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Nuclear power generation is far more expensive and less clean than traditional plants?

Are you aware that the UN International Agency for Atomic Energy (IAEA) was established for the sole purpose of encouraging the building of nuclear power generation?

Are you aware that the UN World Health Agency (Organization) is prohibited by explicit clauses from investigating nuclear health consequences and even keeping statistics on nuclear disaster fall-out?

Are you aware that nuclear power generation is far more expensive than traditional power plants?

For example, the cost per kWh was fictitiously lowered (twice less than what it should economically be) in order to encourage the politics of investing in nuclear power plants?

Actually, it is the tax payers who paid three times for the expenses of erecting nuclear power plants.

1. It is the States that paid for the research, infrastructure, decontamination, and shutting down old plants, after private owners exploited the plants for 30 years?

2. The MWh was set at about $40 while the effective cost is over $80?

3. The private nuclear providers are demanding that States raise the cost to $80 since they are crumbling under heavy deficit, three years before the Fukushima disaster.

Are you aware that nuclear power generation is far less “clean” in health and safety than traditional fossil plants?

The current statistics are demonstrating that 80% of kids who were exposed to Chernobyl melt down in 1986, hundreds of miles away, are suffering from long-term congenital malfunction, genetic mutations, cardiac symptoms, illnesses in the kidneys, liver, thyroid gland, immunity system, nervous malfunctions, cataracts, hydrocephalus…

Over two million kids will necessitate treatment till the year 2016; only 40 out of 5,600 kids in a radius of 30 kilometers of Chernobyl are not categorized as victim of the nuclear melt down?

Are you aware of the effective cost of investing in nuclear power generation?

First, for example, the successive French governments have spent over $180 billion on nuclear research and development since 1974.  France is the prime European State in nuclear power generation with 58 plants.  All these plants and nuclear policies were done by decrees, and the parliament had implicitly no say in nuclear decisions and disbursement.

Actually, all nuclear plants and health consequences are classified “military secrets”.  France spent $8 billion for a nuclear enrichment process adventure that was cancelled in 1997; just dismantling the abandoned research project plant cost $3 billion!

The nuclear topic is considered a “religious taboo” not to be discussed in public on weapons and military budget…

Second, the cost of disposing and decontamination of obsolete nuclear plants is estimated at about $600 million per plant.  Sweden spent $50 billion for dismantling 11 plants and England spent $120 billion for shutting down less than 20 plants.

Third, it cost about $3 billion to build a single nuclear plant.

Fourth, all real estates around nuclear sites and the byproducts of dismantling sites cannot be sold:  Every thing has to be buried deep in specialized sites for contaminated materials.

These special sites for burying radioactive materials are very costly to construct, deep in earth, and requiring specialized workforce…

The worst case-scenario is imminent because of systemic-degradation-of-work-ethics-in-nuclear-power-plants inspection and maintenance:

The main culprit in nuclear disasters is failures in the system of regulating, controlling, and setting international norms.  For example, standard levels of contamination are “consensus” norms established in the 40’s, when the US military had the upper-hand in influencing decisions on nuclear projects.

Note 1Corinne Lepage, French Vice-President on the environment commission at the EU Parliament, is about to publish “The Truth on the Nuclear”.  The information were gathered from  the French weekly “Le Nouvel Observateur”

Note 2: Japan renounced on the decision of reactivating the newest and most modern nuclear plant in Hamaoka.

The South Texas Project was abandoned

Germany has decided to shut down all its nuclear generation plants and phase out this kind of energy production by 2020.

Italy has cancelled its contract with France to building four new nuclear plants and decided to shut down all its nuclear plants:  Italy will purchase 80% of its electricity needs from France and Switzerland nuclear plants.

Note 3:  France nuclear electricity provider EDF is under $40 billion deficit and barely generated one billion of revenue in 2009.  The other French nuclear product exploiter AREVA is in terrible shape and has no idea what to do with its surplus of uranium and other nuclear stocks.




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