digress. I’ve been trying to track down the original taker of this epic shot, but come up short. This may well represent the image of the movement/revolution/ideology in the future, so it would be nice (and ethical) not to piggy pack on an anonymous tweep.Update: photographer wishes to remain anonymous
    1. If you are a protest organizer, do not be a media hog. They will target you and arrest you while you sleep a week later. Be anonymous.
    2. If you are a protest organizer, do not use your personal email or home internet connection. You are already being monitored and documented, so your plans will be used against you when you set them inn action.
    3. Steel trays will not be of much use against bullets, but a properly modified Sobia Tray would be of use against the riot police. Straps should be tested before hand.
    4. Do not park near the main event. Assume things will turn nasty and roads will be blocked and people pursued en masse.
    5. Have an emergency point of assembly every hour on the hour. Once cell coverage is blocked (or the infrastructure breaks thank you Botrous Harb)  you will be acting blind and people who are afraid and lost tend to do stupid things.
    6. For those who have gas masks, I suggest they train on how to sling small objects (like gas grenades) back at the source since they will be in the front line of fire.
    7. Do not bring knives or guns to the protest, it will deem the protest violent instead of a peaceful one. Hell will be unleashed. This is a method used methodically by Shabiha and secret police, who run with the crowd and trick the mass psychi into violence or entrapment.
    8. If you see secret police or Shabiha or overzealous demonstrators doing something against the common good, do not be afraid to call them out. Others will still see sense through the red haze of anger and help control the situation.
    9. Containers of milk should be on standby with makeshift bases for the Lebanese Red Cross.
    10. Bring Spray paint with different colors. Marking the ground for crowd control, marking a shabiha among you, and a bunch of other legal and safe uses. Do NOT spray the police riot shields, this will hinder their vision and render you a threat.
    11. Everyone should have Superglue (Altico) with them. It might save a life once the bullets start flying.
    12. Make sure the flags do NOT have strong wooden sticks that can be used for violence in case of trouble. Also, nobody wants to see that flag on the ground so be smart.
    13. Waterproof your phones and provide shock proof casings.
    14. Don’t forget to clean up after the demonstration. Bad media can rip a cause to shreds.
    15. Try not to get arrested. It’s not a smart thing to play martyr, especially since you may get beaten up and raped by parliament security and ISF.
    16. Never take the offensive when ISF and Army are involved. They are trained men and have Shabiha among them, they will not hesitate to kill you. Defensive tactics are your only friend.
    17. Children, and the elderly should be made aware to step back in case of violence. Let the stronger individuals cover a retreat. Obviously in this case I cannot say “Women” should stay back, because honestly I’ve seen a more than a few hard headed Lebanese women take on the ISF before. Do you remember “The Tomato Revolution”?
    18. For front runners, always wear a mask or kuffyye. Even if you escape the events taking place, your family may not be so safe.
    19. Safety in numbers. Stay close to large groups, ISF will more likely pick off anyone claiming they’re Press or injured.
    20. Always run to the edge of any mass confrontation.
    21. If you are cornered, DO NOT FIGHT BACK. These men are trained their entire lives to subdue people like you. Put your arms over your head and curl into the fetal position. If you raise your arms above your heads like in Hollywood movies, you will get your head bashed in as per the Lebanese code of ethics.
    1. Self Defense only in case you are being beaten senselessly and fear for your life:
    2. Assess your assailant. Look at their hands. If they were about to attack with their hands, they would have their hands out. However, if they are concealing a weapon, they will have them hidden or at their side. If Batons are shaking then they are revving up for a coordinated assault, do NOT take head on, use defensive tactics and trays. In case of gunfire in the air, stay united in a single line. In case of gunfire directly into your ranks, do NOT run, you will only trample the people behind you, go to the sides and lay down on the floor until you are able to run freely to safety and escape arrest.
    • Go for the eyes and nose. If you have to end the fight as quickly as possible by striking first, strike hard, and strike as many times as you can, then run for help
    • Kick or grab the groin of a male attacker. Bringing a knee sharply into the groin of an attacker or grabbing the groin with your hand and twisting is an instantly effective move that will take your attacker down.
    • Go for the kneecaps. If, for example, you are being choked, or your assailant has their hands up in your face, attacking their legs will give you the opportunity to open him up to more attacks, or allow you to escape. This is especially effective on larger attackers and easy to do from your guarded position.
  9. Comparing Beirut’s You Stink protest to Kiev’s Orange Protests is quite alarming. If history has taught us anything, is that peaceful protests soon turn violent on both ends.
    The Security Forces will not back down, and will be escalating into fatal…




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