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An Undertone of Joy and Fear

An Undertone of Joy and Fear (1999) 

1.   Our last dreams with the living

Are the exact replicas of our first dreams.

That’s how it should be

In the symphony of life.


2.   Our last dreams are edited out

Of people, trees and actions.

We don’t fall, fly, walk or run.

They are perpetual waves of motion

In a kaleidoscope of light and colors.

An undertone of joy and fear.


3.   Our first dreams are in black and white.

Our last dreams added a few colors.

We just reverted to our earliest beginning.

And that is Closure in colors.


Kind of Paradise I’m ready to sign on…

I recall reading in secondary school the convoluted bet of the French mathematician and philosopher Pascal. A probabilistic logical thinking that we have interest in believing that God exists.

I am now reflecting that the conjecture ignored the premises it is supposed to be founded on:

1. Should we consider that God has an inflated ego and care an iota that we do believe in his existence or not?

2. Should we be hugely interested that the boring Catholic idea of a Paradise is worth believing in God’s promises?

Do you really recall what paradise is supposed to offer to those who are rewarded?

An eternal boredom of total inactivates and where you don’t even have to ask anything or desire anything?

Where any opposition, freedom of expression … are the works of Satan and deemed to be banished to eternal Hell?

And what about these Islamic takfiri delinquent youths? What do they comprehend of the Prophet description of paradise in order to commit suicide bombing?

What those kids who were prohibited to dance, sing, and drink can fathom what paradise can offer?

What kind of sex or love making do these kids experienced to seek 77 or 1,000 Houris?

Are all the earthly sins permitted in heaven? And why?

An older mother asked Prophet Muhammad: What is the status of older people in heaven?

The prophet replied: They have no place in heaven.

And resuming: Older people in heaven revert to youthful ages

Kind of only youth, healthy looks, and no ailments are the prerogative of those allowed to enter paradise, (after being cured, evidently).

I recall a woman who turned down a suicide mission at the nick of time because she reflected:

Why should I care of 77 virgin males in paradise? I’d rather be allocated an excellent cook and a wonderful masseur

Apparently, cooks and masseurs are not guaranteed in paradise: They eat fresh raw fruits.

Maybe a masseuse is contemplated: anything related to sex pleasure could be judged a feasible demand.

I guess all professionals in designing sex implements are welcomed.

Any all other professions are redundant. Except maybe producers, directors and actors in movies.

Movie is the best medium to recount our daydreaming passions, projects and all kinds of loves.

In paradise, we discover that a  man is not such a demanding species:

1. He wants all the privileges he enjoyed on earth as his fundamental human rights

2. He wants all the comfort and amenities

3. He needs to do what he decided on, as he feels is right.

4. He wants all the prohibited sins and addictions on earth to be legitimate in heaven: hippodromes, casinos, card games, video games, free booze, free buffets…and all the luscious girls.

In paradise, we discover that a woman is Not as demanding as these fallacious stories told about this gender:

1. A woman wants to be explicitly the boss, in the family and in the work place.

2. She wants to barge in a pocker game, set her eyes on a man, point her finger at him and declare: ” You. Times out. Stand up and follow me”

3. She wants to enjoy all the climaxes she is powerfully endowed with and much stronger. By all means, as often and any time she desires.

4. She wants to preserves her rights to be a mother, with much less pains and responsibilities in raising kids. Anyway, human kids in paradise grow faster than puppies.

Men and women in paradise want the capability to morph into the other gender in order to experience the advantages of the opposite sex, and do this interchange at any time for any length period, and even during the intercourse.

Men and women abhor all these restrictions on how, when and what kinds of sex they should engage in. If dogs are not well viewed on earth, then dogs must be a prized member to lick pussies…

Sexual status, gay, lesbian, transvestite… are legitimate and practically irrelevant: we can morph at wish

The color of the skin is irrelevant: our eyesight will be endowed with the entire wavelength spectrum: the only discrimination will be our preference to color composition.

If all the religious clerics desist from investing so much time proving the existence of a God or yapping constantly about the virtues of a God and his terrible wrath… and focus instead on designing a model of paradise that excites the imagination and basic needs of the human species…

So far, paradise in all the current religions is such a boring and idiotic place to live in that I cannot fathom why I SHOULD SEEK a location for an eternity.

If clerics invest more time on describing appetizing models for paradise that satisfies our lust, daydreaming passions and desires on earth… I don’t see why we will refrain from signing on, and all be believers and stop proving anything of the existence of a God.

All we want is to be guaranteed a nice paradise to live in, by a God, anyone else, or any other process.

In paradise, there is No such concept of Closure: All that we do is fine tune the details of our daydream projects, select a team to execute the plans and programs, and watch how the daydream is unfolding.

We are no longer interested how the project unfolds or when it will be finished: We had already started on our next daydream project adventure. All our daydream projects are necessarily and inevitably passionate, as is the case on earth.

To be reasonable, in paradise change takes time, and nothing is instantaneous.

Consequently, it is our patience that is  the most heavily taxed, given our eternal youth.

Probably we can apply to be trans-boarded to another planet: We generally assume that additional restrictions and miseries will alleviate the burden of patience.

This is an alternative kind of paradise I’m willing to sign on.


Set fire to your ships. That’s closure

Stacked books cramming the shelves and the empty spaces and collecting thick dust.

And you know that you’ll not re-read any of them or will never try to dust off any book: You’ll too busy collecting fresh books that are marketed every day, just to show off your learned nature.

Are you dating 3 women simultaneously, love them all, would not mind marrying any one of them… and yet are unable to decide and refuse to settle down on one of them?

We feel that we need to keep all options open, and are ready to painful sacrifices just to safeguard our illusion of available options.

Though we should know that there is no such thing as Free Option“: the cost is hidden or intangible most of the time.

Every time we twaddle among several options and repeat the process frequently, we are using up expensive mental energy and resources and ending up more frustrated and apathetic.

There are a few military leaders who burned their ships after crossing a river or a sea in order for their troops to erase the idea of retreating.

This the case of China Gen. Xiang Yu in 3rd century BC, and the Arab General Tarek bin Ziad after landing in Andalusia (Spain), and the Spanish Cortes before occupying Mexico.

There many artists and authors who have this compulsive behaviour of instantly destroying what they don’t like, and others who keep every scrap of paper or lousy drawing (like Picasso who left about 100,000 painting and drawing).  Though I wouldn’t categorize this behaviour as closure’.

Write down what Not-to-Pursue list in your life and let any incoming option be compared and discarded, even if the handle of the door for options seems to turn effortlessly.

Getting rid of your “possessions” is one of the hardest task to undertake

Read The Art of Thinking Clear




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