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Terror in Lebanon? Not because Hezbollah conducted a counter-offense in Syria.

US chief of Staff Gen. Dempsey declared from Israel that Lebanon is to suffer the same turmoil as Syria and Iraq…

Meaning that the Lebanese have to brace themselves for a series of terrorist attacks, and the option of igniting another civil war


Apparently, the US administration came to the realization that all the terrorist activities perpetrated in Lebanon have so far failed to destabilize the country or pressure it into transforming its policies toward alternatives that serve the US and Israeli interests in the Greater Middle East…

What are the objectives of the US and the obscurantist monarchy of Saudi Arabia in Lebanon and the Syria/Iraq axe?

It is all about the routes of the gas pipelines that will ultimately serve the European markets.

So far, Russia is pulling the strings for the current and future pipeline routes, in cooperation with Iran and China.

Russia is the first producer and exporter of gas, and Europe and China depend on Russian gas.

Iran has the potential of displacing Russia as first producer of gas, if the political environment permits it.

Saudi Arabia is set to be the third producer in a decade.

Syria and Lebanon are floating on gas.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia have no effective economical alternatives but for their pipelines to cross Syria, but they want the projects under preconditions:

1. The major gas export should be done in Turkey’s ports to be transported by underwater pipeline toward Europe. Why?

2. Currently, Russia and Italy have already connected their gas export with Greece, bypassing Turkey that is considered the main powerful US ally in the region.

3. Syria has to dissociate its economical policies from Iran and rely on other sources for development…

Syria of Bashar Assad declined the offer and refused the preconditions.

And Syria had to be destabilized and its infrastructure demolished and a civil war doing the business of forcing Syria to kneel to foreign demands.

Thousands of mercenaries have been dispatched since 2011, from land, sea and air into Syria, and from the 4 corners of the world, funded, supported and trained in Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt… And the Western media refused to shed any lights on these dangerous transfer of mercenaries,,,

The worst kinds of mercenaries are the journalists and reporters who circumvent the facts and fail to do their due diligence: They are under the firm preconception that pleasing the editors’ “programmed opinions” is a sure way to get published and get paid…

They mention a few known semi-cooked opinions and insert the editors political lines as their own

For example, the propaganda lines in the western and the rich Arab States is to claim that the terrorist attacks in Lebanon are consequences of Hezbollah military involvement in Syria, along side Syria official army.

The facts are that Hezbollah refrained for two years from engaging in military counter offensives within Syria, against the countless terrorist attacks of the Syrian “Resistance” forces within Lebanon.

For two years Hezbollah did its best to convince the belligerent forces and Hamas that political negotiations are the only alternatives for this civil war…

Hezbollah decided to clear Qusair, a stronghold of the Takfiri terrorists at 10 km from Lebanon, and controlled the eastern borders of Lebanon with Syria.

The northern region in Lebanon (Akkar), the city of Tripoli, and the Bekaa Valley were targets of missiles from across the borders and frequent violent demonstrations… and the government preferred to hide behind lame excuses for non intervention in the neighboring country wracked by violence and civil war…

The Lebanese army is not equipped in appropriate weapons and manpower to control the long borders with Syria, and more importantly, was not covered politically to get engaged effectively…

Lebanon has no government, and the parliament voted to extend its tenure for another two years, and the Constitutional Court failed to meet to give its opinion… Only the close cooperation of the army and Hezbollah resistance forces managed to keep this volatile situation under control…

All the events are pointing to the fact that Hezbollah has decided to preempt the wave of terrorist activities planned to rack its stronghold quarters in Dahieh, in Nabatieh, in Baalbak…

For two years, the people in the Bekaa Valley were attacked and threatened by the Syrian “Resistance” forces in order to facilitate the transport of weapons and supplies and mercenaries across the Lebanese open and long borders with Syria.

For two years, Al Zawahiri and Al Qaeda leaders bluntly proclaimed that their war in Syria is targeting Hezbollah: Once Syria of Bashar falls, Hezbollah will drop like a ripe fruit…

Al Joulani threatened that the war will be transferred to Dahyia (Hezbollah stronghold in the suburb of Beirut) and the picture of Nasr Allah were burned in Syria and in several locations in Lebanon with heavy Sunni concentrations…

What can you say when this Lebanese singer Elissa blurted out in front of her audience in Downtown Beirut “This is the first time that I don’t feel sorry for the dead and injured in Bir el Abed...?”  As if this brain-dead singer has ever felt sorry for anything but her failed sentimental encounters…

Terror in Lebanon? Not because Hezbollah conducted a counter-offense in Syria and cleared Lebanon’s borders from the Takfiri terrorist concentrations on our doorstep…

Note 1: Part of this post was inspired by an article of the journalist Jean Aziz in the Lebanese daily Al Akhbar

Note 2: As I clicked published, the news announced 2 car bombs exploding in front of Sunni mosques in the city of Tripoli (Lebanon), harvesting 45 killed and over 900 injured.

Note 3: If I were the President of the Republic, I would summon the western and superpower ambassadors to Lebanon and warn them to stop planning of further terrorist attacks and dismantle their terrorist networks.  Every single embassy has more intelligence gathering capabilities than the entire Lebanese security services.  Worst, the swap and share intelligence with Israel.

Note 4: It is up to the Lebanese to put siege around these embassies and send the strong message that “We are no longer ready to sit put and submit to all the humiliation and indignities heaped upon us”




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