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Palestinian scholar changes his mind: “Two-State alternative failed…”

Sari Nusseibeh, president of the unique university Al Qods in East Jerusalem, had a change of mind for the implementation of the two-States alternative resolution, and is testing the ground for a third alternative where Palestinians and Israelis would cohabit on the “same land” of Palestine.

Rene Backmann conducted an interview with Nusseibeh in the French weekly Le Novel Observateur #2228.

Nusseibeh claims that: ” It was proven that the two-State alternative is neither concrete nor pragmatic since it is not functional. Thus, this is no solution. Consequently, we have either the choice of abandoning any kind of resolution or reflecting on a way to transforming a bad solution to a good one.  Without capitulating: My solution is everything but capitulation…”

And what is Nusseibeh’s alternative?

“We are two people condemned to live together between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. Currently, the Jewish people is dominating the Palestinians. This not acceptable (the domination). We have got to bring forth a way that applies the principle of liberty and equality between the two people. And it is possible…”

How this is possible?

“My alternative is a “condominium” solution, or a federation of two States. Actually, in 1947, the UN was discussing two propositions: The majority of one vote decided on the partition of Palestine and gave the minority Jews 53% of the territory. The minority States, headed by India (Nehru), former Yugoslavia (of Tito), and Iran suggested the condominium alternative”.

And what is this condominium alternative?

 “A large numbers of Israelis live in the occupied territories of the West Bank, and in settlements all the way to the Jordanian borders (they have retreated from the Gaza strip), and many Palestinians live within Israel. The Palestinians should obtain civic rights to circulate, live, work, and settle in Israel proper without political voting rights.  The Israelis should also have the same rights in the Palestinian territories…All Palestinians and Israelis will enjoy access to the common facilities in health, education, security, justice…The standard of living in the occupied territories will close the gap with the Israelis, which will create a better climate for engaging in serious peace talks…”

According to Sari Nusseibeh, after the Palestinians and Israelis get intermingled over a period, the Palestinians will consider having their own independent State, recognized by the UN! The two people will cohabit in the same land without having the same nationality or the same political institutions…

Would Israel accept this alternative?

“The Jews in Israel didn’t experience  the same ethnic racist behavior with the Palestinians as they witnessed with colonial Europe and Russia. Israel will successively transfer Palestinian Zone C (under total control of Israel) to Zone B (Israel in charge of solely security measures) and then to Zone A (Palestinian Authority in total control for security and civil responsibilities).  My position is that the Wall of Shame was not erected for security reasons, nor for delimiting the borders, (since the Jordan River is considered the borders of Israel), but to secure a line of retreat as the two-State alternative is imposed on Israel…”

Will the radical religious Israelis accept the third alternative?

“You will be surprised that the extremist ultranationalist Jews, the colons living in the West Bank would readily agree with this alternative rather than the left parties in Israel. The extremists Palestinians and Israelis want to live in all Palestine, that is their main concern and priority demand…”

Mind you that it took the Zionist organization a century to implement its objective for the State of Israel (anywhere on earth). Mind you that the Palestinian Authority has submitted its request for an independent State to the UN a year ago, and over 125 States agreed on that demand, but the Security Council was not convened to vote on this resolution.

How come Sari Nusseibeh thinks that he has the right to throw all that hard planning and labor from the window, after less than a year of the recommendation for an Independent Palestinian State?

Let’s consider the facts:

1. Israel Netanyahu is never ready to give the Palestinians anything, and he will not agree on a Palestinian State that can survive on its own.

2. Even Issac Rabin, who signed the Oslo deal with Arafat in 1993, never relinquished Israel right to the border with the Jordan River or sharing Jerusalem with the Palestinians.

3. The US never exercised any serious pressures on Israel for a “good enough” solution. The US always set the problem aside every time Israel refused to negotiate any solution.

4. The US has many leverages to pressure Israel to agree on a satisfactory resolution, but it is refraining from getting engaged vigorously.

5. The legitimate term of the elected President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, has ended four years ago, and is still President by default thanks to the political US support. Mahmoud Abbas has to resign and let the democratic process resume.

The Palestinians must start a fourth Intifada (civil disobedience), not against Israel, but against this archaic, illegitimate, and rotten Authority that surrendered all its responsibilities and doing nothing to get the process on track.

The Palestinians should start their own “Spring of upheaval” against the status-quo and let the US and Israel decide: “Do you want to deal with independent Palestinians or you want Israel to behave as a colonial, apartheid system like during former South Africa and Rhodesia (current Zimbabwe) racist States…?”

Mind you that the Palestinians have waged three civil disobedience events: One in 1935-38 against the British colonial mandated power (Britain had to dispatch 100,000 soldier to savagely quell it, one in 1987, and another one in 2000.

No Sari Nusseibeh, you are not just a scholar and a philosopher, you are an engaged political figure, and you have no rights to burn phases and propose alternatives before the one on the table is resolved.

First, a Palestinian State, with a sea port, an airport, an identity, a passport, institutions, and a Constitution…After Palestinians snatch their independent State, you have the right, Sari Nusseibeh, to take the lead of a movement demanding further negotiations with Israel for your third alternative.

Sari Nusseibeh, you did the Palestinians a grave harm with your hasty wrong decision at this stage, by confusing the issues and giving the impression that you are in tandem with the the US and Israel for a political position and to be considered an “acceptable and credible negotiator”…

In any case, during its short history, almost all Israel decisions were unilateral: Let Israel declare that Palestinians over 50 of age are entitled to circulate freely within Israel, to live, find work, and enjoy the same civil rights of the Israelis…





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