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Mon cher Ado/Walid. Part 44

Hier , mon vieux Walid , dans le vaste salon de notre église , notre dame du foyer , où l’on recevait les condoléances de nos parents et d’un grand nombre de nos amis , suite au décès de mon frère Khalil , j’étais par moment ailleurs …

Ainsi au milieu d’une foule endeuillée , j’entrevoyais par moment le visage d’un cousin ou d’une cousine que je n’avais pas revus depuis des lustres et cela réveillait en moi des souvenirs qui ont marqué ma jeunesse …

Je revoyais ce jeune homme qui passait ses fins de semaines chez sa tante Bernadette en compagnie de ses cousins et cousines .

Mon Dieu qu’ils étaient beaux mes cousins et mes cousine et d’une gentillesse à foudroyer le diable .

Non , je n’ai rien oublié mes chers cousins et mes chères cousines et ,aujourd’hui , je vous remercie infiniment de m’avoir accueilli alors que j’étais interne au collège des frères maristes à Jounieh , mes parents étant en Afrique .

Ce matin, en écrivant ces quelques lignes , je me suis rappelé le jour où avec mon cousin Fouad nous avions été chargés par son père de protéger les néfliers avec de grands filets pour éviter que les oiseaux ne viennent semer des ravages en leur sein …et dès lors , on passait tous les jours pour voir si tout allait bien , et surtout avec l’espoir de pouvoir déguster l’une d’entre elles qui avait hâte de mûrir ..

Note: last time I saw Khalil was a year ago at Cornet Chehwan’s “Walking Reserve”. He looked in great shape and kind of overweight. He was accompanied by his wife, his son and one of his 2 daughters. I saluted him: “Hi Kiki” (as we used to call him). He replied very seriously: Khalil. We spent a good moment laughing and I invited him to join the petanque game, but he declined.

I was shocked when I learned 10 days ago that he is in the hospital with a terminal cancer case. It was even a greater shock when he passed away as quickly: I intended to pay him a visit to the hospital.

Bullying behavior and practices sticking at older age? Case of local “Silent Majority” bowing down to ignominy 

This is a local story that took place in Cornet Chehwan (Lebanon) within a group of Petanque players (Boules), supposedly a club belonging to the municipality.

A regular player, a retired Industrial Engineer PhD who also taught in universities and who pays his property taxes in that municipality, and a better players than many, was denied to participate in the games, for no apparent reasons, after sharing games and laughter for 9 months.

In the first week of April, this engineer walked for 20 minutes at 5 pm to the tent where players gather to play. He has sold his car long time ago and decided to walk instead of driving.

There was exactly 12 players. He registered his name on the board according to regulation to be next, when one group is out for losing.

As the game was over, he stepped in to play. He exercised alone, waiting for the alternative group to form. After 10 minutes, he sensed that there is a sort of veto to play with him. Shadiya kept repeating “Revanche” (meaning we want to play again with the winning team). An old fat man growled:” Yalla, badna nel3ab” (we want to resume playing with the same team).

Disgusted, the engineer returned the cochonet to a lady player and decided to leave.

Cesa, the wife of the municipality chief, was Not there during this event. She suddenly barged in the tent, plausibly following a phone call from her sidekick. She immediately advanced toward the engineer, poison dripping from her face, hit him in the chest with a finger and shouted: “Out of the tent, right now”

Taken aback by this savage hatred, the player replied: “enteh dhareh barra , wleh” (Get out yourself)

A “lawyer” player approached the engineer and said: “Let’s step outside to talk”. The engineer responded: “Let’s talk inside. Is this a municipality club or a private club”? The lawyer replied: “It doesn’t matter. If the players refuse to play with you, you are out of luck”

Who are the players who don’t want to play with the engineer? They all played with him for over 9 months and he was better than most in the game and he was friendly with most and got to know their private lives and their wives.

Or was it the half dozen obeying to Cesa’s grudge (for whatever is this mystery grudge that no one dared to ask her). Did the entire club members got the signals to boycott the engineer?

As far as the engineer knew, the club never sent him any letter or any verbal warning that he is Not welcomed.

Actually, the engineer knows of half a dozens players who suffered bullying practices  (from Cesa and her sidekick and shouldered by 3 players, the yes, yes sort of men) to force them out of the playing group. They never returned, but they didn’t make waves.

The story has a beginning.

At the start of the winter season, the engineer walked as usual to the tent. Shadia insisted on him to stay past 8:30 pm for a last game, so that she gives him a ride home.

The two groups of players were constituted of Cesa, Shadia, and the “lawyer” Hamid. The opposing team was of Walid, Fara7 and the engineer. The engineer, who dislikes being cornered as the designated starter, while the others reserves for themselves the task of playing last, played well and placed good boules near the cochonet. His team members kept hitting his boules (tireur) instead of the adverse boules, and this happened 3 times. Maybe they were tired, but they are Not famous to hit much the correct ball.

It was evident that they were tired and Not fit to hit well.  Coolly and decisively, the engineer told the two players: “Ok, now you discuss between you two and decide who will place his boules first.”

Walid acknowledge that it is best, and did play first, but Fra7 got frustrated and upset and started playing haphazardly to express his annoyance, and ruined the game.

Cesa told the engineer: “Kahrabt al jaww” (You electrified the air). Meaning that the engineer is to blame for this bad game. And Not the person who purposely ruined the game

The next day, the engineer walked to the tent and felt that there is a sort of veto on him to play. Cesa told him: “The next time betkahreb al jaww, you are out. You may only be allowed to watch”. The engineer turned his back on her and didn’t come back for the duration of the winter season, about 3 months.

The mother of this engineer, who is 90 of age and gets sicker during the cold season, needed his close attention and to be near her. It didn’t make sense for the engineer to walk in the cold and back in the cold in order to face players Not willing to share with him the games.

As the weather warmed a little, the engineer started to walk and occasionally entered the tent. He didn’t play and didn’t feel the heart to play with people who lack dignity and crawl to a person, just to be “allowed” to play in tranquility and in total boredom among themselves.

One day, the engineer decided to play a single game, so that he can walk back while there is light to be with his mother. Again, the veto resumed. Hovig told me: We reformed the teams and you are Not in”. I was the only new comers, and the reformed teams were the exactly the same.  The engineer didn’t insist and walked out, feeling sorry for these crawling and groveling men.

The next time, the engineer registered him name on the board. And you know the entire story.

Does anyone of the club members dared to know why Cesa and her sidekick kept this grudge on the engineer? Do those who vetoed him out to play know the deep reasons?,

Can any one of the readers guess what is the problem?

Cesa and Shadia are Not in the official roster of members officially designated to the syndicate od Lebanon Petanque. Who gave Cesa this “power” to rule, decide and kick out players?

What’s wrong with this club? Do the officials of this club care? Anyone cares?

Does any player feels secure to play the next time around, and not be kicked out savagely, at the whim of Cesa?

Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 116

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Bad practices. I love justice and demand justice: If I am practically the only one who patronize a library every day to read for 3 hours, and if I was the first to request reading a new batch of books, I get upset when the books are stowed in a bag on the excuse that a few readers “reserved them”: Readers who show up once a month to borrow a few books.

Last evening, JP Jbara celebrated his birthday in the new large tent, set up for the Petanques players in Cornet Chehwan (Metn, lebanon) during the cold season. The event was a success and many outside players mingled and had drinks. JP and four others players cut the cake, including Ceza, Shadiya and JP of Beit Chabab. Lena catered for her favorite  assortment of bouche’ pizza.

I have been hearing recriminations among the Petanque players in Kornet Chehwan. Apparently, a few players invested themselves (appointed) as favorite and privileged to side-track and antagonize other players. Fact is these Bullies are new players and Not at a par for the game. Two days later, the condition was reformed with a board where a new comer registers his name and given priority.

If most low lands were under water 12,000 years ago, it does Not follow that people in high altitudes managed to create a civilization. Low altitude “City-States” of sedentary agriculture systems, along rivers, instituted the administration of cities, promoted trade and erected forms of viable civilization and culture: writing, accounting, theology, sciences…

Many thousands years later, as high altitude people learned the skills of low altitude civilization, they invaded them and established Kingdoms. I have in mind Assyria in Mosul and current Kurdistan, and Hittite in the Turkish plateau.

If you are a neighboring State to China, you can be assured that USA will Not attempt any pre-emptive war there. China will Not allow it.

Following USA strategy of “Manifest Destiny” in central and Latin America: Same dicta for China “all my neighboring countries are off-limit to foreign interventions”

By working the land, you and your family members should come to own it. As long as the land is worked upon. 

What this “Passive” Silent Majority wants?  They  contributed to the Crimes by encouraging their State to commit mass indignities, humiliation and genocide

The majority of these Passive and Silent “citizens” wants opportunities to publicly acknowledge (trials) their tacit participation in crimes committed in their names.

The activities in Saudi Kingdom are implying an internal palace coup d’etat by families of late king Abdullah.

Lebanon former Saad Hariri PM was forced to resign to remove any diplomatic immunity and be submitted to investigation  by Saudi Kingdom

If there were communication interference on Saad Hariri by USA/Israel, it is Not probably to assassinate him as they did to his father Rafic in 2005, but to discover any communications with the comploters in Saudi Kingdom

This cycle of internal palace coups occurs occasionally. The first coup was performed on Saud ibn Abdul Azir (second monarch) who removed his brothers from power and placed his sons in key positions and opened up Saudi Kingdom to a more liberal system.

Louis Brendise was US supreme Court Justice in 1915 and the chief of World Zionist Organization. He was very close to President Woodrow Wilson. From 1915 to 1917, they pressured England to support and ratify an understanding for a Jewish Homeland in Palestine. Among other economic and financial reasons for participating in WWI, this Jewish question was a major demand. Over 250,000 US soldiers died for this insane new colonization in the Near-East.

I counted 160 books in one room in the library, displayed on tables and window sells. I read 70 of them. 10 more are worth communicating my notes and comments. It would be great if new batches of books are thus displayed to peruse and select from.

If Saad Hariri returns to Lebanon on Thursday, that implies the investigations didn’t find sufficient evidence to links with comploters. Otherwise. Better he Not return to Lebanon and save us another round of assassinations.

Trump akal 7amraneh min 3ashiret Selman

Metl al 3aada, Al akwa wa al moukaawamat bet3abbi al faraagh. Elleh zarou Saudi Kingdom mou2akharran khesro

Saad ma elo 7az aw 7azwat 3ind al Amercani: bi ser3at youkilounahou 3ala ahwan sabeel

Hal ziyarat Lebanon President Aoun lel Kuwait e7da asbaab estikalat Saad? Ma mo7tawa hal ziyarat?

Saar mojtama3na mozri: badna meen ye tarjem she3r Omar Ibn Rabi3a ila loghat okhra 7ata nafham wa natafaaham

Part 1. Antics of lovable late dog Misha

Around noon October 2003, I was having a cigarette in the court-yard.  My nephew William had just parked his Honda; he arrived from the university of NDU.  William carried out a skinny dog got out of the car, no more than 5 month-dog-age, looking scared and disoriented, fidgeting, and refusing to look in the eyes of anyone.  I asked William: “What’s the story?”  He said: “She is a stray dog. For the second day I found her hiding under the car”.  William had already set his mind to own a dog:  It was a matter of a few days before William carries out his decision.  Most probably, William wanted to test the Internet suggestions on how to train a dog?

William got in the business of training Misha.  Misha was not to approach the dish of food before getting the order “Eat Misha”, “Good dog Misha”…  William had to move out of home and mother would cook for Misha rice and leftover meat that I bring from the supermarket Storiom.  Misha would still not come close to the dish until I prompt her “Okay Misha, eat!”  Stranger would think Misha might be sick or on a fasting diet.  Friends of William would think Misha was trained on the strict vegetarian diet of her master; like the notion that most kind of grains induce stomach ulcer and…

The irony is that William turned vegetarian and refused to bring leftover meat for Misha, kind of “I don’t carry meat, don’t expect me to ask for meat”.  And I am thinking “What is Misha to eat then? Has Misha been trained early on to eat vegetables?”  It is confirmed that Misha don’t like carrots:  She would sort out carrot pieces from any mixture of vegetables, rice, and meat.

Mother would bring food to Misha by hollering “Misha, Mishaaa…aaa”.  The cats would get the hint, eat the meat and leave the rice.

Two years ago, a tiny beautiful stray cat, no older than two months, entered the hall of the building.  Misha and I were there and I said “No Misha”. Little niece Chelsea happened to be there on time and carried the kitten up her apartment.   The cat was raised in the apartment of my sister.

Ever since, Misha would retreat and make room when she sees the cat. Kind of Misha is making sure not to be tempted to hurt the cat.  All other cats, trapped inside the staircase, would be found hanging on the windows bars.  Twice, we thought the cats in serious predicament and tried to help them out of the windows:  We finally learned that they were too afraid to step down in Misha’s presence.

Chelsea once boasted to William: “Our cat is ferocious: Misha is too scared of her.”  William reasoned with his little sister that cats are no match to dogs.  I personally witnessed the previous wild dog swiftly bite a kitten instantly dead and resume his walk as if nothing happened:  The poor beautiful white kitten just peeked her head out of her hiding.

I also witnessed many times cats eating their own dead kitten; as if it is pretty normal to have first right on this fresh meat. I once saw a mother cat taking her dead kitten in her mouth and drop the body to ground several times to reanimate the corpse.  Anyway, it seems that male cats try hard to kill the kitten, as lions do.

We had a weird black male cat that retreated on her hind legs when frightened.  I used to think this cat was gay or something:  This male cat took longer than needed to “mature”.  And then suddenly, this year, the black cat never stop moaning his “in heat” state all year round, in all kinds of melodies that drove me crazy.  I think he was faithful to the cat raised in Chelsea’s apartment: Another sign of his weirdness.  For two weeks now, our black very matured cat disappeared.

A couple of days after we buried Misha in the garden, I saw half a dozen girl scouts visiting Misha grave.  I thought: “Oh Oh, Misha grave is a visiting destination”  The next day, I beautified the place:  I spread roses of different colors and a poster of Misha.

We have printed postcards of Misha with messages of what she meant for everyone in the family. We are distributing them to all houses in Cornet Chehwan, Bikfaya, and Beit Chabeb to raise awareness against intentional dog poisoning. There are a lot of houses to cover, and the girl scouts are kindly helping us, but we would really appreciate an extra hand if anyone can spare some time.

‎Hanane Kai and a few of her friends  knocked on the door of over 200 houses, giving them letters.
Letters saying: “Misha was like a sister to me! what would you do if they poisoned your sister?”

Thanks to the help of the Guide of Beit Chabab we were able to give letters to almost 200 houses!!! Every one of the girls had her story about her dog or her cat that got poisoned. It seems like it’s a trend for people to poison pets.  They were happy to be doing this! They adopted Misha’s case as if she was their dog, and they went around “asking” to stop cruelty against pets




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