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Day 7 of performances:  Clown without borders in the Balkan refugee camps

Day 7 of performances:
One workshop and a performance for around 200 people or so. It was beautiful in general, the performances got a lot of laughs and people kept coming and coming.

What struck me the most today are these two kids. One of them was barely two years old, u can see her in one of the pics. She was the most playful one, the one who made everyone dance and the one who was always doing her own thing and living in her own special world.

Oh… how I wished I could be in her world and certainly didn’t want her to come to our world.

The second boy had a harsher story. Him, he was 14 years old, acting like a 20 year old in an old hotel right by the Croatian border, filled with people from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and even one from Lebanon.

The kid is from Afghanistan, he left home two years ago, when he was 12. He left alone and he is still alone.

All through the show he was happy, laughing out loud but wanting to act like an adult. I couldn’t help but wonder about this 14 year old boy, in his green shirt, and the so many scars he had on his head from all the beating he went through on borders, living this kind of life, having to bear dealing with adults and mafias and police, living the life of an adult when he’s just a kid.

Just waiting to be free and waiting to help his parents flee the country.

Today I feel so humbled to be able to share joy and laughter with him – today I can only think of one thing: this kid deserves to be happy and playing, for whatever reason, this kid shouldn’t be going through that.
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An artist is asking to get paid in Lebanon: She has guts

Let me say this one more time and I’m sure all artists out there echo my thoughts

I spent almost 7 years in performing arts schools and universities
I exercise to stay fit and work on my stamina so I don’t collapse when performing
I try hula hooping as much as I can
I read different books to keep my imagination alive
I follow up on world news
I go out and observe people
I take time to research and write
I take time to create and rehearse
I try to learn new skills to become a better performer
I attend workshops when I can
I try to watch as many performances and movies as I can
I spend hours and hours trying to figure out the bubble soap recipe in different climates
And so on ….

So guess what, what I do needs ALL DAY FULL TIME commitment, perseverance, trial and failure until the end of my time on earth!
Next time you invite me to perform or do anything for you don’t roll your eyes when I ask to get paid!

Ps: I get to choose where and when to volunteer and I definitely do it more than all of those money makers out there asking for my services for free!

Note 1: Sabine is a member of clown without borders and entertained the refugees in the Island of Lesbos for 2 weeks and she performs houla houps on the Cornish of Beirut as her gymnastic routine.

Note 2: Sabine announced the schedule of her coming clowning workshop
Here’s an opportunity to start your year with 5 days of laughter and fun.
Meet a new group and experience something totally different.
Put on a red nose/ Step on stage/ Dig into yourself

A Clown Me In workshop will be held from the 18th to the 22nd of January 2016
between 7.00pm and 10.00pm
fees: USD 175
USD 150 for registration before the 11th of January





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