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Is the UN Preparing Children for Abduction?

The COVID-19 crisis has had a traumatic impact on children.

Is UN appearing to be preparing children for separation from their families.

Note: This a controversial article for me, Just that the author think to base it on a mythological and dogmatic religious sect (or any other sect) forces me to categorize it as a “fake news” and very suspicious. I post it because it has interesting information, and a new perspective.

The UN Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IGSC), which overseas humanitarian assistance to war-torn areas, has just published a children’s book about coronavirus titled “ My Hero is You.”

The book has been translated into several languages and is recommended for schools.

While it is claimed that the story was a collaborative effort between parents, caregivers and children from around the world, the underlying theme is sinister.

The storybook’s main protagonist is a “friendly” dragon who comes to comfort a child isolated from his parents who are COVID-19 positive.

The dragon tells the child to jump on his back as he takes him on an adventure. They pass a desert lined with pyramids. Then they come to an island in which there is a camp full of children.

The dragon then brings the child back to its home and says to the child to think of their little secret place every time it gets scared by the coronavirus, which is making his isolated parents and everyone around him sick.

The dragon tells the child, “ I am never far away. You can always be with me when you go to your safe place.”

Isn’t the United Nations supposed to be a secular and scientific organisation?

Why all these dragons and goblins?

Many of the top officials of the United Nations claimed to be secular and atheist but were in fact disciples of the Lucis Trust.

Founded by Alice Bailey in 1922 and originally called the Lucifer Publishing Company, the trust followed the theosophy of Madame Blavatsky and had such followers as former UN Assistant Director Robert Muller, and former Environmental Director Maurice Strong, and Robert Mcnamara, former President of the World Bank.

These people believed that Lucifer was a hero. That might explain why the UN appears to be promoting the worship of the Beast among our children.

If officials in the UN want to worship Lucifer, that is their business. But it becomes a problem when this superstition is promoted in our so-called secular schools, where most of the children’s parents do not have any religion — and especially not theosophical Luciferianism!

In Christian culture, dragons are associated with the Devil.

For a Christian, there can be no such thing as a “good” dragon. From St Michael the Archangel to St George of England, dragons in Christian culture are manifestations of Satan. They are not a friend of mankind.

Yet, images of “friendly” dragons abound in our culture. One only has to turn on any children’s television programme to see dragons portrayed as our friends.

When Christian children are afraid, they turn to Christ or our Blessed Mother for solace, not an imaginary winged dragon!

When Christian children see dragons, they think of their nemesis, the Archangel St Michael.

St Michael the Archangel, Slayer of Dragons

The Sword of Saint Michael the Archangel - TFP Student Action

Here’s an adventure which will help children fight the evil “viruses” in the world.

There are seven great monasteries that stretch from Ireland to Israel which form a straight line; 3 of the monasteries are situated at an equal distance of 1000km.

There are no coincidences in Christianity. The line represents the sword blow St Michael inflicted upon the Devil. The Sacred Line aligns with the sunset of the Summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. It appears this information has only become known since 2017.

The monks in Skellig Mhichíl built beehive huts during the age when Ireland was known throughout Europe as insula sanctorum et doctorum, the island of saints and scholars.

In those wind-swept huts, precious manuscripts of European culture were meticulously annotated and preserved. The fruit of that labour contributed largely to the Carolingian renaissance in France and the formation of the modern education system.

From these beehive huts, Christendom restored European civilisation. South of Skellig Mhihíl, we find St Michael’s Mount in England where the Archangel is said to have appeared to fishermen.

Further south in Normandy stands Mont St Michel, one of the wonders of the world. It was here in the 8th century that the Archangel Michael appeared to St Aubert requesting the building of a sanctuary.

The Benedictine monastery built there would become one of the great centres of European scholarship and cultural refinement.

A further 1000 km south, in the Piedmontese valley of Susa, stands the Sacra di San Michele, an edifice of outstanding beauty.

The Santuario do Monte Sant’Angelo lies another 1000 km south in Apulia.

Further south on the Greek island of Symi, a monastery holds the largest effigy of St Michael in the world.

The line ends in Mount Carmelo monastery in Haifa, Palestine, which dates from the 12th century.

All seven monasteries line up perfectly, three in perfect distances of 1000 km.

The line represents the blow inflicted by the sword of the Archangel St Michael on the Dragon before it was banished to hell.

This is the story every educated child who wants to be a “superhero” should know!

The return of militant faith

One way of dealing with a crisis that deprives one of liberty is to make important life changes.

During the COVID-19 crisis, many have turned to scripture for wisdom. The closing down of churches and the manic strangeness of masked citizens furtively scrambling for groceries in industrialised supermarkets has sensitised many agnostic ears to the beauty of church bells at sunset.

The UN horror story encourages children to worship the Beast.

It says that for a child to be a superhero, he must surrender to the Dragon and be separated from his parents. The French government has published instructions for teachers for the reopening of schools in the national education system.

In a section entitled “derives sectaires”, excesses of sects, the government advises teachers to observe any changes in the behaviour of children in order to find out if their parents believe everything they hear in the mainstream media about the virus.

It warns teachers to search for signs of “conspiracy theory” and interpretations of the crisis as divine punishment for sin and a sign of the approaching apocalypse. (Every religious sect bolster its dogma on the basis of Second Coming. Kind of copy/paste of the successive religious sects)

All Roman Catholics believe in divine chastisement for sin and most serious theologians view this crisis as precisely that.

The instructions tell the teachers to call the social services to the school to “physically and morally secure” children suspected of having parents who do not conform to the “new norm”. The Macron regime is now openly threatening to kidnap our children.

Paedophilia in the French government

Is this surprising? The man considered to be President Macron’s “boss” Jean-Marc Borello, was imprisoned in 1999 for allowing his nightclub to be used for the sale of ecstasy drugs.

Borello went on to form Group SOS, a foundation dedicated to “social solidarity.” He was a close associate of convicted paedophile Robert Mégel, who had run the Chateau de Tournelles orphanage in Paris since 1978.

The “Les Tournelles” hellhole sexually abused trafficked children and was regularly visited by top French politicians such as Fréderic Mitterand, the gay nephew of the former French president, Francois Mitterand.

Mitterand would go on to become a French culture minister. In one of his books, he described how he loved to go to Thailand, where he would sodomize underaged boys.

No one seemed outraged that a culture minister was an open child rapist — except Marine Le Pen, the only politician who denounced him. You see, anyone outraged and disgusted by child abuse is a “fascist.”

Macron is rumoured to have had an affair with media boss Mathieu Gallet, who was a former catamite of Mitterand.

Gallet worked in New York for American theatre director Robert Wilson and Satanist Marina Abramovic.

The mainstream media have worked hard to discredit the Pizzagate scandal during the 2016 US presidential election when Wikileaks revealed that Hilary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta was a paedophile.

The Clinton/Podesta gang regularly visited the “pizzeria” of James Achilles Alefantis, a wealthy descendent of the Rothschild dynasty.

Alefantis uploaded to Instagram thousands of creepy photos of children, often tied up and surrounded by adults. These monsters believed they were invincible.

Pizza is often a codeword used by child traffickers for their children.

That is why one should pay attention to the content of Libération’s newspaper for children. One of the exercises the journal asks kids to do is make “monster pizzas”.

In the 1970s, Libération published a letter defending paedophiles. During the lockdown, the French government published a list of approved media. Libération was the most cited. The marriage of perverted libertarian leftism and finance capitalism is what Macron means when he promotes the idea of “revolution.”

Macron is himself technically the victim of paedophilia, as his wife who was aged 39 at the time began an affair with him when he was 14.

Italian psychiatrist Adriano Segatori said this sexual abuse would have prevented the boy’s emotional development turning him into a “psychopath.”

The thinktank Terra Nova was the ideological engine of Macron’s version of “revolution.” Its director Christophe Bejach was convicted in 2016 of paedophilia.

Nowadays, people associate the Catholic Church with paedophilia.

But the numbers of child abuse cases in the Church are minuscule in comparison to those in secular institutions.

To be sure, paedophilia in the church has exploded since the reforms of Vatican II, when a homosexual cult gradually took over the hierarchy.

The liberal media did their best to hide these facts from the public; instead, suggesting that there was something about the Church which attracted paedophilia. The opposite is, in fact, the case.

The result of the liberal media’s demonisation of the Church has been a radical dechristianisation of Europe and a dumbing down of the public mind unprecedented in history.

How could any sane person have confidence in a state run by such people? What a horrible world these “progressives” have left our children!

Paedophilia in the British Royal Family

In my last article, I mentioned WHO executive director Mike Ryan’s threat of barging into people’s homes and remove family members.

That threat was echoed by the Queen of England who said the mass evacuation of children would happen again soon.

The Queen’s son Andrew was a close associate of paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and is up to his neck in accusations of child abuse.

The Queen’s husband Prince Philip once said that if he was reborn, he would like to come back as a virus to exterminate most of the world’s population.

Could this be the crown (Latin, coruna) virus? Prince Philip is a high-ranking freemason. That Luciferian sect does not pose any problem for our so-called “secular” governments.

During the 1950s, thousands of Indigenous Canadian children were reported to have died of tuberculosis.

It later emerged that they had been victims of state-sponsored genocide.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been accused of involvement in abductions and murder. It should not be forgotten that Queen Elizabeth’s father and husband were fervent Nazis, obsessed with breeding and “racial purity.”

In the royal-sponsored concentration camps, children were tortured, babies thrown alive into fires, while reports in the media said they were dying of TB.

No one cared because they were aboriginal children. Since then, however, hundreds of survivors have spoken out about the horror they experienced.

The French government’s guidelines for “education” on coronavirus involve brainwashing children into believing everything they are told and preparing them for quarantines when the next pandemic breaks out and the media-political complex calls for the necessity of “evacuating” children.

With reports of a new child inflammatory syndrome developing in Europe, time is running out before the “friendly dragon” comes for our children. Those who do not want to hear the truth will be complicit in the destruction of their children and ours.

Jacques Attali, President Macron’s mentor, noted in 2009 that as the public hospital was the basis of the modern French state, a global pandemic would create the necessity for a world state.

The scaffolding of that Leviathan state is going up all around us. The moral basis of the emerging world state is the UN but the administrative model of the world state is the EU: a centralised and unaccountable “commission” which rules by force on behalf of a nebulous financial oligarchy.

As we speak, children are being abducted all over Europe by social services in collaboration with corrupt private agencies like the ones just described.

Many good mothers never see their children again. Citizens should be asking their governments why children who have already been traumatised by mass media hysteria are now being programmed to accept being locked up in camps.

The United Nations IASC’s main role is to coordinate and manage emergency camps, nutrition and logistics in war-torn environments.

Why are our children being told they may have to go to camps? Most of them have homes with loving parents.

Bill Gates told MSNBC that he had warned governments about the possibility of a pandemic years before the coronavirus outbreak, but they did not take his warnings seriously.

New evidence suggests that is a lie.

In 2012, the European Commission’s international cooperation and development department published a comic book titled “ Infected”, which dramatised a scenario remarkably similar to the coronavirus outbreak.

Predictive Programming?

In fact, China is where the cartoon drama takes place.

After tweeting about this, I was contacted by an official from EU Law Data Pubs who said that “ the EU did not predict Covid-19 but wanted to prepare for a crisis like it, based on previous health scares.” So, the EU has admitted it was remarkably prepared for this crisis. (Apparently, EU was Not prepared at all)

The EU’s preparation was outstandingly accurate, predicting that social distancing measures would have to be implemented.

It seems the organisers of the 2012 London Olympics also had a premonition of the future.

The opening ceremony depicts stadia lined with hospital beds which were reported during the coronavirus outbreak; nurses are dancing around an effigy of a patient who looks rather similar to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Along the edges of the stadium are illuminated pyramids. From a distance, we see the shape of the stadium lights taking a virus-like form.

A pig-tailed girl lies terrified in a hospital bed as demons, possibly representing a virus, surround her.

The dancing nurses remind one of the myriads of Tiktok videos online of nurses dancing during the coronavirus crisis. The nurses cover their mouths with their fingers as demons descend on children.

The finger to the mouth is a classic free masonic symbol. We also see a Chinese woman in the camera as the narrator tells a creepy story introducing the concept of distance.

“Of all delectable islands, Neverland is the snuggest. It’s not large and scrawly, you know, with boring distances between one adventure and the next. It’s nicely crammed. When you play at it by day with the table and chairs, it’s not a bit frightening. But in the two minutes before you go to sleep it is real.”

Then the demons twist and turn in the air as the virus is airborne. The video posted online also makes reference to 5G technology, which is being rolled out now and hasn’t been tested for safety. Are they anticipating unprecedented illnesses among children?

Did the programmers intend to prepare us for Greta Thunberg, the traumatised child idol promoted by the elites? She was one of the only girls of her age in the world to have got coronavirus. Is she not the ideal child of the future, frightened, traumatised and incapable of critical thought?

The opening ceremony looks like a celebration of child abuse. What kind of mind would think up a ceremony like that? An extremely sick mind!

As we speak, the mass media are calling for “l’Europe de la santé, Europe of health” We are going to see a massive expansion of corporate “health care” as a form of social control.

This is all being marketed as “public health” when in fact it is completely privatised. As for the “radical left” in France, they are calling for liberalising of euthanasia and assisted suicide; you can always rely on them for solutions to life’s problems!

When citizens, through fear, allow the state to arrogate absolute power, tyranny follows.

That’s where we are heading right now and it’s only just beginning. Let this be a warning to the hellhound oppressors of humanity:

We are coming for you! Sancta Michael Arcangele, defende nos in proelio, St Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle!


Demise of America’s once-mighty streetcars: What happened?

This post is part of a series on the past, present, and future of commuting in America.

Back in the 1920s, most American city-dwellers took public transportation to work every day.

There were 17,000 miles of streetcar lines across the country, running through virtually every major American city.

That included cities we don’t think of as hubs for mass transit today: Atlanta, Raleigh, and Los Angeles.

Nowadays, by contrast, just 5 percent or so of workers commute via public transit, and they’re disproportionately clustered in a handful of dense cities like New York, Boston, and Chicago.

Just a handful of cities still have extensive streetcar systems — and several others are now spending millions trying to build new, smaller ones.

So whatever happened to all those streetcars?

“There’s this widespread conspiracy theory that the streetcars were bought up by a company National City Lines, which was effectively controlled by GM, so that they could be torn up and converted into bus lines,” says Peter Norton, a historian at the University of Virginia and author of Fighting Traffic: The Dawn of the Motor Age in the American City.

But that’s not actually the full story, he says. “By the time National City Lines was buying up these streetcar companies, they were already in bankruptcy.”

Surprisingly, though, streetcars didn’t solely go bankrupt because people chose cars over rail.

The real reasons for the streetcar’s demise are much less nefarious than a GM-driven conspiracy — they include gridlock and city rules that kept fares artificially low — but they’re fascinating in their own right, and if you’re a transit fan, they’re even more frustrating.

The golden age of the streetcar

grand rapids 
<img alt=”grand rapids” src=””>

Electrified streetcars in Grand Rapids, Michigan. (Grand Rapids Historical Society)

During the 1800s, animal-drawn streetcar lines were built in cities across the United States.

Starting in the 1880s, they were replaced by electrified streetcars, which quickly became the dominant mode of transportation in many cities.

Running streetcars was a very profitable business. Cities expanded, and people who found themselves living too far from work to walk depended on them.

(Some real-estate developers built nearby suburbs around streetcar lines.)

Over time, the businessmen who ran the streetcars, called “traction magnates,” consolidated ownership of multiple lines, establishing powerful, oftentimes corrupt monopolies in many cities.

atlanta streetcar <img alt=”atlanta streetcar” src=””>

In 1902, Atlanta had an extensive streetcar network. (Georgia Railway and Electric Company)

Eventually, many of them contracted with city governments for the explicit right to operate as a monopoly in that city. In exchange, they agreed to all sorts of conditions.

“Eager to receive guarantees on their large up-front investments, streetcar operators agreed to contract provisions that held fares constant at five cents and mandated that rail line owners maintain the pavement around their tracks,” writes Stephen Smith at Market Urbanism.

Until the start of World War I, these conditions weren’t a huge problem. But soon afterward, they became excessively onerous — because even though these companies were making sacrifices to act as monopolies, they were no longer operating as them.

What really killed the streetcar: gridlock and artificially low fares

fresno <img alt=”fresno” src=””>

A Fresno streetcar stuck in traffic, in 1938. (Fresno Beehive)

The decline of the streetcar after World War I — when cars began to arrive on city streets — is often cast as a simple choice made by consumers.

As a Smithsonian exhibition puts it, “Americans chose another alternative — the automobile. The car became the commuter option of choice for those who could afford it, and more people could do so.”

But the reality is more complicated.

“People weren’t choosing to ride or not ride in some perfect universe — they were making it in a messy, real-world environment,” Norton says.

The real problem was that once cars appeared on the road, they could drive on streetcar tracks — and the streetcars could no longer operate efficiently.

“Once just 10 percent or so of people were driving, the tracks were so crowded that [the streetcars] weren’t making their schedules,” Norton says.

cars could drive on streetcar tracks — so they slowed them down dramatically

In some places, like Chicago, streetcars retained dedicated rights of way, and they survived.

Pretty much anywhere else, they were doomed. “With 160,000 cars cramming onto Los Angeles streets in the 1920s, mass-transit riders complained of massive traffic jams and hourlong delays,” writes Cecilia Rasmussen at the Los Angeles Times.

What’s more, in many cities the streetcars’ contracts required them to keep the pavement on the roads surrounding the tracks in good shape.

This meant that the companies were effectively subsidizing automobile travel even as it cannibalized their business.

And paying for this maintenance got more and more difficult for one key reason: many contracts had permanently locked companies into a 5-cent fare, which wasn’t indexed to inflation.

five cent token <img alt=”five cent token” src=””>


Especially after World War I, the value of 5 cents plummeted, but streetcars had to get approval from municipal commissions for any fare hikes — and the idea of the 5-cent fare had become ingrained as something of a birthright among many members of the public.

“Nobody on these commissions would approve fare increases to cover costs, because that would get them in trouble with their constituents,” Norton says.

The public had little sympathy for the traction magnates who’d entered into these contracts.

Today, many progressives and urbanists are boosters of streetcars, but back then they were often seen as a bastion of corruption — especially because of their owners’ history of violent strike-breaking.

The quiet death of the streetcar

decommissioned streetcars <img alt=”decommissioned streetcars” src=””>

Decommissioned streetcars awaiting destruction in Los Angeles, 1956. (Los Angeles Times
photographic archive

Because of these factors, some streetcar companies began going into bankruptcy as early as the 1920s, when they were still their cities’ dominant mode of transportation. Huge costs and the falling value of fares forced them to cut back on service, steadily pushing people to the convenient, increasingly affordable automobile.

As they fought to stay alive during the Great Depression, many companies invested in buses, which were cheaper and more flexible.

Initially they operated mainly as feeder systems to bring commuters to the end of lines, but as time went on, they began to replace some lines entirely.

That wasn’t enough to save most of these companies, especially as city, state, and federal governments pumped more and more money into roads.

“By the ’50s, planners put a priority on bringing cars into cities with new urban highways,” Norton says. “That really made streetcars truly impractical to get around on.”

detroit streetcar <img alt=”detroit streetcar” src=””>

One of Detroit’s final streetcars, shown as part of a special parade in 1956. (Dave’s Electric Railroads —Stephen M. Scalzo collection)

By the 1950s, virtually all streetcar companies were in terrible shape. Some were taken over by new municipal bus companies, while a total of 46 transit networks were bought up by National City Lines — the holding company linked to GM, as well as oil and tire companies, that’s at the center of all the conspiracy theories.

While it’s true that National City continued ripping up lines and replacing them with buses — and that, long-term, GM benefited from the decline of mass transit — it’s very hard to argue that National City killed the streetcar on its own. Streetcar systems went bankrupt and were dismantled in virtually every metro area in the United States, and National City was only involved in about 10 percent of cases.

It’s also not exactly right to say the streetcar died because Americans chose the car.

In an alternate world where government subsidized each mode equally, it’s easy to imagine things playing out quite differently.

So what killed the streetcar? The simplest answer is that it couldn’t compete with the car — on an extremely uneven playing field.

Andrew Bossone shared and commented on this link

A conspiracy theory I’ve always bought into that’s partly true.

It wasn’t a GM-driven conspiracy.|By Joseph Stromberg

Left parties, progressive parties…: What’s that to do with Syria?


In the midst of the broad revolutionary protest movement, which is demanding freedom in Syria (Bahrain, Yemen, Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia…) and which has faced terrifying repression that resulted in more than 1100 deaths and ten thousand of people detained in Syria, most of whom are members of the Syrian toiling class, peasants and workers, came the latest memorandum from the political bureau of the Lebanese Communist Party (issued on April 20, 2011), reminding the Syrian people who it has the right to “mobilize through all peaceful and democratic means for the sake of social, political, and economic reforms and the combating of corruption.”

Khalil Issa published an article “The Lebanese Left Fails in Syria” on the blog Jadaliyya and was translated into English by Hanna Petro. The original Arabic version of this article can be found here.

I will re-publish the article before commenting.  I had undertaken minor editing, abridging of a few paragraphs that seemed redundant. (Sentences in parentheses are mine).

Listen to this page using ReadSpeaker
[Leftist march in Lebanon. Image from unknown archive.] [Leftist march in Lebanon. Image from unknown archive.]

“When the left loses all the material elements of its steadfastness, a result of its mistakes and of surrounding local pressures, it recourses to the political-ethical discourse as a principled stance on the basis of which to fight. Being a leftist is to side with justice against oppression, with the victim against the perpetrator (of crimes against humanity), with the (common people) against the exploiter. This is the moral position that keeps us leftists after the near death of the Lebanese left, as an organized political movement.

The memorandum failed to name any martyrs and murder victims in Syria, and “wishes that [the Syrian government] be quick in implementing all the reforms put forth by President Bashar al-Assad.”

The ambiguous position of the Communist party becomes more (striking) when its long speech describes “Syria confronting internal strife, which imperialist America and Israel strive towards in cooperation with some of the collaborating forces inside and outside of Syria, forces steeped in reactionary politics.”

What fitna [internal strife] is the Lebanese Communist Party referring to?

And why do we want to mention particularly the fitna, when the discourse should be against oppression, murder, and terrorism?  Have the national opposition members in Syria like Michel Kilo, Aref Dalila and Yasin al-Hajj Salih—who are all “comrades” by the way—suddenly become agents of the imperialist “circles?”  Or has the absurd fitna theory, which constitutes an offshoot of the “conspiracy theory”, becomes an alternative to all the positions that must be undertaken by a party supposed to be the “party of the people” par excellence?

The position of the Communist Party on what is happening in Syria is a failure on both the ethical and political levels.  Shouldn’t politics is supposed to be genuinely serving the interests of the oppressed classes?

It sound as if the Communist Party practically rejects the change demanded by the toiling class and the workers in Syria, as well as adopts the regime’s “external conspiracy” narrative.

All that remains for the comrades of the political bureau is to participate in the propaganda against the protesters, calling them “conspirators” or “armed gangs”:  The Secretary General Khalid Hadada confirmed the centrality of “the conspiracy against Syria” in an article of his in al-Safir newspaper (May 28th, 2011). If Hadada rejects the security solution in Syria, he also repudiates “attempted bullying by the outside.”

What dialogue is the Communist Party calling for? For example, Azmi Bishara, (a Palestinia/Israeli deputy revoked by the Israeli Knesset) says in one of his latest media appearances that “it is clear that there is dialogue. Unfortunately, only dialogue pertaining to reform, but there is an instigation to murder and shoot at those who demand reform.”

Many of the Lebanese leftists are convinced that what is happening in Syria is the doing of the “Salafis” or the “Anglo-Americo-Zionist-Saudi-Qatari” conspiracy.  This ever-present phobia of the Conspiracy mixes with a “secular sectarianism”.

Many leftists now repeat the repudiation by poets like Adonis and Safidi Yusuf of “the coming out of revolution from the mosque,” or that what is happening is nothing but a verse of “the West’s making.”

Secular sectarianism is inflating minority sensibilities, horrified by the cries of allahu akbar [Allah is great], and gives life to a sick elitism that does not see a sufficient “revolutionary consciousness” among the Syrian masses. This might reflect a class disdain expressed by a small bourgeois leadership towards workers and peasants who are being killed.

The Revolution is to be in accordance with the standard of a distressed left defined only by the discourse of “secularism.” How about “overthrowing sectarian regimes?”

Today, we have come to the presence of a “secular sectarian” Lebanese left, which has retired from its duties, vacillating between a Lebanese nationalist vision and an Arab nationalist position in the archaic sense of the word.

Most Lebanese left parties are intellectually lazy, politically coward, folkloric, carrying a vulgar Marxist discourse with an opportunistic tendency… They adopt  narratives of injustice starting with the “imperial West” and ending with lamentation over the “injustice” committed by the other Lebanese sectarian parties towards it. When the left does not question ready-made answers, it becomes a “religious” left.

“The Lebanese left is united with all the oppressed people of the world, with the exception of the Arab people. Maybe it is because those Arab people are still … “Muslim”, meaning they are not “secular” enough!”

There is a deeper problem facing leftists and communists on the theoretical level. It is the “freedom” called for by the crushed Arab masses from the Atlantic Ocean (Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria…) to the Arab/Iranian Gulf.  That used to be an expression of lost dignity because of regional regimes governing in a ‘local’ colonial fashion.

Is thinking of “Arab dignity” more important today than the endless pleas for analyses by the martyr Mahdi Amel or the economic determinism that Marxism itself has surpassed?  Many traditional communists consider the subject of “democracy” as a “bourgeois” issue. They ignore the fact that the right to vote, the right to express one’s opinion, and the right to form political parties was never a “liberal” gift, but something that came as a result of struggles fought out by the working class and the peasantry.

The loathing of political freedom by describing it as “bourgeois freedom” is at the root of positions that neglect the demands of the masses who want ‘dignity’ before anything else.

We are confronting three issues:

First, the secular sectarianism which was transformed into a politics of identity;

Second, the disease of elitism, which despises the struggling classes; and

Three, the absence of intellectual renewal because of repeat of deaf leftist prayers, which claim to answer every worry and complaint. We hope that the left will return to the left and the Communist Party to its communism. Circumstances indicate that hard times will befall on Lebanon, and we  need this new left.” End of article

I like the spirit of the article.  For the non-Lebanese readers, the left factions represented behind this article sided in the last two decades with governments representing mainly Saudi Arabia absolute monarchy interests in Lebanon and in the region, explicitly backed by the US.

The governments of the Hariri clan supported Bush Junior strategy in the July 2006 preemptive war by Israel on Lebanon: They demanded that Israel finish off the resistance movement in Lebanon (particularly Hezbollah).

These factions of the left have great animosity with the current government, which displaced the Hariri clan interests of monopolizing the economy in Lebanon…

Is the claim that “external conspiracy” irrelevant?

No State in the Middle-East is in any position of defying the interest of the 5 veto-powers in the UN (US, France, England, Russia, and China):  No State managed to establish any sustainable socio-political-economic structure to defy even powerful regional States.

For example, the western States and the US cajoled Qaddafi for 40 years: As Qaddafi decided to deny France and England substantial arms deals to the benefit of Russia, Qaddafi was to be deposed.

The negotiation with the US to keeping a large military contingent in Iraq has failed: Iran and Syria were blamed for the Iraqi defiance.

Syria regime of the Assad clan was extensively cajoled by France, the US, and Israel in the last three decades: actually, Syria was given mandated power over Lebanon since 1991.  Bashar al Assad was to be deposed…

Only Iran dared occasionally defy the western powers: it focused on self-sufficiency in military power…Even vast and powerful Turkey is relying on the US for its policies in the region…

As to what the left and secular movements could do in Syria, beside allying with the Baath Party and the Assad clan?  With the heavy support of the US, western States and Israel to the Assad regime, it is a winning strategy of the left to have maintained a level of secular spirit in Syria within the troubling conditions…

The balance of power after the Assad regime will lean toward the secular movements, thanks to the decades of sustaining any gain that could be snatched for establishing a secular movement…

What’s happening in Syria now?

The people in Homs have been virulent and demonstrating nightly against the regime. Why?

During late Hafez Assad, the socialist central government invested and funneled money into this major City. In the last five years, and the spread of liberal capitalism that pressured Syria to revise its economic and financial laws, the insiders in the central government and Assad clan opted to invest outside Syria, and in Damascus, and Aleppo.

Hama is virulent for two major reason:

First, Hama has been punished for over three decades from serious government investment related to the 1982 mass uprising. Hafez Assad decreed that: “Every Syrian who is found to be a member of Syria Moslem Brotherhood Party will be executed”.  Hafez was very consistent in his position and many Syrians were persecuted and hanged.

Second, Hama want revenge!

Why Damascus is not currently that excited for reform change?

First, as usual and historically, Sunnis in Damascus give priority to stability and security.

Second, merchant class in Damascus is still reaping the advantages of being resident of the Capital.  When the regime shows definite weaknesses, you can be sure that Damascus will take over and lead the “revolution”: They have to maintain and protect their interest, economically and politically.

The people in Aleppo wish that what is taking place is actually a terrible bad dream: They will wake up from just a nightmarish dream.

Aleppo is in a situation of “No Win”, regardless of which side to take.  If it sides with the government, Aleppo will suffer the most from a civil war because it is in the middle of the Sunni Kurds in the north and Sunni “Arabs” in the south.

There is an after Assad clan regime, and it will be secular, no matter what the scarecrow salafists factor is constantly brought out in media and political circles.




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