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When Temporary sticks in the consciousness as Permanent: How can any reform be applied?

The term Temporary is stuck in our consciousness to mean Permanent.

Every law, every reform idea has Temporary attached to it. And it means: Forget about carrying out even a medium-term project or reform

And nobody is fooled.

All political parties and social organization in Lebanon invariably claim that what they are putting forth is certainly a temporary measure.
This has been going on since our faked Independence in 1943.

In Palestine, the political “leaders” would claim that the Jewish settlements are temporary. The exodus is temporary. The refugee status is temporary…

Nobody is fooled.
Even those organization who claim to be radical, when you scratch them a little they will say: “This system cannot be changed in the short term. The people are Not ready for change…”

And this enduring sectarian and feudal system has been weaving a life of its own for the last 80 years.

And Temporary has become the worst fatal term used in this region, to connote pragmatism.
As if any sane person believe that anything is that permanent.

The garbage crisis is in its 2nd month and the temporary solution is not a viable one. The politicians fake to be listening to the Youth movements in its frequent marches and sit-in, they meet and even negotiate with the Youth movements, then the militia leaders negotiate an alternative resolution that satisfies their long-term interests.

The shortage in electricity is temporary and it has been dragging for 40 years. Until it is pressured to be privatized for a single $

The shortage in potable water is temporary and it has been dragging for 40 years. Until it is pressured to be privatized for a single $.

Trains have been dismantled over 70 years ago, and three dozens of employees receive their monthly stipends supposedly to maintain the train lines that have been stolen decades ago.

Have you read any law in any developed State that say: “This law is temporary?”
You reform and let the vital people in the society resume the reforms

We are launching this preemptive war. We will be in and out in no time. And the occupation continues for decades

We are allied to this country that has the worst human rights records, until the oil wells dry up.

Everything is temporary in our consciousness: Except emigrating to greener pastures

With one way ticket




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