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Where climate freezes: And why Copenhagen, Danmark?

December is soon.

And why this month disappeared in the last eight long years?

Freezing Copenhagen, will welcome Barack Obama this December

Trailed by hundred of representatives from the world States

To meet and discuss of global climate problems

Environmental deterioration, changes, and cataclysmic consequences,

And to extend global resolutions.


I don’t mind cold climate in the cold seasons:

I cannot get used to freezing weather at any season;

Beast digging in to hibernate.

I cannot get used to Nordic people

Stubborn in their craziness,

Calling it Home.


Finally, the financial crash deposed the latest of the Bushes;

Hoping to be the last in that dynasty.


Man awoke to the magnitude of the disaster.

The optimist Biosphere/Earth has its own stabilizing mechanism;

It is indifferent to power-avid pessimist man.


This unattached mechanism may burn, suffocate, or drown man

And it would not even notice or care for its existence.


It dawned on Man that, through the ages,

Earth/biosphere underwent changes

And man either thrived, developed, or died

Consequent to the environmental changes.


All the time, man got curious about his environment;

He wanted to understand and then uncover the mysteries

Of that power surrounding him and controlling his life cycle.


By the by, man formulated general laws of nature.

And before he could fathom a tiny portion of the complex mysteries,

Of these multiple interactions among the sparse and conditioned laws,

This impatient and anxious man endeavored to modify and transform nature

To his own wants and restricted interests.


Man wants to alter earth and the biosphere

With the tacit understanding that he or the environment will not be affected.

Man keeps forgetting, intentionally,

That he is what he is because of earth and biosphere.


Man can alter earth and biosphere;

Biosphere, imperturbable, will react at its own pace;

Man can waste water; water does not care one way or the other;

Water can float and disintegrate into its other gaseous elements

And it wouldn’t care for its consequences to this wretched man.


Is it too late to coax nature to reverse its course?

Is it too late for the offspring of today

To degenerate in monsters of tomorrow?

If monsters are permitted to exist make it quick!

Do nothing at all.

Note: During this pandemic of Covid-19 and its consequences of confinement and restriction of fossil fuel land transports (cars) and lockdown of major airport and airspace, many poisonous polluting particles diminished and cities air was cleared and people could visualize the horizons. Especially in megapolis like Beijing, New Delhi, New York, London, Madrid…

After partial return to “normal” life of “before Corona”, air quality and water quality degraded seriously.

Still, the concentration in the atmosphere of CO2 did Not diminish and the temperature of our atmosphere is steadily increasing and resulting in frequent natural disasters

Many nuclear facilities were shutdown after Fukushima (major “out of nuclear energy” in Germany), but many more States (India, China…) decided for the nuclear energy. Kind of they are investing for cheaper and “cleaner” source of energy for the coming 25 years. It is doubtful these States will save enough for the enormous expenses for the due date of shutting down these nuclear facilities and the disposing of the dangerous radioactive elements.




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