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When the US meddle in France Judicial system: Georges Ibrahim Abdallah

France has a Lebanese prisoner since October 1984, and who already spent 27 years in jail and was eligible to be set free a decade ago. What’s happening?

Since 1999,  Georges Ibrahim Abdallah was eligible to be set free, and every year the US intervened to pressure France to keeping Abdallah in prison.

Seven times France was about to liberate Abdallah and the jurisdiction of Pau had authorized Abdallah freedom in 2003, the latest was in 2009, and the “US would exert an intolerable veto to Abdallah”s freedom” according to his lawyer Jacque Verges.

Lebanon Mikati PM and the foreign affairs minister have called upon France to let Abdallah free and be returned to Lebanon. The US,  pressured by the Zionist lobby, refuses not to meddle in this legal case.

Georges Ibrahim Abdallah was born in the village of Kobayat in the northern district of Akkar (Lebanon) in 1951.

He adhered to the Lebanese party of the Syrian National Social Party and then joined the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (George Habbash) before settling in Paris in 1981. during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982.

As the Palestinian fighters were forced to vacate Lebanon during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, Abdallah joined the Revolutionary Lebanese Armed Faction.

Abdallah was condemned for life in prison on account of assassinating the US Lieutnent- Colonel Charles Robert Ray (assistant to the military attaché of the US embassy in Paris), and of Yacov Barsimentov (second counselor to the Israeli embassy in Paris)

It is to be noted that Israel incursion into Lebanon has left over 20,000 killed and 60,000 injured and handicapped in 6 months of a bloody war. Israel stayed until the year 2000, and was forced to withdraw unconditionally from occupied south Lebanon.

The US Reagan government had given Menuhin Began PM and Ariel Sharon the green light to enter Lebanon and could not prevent the many genocides perpetrated in the Palestinian camps of Sabra and Chatila...

It was frustrating to learn that the lawyer Jean-Paul Mazurier, appointed to defend Abdallah, was an agent to France foreign secret intelligence services.

Between December 1985 and March 1986, many persons were assassinated by the Committee of Solidarity with Near East political prisoners. This Committee demanded the liberation of Abdallah and of Anis Naccache (condemned for his failed attempt to assassinate Iranian Chapour Bahktiar PM, in exile in France).

Naccache and four of his group were set free in 1990 and dispatched to Iran.  George is still serving a term that is no longer pertinent since 1999.

Yves Bonnet, former French chief of internal intelligence services (1982-85) declared in an interview on December 2011:

“Abdallah was to be swapped with a French hostage in Lebanon: Gilles Sidney Peyroles was the French cultural counsellor in Libya. Gilles was released but France reneged on the deal.  This injustice has dragged on for too long and has crossed the limit of what is reasonable.  I have a conscience problem with the way France failed to keep its word…

Do you recall the name of this Zionist assassin Amir, the body-guard who killed Rabin, Israel PM in 1994, because this radical extremist Jews loathed the Oslo deal for a peaceful transition to the Palestinian cause? His brother was a conspirator too, and Israel released the brother last week. And these two brothers are still very proud and boastful of their achievement…

Do you recall Nelson Mandela, the long-time prisoner of the former apartheid South Africa? Georges Ibrahim Abdallah has been far longer in jail than Mandela….

There are very few political prisoners serving as long terms as Abdallah: Like the Palestinian Karim Younes in apartheid Israel, the Black Panthers militant Munia Abu Jamal, and the Amerindian Leonard Peltier.  I have no news of Sirhan Sirhan who assassinated Robert Kennedy: Is he still alive?

Note: This post was inspired from a report by Marina da Silva and Alain Gresh in the French monthly Le Monde Diplomatic.




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