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The scientific communities, especially natural sciences in physics, chemistry, biology…understand the “paradigm shift” process:  There are periods where new approaches, theories, and concepts supplant conventional views to nature and the universe.  The scientific community, represented by associations and syndicates, normally resist vigorously to changes but they come around when faced with new facts, observations, data, advanced equipments for measuring and observing nature and processes…

The people want that paradigm shift process be given an opportunity to be applied to human sciences such as sociology, psychology, politics, finance, economics, organizational theory, community communication, mankind evolution, religion development, … The people don’t fear that universities be transformed to becoming hotbeds of subversive concepts, research, theories, and approaches to knowing how society could be reformed, changed, improve…

The people want to know in what ways representation and communication of communities be equitable, fair, and compatible to vital natural laws for individuals and for the interest, development, and security of the community.  The people don’t fear what it costs for human rights and dignity be preserved, struggled for, conquered, and reclaimed…

The people want that universities contribute to an atmosphere of free expression, liberty of opinion, of challenging opposing themes and attitudes, confronting rooted ideologies and existing models of power and privilege domination…

Creative works constantly defy dominant lines of thinking.  As it is counter productive to graduate for the sole purpose of slightly improving existing products and systems, or barely redesigning what is being used and handled then, the people demand that graduates be well-rounded in varieties of fields of knowledge, especially in human sciences and artistic domains.

Modern youth is no longer interested in the history of monarchs, lords, and privileged elite classes (ancient and current) and the false stories for the causes of their wars… Modern youth wants to know how the people managed to accede to power, how constitutional political systems were instituted, reformed, evolved and were retained…




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