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Since 1950, he sold more disks than Elvis and Rolling Stones: Sexto Rodriguez of (Cold Fact)

Barely known in the USA, Sexto Rodriguez (US singer of late 1950′, from Detroit et who lived a few years in South Africa), was more famous than Elvis and the Rolling Stones in South Africa.

He sold far more disks than Elvis and the Rolling Stones in South Africa and never got a dime.

The son of a Mexican father and a half Indian mother, he has 3 daughters. He took his daughters to visits all the museum, art galleries and concerts around the USA and made sure they don’t feel deprived of the higher classes privileges in education and knowledge.

He was made to be dead for 40 years, though he lived in the same house in Dearborn.

Sexto or Jesus worked in demolition and emptying houses before remodelling.

Sexto (Jesus) Rodriguez returned to South Africa in 1998 on 4 tours, with packed audiences. Kids, young and old memorized his songs. His lyrics stroke a chord to the White Afrikaners then, to reflect on their apartheid system.

He still is Not rich and live frugally and coolly in the same house.

I cannot believe that those who recorded his disk didn’t know that Sexto was selling like peanuts in South Africa.

It is reported that maybe most of the sold records were copied, but it was pure gold since the recording studio made sure that Rodriguez was Never known in the USA.

I cannot also believe that many professional singers in the 1950’s and later on didn’t get to listen to Cold Facts, and preferred to go on, enjoying the new themes and melodies that they emulated and made their carriers as renegades.

Note: Reporting what I heard in the documentary of this European channel ARTE




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