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Tidbits #50

A “Blob”, a marine heatwave, stretching from Alaska to California has invaded the fjords of British Columbia, which is heating up the glacier-fed waters at a rapid clip.

There is really no skill called reading. Reading is the meta-skill that results when you allow other skills together. You need to know the alphabet, how letter form words, how words have meaning, how words together have meaning, and so on. So often we focus on the meta-skill and not the sub-skills.

Women and “people of color” continue to earn lower wages than white men because employers require job applicants to reveal their previous salary in order to set their new one. This strips workers of bargaining power, and can lock in lower compensation.

I enjoy reading. Thus, I read slowly. I enjoy walking early morning. Thus I walk slowly.

I am in love with my confinement: Everyone is sharing in my confinement

“Allons mon petit. Fait tes prières.. Et l’enfant dit “Maman, je t’aime”. c’était suffisant et de beaucoup.

All the economic/financial pressures of Trump (Evangelical extremists) on Lebanon to trade with our existential enemy Israel No Passaran

“All that can save you now (US institutions) is your confrontation with your own history… which is not your past, but your present,” said author James Baldwin in 1968.

Since time immemorial, empires of occupation and annexation had to create forms of racism and discrimination. Black Color was reserved for the Evil of the darker skin people

L’égalité” dans tous les pays (regardless of political systems) est réservé’ pour la grande masse dans la misère et le malheur

If we fails to construct a system of illusions, how could we resume the living at an advanced age?

Bless the youth who pulled off his decision to commit suicide: His high intelligence instinct proved to him the worthiness of his living.

Les Français hautement qualifiés et éduqués furent fauchés en première lignes pour satisfaire “L’égalité du feu“, chair á canon égalitaire. durant les premières années de WWI. Les ignorants furent charge’ de gouverner le Liban et la Syrie durant le mandat.

Israel was already in the planning 50 years before Balfour declaration in 1917. The extremist “Zionist” evangelical sect in USA demanded that the Jews return to Jerusalem in order for the Second Coming to materialize. This idea suited the colonial powers of France and England intent on dividing the Syrian Nation and disturbing the daily trade and communication among the same people in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq. Israel is a colonial implant, our existential enemy.

L ‘ heroisme s’entend de diverses facons selon les periods. C’ est le sacrifice même du dévouement qui est une réalité’. L’ objet pour lequel on se devout est généralement une illusion.

Allons les Libanais, allons d’echec en echec jusqu’à la victoire.

Alex Marshall is the author of Republic or Death! Travels in Search of National Anthems, a fascinating book about the politics of national anthems. He spoke with the Atlantic about traveling the world to discover the history of these songs, and why he hates “God Save the Queen.”

La joie de vivre est liée a un sentiment d’avoir réussi. Si on pouvait abaisser la barre de ce qu’on considère “Avoir Réussi”. I think Covid-19 gave humanity a chance to lower the level of what they consider “Having been successful” in order to discover happiness in life.

Après avoir accepté la lâcheté, la servitude, la bombe a hydrogen, les genocide… on comprend mal de quel droit on ferait les dégoûtés et les difficiles

Decision by design? Kind there exist a handful of skills that are learned but rarely taught in order to make effective decisions? Decision by design that can accelerate your progress and save you from costly trial and error? Why do you think you can learn without practice? Kind of effectively doing the wrong decision?

Did you breathe the Dawn?

What’s in the dawn?

Birds must be chirping.

Cool breeze must be biting.

Wet thyme must be tingling.

And I am smiling.


What’s in the dawn?

Is it raining?

Is it thundering?

Is it freezing?

I am sending a prayer

To the sick, the ill, the suffering from cold and hunger;

To the many at the end of their rope

Curtain drawn


What’s in the dawn?

I am breathing fresh life.

In a couple of hours nature dies:

The drama of the day begins

I can’t get used to that drama.

I want my dawn

Any day of the year.

Note: During this Covid-19 pandemics confinement I had to change many of my daily routine tasks and schedule. I started waking up early and take a one-hour morning walk at 5:30 am. I discovered that the chirping of birds can deafen me. It was like walking through a long tunnel, the singing of birds coming from every inch of the tunnel.

The were many periods in Lebanon that we could no longer hear birds, due to civil war, the frequent pre-emptive wars of Israel on Lebanon, or the extensive hunting of the Lebanese (just for fun).

I am glad that Corona showed me new discoveries and opportunity to change my life-style.

Tidbits # 48

It was Not planned during this confinement, but I observed that my day work is split in 3 proportional categories of tasks. 1/3 for physical activities (1 hr for early walk, 1 30 min for gardening and physical exercises). 1/3 for reading, writing, publishing on my blog and following on news. 1/3 for home maintenance (laundering, washing dishes, mopping, cooking…). I take 2 short invigorating siesta of less than an hour to focus on breathing and plan the next set of tasks.

Purify your heart and mind, and pray anywhere you want, and any which way you want

Men authors are at disadvantages in describing their childhood: They failed to observe, to comprehend and quickly forgot whatever feeling and minor events might have affected them

No need for personality cult. If your “hero” figured something out, learn what he learned and don’t emulate him in everything else.

Most of Jesus’ disciples and early Christians were dead serious that they would rise on the third day. Especially the martyrs. No need to wonder how initially Christianity made any headway.

My heroes are Malcolm X and James Baldwin: Religion is Never a basis to define and demand human rights.

Malcolm X transformed many times his political model, as cruelty, violence and injustices could no longer fit within his current understanding and model of resistance.

The Modern States that learned to listen to the demands and request of its people and reacts promptly in reconsidering its laws are the most advanced, regardless of their size in land and population and are the most respectful of the UN resolutions regarding human rights. They have confidence that their educated and cultured citizens are more attuned to the world calamities than their functional institutions.

Mener une vie cachée’ n’est pas une vie décente: sans engagement face a l’injustice, rien n’est decent.

Slavery is very ancient, before even religions took hold on society.  The cruel and brutal behavior of “owners” of slaves reached a high level of discrimination as religious sects guessed correctly that it satisfies the interest of the power-to-be classes and directly their own interests.

They give you life. And they give you death. And they tell you take care of your Destiny in between. But we all know what is destined to the living species.

Age should Not entitle you to play the wise-man: Young people are Not hearing your counsel or advice or wise-cracking humors. Learn to loosen up and say “reflected humor” that are within the humanist values: Your humor should Not match the humors of the younger ones’: that’s the best message you can share with the next generations.

The Ivy League school Harvard College dropped standardized test requirements is changing its admissions requirements as it figures out how to attract the best applicants in a pandemic, and also after years of complaints that SATs penalize low-income students.

Keep digging archaeological sites: It is important to remember, every now and then, that powerful empires and great civilizations were forgotten. That all empires will eventually decline into oblivion.

Demand for private flights from Hong Kong to Australia and North America jumped 214% in January,  just as the pandemic was spreading beyond China. (In all pandemics, the elite class is never hurt, and their comfort Not altered)

Just for boasting (Kanfashi wa bass)? Is that all Lebanese “nouveau riche” was up to?

Un paon (tawouss) spreading his feathers for show and nothing substantial to back it up?

Even his feather are artificial and designed by incompetent and extra expensive art designer, and many of those designers ended up Not paid when the “fund” (borrowed from a bank) dried up

The Lebanese was willing to back any za3im (militia/mafia sectarian “leader” in order to build an Non necessary large villa, preferably on a hilltop and Not surrounded by any neighbor, and Not able to maintain it from his fixed income.

This inconsequential Lebanese needed to buy the latest iPhone, car, luxury items, throw the largest and most expensive wedding to his kids… As if people had no idea who he was, what is his real job, how he managed to come to this temporary wealth that cannot be sustained…

I know that most Lebanese have been living from their inheritance for many decades now, and most of our assets have been depleted and sold to the new returning “Real Estates” developers, freshly arriving from Saudi Kingdom, Dubai, Imarat, Africa…

Those earlier generations who travelled to the harshest of countries to eek out a living and starting from the little they had and made it with their stubborn work… are no longer here to give the example and guide and prod.

Those “Key vote persons” in a locality just wait for any kind of election to boast (rakkez tarboush) that they have a number of voting power in the locality and wait to the last hour of the closing booths to see where the wind is going, which candidate is willing to pay higher… and raise their price to sell their “voters slaves” (brothers, sisters, grandparents, eligible sons and daughters, extended family members…)

I feel so comfortable and glad with my confinement because of Covid-19: all those busy asses are also confined and running out of ideas how to keep showing off and driving their latest speed cars.

I don’t believe this extended confinement has changed the behavior of those self appointed “bourgeois”: Give them a free green light and they get back to their previous routines.


ما في شعب بالعالم بيسكن بشقة 250 متر
و بيعمل نصها صالون كبير و سفرة ومطبخ امريكي

مفتوح مشان لما يجي عندن ضيوف يقولوا والله بيتهن مرتب و حلو .
ما في شعب بيوم عرسه بيدفع راتب 4 سنين مشان يقولوا عليه قد المقام و عيلتو بتبيض الوجه..
نحنا كلنا عايشين غلط باختلاف طبقاتنا و إمكانياتنا المادية !..

من عند الشخص اللي ماسك آيفون 11 وراتبه على قده ، لعند الام اللي بتشتكي غلاء سعر الخضرة وهي بترمي نصها بالزبالة آخر النهار !
نكون صريحين

نحنا مش فقراء .. نحنا أغبياء
نحنا شعب تعبان تدبيرياَ..

للأسف مستهلك وغير منتج بالمرة
نحنا شعب بحب التفنيص وبيعشق المظاهر
(mrakkaz al tarboush)

بنشتغل بوظائف ما منحبها ومن خارج اختصاصنا مشان نشتري أشياء ما بنحتاجها مشان نثير اهتمام أشخاص بنكرهن !!.. تخيلوا..

اليوم من اول هزه صغيرة.. الكل بصيح وبيشكي.

كورونا و مصروف كورونا كان درس النا كلنا
لنصحى ع حالنا..

طلع فينا نقعد بالبيت ايام طويلة بدون ما نطلع نتسوق و نصرف..

وطلع فينا نتزوج بدون حفلة وصالات و معازيم..
وفينا وفينا وفينا.

والحياة سهلة اذا تخلينا
عن التفكير بكلام الناس وشو بدو يرضى الناس..
وفينا نسلم بدون تبويس و أحضان .. .

البخل شي بشع وانا ماعم قلكون كونوا بخلاء
بس ياريت نخفف مظاهر بلا طعمة..

كل التلفونات بتقول الو.. مش ضروري نبيع الكلية
ونرهن الكنبايات لنشتري تلفون ما فيو اي فرق عن اللي معنا..
لازم نغير كل أسلوب حياتنا ونعيش على قدنا.


How am I spending my confinement?

In our building of 3 floors, of sister with daughters and married nephews with kids…we started the strict confinement out of peer pressures from social media, 2 weeks before the government decided for a lockdown. That would be since last week of February.

On January 31st, my mother passed away after one week in intensive care and my aunt also passed away 2 weeks later in coma and in the ICU. Sort of most elderly over 90 have no longer any chance to survive any ICU, and that was before the Covid-19 pandemics was revealed.

We order online products from the nearest supermarket. The delivered bags are left outside the main building door until each one get out and alcohol spray the external bags and then the inner bags and eventually the inner-inner bags…

We ran out of potable water that we fill 10 L gallons from a running source in the town of Beit Chabab. My brother-in-law insisted that I join him to help him fill 20 of these gallons.

He is a retired officer from the army, and I guess he receives detailed procedure on how to disinfect everything. Consequently, Victor spays alcohol around the floor of water source and I have to carry the filled gallon straight to the car trunk without touching the ground…

A couple of youth came by and washed their faces after jogging, and the disinfection had to restart from scratch.

Before entering the car, I had to stretch my feet outside so that alcohol is sprayed on my shoes.

The funny part is that I had to spray the 4 tires, on the ground that kids play in the parking lot. Go figure.

My sister came from London on the last airplane before closing the airport and she stayed 2 weeks in total confinement on the rooftop.

After her confinement was over, my sister cleaned up her apartment for an entire week for hours each day until she got backache, and then moved down to my apartment to totally clear up all the accumulated junk that my parents, her daughters and herself stored for over 50 years.

Actually, I had cleared up for an entire month loads of junks after mother had a hip surgery 2 years ago. Although I had hired a helper to clear pathways on all balconies, I ended up with a hernia and had to submit to a surgery a few months later.

Yes, I cleared junks just to make pathways in order to move around in the house and the balconies. I could do that because my brother-in-law was oversea visiting one of his daughters. The worst part is that he goes ramage in the bags on the curve and we end up with many bags on the rooftop and the stairs leading to the rooftop.

The funny part that highly exacerbate me is when he asks me about a junk part that he “needs” and I have to repeat: “Man, you denied me the joy of stepping out into my garden. Go dig deeper into your trash of junks”. An open air warehouse of junks.

You have no idea what people accumulate in their lifetime, objects that they never used and still believe they might get around to using them.

In the USA, they throw Yard Sales in summer time. We didn’t even got this idea to start even once in a lifetime.

Right now, we have 35 extra large bags of fine clothes that have barely been used once. These bags are deposited on one of the beds and waiting for us to figure out how to dispose of them. Nobody care to pick up clothes, retrieve them and distribute them.

Actually, my brother-in-law has rented a large warehouse to “sell clothes” after he retired and is still spending more money on this failing “business” than on his family, cars and raising chicken…He turned out to be just one of those sick persons who hoard stuff and never let go off, Not even selling them. Actually, when a buyer shows up, he raises the price so high so that he doesn’t has to relinquish the object.

Yes, there is this old honda car of 1980 that has been parked for years and nobody is willing to drive it anymore. And yet, this person refuses to sell it and is still occasionally spending money on repairing it.

Our garden has turned into an open “warehouse” of total junks and debris and this person wouldn’t let us clear the garden to make any good use of it.

Besides the 35 extra large bags of great clothes, we gathered 70 extra large bags of good clothes to be left on the curb for the municipality to take as waste. My sister considers to be shameful to give away these 70 bags.

Since the municipality will Not load in its Friday truck that quantity of bags, we have to deposit on the curve about 6 bags a week. Do the math for how long we need to dispose of these bags.

I spread this joke that my nephews need to take videos of the newly cleared and re-designed house since a week later, my comfort style will return the house to its original status.

My got furious and declared that she will not set foot again. The next day, my sister was back to “finish her job

What of people who refuse to wear great fashionable clothes on the ground they look Not “A la Mode” and prefer to buy expensive new clothes that are way beneath the quality and beauty of the older-kinds of clothes?

In the meanwhile, my project is to re-edit and update my old articles, verging on the 9,000 posts, on my blog, and recollecting the wonderful trekking and adventures that I joined my nephews and nieces around Lebanon. Yes, I created a sub-category “Travel/Adventure” for that task.

Note: The first generation relatives opened a net group to share their confinement conditions. A couple days later 3 people “left” and now barely 4 people continue to post “Bonjour”. I prefer to post “Marhaba” when I wake up in the morning.




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