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Secret to a happy life: Why are you “unsuccessful” and unhappy?  

Is this just another rational logic that says: “If you want to learn how to be happy, you have got to understand what is called depression in order to overcome your unhappy condition?” wrote: “Have you ever wondered why (Cyclothymia or manic/depressive or bipolar) is called depression?  Is it because in your daily life your problems and unmet responsibilities create stress?  Stressful feelings in turn creates a lot of pressure on you.

And so, you have to decompress, or depress. Thus the word depression. If you can find a way to depress every day, maybe you’ll be able to escape your cycle of depressions or Cyclothymia or manic/depressive or bipolar.”

On September 11, 2011, I received a link from, and I decided to re-publish the article and comment on it. It says:

“The successful and happy person gets an idea of what he wants to do or be. He then goes and does that; despite all obstacles.

You want to do something. I know. You want to be someone. I know. Just go and do that. Be that.

Process one idea at a time. Overcome and resolve one obstacle at a time.

It might seem simple. It is.  Are you trying to complicate matter? You get impatient and pursue two ideas at a time. Or maybe three Bad ideas.

Repetition is vital when something is so simple, yet so powerful: It  gets always underestimated.

One idea at a time.  One obstacle at a time. (Is it too complicated?)

If you change one of these two steps and you, more often than not, set yourself up for an unsuccessful and unhappy life. You set yourself up for wishful thinking.

I’ve heard the “One idea at a time” mantra a lot over the years. It went through my head unnoticed. I underestimated it.  I didn’t believe it. I wasn’t convinced it could be this simple.

No one explained it.  And I kept on juggling multiple ideas at a time. And I kept on failing. And then I tried it.

It works. Period. Try it.  Once you do, you don’t need convincing. Leave wishful thinking to someone else, and go be successful and happy.

A single idea at a time.  One obstacle at a time.” End of quote.

Two ideas can be generated from this article:

First, do what makes you happy; and

Second, “Process one idea at a time. Overcome and resolve one obstacle to at a time.”

We can witness many “successful” people around us, and we know they are certifiable as “very Not happy“.

The expression “If you learn to be happy, you can learn to be successful” is closer to reality.

What can be considered a “success story” is debatable, but if I say “I am happy” then who are you to contradict me?

Is being married with children a success story?

Is managing to build a profitable business a success story?

Is inheriting a profitable business a success story?

Is earning a university degree a success story?

Does having a handicapped kid of yours a factor that dampens the view that you are a success story?

How much money is needed to be considered by others as a success story?

How much learning is required to be viewed a success story?…

One element you cannot contest: Are you happy? Isn’t life meant to be lived happily?

Do you think that you could feel unsuccessful if you are happy? Regardless of what others judge your level of success?

“Process one idea at a time. Overcome and resolve one obstacle to at a time” is the secret to learn how to be happy.

Once you nail down that mechanism, you learn to be happy.  Once you are in a state of happiness, you are already successful, and success in the eyes of others is never too far.

Is it possible to be viewed “unsuccessful” if you are a contagious element that make people feel and learn to be happy?  No way!

Learn the secret of what make you happy and you are on your way to be the best catalyst to change your neighborhood into a happy environment.

“Process one idea at a time. Overcome and resolve one obstacle to at a time” sound a very simple and naive recipe for happiness.  Try it. I challenge you!

For example, I don’t have a dime in my pocket. I have no monetary equity. I learned to live an entire year without money or a credit card in my pocket.

Do you think that you are happier than me? Do you think that you are healthier than me?

Do you think that you are a better success story than me? Good for you: Somehow you are applying the recipe “without Knowing it”?

Note: Janet sent me a reply that says: “Success means being good and productive at something useful for the greater society.  Happiness comes and goes with respecting yourself that you have become good at something. 80% of people are useless to society and useless to the economy.  That’s the real problem.  It’s not an illusion. The fact is that most people are worthless, and deep down they know it, so they are depressed.  They should be.”

I like the big picture in this reply.  I have two requests:

1. That we make the term “productive” operational.  For example, what work is specifically considered productive and what is not.  Can we say that house cleaning is a productive job? That aiding kids after school to study better is a productive undertaking…Even if hiring someone is less expensive for the time spent?

2. This rate of 80% is becoming a consensus number that means “Sorry for the exaggeration…” It is not possible that any society survive with such a high rate of “unemployed productive” citizens…

In any case, kids of  age 6 start working in the underdeveloped States, and they tend to add stickers on products that read “This product was not done by kids”…




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