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And in the Mud Glittered Nuggets of Gold (May 20, 2009)

People fail to engage and meet the proper way.

Jesus is sitting by a well at noon in a village of Samaria.

It is hot and Jesus has sent his disciples to purchase food. Jesus could have helped himself of water but he preferred to wait for a woman to show up to the well.

Jesus knows the customs of the land; only women who are banished from the village dare come to the well and they come around noon, after all the “good” women have filled their jar in the early morning and also at sun down. 

Jesus has something to say to women coming at noon to the well.  Before proselytizing, Jesus ask for a favor, a drink of water, a favor easy to offer but means a lot to a thirsty man.

The Samaritan woman gives Jesus water and then Jesus can tender the “water of life”.  If you want people to listen to you, you first have to ask a favor to be at a par, to demonstrate that you mean to listen to them, to understand them, to be part of them before you communicate your share of thoughts.

People fail to engage and meet the proper way.

People slave to becoming independent and self sufficient so that they would never ask for favors again. They go to humiliating situations in order to acquire power and lord it over other people.

Whatever favors they asked when “little” it was not to know and befriend people but to ruminate revenge afterwards.  What should have been the best mean of communicating friendship is turned around to be an ugly behavior that downgrades the sense of dignity and pride.

What goes to individuals goes to nations.

The colonial powers were not interested in learning anything from the colonized people; they were not in the mood of conversing and listening.

The colonizing powers started proselytizing the Christian “charity” and ideology, mouthing democratic utopia, exercising technological advantages, enforcing codes of rules, regulations, and laws that applied only to the white men in the colonized countries.

The colonial powers hurled at the colonized people whatever mud they had on hands.  Out of the mounds of mud, the under-developed States painstakingly dug up nuggets of gold.

The western nations did not modernize the under-developed people; it is the poorer people that proved to be more resilient and thirsty for development and progress against the will and interest of the colonizers.  This process did not change.

Whatever breakthroughs the ex-colonized people are achieving it is because of their will to catching up with centuries of neglect against the resisting wishes of the western nations.  The late President of Senegal, Leopold Sengor, said it wonderfully “The colonizers have certainly carried to us plenty of mud.  Amid the mud we discovered gold nuggets.”




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