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What changed between 1991 and 2003 Iraq invasions? (Apr. 3, 2010)

The Morocco author Fatema Mernissi wrote in 1991 “Islam and democracy” after the first invasion of Iraq by President Bush the father or senior.

In 2002, she wrote an introduction to the English edition.

In 2010, the French editor Albin Michel asked Mernissi a fresh introduction to the updated French edition.

Mernissi suggested that the English introduction should be fine and Michel replied: “Do you think that nothing happened between 2002 and 2010 that young Europeans might be interested in knowing?”

After a good night sleep Mernissi realized that among the many changes, apart that Islamic/Arabic youth are double the Western rate, one change stands out grandly: In 1991, the Arabs were terrified of Western supremacy in technology (smart bombs for example that CNN kept showing their devastating effects in collateral damages on civilians);

in 2003 invasion it was clear that the American and British soldiers were the most scared of Islam virulence. Mainly, Islamic/Arab States had acquired the numeric information technology for disseminating instant news in sound, pictures, and videos and had begun rational communication discussions (jadal) on points and counter points to the benefit of every Arab/Moslems living in European States and the USA.

The unilateral monopoly in the diffusion and dissemination of information and “intelligence” was eroded: Moslems and Arabs could now enjoy 36 satellite channels broadcasting everywhere, including the most popular Al Jazeera channel that even the Western Medias watched for current and impartial news.  Moslems in China were able to keep up with the rest of Islamic World events.

This information victory scared the Western civilization after it realized that the new Islamic/Arabic generations are no longer attuned to their local monopoly Medias run by dictators and monarchs: it is internet age and youth want changes and to discourse rationally.  In 1991, Arabs had practically the CNN to cover the war in Iraq as direct source of information and it was biased toward showing the effects of “smart bombs” and Iraqi soldiers being shoveled alive under in the dune bunkers. Arab people got familiar with the term “collateral damages” and CNN failed to inform on the casualties. In 2003, Arab/Moslem masses had Al Jazeera channel to cover the war among 32 other satellite channels viewed for free.

It is estimated that by 2012, Islamic/Arab States will have over 1,200 free channels as option for the world to watch information and discussion sessions.

For example, since 1948, Israel has devoured all Palestine and waged countless major pre-emptive wars and the Arab masses had to rely on American Medias for totally biased information; the pickiest watchers occasionally selected the BBC.  Things have changed in this numeric information age. In 2003,

Al Jazeera was offering as bonuses well targeted discussion panels with many foreign figures. For example, in 2001 and before the September attack on the Twin Towers, Al Jazeera ridiculed Taliban for bombing the ancient giant Buddhist idols in Bamyan (Afghanistan) while Richard Keller of the giant oil multinational UNOCAL was proclaiming “Taliban is good thing for us”

Western humanists grabbed the successes of the Islamic/Arabic satellite channels to become regular guest stars.  For example, Dany Schechter of “Plunder: Investigating our economic calamity and the subprime scandal”; Adam Hochschild of “Burry the chains: Prophets and rebels in the fight to liberal”; and Chris Hedges of “War is a force that gives us meaning” are regular guests on Arab satellite channels.

Most ironic, it is the USA and a few European States that have been pressuring the obscurantist Arabic State dictators and monarchies to suppressing freedom of opinions and to shut down “controversial” Arabic channels.  In France a few city mayors ordered Arabic channels banned for dissemination because the Arabs and Moslems living in these cities were hooked to Arabic channels and their mind being “poisoned” away from France patriotic indoctrination and inclusion programs.

CNNWire-Al Jazeera collaboration: A proposal (January 20, 2009)

            The Associated Press (AP) is a “non lucrative” cooperative managed by 1,400 dailies with the business of acquiring and disseminating news to the affiliated dailies; it hires over 3,000 journalists spread in over 100 States and sells news at a price; it has lately reduced its price rate for two major reasons.  First, the written news business is suffering from a constant reduction in readers; many major dailies have folded (like the Christian Science Monitor) and a few are resuming publishing via internet websites.  The second reason is the coming competition from CNNWire services.

            CNNWire is contemplating to diversify in this line of business and selling news to dailies; it did not renew its contract with Reuters as a first step in reducing its dependence on external medias.  CNN has been making profit over 10% for the last 5 years and has money to invest.  CNN has started as a television chain and then acquired many radio groups and internet sites and spreading its tentacles; CNN is already negotiating with several dailies desirous to cover major events.  CNN and has hired 3,000 journalists around the world and is focusing to expand greatly its Abu Dhabi bureau.

            Al Jazeera is the CNN counterpart for the Arab and Moslem World. It has covered the horrors in Gaza far better than CNN could around the clock.  Israel has denied access to Gaza for journalists and cable operators and reporters.

            My general proposal is that CNN and Al Jazeera link up to offer wire services to dailies and videos to cables.  There are thousands of graduates in audio-visual, graphic designer, typesetting, computer display and pagination, and internet navigators that can satisfy the requisite of wire service business after attending seminars and focused special classes.

            To be more specific, I contemplate teams of three employees combining the needed specialties in every small district to covering world news in the written and audio-visual mediums.  These teams of three or four can work at their homes and coordinate their efforts by meeting at locations with more sophisticated equipments.  A professional writer can head the team and be the secretary for coordinating the incoming and outgoing tasks, and thus saving headquarters hundreds of micro managers and secretaries with higher quality in precision and news display.




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