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Titbits 117

The series of events have been called a “revolution,” “revolt,” “upheaval,” “uprising,” “awakening,” “spring,” “conspiracy,” “rioting,” “terrorist,” “hell,”  “Arab,” “Islamic,” and “foreign” are also terms intermittently used in conjunction with the previous descriptions.

Yalla. Covid-19 has become a passe-partout “cause of death“. You don’t die of Ebola, Sarl, or other sisters of Corona…. You just died of Covid-19. I am under the impression that the “Spanish flu” that harvested more than 20 millions after WWI might be a nasty kind of Covid-19.

Why we refrain to say what we think? Do we only express opinions that seem safe to the community idiosyncrasy? Here’s how the spiral of silence works and how we can discover what people really think?  If you never master the courage to sound and look like an idiot for a while, you’ll never do anything great.

Antoun Saadi, founder of Syria National Social party in 1936 said: “The main difference between our capitalist class and the ones in more advanced nations is that our kind of capitalism is Not founded on industrialization which seeks unified and larger markets; but we have simply an outmoded mercantile system

A reminder for our people in the Near-East: Israel was implanted by the western colonial powers in our region to prevent any daily trade and communication among the same people. Israel was created to fail us in any sustained development among the same people who were divided in pseudo “independent” States in order to facilitate the fomenting of civil wars among the pseudo-States. Israel/USA/France/Britain are existential threat to our future well-being

Equal practical opportunities circumvent the wrong implication that opinions are reached independently of their surrounding.

As long as police officers are Not controlled for alcoholism, violence will be prevalence in these institution.

One of the plans of the genes is to decide whether we are to be one of the human species or a bacteria.
Together, the bacteria in the intestine have 150 times more genes than us, called microbiome

Stimulating opportunities to choose from is a stabilizing factor in societies. Stimulating desires (and wants) can be easily blocked in many ways and generate unrests

When a young guy was raised to equal status in the living with his superiors (parents, uncles…), to feel free of extending his opinions, of tasting everything that was displayed in front of him, of expressing the desires he has…How can this guy feels as soon as he feels scared and cowed when confronted with a Master who treats him as a “slave”? Who forces him Not to speak or communicate with the invitees, of Not finishing his meal (as was the customs with apprentis)… When he feels like desiring everything just because he is denied it? (Rousseau)

If an hour of reading leisurely failed to generate a single worthy idea/feeling to note down, then you better try another book

Covid-19 has resuscitated the ancient mode of separation among communities. Farewell the mild fiscal and commercial barriers. Still, internet (social platforms) continue to add wings to ideas/feelings that have been restrained for so long.

Funny. Covid-19 confinement has proven that No major commercial furniture manufacturers have designed a convincing high-performance chair that blends in with the rest of our homes (✦). —Kira Bindrim, 

Protest in Portland continues. For the 56th day in a row, a mostly white crowd of protesters gathered to voice their disapproval of police brutality and racial injustice.

Ideal face mask for Covid-19? You want a three-layer mask. Next to your mouth goes cotton or something else soft and woven. The middle should be a non-woven material, like a Kleenex or the polypropylene in reusable shopping bags, to increase filtration. And the outside should be something that repels moisture, like a nylon or polyester blend.

Etre assez intelligent, assez bon, assez prevoyant, assez… n’aident a rien. C’est l’autre moitié, (l’autre assez) qui fait défaut et qui prévaut. Justement, c’ est “l’autre assez” qui est le plus intéressant.

Mais oui, on peut rire toute une journée, si on apprend a rire de soi-même.

Redouter l’ironie c’est craindre la raison: Plus tu ironise sur ta condition, plus sage tu deviens.

Ce n’est pas la parole qui déguise la pensée: c’est bien ce qu’on écrit.

Why this urgency of US/Israel to negotiate the maritime borders between Lebanon and Israel? Apparently, the blocks 8 and 9 in Lebanon are the main reserves of gas/oil in the Mediterranean Sea. Israel wants to start extraction near this area and fear Hezbollah will demolish any offshore installations without any agreement. Israel does Not want the wealth of this reserve to be share with Egypt and Cyprus.

Proving that competition is a click away is not the same thing as proving that a market is competitive. For competition to work well, consumers need to be able and willing to switch to better products, and new competitors need to be able to enter the market.

Released 42 years ago: late Nigerian Afrobeat star and political activist Fela Kuti “Sorrow Tears & Blood” in his pidgin English: “My people sef dey fear too much!”. Fitting Nigeria past three weeks of EndSARS protests against police brutality, this “Special Anti-Robbery Squad” 

Lumper-proletariat? Prolétariat a guenilles des bidonvilles, shantytowns. L’intellectuel communist a une idée précise de ses propre sous-classes. Ces Lumper-proletaires terrorise les communists traditionnels: Ils ne savent pas comment traiter avec eux.

Chinese officials are testing out a virtual yuan, backed by the central bank, in one of the world’s most cashless societies. Funny, counterfeit digital yuan wallets have already sprung up to exploit the innovation. Yeah, how old, off-line problems have a way of resurfacing in the online world.

Racism is virtual among the rich, regardless of color, religion or origine. The only difference is Old and New wealth.

Racism spans all the spectrum of differences among the poor people.
One exception in Lebanon: White colonial citizens are highly welcomed and treated like VIP, even if they are practically poor or pretty stingy

“Zombie fires”? Wildfires have been smoldering underground in Siberia for five years and can outlast harsh winters and are a growing problem in Arctic areas of Russia.

If we could read each other’s body language, Zooming will fail to bring out the remote communication message.

Not much into that business. If you care, then these Top 10 Cyber Security Tips

  • Reboot your mobile device(s) every morning
  • Use a microphone/camera blocker on all devices/computers when not in use
  • Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with all email/cloud/web accounts
  • Use a Password Manager (with strong passwords, no password reuse)
  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), make sure the VPN vendor is based in a friendly country!
  • Make sure all devices/computers are fully patched (operating system/software/apps are always updated)
  • Don’t post addresses, phone numbers or email account information on social media
  • When travelling, don’t use airport/plane/hotel Wi-Fi networks unless absolutely necessary (and use a VPN if you do!)
  • At home, don’t use the Wi-Fi network provided by your ISP modem (use a separate Wi-Fi router)
  • Keep home IoT (smart speakers, TVs, etc) on a separate Wi-Fi network from devices/computers

Nicolás Rivero’s story on how cities like Stockholm and Seoul are using pneumatic tubes to dispose of waste brightened my day, allowing me to daydream of a better-smelling, less rat-heavy way of life. —Sarah Todd

More than 100 years ago, a multinational Census of Hallucinations found that up to 19% of the living said they’ve encountered the dead . Did you ever had this experience?

The rolling droids robots emit ultraviolet light to disinfect St. Pancras International, one of the country’s busiest transport hubs.

Even with the $18 trillion of stimulus pumped into the global economy, mostly by wealthy governments, the International Monetary Fund projects a cumulative loss of some $12 trillion by the end of 2021.

Measuring hidden carbon footprints of oil companies that are mostlyò generated  from their customers and suppliers?  David Fickling and Elaine provide a useful, if “more art than science,” estimate of which big polluters are keeping the most concealed.

Caste system in certain countries extend to overseas locations: Indians from lower castes can’t escape prejudice even when they emigrate to the US. It’s rampant in Silicon Valley, and Dalits in particular face insidious discrimination from their upper-caste Indian colleagues.

The main reason for tariff cost related are handicap procedure 77%, These cost have prompted companies to relocate their supply chains production. An increase of 33% so far.

New research from the New York Federal Reserve shows more than 70% of a potential $1,500 second payment would be saved or put towards debt payments rather than buying goods, which is the main reason for these lavish payment. Only the well to do can save. The common people have to spend it, no matter how they respond for “wishing” to save.

Poorer nations are floundering amid massive public debt and shortfalls in state revenue. All the while, the roughly 2 billion people who eke out a living in the world’s informal economies face varying degrees of deprivation.

Financiers and traders on Wall Street may be starting to feel optimistic, but for most people the gloom is only deepening. Starvation and famine are looming wide and large in most Third World States

Comments and notes in Lebanese/Arabic slang

Note: These are notes and comments are mostly local (Lebanon) and Middle-East events. Written in Lebanese dialect with Latin characters and with numbers (2,3, 5, 7,8) representing vocals and consonants Not available in Latin or Saxon languages.

“Al Douwaylat”? Fi 7aal dawlat “Loubnaan al Kabeer” kaddamet netfeh memma kaddamata “douwaylat Hezbollah”, shou 3a baalna?

Sa3d and Ben Zayed sharsha7o bayaaton bil koubour.  7aateen abawaaton rabou2 li fashalon. Ben Zayed akbar Sohyouni wa akbar kha2en lel kadiya al Falestiniya wa akbar moshtari li foreign mercenaries

Balsho sha2lbo bayn canalaat: Bta3rfo ayya a7zaab ejeta al tamweel al intikhabi (shantaat el massaari)

Mouwatinaat wa mouwatineen tofraneen: 7atta saalat saghirat ma t3abet. Drouri kel tonzimaat madaniyyat tetbana sakef Charbel Nahas al 3ali 7atta yetla3la tartousheh?

Ma 3endi moushkilat ma3 Sarkis Sarkis bi laa2i7at al Tayyar: saaken 7addi  bi zaat al share3 min 30 senni wa ma zaarni wa la zorto. Al meshkeleh enno akhad mak3ad Nabil Nicola le2anno tofran (nazeef). Kanoun moufassal lal aghniya, wa ma farkat keef jaab al massari

E7ssaass jameel enno Hezbollah karrar yenkhoret fi moukafa7at al fassaad, wa al kouroud (sovereign debt) elleh ma elha taa2el, wa mounakassaat bil tardiyat

Rou7ou et dabdabo: badna zawaaj madani. wa ma badna ekhtisassat al shari3at

7ello 3an Jebran: al khetyariyyeh al faasideen mettekleen 3alih ta yet7arak 3annon. wa bi sobbo 3alih kharafon al 7aaked

Ya 3ammi Kadafi koutel, wa Libya moush ma3rouf kou3a min bou3a. 7ejaj Nabih Berri masdarouha Alzheimer: baddo yi rajje3 Al Sader wa ya3mel mouzaahara kel senni

Nabih baddo al balad m3attal: wa ma baddo mo2tamaraat bi 3ahed Aoun.

Majless al Inmaa2 wa E3maar ma bi yokhda3 ila ayat hay2at rakabiyyat fi al dawlat. Wa ma 7aajatana ila haaza al majless  al “radeef” min khaarej al dawlat? 

Limaza UN 3am tetdakhal bi Iraq wa tmaddi 3ala “wathikat sharaf”? Hal le2anna al taddakhol USA fi Loubnaan taaghi bi $1 milyaar safarat?

Shokran baladiyyat Antilias: zabbatet mamar zgheer lel moushaat bayn share3 wa share3. Kol ma tabbaka min masa7aat 3aamat mokfalat li private Parking lots 

Jameel zaman al takaa3od: ma fi drourat tenzal 3ala Beirut lel shoghel wa tsammem badanak

Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 27

Lebanese women don’t give ride to anyone. Maybe this is the reason Saudi Kingdom don’t allow women to drive: The Saudi Princes have visited Lebanon in the last decade and didn’t like our state of affairs: women driving.

Il n’ y aurait jamais preneur pour ton ame. Tout ton talent n’ atteindra pas la phase de jouer la derniére balle: cette balle est hors de ta portée. Et si tu insiste, l’ angoisse t’attrapera á la gorge.

Si je te fais mal, je te jure que je souffrirais. Si je n’ai pas l’intention de te faire mal, qu’est-ce que je fais ici, avec toi?

Our curiosity cannot vanquish our latent impotency

You may cheat all you want. If you cannot take advantage of the occasional good hands, you’ll lose it all.

Play poker with your new dream business. For many years you’ll play with lousy pair of cards. Play well with the occasional strong hands you were dealt with.

Addiction is this trend we acquire: we are ready to bet on every thing on a whim of the moment. A whim that has no value to no one, but to yourself.

If sciences manage to make “God of How” dissappear, they ‘ll never cross the first phase for “God of Why”

La terre est encombrée de 8 millianrs d’humains avides, egoists, de ceux qui veulent exclure, envieux d’espaces vitaux, de zones d’influence, de securité, d’independance mafieuses

La haine n’est jamais une banale realité. La haine n’oublie pas une gifle, une frayeur…meme apres 1,000 ans.

La haine fut detournée sur l’ étranger, l’ apostat, le maitre, l’esclave, le pere, la mere… La haine contre le Capital est demeuré theorique.

On doit commencer par considerer la justice sociale, si on est serieux de se render maître de son destin

Je reve d’etre ruiné par une femme courageuse, physiquement, moralement et le peu de sous que j’ai: C’est bon de constater d’avoir fait quelque chose de la vie.

N’ import, tend toujours la main de l’humour a ceux qui sont plus manchots que les pinguins

L’humour, une tendance a désamorcer le reel, au moment ou il peut nous tomber dessus.

L’humour est la seule arme durant les instants de triomphe sur l’adversité

Je m’y suis réfugié dans un monde, a travers les personnages que j’inventais, une vie pleine de sens, de justice et de compassion

Toutes les limites a ne pas franchir dans la survie de le terre et l’ humanité furent menées par les gens du commun: Ils croyaient obeir a des authorités bienveillantes, des hommes de savoir accredités, de confiance et de bonnes intentions.

La gangrene sévisse au Sud et s’étend au Nord et la mutille. La ligne de partage entre les colonisateurs et colonisés pendant des siécles est une faille qui a grandi démesurement par l’indifference et l’exploitation sans retenu.  

Every week, hundreds are drowned crossing the sea to Italy. Thousands of refugees are experiencing the coldest period in makeshift tents. A century of colonizers’ indifference and massive exploitation

It is a privilege to sleep and wake up, when You want. If you cannot suffer these privileges, why retire?

I like your collant: 7abeb ejweelek yeh

You don’t care to live, or others to live. Why cannot you respect your mother? Yours and all the mothers went through the same toil and suffering to raise kids

Les heritages empoisonnés: laisser a l’arrogant successeur les actes graves que la societé n’a pas voulue confronter durant des decennies

Methodes de natalité selective (boy or girl): Quand la technology et la medicine s’associent a une idee de la superiorite du male, on ne trouve plus de femelles pour constituer une famille.

On doit avoir compris ces derniers decennies, que le chao est plus redouté que n’importe quel despotisme. La reorganization d’une societe malmenée par le chao n’est pas une affaire de changement de governement

Ligne de partage et de demarcation entre Nord/ Sud, coloniaux/ indigenes, lois civil/ lois ancestral, civilization/culture pittoresque, expat/immigre, dissident d’un system/opposant d’un despot… La faille est delibérement faite trop grande pour ne pas permetre la contagion du Sud au Nord

Benis sont ceux qui, a un age avancé, ont le privilege des enfants: progresser pas á pas, re-apprendre les gestes et les joies.

Il y a des reflexes ancestrals qui conduisent a notre perte quand l’instinct de survie n’est plus adapté a des realités nouvelles.

Notes and comments or FB and Twitter Part 23

La mére: Il croit que je n’ai personne pour me defendre, qu’on peut m’humilier impunement. Comme il se trompe. Va mon enfant, va lui donner une paire de gifles. Et on a commencé a me considerer le voyou du quartier.
Chaque fois qu’une femme vous prend dans ses bras, ce ne sont plus que condoleances. On revient gueuler sur la tombe de sa mére, comme un chien abandonné. Helas, j’aurais aimer avoir ces sensations.
Saudi Kingdom Wahhabi sect share common denominator with Orthodox Jews: Heap all sins, and blame all catastrophes on women. Lock them up

Russia to deploy 400 police forces to monitor East Aleppo. Question: are they trained to behave according to Human rights law?

Stupid Ertogan: He viewed Aleppo as the main Turkish competitor in industry. He annihilated both industries for decades.

Okay. When next UN resolution for dismantling all settlements in Palestine?

There are No haphazard settlements in Israel. And this is Not a point of view

The only factor that prevent a UN resolution from being emptied of its contents is by steadfastly developing internal cohesion and unity in the nation

If astrophysicists can say: “We know nothing about Black Matters. But we know it Exist”. then I am entitled to forward a few hypotheses on that matter

Main function of any brain in living species is to Sense his limitations. Mankind made it his purpose to sanction this primal sense for survival. So much unnecessary pain, suffering and frustrations.

We used to note quick thoughts and feelings on diary booklets. No need to take it hard on notes displayed on social media: They are supposed Not to be shared.

Information overload: every accident happening in Europe or USA has to be declared and assured “Not terrorist related”

The Madoff Ponzi scheme made rich the early “investors” at 10% return rate (double any rate they could hope of) and they lead the fancy life at the expense of the late comers who joined the band wagon of greed. Those who re-invested, thinking of the future, lost their life saving. A big fish in a much bigger species of Ponzi multinational financial companies from all over the world.

Mafia and intelligence services are adopting the terror methods in order to eliminate specific persons under the cover of what looks like a Daesh terrorist. Istambul horror can be categorized under a mafia contract. An institution in the government is in cohort with this activity. The killers will never be caught: they have been disposed of.

The Turkish officials are Not making any sense. They claim the terrorist came from Syria, though they caught no one yet. They claim there was 10 guards outside and 20 inside, and yet, the killer took all his time, over 30 minutes, to reload 6 times and clean his weapon too. Can we get the complete list of the dead people in order to figure out who were the competitors? 

The Street Kid: one look is good enough to discriminate the sheep from the lion: he has got to grow or perish

Invariably, adventure find you when you are young. Otherwise, you have got to select among the adventure you are ready to undertake.

Solutions to our problems delay the growth of our lofty spirit

One day, the world that I knew would be regarded as a vulgar nightmare: the world of my dreams will take over.

Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 21

I feel despondent: Nothing but the good came from mother (88 years), and they made sure to punish her by Not paying her visits, or have any patience to listen to her. She overcame all her pains and suffering to visit everyone of her relatives, whenever she could get a ride. She used to return home upset at the cruelty of those she visited.

And how the Boss can trick the others that he is consistent in his behaviors? If he fails to practice on the limitations that don’t match expectation or perception of the others?

How can the Boss satisfy the approbation of a cohort of conflicting idiosyncrasies?

It is exhausting to take on the role of the Boss. The key difficulty is to remain consistent in his set of attitudes, which he perceive or think that the other members perceive as “Boss’ Behaviors Requirements”

The proposed Boss, he better select a set of attitudes that match his natural upbringing, and keep practicing them to sustain his status (especially talent and fairness)

She is exclusively vegan. He is Not. She cooks for two. He cooks exclusively for himself. And occasionally go out single.

Helicobacter parasite neutralizes the gastric acid: take concentrated broccoli (sulforaphane)

East Aleppo must be liberated before Trump takes power

Congress/Senate pre-empted Trump take over by eliminating any excuse to renegotiate Iran Nuclear deal and antagonizing Europe: They extended for another 10 years the sanctions 

Obama cowed to Hillary’s pressures: sending 4,000 boots to Middle East. What for again? To make it harder on Trump’s rapprochement with Russia?

Les lois sur la “purete”des femmes sont apocryphes: ceux qui sont ecrites sont des interpretations mesquines et politiques

Jack London was the first ecologically minded person in running his farm (no fertilizers) and even his pigs were sheltered in stone houses (Pig Castle). He was the first who began producing long movies, 7 of them, before Hollywood existed.

If you want to transplant my brain, go ahead. Don’t blame me if you think your shitty brain is worse than mine.

In the last 15 years, I’m the only person who frequently patronized this library, to sit and read, and share what I read and review books. There is no appreciation of who should be treated as VIP

I have this strong impression that she opens the library when acquaintances or friends call her up for “sob7iyyeh wa dardasheh”.

I was eating a loaf of bread (baguette) while walking. A young woman approached me for money to buy milk. I asked her if she like to share some of my bread. She vehemently replied: No. No. Question: If you are Not willing to share my bread, why should I be incited to share the little cash I carry?

Frequent occurences: Homeless demands more cash than what you handed him. What? I didn’t read on a board hanging from his neck the minimum he is willing to accept

Crois-tu qu’on entretienne cette maisonée par magie? Non, Par des gens. Une communauté entiére

I’m reproducing what others have written, in my own style. Occasionally, I alter ideas, to transmit my reality 

Ce que les gens ne veulent pas se souvenir: la mortalité, un Coeur brisé, l’ignorance, la folie… Tout ce qui ne s’accroche pas aux mesures du temps

Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 20

All human-made calamities are consequences of most of us claiming to know more than the others’, of what is right and what is wrong. We transcend our ignorance, our flawed sense of pride, our deep intelligence of our limitations and capabilities in order to fool the others’

A woman crossed the line and planted herself in front of me. I said: was I Not first? She said: So what? I’m in a hurry. I said: My right is more in a hurry to become the rule of the game

It pays to keep transparent accounting and fair mentality in every institution. A little effort can go a long way.

Wars on drugs and terror brought in more of them. Let’s have an open war on jobs and money for a change.

Si l’espoir est dangereux, c’est que vous ne voulez plus considerer les choix qui demandent de l’effort.

Si l’espoir vaut mieux que rien, c’est que vous refusez de chercher de mieux.

So he got upset and quit the game. All the players left, sheep-file, through the gate

It was a good 3-month ride (moushwaar). An opportunity to communicate and observe my town people, closely and personally, on the game field.

He said that he taught him the game. Does he need someone to tell him the necessity to confront tyranny?

Karma? Is that a bad connotation? Then Karma my ass: find me a good one

A nation is this myth that children are taught to covet in their imagined recollections.

I may admit a boss to my team: Someone who never missed a game. And showed up on time

I dressed my religion and traditions then removed it as I sailed off the shores. I didn’t stuff them back, my religion and my traditions, when I came back. The fool of his community

Plus le rivage est desert et plus je sais comment le remplir, de mes réves et des non-humains, ceux qui sont morts avant moi.

Je n’ai pas ete vaincu loyalement:  c’est la petitesse des gens qui projette ce reflet

On ne se rend jamais compte qu’on est vaincu, si on confront la vie avec acharnement

Most probably, in less than a century, all those prefabricated states along the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea (Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Jordan)  that constitute the Syrian Nation, will become an arid land. This fact will Not obliterate the fact that it was the hotbed of civilizations

Il n’y aurait jamais de victoires individuelles, que dans l’imagination des gens vains jusqu’aux os.

Vocation d’insoumi, contre 1) le dieu de la betise des abstractions acceptées comme vrai, 2) le dieu des verities absolues qui torture et opprime 3) le dieu de la petitesse, des prejudges, des mepris… l’organisateur des lynchages et des persecutions.

Les fideles esperent qu’il suffira au saint d’etre parmi eux pour qu’il soit frappé a leur place

Les mechants sans doute compris quelque chose que les bons gens ignorent encore (pas de vice versa dans ce cas)

Le premier devoir d’un monument aux Morts, c’est d’etre vivant. Francois Hollande se croit immortel ces derniers temps

I apologize to the authors of novels: I read the cover, the first and the last chapter

If you want me to flip to the middle of the novel, leave an extra piece of mystery floating and hovering around in the last chapter

Tout est permis quand tout est possible? East- ce la raison que les états créent des lois contraignantes?

Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 18

More bitter than security is who is let to inherit fear.

Tout ce que voit l’homme, il le prend pour un jouet. On ne devient jamais un sage adulte.

The religious clerics are frank in saying: Give to Caesar what is to Caesar: They always shared power with oligarchies.

Religious clerics are hypocrite when they refuse to give “what is to God to the people”.  They act the banks: dipping in the pockets of governments and people

Blaming others for failing to shoulder responsibilities is common. Resuming your lecture on moral and good behavior is ridiculous

Work on reforming yourself. You’ll repeat mistakes, but Frequent turns Occasional

Are you angry with me? Take all your time to reconcile with yourself

You cry the most on a wish that came true (Truman Capote)

In Cold Blood? It was in the hottest of blood. And Capote tiled his book before hearing what happened in the killings.  He became filthy rich and the book of the decade.

The man looked Perry in the eyes. Perry noticed that the man pitied his upbringing. The eyes of the man was sharing the same trauma he went through in childhood. The hot blood in Perry made a turn and slaughtered this man and then shot the wife and daughter.

Capote might have shared the same house with Perry’s same upbringing.  Perry slipped away from the back door, Truman opted for the front door.

Don’t get carried away with retouche: You apologize once and the trend is a lifetime of apologies. Apology is at best skin-deep: the tenuous emotions in this particular instance are Not solved by an apology.

I believe in the will. Two kinds of will: 1) for survival and 2) an idea for action in gestation.

An idea waiting for the proper conditions and levels of energy and excitement to change the situation.  The same is valid for a people to perform reforms.

“L’Elegance du Herisson”. by Muriel Barbery. An excellent book

“Miniaturiste” by Jessie Burton. Great book on puritanical Netherlands of 17th century

Ce sont les Jihadistes experimentés qui se cache et que les obus deciment.

He meant to pray for specific demands. He realized he was asking for stronger willpower,

Without stronger willpower, how can your specific wishes come to term?

Pity the proud: his internal sufferings are huge. And his ignorance of himself worse than you expected

Les tribus barbares massacraient pour une journés. Comment Daesh a put maintenir ses exactions aussi longtemps?

Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 15

We are all cowards, in more than one way, and we know it. Please, desist from reminding us of that.

Né intelligent and paria, Riabinine n’a cure des prejudices des nobles: il aime manipuler et detrousser poliment ces seigneurs et leur system imbecile.

Les efforts de la volonté (decision et intention): if faut beaucoup de pratiques pour que la routine réduit effectivement et suffisamment ces efforts

Je n’aurais jamais credité les pauvres de grandeur d’ame pour les plus aisés sous pretexte des injustices de la vie.

Poor people mostly hate the other poors: They sense that they match their deficiencies et remind them of their lamentable conditions.

The minor poetes generated the greater ones. Invest in the research of the minor poetes as a catalyst for a fresh new wave of great poetes.

Ce farouche ennemi qu’ offensait le respect, qu’importunait la plainte… est dompté et apprivoisé par son amour d’Aricie

Cet orgueil, nourri dans les forets, il en a la rudesse. Endurci par de sauvages lois, Hippolyte entend parler d’amour pour la premiere fois.

Who is the poete of all time? Again, in which language? I can read in the original French, English and Arabic. I may say: Racine in French, Shakespeare in English, Al Motanabi in Arabic. I would have picked Abu Nawwass if he invested any time in editing and publishing his abundant and versatile poems.

The spread of knowledge and sciences didn’t make a dent on the ratio of the suckered people every day. That is why pro-active laws must be enacted to keep the money in the pocket of the bamboozled by institutions and associations.

The tribe that owned the monopoly over the idol of the greatest Abstract God Allah was constantly broke. The well-off tribes owned the practical demi-God idols.

Nothing has changed: It is the Saints who are generating the wealth of the churches and other religions.

Human kind will be better off if he adored the good people after their death, instead of an abstract God whose deeds are malignant to the living.

I listened to the speech of Thomas Moore last night in Wisconsin. He was demanding Not to use the voting booth as an “anger management” right. You will feel good for a day, and be hurt for 4 years. (The problem is that Hillary has already nasty plans for the Middle-East)

Vivons-nous dans l’angoisse du manqué? Apres une féte, un bouillant nous rend heureux de l’instant present: On a moins, mais on en profit plus.

On ne gout un plaisir que parce qu’ on le sait éphemere et unique. Il ne suit pas que ce qui est ephemere doit generer du plaisir: Il faut de la pratique et perseverance pour découvrir comment rendre l’ ephemere essential a une vie satisfaisante.

Persevere at you most cherished hobby: keep working the details for perfection to flow.

Modern Lebanon and Syria: No sciences or a valid national anthem. Traditions of the land that refused any King, a people without civic rights, a soul Not confined within a Temple. A land surviving on ancient spirit, myths with roots as deep and sprawling as antiquity. The original chaos left intact, surrounded by symbols and illusional hopes. A hotbed for civilizations that spread and re-arranged this peaceful chaos into national codes and organizations, elsewhere

Through my diaries, I got convinced that falling in love must be a story: You don’t accede to passionate love until you tasted the burning of hell (May Mennassa)

Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 10

La seule excuse de Dieu est qu’il n’existe pas. On peut le tuer a volonte. Et les pauvres bougres qui meurent en son nom, les extremists inclus.

Rien n’amuse les bien nés comme ce combat qu’ils regardent chez les pauvres pour survivre

A 90%, le temps sera le méme comme la veille. Les queues de la courbe de probabilité ne s’appliquent pas aux temps normaux.

Ariane ma soeur. De quel amour blessé; Vous mourutes aux bords ou vous futes laissée.

J’ai dit ce que jamais on ne devait entendre.

Les catastrophes irremediables, l’annonce des malheurs inevitables l’assommaient.

Venise s’enfonce? La belle affaire. Pourquoi dois-je la visité?

L’enfer c’est le froid. Pas le zero absolu: on ne sent rien physiquement. Assez froid pour sentir nos emotions sur le point de se congeler

Echouer au paraitre d’etre suffisant? C’est si facile de decouvrir  le paraitre, et la dignité factice aussi.

Etre noble signifie avoir plus de devoirs que les autres? Comme le devoir de recevoir matin et soir et entendre les recommendations? C’est plutot etre un politique.

Il faut que quelqu’un reconnaisse ma force: Je m’ en vais en guerre. Pour vaincre, pour humilier ces nations cretines, comme elles viennent.

La maladie terminale entre dans un foyer. Elle s’empare du corps et tisse entre les coeurs une toile óu s’ensevelit l’espoir.

Pour les riches, les petites gens ressentent les emotions avec une intensité moindre, et une plus grande indifference a la mort

La mort des petites gens est une evidence pour les riches. La mort d’un riche doit etre une injustice et du drame.

Une vie sans faste ni artifices ne devrait eprouver qu’une demi-revolte au moment de la mort?

Certaine personne voit la vie comme une succession d’actes conjuratoires qui donnent l’illusion de la securité. Se concentrer sur l’object, a chacun son tour, L’Enfant, les plantes, le chat, la femme de ménage

The bottles of vaccines contained smallpox virus. The tribes in Amazonia, close to Gold mines, died like flies

I read the first and last 2 chapters. If interested, I start from the middle of these fillers.

White attack dog: trained by Black addicts and drunks, hired by white racists, in inflicting continual pains and suffering. When cured from this instinct to attack blacks, they attack the white obese master who supervised over the cruelty.

White attack dogs trained to search and maul Negro fugitives, from prisons or plantations.

Israel has trained attack dogs: How they discriminate among the accredited Jews from the non-Jews?

C’est un vrai mechant: une personne qui a renié le bon en lui. Elle se deteste et on subit cet inconvenient.

She is an 88 bundle of aches and pains, and she is functional. Her dreaded nightmare is to be dependent on a care.

Save these lengthy paragraphs to tell me that you are being cynical and humoristic. Perfect your biting quick style and cut to the chase.

Syria presence in Lebanon brought security, stability, law and order. The rotten Lebanese are never satisfied but in chaos.




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