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How am I spending my confinement?

In our building of 3 floors, of sister with daughters and married nephews with kids…we started the strict confinement out of peer pressures from social media, 2 weeks before the government decided for a lockdown. That would be since last week of February.

On January 31st, my mother passed away after one week in intensive care and my aunt also passed away 2 weeks later in coma and in the ICU. Sort of most elderly over 90 have no longer any chance to survive any ICU, and that was before the Covid-19 pandemics was revealed.

We order online products from the nearest supermarket. The delivered bags are left outside the main building door until each one get out and alcohol spray the external bags and then the inner bags and eventually the inner-inner bags…

We ran out of potable water that we fill 10 L gallons from a running source in the town of Beit Chabab. My brother-in-law insisted that I join him to help him fill 20 of these gallons.

He is a retired officer from the army, and I guess he receives detailed procedure on how to disinfect everything. Consequently, Victor spays alcohol around the floor of water source and I have to carry the filled gallon straight to the car trunk without touching the ground…

A couple of youth came by and washed their faces after jogging, and the disinfection had to restart from scratch.

Before entering the car, I had to stretch my feet outside so that alcohol is sprayed on my shoes.

The funny part is that I had to spray the 4 tires, on the ground that kids play in the parking lot. Go figure.

My sister came from London on the last airplane before closing the airport and she stayed 2 weeks in total confinement on the rooftop.

After her confinement was over, my sister cleaned up her apartment for an entire week for hours each day until she got backache, and then moved down to my apartment to totally clear up all the accumulated junk that my parents, her daughters and herself stored for over 50 years.

Actually, I had cleared up for an entire month loads of junks after mother had a hip surgery 2 years ago. Although I had hired a helper to clear pathways on all balconies, I ended up with a hernia and had to submit to a surgery a few months later.

Yes, I cleared junks just to make pathways in order to move around in the house and the balconies. I could do that because my brother-in-law was oversea visiting one of his daughters. The worst part is that he goes ramage in the bags on the curve and we end up with many bags on the rooftop and the stairs leading to the rooftop.

The funny part that highly exacerbate me is when he asks me about a junk part that he “needs” and I have to repeat: “Man, you denied me the joy of stepping out into my garden. Go dig deeper into your trash of junks”. An open air warehouse of junks.

You have no idea what people accumulate in their lifetime, objects that they never used and still believe they might get around to using them.

In the USA, they throw Yard Sales in summer time. We didn’t even got this idea to start even once in a lifetime.

Right now, we have 35 extra large bags of fine clothes that have barely been used once. These bags are deposited on one of the beds and waiting for us to figure out how to dispose of them. Nobody care to pick up clothes, retrieve them and distribute them.

Actually, my brother-in-law has rented a large warehouse to “sell clothes” after he retired and is still spending more money on this failing “business” than on his family, cars and raising chicken…He turned out to be just one of those sick persons who hoard stuff and never let go off, Not even selling them. Actually, when a buyer shows up, he raises the price so high so that he doesn’t has to relinquish the object.

Yes, there is this old honda car of 1980 that has been parked for years and nobody is willing to drive it anymore. And yet, this person refuses to sell it and is still occasionally spending money on repairing it.

Our garden has turned into an open “warehouse” of total junks and debris and this person wouldn’t let us clear the garden to make any good use of it.

Besides the 35 extra large bags of great clothes, we gathered 70 extra large bags of good clothes to be left on the curb for the municipality to take as waste. My sister considers to be shameful to give away these 70 bags.

Since the municipality will Not load in its Friday truck that quantity of bags, we have to deposit on the curve about 6 bags a week. Do the math for how long we need to dispose of these bags.

I spread this joke that my nephews need to take videos of the newly cleared and re-designed house since a week later, my comfort style will return the house to its original status.

My got furious and declared that she will not set foot again. The next day, my sister was back to “finish her job

What of people who refuse to wear great fashionable clothes on the ground they look Not “A la Mode” and prefer to buy expensive new clothes that are way beneath the quality and beauty of the older-kinds of clothes?

In the meanwhile, my project is to re-edit and update my old articles, verging on the 9,000 posts, on my blog, and recollecting the wonderful trekking and adventures that I joined my nephews and nieces around Lebanon. Yes, I created a sub-category “Travel/Adventure” for that task.

Note: The first generation relatives opened a net group to share their confinement conditions. A couple days later 3 people “left” and now barely 4 people continue to post “Bonjour”. I prefer to post “Marhaba” when I wake up in the morning.

Dangers of Judging Women by Their Clothes

You’re not defined by how short — or long — your skirt is.

A lot goes into picking out an outfit in the morning. If it’s freezing out, if you have anything to do after work, if you’re seeing someone you want to impress — it all goes through your head.

But often so does what others will think of you because of what you wear.

Too short? You’re a “slut.” Too long? A “prude.” It’s freakout-inducing.

  posted this March 22, 2015

Terre Des Femmes, a Swiss organization for gender equality, is fighting back against the unfair judgment women and girls face about how they dress with an ad campaign called “Don’t Measure a Woman’s Worth by Her Clothes.”

Along with students at the Miami Ad School in Germany, artist Theresa Wlokka created three powerful images, depicting commonly sexualized areas (like a woman’s chest and legs) alongside “measuring sticks.”

It’s a glaring reminder that if a girl wears a low-cut shirt, it doesn’t mean she’s promiscuous, and a knee-length skirt doesn’t mean she’s prude or boring.

The images also highlight a common justification heard in sexual assault cases — the insane idea that showing skin means the victim was “asking for it.”

Skirt Length

We Recommend

Heel Height


From: Seventeen
Note: “Asking for it” opinion should be taken seriously. That is why collecting data on men and women opinion on how women and men dress is of great importance. Better be on the safe side if you have the proper knowledge of how people perceive the way you dress.


Can Women Get Away With Wearing the Same Thing to Work Every Day?

I would like to confess something. Today I am wearing a short-sleeved grey dress with striping on the edges. I also wore it on Monday.

That’s OK, right?

The question is:

How large is your wardrobe? How it is designed and arranged? Who picks your dress every morning? How much assistance have you got in getting dressed up?

Female are trained to invest time and energy on looking good and presentable, at every minute of the day. Particularly when they feel under the weather.

Emily Peck Posted in the Huffpost: 04/03/2015

As I dressed this morning, I calculated the odds of anyone at the office picking up on what I’ve been led to believe is a major fashion “don’t do it”.

In my favor: I worked from home for part of the day on Monday, and today is Friday.

A lot of people are gone because of the holiday. So I crossed my fingers, grabbed my bag, kissed the kids good-bye and headed to the office.

If I were a man — a “powerful” man — I could wear this damn dress every day, I reckon. (Not because of power, but lack a female assistant in his wardrobe)

At least that’s my reading of this New York Times story, entitled “The Men Powerful Enough To Wear the Same Thing Every Day.”

The article features Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, notorious for wearing the same grey T-shirt each day. (Has no time to change or missing his university period)

He does this so he can focus on being in charge of the biggest social network ever. “I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything, except how to best serve this community,” he reportedly said after being asked about the shirt during a Q&A session last year at his company’s headquarters. (Anyone got what Mark said?)

Other notable repeat wardrobers include President Obama, 80-year-old fashion designer Giorgio Armani and Apple founder Steve Jobs, whose black turtlenecks were legendary (perhaps he had several same black turtlenecks?).

To be fair, these men have multiple versions of the same item — not quite the same thing as my wearing the exact same dress.

Like Zuckerberg, they want to spend less time deciding what to wear and more time making decisions.

The article got me and others wondering if powerful women could also get away with slimming down their sartorial options.

I asked Twitter. Wall Street Journal reporter Elizabeth Holmes also raised the question.

Patsy Z shared this link on FB

1000000000% agree. And YES we, women should be less worried about our clothes and our looks…
“Reducing the number of decisions you make in a day helps you make better decisions when you have to. It also reduces stress.

There’s actually a lot of research to back that up.”
If you have a lot of different clothes and each day you’re making decisions about how to piece together your outfit, you’ll eventually suffer a little bit of mental fatigue.”

I would like to confess something. Today I am wearing a short-sleeved grey dress with striping on the edges. I also wore it on Monday. That’s OK, right? As I …




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