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“My address does not exist…” and “I have been receiving mails in the last 6 years…” Why?

Joanna Choukeir Hojeily posted on FB this June 19, 2013:

“Royal Mail says my address does not exist but I have been receiving my post fine for the past 6 years.

Southwark Council says my address does not exist and the only way to add it is to register on the electoral roll, but I am not eligible to vote.

My bank says my address does not exist, but I have been banking with them for the past 6 years and they have been sending me statements/cards/chequebooks to that address.

Bank says we can’t give you a mortgage if your address does not exist.

I might just have to do something half illegal and get on that electoral roll but not vote!”

Is this phenomenon restricted to England?

Is England downsizing its mailing services? Kind of catering for only those who registered to vote?

And what about the kids who are underage to vote? Should they receive mail in their parents name?

And what if the parents refuse to register? Kind of not hot on England “democratic system”?

How would you “circumvent” this problem, receiving mails? If you are not eligible to register?

In order to register to vote you must tic either British, EU, or Commonwealth citizen…

I suggested to tic Commonwealth: If you like your country to belong to the  Commonwealth.

Would this suggestion be considered illegal?




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