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Soil is being lost at a rate 10 to 100 times faster than it is being replenished.

Is it the end of the road for the Volkswagen Beetle? Victim of the growing SUV and crossover market?

A scientist baked bread with 5,000-year-old yeast found in ancient Egyptian ceramics. The yeast was more active, and the bread smelled like caramel.

From virtual reality, 3D printing to nanotechnology and advanced robotics, the line between the physical and digital worlds is blurring.

“With clowns you always laugh, and laughter is very beneficial in terms of letting people relax and accept whatever is coming their way. And then hope, because clowns fall, they stand up and try again, and there is always hope in whatever we do.”

In around 200 BC, a bunch of “Jewish scholars” decided to create a history for the bedwin Jews. They wrote an amalgamation of old stories of the neighboring people, along with a bunch of “prophets” and attributed to them a few sayings. Since then, millions are disseminating these myths and faked news on social media. Discussion is pointless with these current “scholars”

In 1860, Giovanni Caselli presents Napoleon III with the “pantelegraph“, the precursor to Fax Machine.” French and Russian leaders put it to use, but the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 destroys the telegraph lines.

“Japan ideograph language provided the demand for fax machine, and manufacturing expertise in consumer electronics provided the supply,” Jonathan Coopersmith, a historian at Texas A&M University, writes in Faxed: The Rise and Fall of the Fax Machine.

It’s the little compromises around people that we cannot function without, and that corrupt institutions add value to the what we seek to create.

Why the most brutal of Olympics sport, the boxing, doesn’t have sensors for scoring as Tak Wan Dou?
The 3 judges role would be to add a few points on fitness and techniques on the sky rocketing total score.

A black hole devoured a neutron star. For the first time, scientists have detected gravitational waves that may have originated from one such collision.

Late Milton Friedman wrote in the 1970s  argued that business leaders who talked about corporate social responsibility, ending discrimination, or curbing pollution were “preaching pure and unadulterated socialism.” His theory made shareholder primacy the rule for generations of executives, held that businesses only needed to fulfill their duty to provide profit to shareholders. Supposedly, Free markets would look after everything else. Except the free markets didn’t hold up their end of the bargain.

This week, the Business Roundtable issued a new definition of the purpose of a company that places responsibilities to customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and the environment on par with the responsibility to shareholders.

Is the cult of productivity killing productivity? Is the cult of constant Growth killing a sustainable environment?

“Courage” is being adopted as a promotional quality for minimum-wage positions, like serving cheeseburgers?. Then, is there any job that would Not require courage to waste your time and energy on?

Whether Americans wish to admit it or not, the US continues to be shaped by the legacy of its slave trade, which began in 1619. Actually, the US colonies took arms against the British to keep their slave trade and laws.

Immigrant kids playing “game of crossing borders” every night


Sabine Choucair with her group of clowns David Lichtenstein Dustin J Allen Clowns Without Borders USA Jeroen Wils Clown Me In #diariesofaclown Naomi Shafer Nicole Gladstone have been touring the refugee camps all over the world, every camps they were allowed to visit, in Europe, Greece, Germany, Serbia, the Balkans, Italy and even Myanmar… This her her latest post.

Day 2 of performances in the Balkans. Already performed for 200 men on our first day and it was yet again a reminder that clowning is for all ages.

The show was a huge success, big laughs and a lot of happy faces enjoying the meaningful honest moments of interaction.

On that day, on the way out, met a little 3 year old kid who was amazed by the small tiniest bubbles, he had a big red blue(ish) scar on the left side of his face. I asked his Syrian mother where did this come from and she said “oh yesterday he fell when we were doing the *game*. 

Game is the name they give to their act of crossing the borders. They go to “game” every other night or so.
Today it all made sense.

After performing for the wildest kids ever, they gathered around us and one of the most talkative ones started playing the *game. She had such a strong character and was a brilliant storyteller. With all her power and loud voice she started acting their game of last night.

All kids running around the playground, following her – (their leader)- then boom she shouts …POLICE POLICE. All kids fall on the ground and become quiet, hiding.

Then off again running around then she shouts again POLICE POLICE … all kids to the ground, quiet! Then they get caught by the police.

She continues the story: “ then they put us in this closed van! No windows, very crazy roads. We started vomiting, they didn’t stop. They just kept driving and sent us back to this camp in Bosnia.

This is when all made sense to me. we had just performed for those kids who were between 4 and 12 years old and who last night and all previous nights for the past 5 months at least were caught by the police and sent back to the camps. Most of them come from Syria and Iraq. Some from Iran  (Algeria and Afghanistan).

“Your countries are safe now” they were told. “Go back to where u came from”.

I left with mixed feelings of extreme happiness and extreme sadness. We got to play with them, to learn the importance of play, of laughter and of resilience but also we got to learn once again about the cruelty of us humans.

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, shoes

Kids dropping all their toys to rush see clowns

The old Tempelhofer Airport ( not in this picture- as it is not allowed to document there) is this old huge, not functional airport where refugees wait and wait for their non existent plane.

Then we came with music and bubbles, we sang and danced.

One little boy saw us from far, he dropped down his scooter and whatever he had in his hand, his facial expression changed drastically, – open sparkly eyes, open mouth, open hands- and he ran to us as fast as he could and as happy as he could be.

The heavy dark atmosphere turned into a light happy one with kids and adults playing and laughing.

We sang a happy birthday to Aziz, a man who tried to commit suicide last week because waiting for his wife to make it to Europe and waiting for his kid to find the money for his cancer treatment and waiting in an empty airport not being to do anything about it have made life unbearable.

Aziz smiled and thanked us humbly.

These little interactions and moments are what make life worth living.
Oh and I actually jumped over this fence smile emoticon

ClownMe In, Miriam Brenner, Mayra Stergiou ‪#‎berlin‬ ‪#‎germany‬ See More

Sabine Choucair's photo.
Tonnie Ch shared Lebanon: One Story at a Time‘s photo.
 Mental illness in Lebanon? You feel anxiety?
Lebanon: One Story at a Time's photo. 

“Nour; Starstuff.
We’re in Hamra (Beirut). It’s where my anxiety started, and it’s been an uphill battle ever since.

The thing about mental illness in Lebanon is that no one wants to talk about it.

We’re in a country that still calls cancer “that disease”. Of course it’s going to be less accepting of mental illness.

This society has a stiff-upper-lip approach to it: “Get over it,” “it’s all in your head,” and “you’re overreacting” are just a few examples of what I heard through my struggle to stay sane.

Even my parents, the most open-minded people I know, didn’t want to believe I had anxiety.

Eventually, it was my dad who told me to get professional help. My therapist is two streets down from here, at AUBMC.

The psychiatry department is on the third floor, between two cancer center floors.

The first time I walked in I was terrified, because it hit me, seeing those two cancer departments with the psychiatry department: this is very real, very physical. People still don’t see that.

The thing I learn every time I walked into the building is that I’m not alone in this. I want people struggling through the same thing and are too scared to tell anybody to know that it’s okay. Get out there and get help. You deserve it. You deserve not to feel like this.

What really helped me through this was watching Cosmos with Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

I cried my anxiety out, watching where all this mass of body I have came from. With anxiety, everything is so scary and loud.

When I saw how simple yet insanely intricate my structure is, the noise in my head seemed to calm down: I am carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and miracle. I come from stars and each hand I have comes from a different star. That’s incredible.

I learned that when I threw my dark thoughts against such a darker and vast canvas of outer space, they disappeared. Space is limited with anxiety and you’re never sure you belong anywhere, but looking up at the universe reminds me that I’m freer than I think I am and wherever I look, I’m home.

The Little Dipper tattoo on my wrist is a constant reminder that my thoughts don’t stand a chance. I am starstuff, the product of millions and millions of years of hostile universe coming together.

It’s a reminder of a quote that makes me feel badass: “You’re a ghost driving a meat-coated skeleton made from stardust. What do you have to be afraid of?”

Note: No adult person is to be wasted, handicapped, maimed or killed. Seeing how fragile and totally useless we are born and how dedicated the entire community has been for decades to watch me be able to return a service to it, is mind boggling in determination, steadfastness, pain, suffering and courage.




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