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With no roadmap for peace, Israel risks being compared to the old South Africa

‘There is a serious argument about injustices to be had’. An Israeli border guard gestures at a Palestinian protester in July 2020.

‘There is a serious argument about injustices to be had.’ An Israeli border guard gestures at a Palestinian protester in July 2020. Photograph: Jaafar Ashtiyeh/AFP/Getty Images

It was a deliberate provocation by B’Tselem, Israel’s largest human rights group, to describe the Palestinians in the Holy Land as living under an apartheid regime.

Many Israelis detest the idea that their country, one they see as a “democracy” (that excludes the occupied people from voting and restricted rights) that rose from a genocidal pyre, could be compared to the old racist Afrikaner regime.

Yet figures such as Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter have done so. (And thousands other political figures and organizations)

There is a serious argument about injustices to be had. Palestinians – unlike Israeli Jews – live under a fragmented mosaic of laws, often discriminatory, and public authorities which seem indifferent to their plight.

Apartheid is a crime against humanity.

It is a charge that should Not be lightly made, for else it can be shrugged off. Some might agree with the use of such incendiary language, but many will recoil.

The crime of apartheid has been defined as “inhumane acts committed in the context of a regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups with the intention of maintaining that regime”. (Definition that applies entirely to how Israel laws treats Palestinians)

There are nearly 5 million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, all without Israeli citizenship.

In the West Bank, Palestinians are bereft of civil rights, while Israelis in the occupied territory enjoy the full support of the state.

Hamas won Gaza’s election in 2006, but the blockade that Israel imposes means it is in charge.

Egypt has sealed its border, but nothing and nobody can get in or out without Israeli permission.

Meeting the needs of Gaza’s growing population, say relief agencies, is at the whim of Israel. About 300,000 Palestinians in the areas formally annexed in 1967 – East Jerusalem and surrounding villages – do not have full citizenship and equal rights.

Last year, the Israeli NGO Yesh Din found that Israeli officials were culpable of the crime of apartheid in the West Bank. Such a finding can only be a tragedy for all, including this newspaper, who wish the state of Israel well.

B’Tselem argues that Palestinians are afforded various levels of rights depending on where they live, but always below Jewish people. The group says it is becoming impossible to insulate Israel from its prolonged occupation project, leading it to run an apartheid regime not just outside its sovereign territory but inside it.

There are about 2 million Palestinian citizens of Israel, a minority under pressure not to antagonise the Jewish majority. Within Israel, discriminatory policies are not difficult to find.

National security is invoked to justify often racist citizenship laws. Jewish-only communities have admission committees that can legally reject Palestinians on the grounds of “cultural incompatibility”. A web of land and planning laws squeeze Palestinians into a shrinking space. There are Israeli Arabs whose prominence in society belies the poverty of the majority.

Israel has a problem of historic discrimination. But under Benjamin Netanyahu’s government there has been the enactment of the nation state law that constitutionally enshrines Jewish supremacy and a plan to formally annex parts of the West Bank.

Some prominent Jewish intellectuals, such as the writer Peter Beinart, have given up on the idea of a Jewish state. No government formed after the forthcoming election will support genuine Palestinian statehood or have a viable peace plan.

This begs B’Tselem heretical question: what if there is only, in reality, one regime between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, rather than one political power that controls the territory in which there are distinct regimes? (What is the difference in an apartheid regime and extremist right wing political reality?)

A system of separate and unequal law and systemic discrimination against Palestinians has been justified because it was meant to be temporary.

But decades have passed and the situation worsens. If this is a twilight for democracy and equality in the Holy Land, one can only hope that the night will be short.

I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him?

O judgment! Thou art fled to brutish beasts,

William Shakespeare

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;
I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones;

So let it be with Caesar. The noble Brutus
Hath told you Caesar was ambitious:
If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
And grievously hath Caesar answer’d it.

Here, under leave of Brutus and the rest–
For Brutus is an honourable man;
So are they all, all honourable men

Come I to speak in Caesar’s funeral.

He was my friend, faithful and just to me:
But Brutus says he was ambitious;
And Brutus is an honourable man.

He hath brought many captives home to Rome
Whose ransoms did the general coffers fill:
Did this in Caesar seem ambitious?

When that the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept:
Ambition should be made of sterner stuff:
Yet Brutus says he was ambitious;
And Brutus is an honourable man.

You all did see that on the Lupercal
I thrice presented him a kingly crown,
Which he did thrice refuse: was this ambition?
Yet Brutus says he was ambitious;
And, sure, he is an honourable man.

I speak not to disprove what Brutus spoke,
But here I am to speak what I do know.

You all did love him once, not without cause:
What cause withholds you then, to mourn for him?

O judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts,
And men have lost their reason. Bear with me;
My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar,
And I must pause till it come back to me.”

Mark Antony from “Julius Caesar” (Act III, Scene II).

Note: If judged according to International Court for crimes against humanity Julius Caesar would have been condemned as one of the worst cruel leader.

Margin for Freedom? Any margin for Liberty?

Son of Man versus Son of God?

Note: Re-edit of “Son of Man: Margin for Freedom. March 30, 2009″

Does heredity define to great extent every individual?

Is every one of us the product of long lines of successive unions?

Yet, the probability of identical persons is nil among the billions upon billions of human kinds that roamed earth.

Every person that dies is never replaced and his unique set of characteristics, and the identical set is gone for ever.

Maybe our margin for developing certain characteristics is limited.

Even then, what could be modified a little by nature, environment, social conditions, and personal thrive will have an impact in defining future generations.

We have always attributed our reality to act of God, His will, our Destiny.  That’s what all religious sects wanted us to belive in.

We have been sons of God until recently.

Research and technology are altering many genomes for a healthier man, even before he is born, even when he is a fetus, even by sorting out and selecting one among the many embryos to re-insert in the mother’s uterus. 

Man has started to affect genetically future generations.

God is no longer the sole and exclusive owner of man, and that is a qualitative new perspective to humanity.

Mankind is becoming part owner, though with a tiny share so far. 

As long as man is not able to tamper with the brain on a large-scale, then all the religious sects will brandish that “God will still have the bigger share in man”.

When you partially own a person then you are responsible for the whole entity.

We tended to let God off the hook for too long. 

If man has to be taken to court for wrong doing or designing and manufacturing defective products, then it is about time that God be taken to court after each war, each genocide, each apartheid systems designed for the suffering and humiliation of fellow men.

We have always attributed to God all the good values, even the immoral values in our daily realities.

We have tried hard to interpret God frequent calamities in a lenient manner.

If God exists, and he should exist, just to be taken to the International Tribunal for crimes against humanity. 

That is the margin of liberty that we still own; to study, read, reflect, have our own opinions, take hold of our personal responsibilities, and act accordingly.

When a person denies his own share of responsibility and stop reflecting and studying… all he does is then but wind.

You scratch one spot and it spreads: Can’t please this apartheid theocratic State of Israel

Note: an update from 2010 article. It is a virus: You scratch one spot and it spreads; (Jan. 29, 2010)

It is a virus; a sort of nasty mushroom that spreads al over your skin and inflicts crazy itching.

This itching affected me for over a month.

I finally saw a physician, not a skin specialist, in the town dispensary and she told me that she had witnessed many such cases lately.

The virus is in the air and that is how you are contaminated; many victims experienced lousy moments for many weeks.

The physician prescribed a single pill (costing $8) with effects that last for a week. Got to take another pill for a second week; that was supposed to take care of the mushroom. The physician said that without the pill the itching takes 6 weeks to subside.

In my case and with the pill I should be okay within days: I was healed the next day.

I decided for the second pill to make sure that the mushroom is dead once and for all.  I am not sure: three weeks later and I am itching; not necessarily of mushroom; but what do I know?

Itching is not the main topic of this article: it just gave me a perfect analogy.  The virus is Israel.

If you say Israel is an apartheid State because it subjugates the Palestinian people to a different set of laws of the land than the one applied to the Jews then Israel is upset.

If you say Israel is a theocratic State because it extends citizenship to any Jew who sets foot in Israel then Israel is angry.

Why,  over 600 religious laws that should govern daily life, as applied by the Pharisee during Jesus time, are still valid and harshly controlled.

The secular Jews agree that Israel is back to the Dark Age, but how to convince the US neo-conservative “Christians” that this is so?

If you say that Israel is comfortable with ghetto-like environment because it cordoned off all its frontiers by walls (frontiers that are not yet delimited in its Constitution) then Israel is appalled

If you say Israel is a Sparta State because it believes in military resolution for any contention with any neighboring State then Israel is incensed. Why?

Israel is worse than Sparta: after 3 years of forced military service the citizen has to submit to a month per year in “the reserves” service.

If you say Israel has been committing crimes against humanity since before its inception in 1948, and Gaza is the latest in evidence, then Israel rejects Goldstone’s report in all its sections.

If you say Israel has a peculiar kind of “democracy” that was called “apartheid democracy” in South Africa where laws are selectively and not equitably applied on all citizens; or if you say that the kind of democracy applied in Israel is barely a developed version of City-States democracies of Antiquity such as applied in Athens, Tyr,e or Sidon then Israel feels obfuscated.

I you say Israel refuses to grow up and abide by its responsibility as a member of the United Nations and respect UN decisions then Israel is furious: Israel constantly expects the US to cover up illegal activities with the veto power.

If you say the Arab States want peace for returning all the conquered lands in 1967 as proclaimed in 2002 Arab Summit in Beirut then Israel feels resentful and laughs it off.

If you say that Israel is a racist State because the UN declared “Zionism a form of racism” then Israel is up in arms to drop this statement.  Can you believe it?

Israel is investing money to demonstrate that Indians living in the region of Malihabad, (near Lucknow in the Uttar Pradesh), and known as Pathans Afridis are Jews from the tribe of Ephraim that lived in northern Galilee during Jesus time.

The Indian Shahnaz Ali was hired by Israel Institute of Technology to test the DNA of this “tribe” and hopefully extrapolate the results to include the Pashtoun tribes on the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Is that a form of racism? Since when any religion was based on race?

I did a rough estimate: I figured out that the Phoenicians are over one billion, give or take one standard deviation, and are spread over the five continents!

If you say that Israel is “the vastest psychiatric ward in the world with no treating personnel” then Israel is ready to lambaste the Israeli author as a schizophrenic, leftist, and probably “anti-Semitic” mole.

If you say that Israel is indeed a very, very peace loving State then Israel is infuriated because you are mocking it.  It is a virus.

No matter what you say is non receivable.

Best attitude is to censure your opinions and refrain from mentioning Israel, Jews, Judaism, Hebrew, or the Diaspora.

One term is admissible: Jews were gazed by Nazism and the number better be exact: 6 millions no less and not one over that scientifically reached number.

Repeat: Jews were gazed and not shot, poisoned, killed, trampled, or exterminated in any other form of “final solutions”.

Repeat: Exactly 6 millions or the holocaust literature would have to be republished; any number over 6 millions and Germany would be infuriated and Merkel would have to cancel the seventh nuclear submarines, built for free for the State of Israel, at Germans’ tax payer expenses; and for what use are these nuclear submarines put in service?  Maybe to support NATO policies?

It is a virus: mushroom or no mushroom you feel itching like crazy and Barack Obama and George Mitchell first of all.

What is more potent for crimes against humanity? The UN rights of laws or national laws in the case of Lebanese traitor Amer Elias Fakhoury?

جرائم الفاخوري ،بين قانون العقوبات اللبناني و القانون الدولي الانساني

تسمرت البلاد دهشةً على مدى الايام المنصرمة امام تسلل العميل عامر الياس الفاخوري الى لبنان عبر مطار بيروت تسللا مشرعنا،

من خلال المساعدة اللوجستية التي سبقت و مهدت لعودته، بإسقاط العقوبةالتي قضت عليه بها المحكمة العسكرية الدائمة بجناية الاتصال بالعدو و التعامل معه ،و من خلال استرداد او الغاء وثيقة الإتصال الصادرة بحقه عن مخابرات الجيش اللبناني، و التي تصدر عادة بحق العملاء نظرا لخطورتهم امنيا،

وفي قراءة للمشهد العام في البلاد يتضح وجود انقسام غير معلن بين من يعتقد مطمئنا بأن قضية العميل الفاخوري بحكم المنتهية استنادا الى فكرة سقوط العقوبة المحكوم بها عليه من المحكمة العسكرية بمرور الزمن ، و لكن دون المجاهرة بهذا الاطمئنان الذي يخفي رغبة في افتتاح مسار فعلي لتسوية اوضاع العملاء، و بالتالي تشريع ابواب عودتهم

و بين غاضب و مستنكر لهذا التسلل، و رافض للتسليم بفكرة سقوط العقوبات عن العملاء، و امكانية عودتهم الى لبنان على الرغم من خيانتهم الوطن و تعاملهم مع العدو ،و التنكيل باللبنانيين ابان فترة الاحتلال الصهيوني

على هذا الأساس تجري مقاربة المسألة من زاويتين مختلفتين، و لكن حتى اللحظة لم يقدم اي من المتصدين لمقاربة هذه القضية ، موقفا حقوقيا حاسما بالاستناد الى نص قانوني واضح ، فسقوط العقوبات بمرور الزمن هو امر مرعي الإجراء و متعلق بالنظام العام الذي لا تجوز مخالفته

ورفض الخيانة و استنكار الصفح عن العملاء امر تفرضه مباديء الولاء للوطن و احترام سيادته و عزته واحترام عذابات الاسرى و تضحيات الشهداء

إلا ان المسألة المثارة لا تندرج تحت اي من العنوانين السابقين و لا ينبغي تناولها في ضوء اي منهما نظرا للاسباب التالية:

صحيح ان العميل عامر الفاخوري مدان بجرم الاتصال بالعدو ،وصحيح ايضا ان الحكم الصادر بحقه عن المحكمة العسكرية مضى على صدوره اكثر من عشرين عاما

ولكن الصحيح ايضا ان العميل الفاخوري تجند في صفوف العدو و حمل السلاح على لبنان ، و تلك جرائم جرى النص عليها في الفصل المتعلق بالجنايات الواقعة على امن الدولة في المواد ٢٧٣ و ما يليها من قانون العقوبات اللبناني

ان العميل الفاخوري تولى فضلا عن دوره الخياني و الأمني في ميليشياالعملاء،مسؤولية معتقل الخيام الذي ارتكبت فيه على يد العميل المذكور و تحت اشرافه أبشع اشكال التنكيل و التعذيب و القتل بحق الأسرى اللبنانيين المقاومين و بحق المعتقلين و المحتجزين المدنيين

و الأسرى بالمعنى المقصود في نص المادة الرابعة من اتفاقية جنيف الثالثة هم الذين ينتمون الى مجموعة من الفئات المحمية بالاتفاقية، بينها اعضاء حركات المقاومة وفقا لنص الفقرة ٢ من المادة الرابعة ،

و في البروتوكول الملحق باتفاقية جنيف جرى التوسع في تعريف اسير الحرب تبعا لإضفاء صفة النزاع المسلح الدولي على حروب التحرير الوطني
وقد حظرت اتفاقية جنيف الثالثة في المادة ١٣ منها تعذيب و اساءة معاملة الاسرى، و الحط من كرامتهم الانسانية و ممارسة الاعمال المفضية الى الموت عليهم

اما الجرائم ضد الانسانية التي حظرتها المواثيق و الاتفاقات الدولية ذات الصلة و عددتها على على سبيل المثال لا الحصر فقد شملت : الاعتداء على الحياة و السلامة البدنية و بخاصة القتل بجميع اشكاله و المعاملة القاسية و التعذيب ،اخذ الرهائن، الاعتداء على الكرامة الشخصية و المهينة للكرامة…

ان توصيف الأفعال الجرمية التي ارتكبها العميل الفاخوري تقع ضمن دائرة الأفعال المحظورة بموجب الاتفاقيات الدولية على النحو المبين آنفا ،و هي جرائم حرب وقعت على اسرى لبنانيين مقاومين ، وجرائم ضد الانسانية ارتكبها بحق المدنيين من عائلات المقاومين ، من خلال اعتقال اباء او اخوة او اخوات او امهات او بنات او زوجات الأسرى المقاومين و تعذيبهم بالتزامن و على مرأى بعضهم بعضا بهدف كسر ارادات المقاومين و الحط من كرامتهم الانسانية ،

و فضلا عن اكتساب العميل جنسية العدو، و بمعزل عن رفض او قبول فكرة سقوط العقوبة الصادرة بحقه ، فإن العميل الفاخوري تنطبق عليه صفة مجرم الحرب الذي ارتكب جرائم حرب وجرائم ضد الانسانية على النحو المعرف في اتفاقيات جنيف المتعلقة بحماية المدنيين زمن الحرب و بحظر انتهاكات الحقوق الانسانية للمتحاربين، و بحماية الأسرى و حقوقهم المكرسة بالاتفاقيات الدولية
ولبنان دولة موقعة على اتفاقيات جنيف اضافة الى البروتوكولين الإضافيين لهذه الاتفاقيات المعقودة في ١٢-٨-١٩٤٩ وهي بالنسبة للدولة اللبنانيةليست عرفا دوليا واجب التطبيق فحسب، بل هي جزء لا يتجزأ من المنظومة التشريعية اللبنانية،و سندا لمبدأ تطبيق القاعدة الأسمى ،

فإنها تسمو على التشريع الداخلي و تتقدم في التطبيق على القوانين العادية، وفي حال التعارض بين نص المعاهدة الدولية و التشريع الداخلي يجري اهمال نص القانون الداخلي و اعمال نص المعاهدة،

و لايغيب عنا في سياق البحث ان البروتوكول الأول من البروتوكولين الإضافيين لاتفاقيات جنيف انصب هدفه تحديدا على “حماية ضحايا المنازعات الدوليةالمسلحة، ويسري على المنازعات المسلحة التي تناضل بها الشعوب ضد التسلط الاستعماري و الاحتلال الاجنبي و ضد الأنظمة العنصرية، وذلك في ممارستها لحق الشعوب في تقرير المصير”

الأهم من كل ما تقدم هو ان الجرائم التي ارتكبها العميل عامر الفاخوري باعتبارها جرائم حرب وجرائم ضد الانسانية لا تسقط بمرور الزمن بالاستناد الى نصوص اتفاقية عدم تقادم جرائم الحرب و الجرائم المرتكبة ضد الانسانية التي نصت صراحة على ما يلي:

إن الدول الأطراف في هذه الاتفاقية:
إذ تشير إلى قراري الجمعية العامة للأمم المتحدة 3 (د–1) المتخذ في 13 شباط / فبراير 1946
و170 (د–2) المتخذ في 31 تشرين الأول / أكتوبر 1947 بشأن تسليم ومعاقبة مجرمي الحرب، وإلى القرار 95 (د–1) المتخذ في 11 كانون الأول / ديسمبر 1946 والذي يؤكد مبادئ القانون الدولي المعترف بها في النظام الأساسي لمحكمة نورمبرغ العسكرية الدولية، وفي حكم المحكمة، وإلى القرارين 2184 (د–21) المتخذ في 12 كانون الأول / ديسمبر 1966 و2202 (د–21) المتخذ في 16 كانون الأول / ديسمبر 1966، اللذين نصا صراحة على إدانة انتهاك حقوق سكان البلاد الأصليين الاقتصادية والسياسية من ناحية، وإدانة سياسة الفصل العنصري من ناحية أخرى، باعتبارهما جريمتين ضد الإنسانية.

وإذ تشير إلى قراري المجلس الاقتصادي والاجتماعي التابع للأمم المتحدة 1074 دال (د–39) المتخذ في 28 تموز / يوليه 1965 و1158 (د–41) المتخذ في 5 آب / أغسطس 1966 بشأن معاقبة مجرمي الحرب والأشخاص الذين ارتكبوا جرائم ضد الإنسانية،

وإذ تلحظ خلو جميع الإعلانات الرسمية والوثائق والاتفاقيات، المتصلة بملاحقة ومعاقبة جرائم الحرب والجرائم المرتكبة ضد الإنسانية، من أي نص على مدة للتقادم.

وإذ ترى أن جرائم الحرب والجرائم المرتكبة ضد الإنسانية هي من أخطر الجرائم في القانون الدولي.
واقتناعاً منها بأن المعاقبة الفعالة لجرائم الحرب والجرائم المرتكبة ضد الإنسانية عنصر هام في تفادي وقوع تلك الجرائم وحماية حقوق الإنسان والحريات الأساسية وتشجيع الثقة وتوطيد التعاون بين الشعوب وتعزيز السلم والأمن الدوليين.

وإذ تلاحظ أن إخضاع جرائم الحرب والجرائم المرتكبة ضد الإنسانية لقواعد القانون الداخلي المتصلة بتقادم الجرائم العادية، يثير قلقاً شديداً لدى الرأي العام العالمي لحيلولته دون ملاحقة ومعاقبة المسؤولين عن تلك الجرائم.
وإذ تدرك ضرورة ومناسبة القيام، في نطاق القانون الدولي وبواسطة هذه الاتفاقية، بتأكيد مبدأ عدم تقادم جرائم الحرب والجرائم المرتكبة ضد الإنسانية، وبتأمين تطبيقه تطبيقاً عالمياً شاملاً.

قد اتفقت على ما يلي :
المــادة الأولى
لا يسري أي تقادم على الجرائم التالية بصرف النظر عن وقت ارتكابها:
(أ) جرائم الحرب الوارد تعريفها في النظام الأساسي لمحكمة نورمبرغ العسكرية الدولية الصادر في 8 آب / أغسطس 1945، والوارد تأكيدها في قراري الجمعية العامة للأمم المتحدة 3 (د–1) المؤرخ في 13 شباط / فبراير 1946 و95 (د–1) المؤرخ في 11 كانون الأول / ديسمبر 1946، ولا سيما
” الجرائم الخطيرة ” المعددة في اتفاقية جنيف المعقودة في 12 آب / أغسطس 1949 لحماية ضحايا الحرب.
(ب) الجرائم المرتكبة ضد الإنسانية، سواء في زمن الحرب أو زمن السلم، والوارد تعريفها في النظام الأساسي لمحكمة نورمبرغ العسكرية الدولية الصادر في 8 آب / أغسطس 1945، والوارد تأكيدها في قراري الجمعية العامة للأمم المتحدة 3 (د–1) المؤرخ في 13 شباط / فبراير 1946 و95 (د–1) المؤرخ في 11 كانون الأول / ديسمبر 1946، والطرد بالاعتداء المسلح أو الاحتلال، والأفعال المنافية للإنسانية والناجمة عن سياسة الفصل العنصري…

المــادة الثانية
إذا ارتكبت أية جريمة من الجرائم المذكورة في المادة الأولى، تنطبق أحكام هذه الاتفاقية على ممثلي سلطة الدولة وعلى الأفراد الذين يقومون، بوصفهم فاعلين أصليين أو شركاء، بالمساهمة في ارتكاب أية جريمة من تلك الجرائم أو بتحريض الغير تحريضاً مباشراً على ارتكابها، أو الذين يتآمرون لارتكابها، بصرف النظر عن درجة التنفيذ، وعلى ممثلي سلطة الدولة الذين يتسامحون في ارتكابها.

المــادة الثالثة
تتعهد الدول الأطراف في هذه الاتفاقية باتخاذ جميع التدابير الداخلية، التشريعية أو غير التشريعية اللازمة لكي يصبح في الإمكان القيام، وفقاً للقانون الدولي، بتسليم الأشخاص المشار إليهم في المادة الثانية من هذه الاتفاقية.

المــادة الرابعة
تتعهد الدول الأطراف في هذه الاتفاقية بالقيام، وفقاً للإجراءات الدستورية لكل منها، باتخاذ أية تدابير تشريعية أو غير تشريعية تكون ضرورية لكفالة عدم سريان التقادم أو أي حد آخر على الجرائم المشار إليها في المادتين الأولى والثانية من هذه الاتفاقية، سواء من حيث الملاحقة أو من حيث المعاقبة، ولكفالة إلغائه أنى وجد”

في ضوء ما تقدم يصبح البحث في مسألة مرور الزمن على جرائم العميل عامر الفاخوري ضربا من ضروب العبث ،و خارج اي سياق قانوني، اذ من واجب الدولة اللبنانية و ليس فقط من حقها، الشروع في توجيه الاتهام اليه بارتكاب جرائم حرب وجرائم ضد الانسانية، وعليها تقع مسؤولية اعتقاله و محاكمته بمواد الاتهام، ولا يعفيه من ذلك اكتسابه اي جنسية اخرى لأن مجرمي الحرب يحاكمون على جرائمهم بغض النظر عن جنسياتهم

بل وأكثر من ذلك فإن عدم قيام الدولة اللبنانية باعتقاله و محاكمته و معاقبته بوصفه مجرم حرب يعتبر اخلالا بالتزاماتها الدولية في مكافحة جرائم الحرب و الجرائم ضد الانسانية
وجيه زغيب
محام و باحث

Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 245

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pay attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page of backlog opinions and events is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory

The more I observe the “real” world, the more I force myself to live in a parallel world to have more control over it: I call this process “cornering myself”, trying to get detached

Is there a major difference between la theorie du complot and celle du piege? Quand on piege une personne Haut Place’ on connait ses tentations passionelles. On doit etre dans une trame complotiste. Fake news is another means to bring the person into the trap.

Those in high positions (regardless of public or private institutions) invest far more time and energy on preserving their position than on performing their assigned function. No surprise that there are no smooth and predictable good functioning in any department. The higher up are frequently setting traps to potential good candidates in order to retain or get promoted.

Until we figure out an alternative to the hierarchical system in the administration of any institute, like putting on trial the one in a total position of Control, meaning the highest in the pyramid of control, basically, he has to be decommissioned.

The alternative system for a more performing administration, people focusing more on their Function (task) than on investing time and energy on maintaining their power status, then the higher up must have less control than the one next below in the hierarchy.

Obviously it is Not reasonable to give a new comer to a system vast control before he gets acquainted with the process and procedures. Thus, the critical problem is to assign the level in the hierarchy where “the higher up the less control” kicks in.

In my mind, when I read “investing in the Future” for higher profit, it means accessing government and military “loans guarantees” for the “private” investors. No matter what is the result of the balance sheet, investors cannot lose.

Something is wrong with the Western colonial power multinational media. They will cover the car accident in Germany that crushed into a crowd (20 injured and 3 killed) for weeks. But the 1,100 Palestinians injured in one day by Israel snipers live bullets is covered Once for a few minutes, if ever mentioned.

The current Demi-Gods wrapped in old ropes. The likes of billionaires bosses Sergey Brin (co-founder of Google), Peter Thief (Paypal), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook),  Elon Musk (SpaceX and Tesla), Besos (Amazon )… are seen by common people as demi-gods when they express their opinions on ethics and moral values.

Sort of comparing the culture of these bosses with the old ropes in philosophy and acquired myths and traditions. Fact is, these bosses are more concerned with discovering schemes to avoid fiscal laws and taxes. They are frequently worried how to restrain the frequency and costly liabilities and litigation

Are the terms “depressed” linked to the past, “anxious” to the future and “at peace” to the present? How can anyone be in the present when the past and the future are starring us in the eyes?

Chewing gum provides a brief brain boost for 20 min? Due to “mastication-induced arousal,”

Is it a dilemma when many factors come into play? Since 2009, the once-$4 billion gum industry has seen steadily declining sales: Between 2012 and 2017, retail volume sales of gum in the US fell by 13%, and are expected to continue to decline, according to market research provider Euromonitor International. Who’s to blame?

The culprits are many: we know that sugar is bad for our teeth, but we also don’t trust artificial sweeteners; we don’t smoke as much; and the occasion of bored impulse buys in the checkout line has been all but erased by the tech trifecta of e-commerce, the self-serve kiosk, and the smartphone.

Before 2013, crimes against humanity in Syria could be attributed to the regime in Damascus: Bashar Assad was tacitly in full control in the power structure. How many States and leaders joined in the rank and files for crimes against humanity in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan…

After 2013, the colonial powers were linked to the infiltration of the extremist terrorist Islamic factions. When a leader is “cornered” and besieged by an international coalition to depose him, he cannot be blamed for activities that set him back in control. Consequently, the colonial leaders, the Saudi Kingdom and Gulf Emirate who funded these terrorist factions, and Turkey of Erdogan who controlled the main accesses inside Syria…are also culprits in these crimes and must stand trial alongside Al Assad.

Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 224

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pay attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page of backlog opinions and events is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory

The Industrial Revolution gave priority to hiring children for reasons entirely at odd with current laws. Children rights to safe and healthy environment was anathema in the political circles. Families would even encourage their children to go to work early on and supplement the resources instead of wasting precious time in school.

Commercial Whale Fishing went on for centuries before the idea that whales and fish can be depleted if marine life is not managed scientifically.

Every culture is endowed with facilities to spotting the blind spot domains in other cultures. If a civilization denies the right to its people to listen carefully and seriously study the trends in other cultures, then it is almost impossible to overcome the built-in blind spots in a particular culture.

Modern quick, efficient and global mass communication facilities should generate mass contacts with other cultures. Do you think that this enhanced communication will greatly facilitate the uncovering of blind spots in many cultures?

The first Lebanese campaign during the civil war, followed by marches in England, was under the banner “Silence means consent. Shout: NO TO CIVIL WAR, NO TO SECTARIANISM”.  The second campaign said “Lebanon must have a War Free Zone…”

The key tactic in fomenting a civil war is to ease the youth into “shameful” activities, unaware of the gravity in participating in these activities, and cow the youth into silence, during the war, and years after the war has ended. Many die, feeling pretty reluctant into divulging how they participated in the slaughter-hood and crimes against humanity.
The “Bagman” Jeffrey Feltman, former US ambassador to Lebanon and soon to be transferred to the UN as assistant to foreign affairs policies position , visits frequently Lebanon. The same is true to the other bagman Sutherland. The visits precede by a few days the “US warns its citizens not to travel to Lebanon”. Feltman programs the destabilization of a country he was supposed to protect and insure its stability.
Feltman accompanies the visits of Zionist US Senators and Congressmen, like Joseph Lieberman who pay visits to North Lebanon in order to establish a Free Zone for the Syrian armed insurgents to start a civil war in Syria from a safe zone in Lebanon…
For today, Lebanon needs urgently to prosecute the last phase of the unfinished civil war: Lebanon wants a Victor in order to establish a modern State. After 65 years of a pseudo independence and pseudo State, and the impossibility of regular and gradual reforms for our political/social system, there will be a definite victor, this time around.

Wa keef momken tfouz bi intikhabaat iza 3aadayt al mafatee7 al intikhabiyat? Naass ktaar ma bi 7ebbo yefakro. Bi yontro karar zalmeh tani, ye karrer 3annon

Mal 3amal? Ra2eess Communists Al Ghareeb ektashaf enno Hezbollah taa2efi: ma baddo yet7alaf lel inkhiraat fi kame3 al fassaad, mounakassat bil taradi, e7tikaar al dawaa2 wa al jasha3 al moutanaami?

“Ta7assoss?”. kelmeh atlakaha Al Sayyed fi 2akher khitab. Ta3ni: “ma feesh 3enna 7assassiyat le hal mawdou3?”. wa kiyadaat Hezbollah bada2at este3maalha, min Ra3d wa jorr

Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 122

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Competence involves the humanity required to connect with other people, in real time. It requires emotional labor, not merely compliance with sequences and rules.

“If I don’t agree with myself, who will do it? If I only agree with myself, who am I?”

When people begin to measure themselves only in comparison to others (“How did I rank?”) then you need to accept the impact of those outsiders choices. Is the Culture of scarcity forcing on us competition? And in periods of abundance, can we change our mentality?

Think of the blockade of Iran since 1983.

Think of the blockade and sanctions against the Syrian people since 2011.

Think of the recent blockade of the Western African countries suffering from the Ebola epidemic: No border crossing, no meaningful trades with these poor countries…

Think of the siege of Homs, Aleppo, the Yarmouk Palestinian camp near Damascus, and the latest of Kobani (Ain Arab city)

Think of the conditions and the 3 consecutive preemptive wars on Gaza, this enclave constituting a big concentration camp

There is No average wars.  Simply because the distribution of wars follow the power law: How can we study a distribution of casualties when we add the WWI ad WWII wars or the genocides committed during Stalin, Cambodia, Rwanda., and the enduring civil wars in the Congo for the last 3 decades and yet not terminated, the situation in Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan..?

Kidnapped French Rochot writes: “My life cycle revolved around two bottles: one bottle for drinking and the other one to urinate in.

Compulsive hoarding is a serious psychological difficulty which is not very well understood. It is characterized by extreme difficulty getting rid of belongings and excessive gathering of items to the extent that someone’s normal daily life is impacted. ( I know first hand from my mother and brother-in-law: It is an expensive and frustrating sickness that plague everyone around them)

A single State, confident in its far less loaded Crime Against Humanity record, must institute its International Court on State crimes against humanity. Many former officials have nightmares and want a court to stand trial and empty their loaded memories of bad decisions and going-along.

Soon, the International Court on Crimes against humanity will snatch the power to demand powerful nations to stand trial. All those Silent Majority will bow to the verdict and pay retribution.

 Si le Liban, depuis des décennies, ne traite pas ses propres poubelles, cela n’est pas la faute de Riyad ou Téhéran ou d’Israel ou de USA. 

Swapping wives in Saudi royal family. It is all done within the Wahhabi religious sect forms: The monarch or an emir from Al Saud divorces his wife and marry her to his brother and then may reclaim his former wife…

Yemenis: sieges and economic blockades harvest more casualties than field battles: Due to famine, malnutrition, dissemination of diseases, lack of medicine, high infantile mortality, polluted and infected water supply, and the casualties are essentially non-combatant people. Cholera and diphtheria epidemics adding to destruction of infrastructure and hospitals.

The health ministry in Yemen accounted for 200,000 deaths resulting from diphtheria epidemics


Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 35

Who would answer to the terrible obstinate crimes against humanity? If Not the obstinate witness, and whistle-blowers?

Ce n’ était poutant pas ma faute si ma guerre n’ était pas brillante:  Tous les jours, j’ étais au rendez-vous dans le ciel et mon avion revenait criblé d’ éclats et moi sain et sauf.

Je bombardais seulement, pas un metier spectaculaire, comme dans la chasse.

La solitude du soldat face a la mort: C’ était le lot de tous les armées du monde Arab en guerre contre Israel. La sociéte civile s’ en fouter pas mal de la condition du soldat. Syrian soldiers left by the side of their tanks for Israeli jets to bomb them

Dans le tier monde, la frontiére entre vie et mort se dilue dans la pauvreté, la famine, la négligence et l’ insouciance. La mort des jeunes est habituelle et generalisé

Le proper de la guerre est de prendre sous ses ailes noires tout le monde, sans exception

Deux langue differentes seulement? Celle de ceux qui ont participés directement á la guerre et celle des civiles? Même en temps de paix, le dialogue est obscure et hystérique

Before this cold winter, my health nurtured adolescent dreams. Hope was still high.

We take it for granted that the eyes are always kept moist. Our inclination to take delicate matter for granted is the source of our difficulties.

I discovered that “eye drops” are the main cure for many health difficulties at a certain age, particularly during the flu season and dry season.

Erdogan of Turkey is ever ready to please the superpowers in public speeches, and never was capable of delivering on promises. He desperately wants to remain a dictator for another decade

Erdogan has been smoking nasty weeds, far longer than Donald Trump. He has no idea where to go from here and how to alienate everyone, inside and outside Turkey

Very funny: explaining False facts as Alternative facts. Kind the difference between conjecture and pseudo-science?

Que le silence régne. Ce sont plutot les témoins des crimes qui sont jugés et maltraités: Il fallait pas voir, entendre, crier, appeler au secours, intervenir…

Le cours devastateur du temps: vider les crypts anciens d’ un covent, une cimetiére… pour ériger un hotel 5 etoiles.

Est-ce vrai? Les cheveux continuent a pousser 1 cm par mois, même après la mort? Les designers de perruques n’ ont qu’ a ouvrire les crypts anciens et tondre les cheveux

Ecoutez le silence qui accable les pays regorgeant de prisons. Les ennemis du silence sont forcés au “silence

L’ enjeu de la lute contre le silence est la vie humaine des systémes accablés de crime contre l’humanité.

Le silence est un signe de malheur et de crime. Demandez a une mére que veut dire le silence de son bébé dans la chamber voisine

Victoriano Gomez, 24 ans, était le Robin des Bois de Salvador. 14 familles régnees sur tout le territiore, et chaque famille avait son Guardia Rural, recruité parmi les droit-commun. Victoriano encourageait les paysans a reprendre leur terre.

L’ homme craint l’ homme qui a le potential de se faire prendre sa place: l’ emploi publique, á l’ ecole pour son enfant, le lit á l’ hospital…

Le guerillero du Salvador, Victoriano Gomez, a été fusiller par un peloton militaire au stade de foot, avec les équipes de televisions et reporters filmant directe l’ évenement, et le stade était bondé de spectateur. Middle-Age beheading ceremonies

From the port of Bagamoyo in Tanzania in East Africa, one million slaves were exported to the USA

Nos partisans vont á la lute, un fusil á la main et une ardoise d’ écolier sur le dos. On doit rattraper 5 siècles de retard.

Che Guevara and Allende have started the first chapter of the history of Latin America’s popular revolutions. It is looking good, so far.

The French telecommunication multinational Orange joined the battle front with Israeli units bombing Gaza people 

Orange, previously France Telecom,  with its Israeli subsidiary Partner Communications Ltd, has been directly aiding Israeli military units for a decade now.

Orange participated in providing all the necessary advanced telecommunication equipment and subsidising Israeli soldiers under the adoption projectAmetz Lohem” for the tank division EZUZ since  2005 and the division for Shachar since 2008.

During Israel  savage preemptive war on Gaza in the summer of 2014, Orange was on the battle front, particularly with the tank division Ezuz and commanded by Aryeh Berger, and provided all the facilities and communication batteries needed to resume the bombing of Gaza for an entire month. Free of charge.

Israel dropped what amounted to an atomic bomb during these 51 days of horror and total genocide tactics. Tanks were ordered to cross over gardens, cultivated lands and houses as training learning sessions.

Orange is an important mobile and internet supplier in Europe, Africa, the Middle-East, including Jordan and Egypt (Mobinil)

If the International Penal Court for war crimes and crimes against humanity is serious in investigating and prosecuting the calamities in Gaza, all it has to do is subpoena Orange for all the direct videos and communication that were taken during the war.

The Israeli affiliate of Orange, the French multinational telecom company, provided direct material support to Israeli soldiers who participated in the deadly assault on Gaza last summer.

The firm has also sponsored two Israeli military units for several years, evidence of its deep complicity in Israeli military occupation and human rights abuses.

One of these units, the “Ezuz” tank company, took part in last summer’s attack on Gaza and was active in specific locations where hundreds of Palestinian civilians were killed.

Orange, previously known as France Telecom, is a major provider of mobile phone, land line and Internet services in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, including in Jordan and Egypt (through its subsidiary Mobinil). In the UK, Orange operates as part of a joint venture called EE, and in Belgium it owns a big stake of Mobistar.

In Israel, Orange makes its profits by licensing its brand to an independently owned Israeli company called Partner Communications Ltd. and selling equipment and other services to it.

Helping the attack on Gaza

Israeli warplanes and artillery dropped the equivalent of an atomic bomb on Gaza during 51 days last July and August, killing more than 2,200 Palestinians, among them more than 500 children, and destroying vast areas.

According to Amnesty International, Israeli forces operated with “callous indifference to the carnage caused” by their attacks.

Entire families were wiped out as Israeli forces systematically and deliberately targeted civilian homes.

Throughout this horror, which Israel dubbed “Operation Protective Edge,” Orange was on the front lines providing material support and boosting the morale of those carrying out the assault.

Orange waived service fees for soldiers “located in the area around Gaza” during the attack, Israel Hayom reported.

Every day during the assault, Orange sent “three mobile units to the soldiers’ gathering spots around Gaza,” the website Frumline reported in a 22 July 2014 article headlined “Orange in action on the border due to Operation Protective Edge.”

“The mobile units are equipped with generators, chargers for all types of devices, hundreds of fully charged batteries, and cellular devices, to allow soldiers to be in contact with their homes,” Frumline stated.

In Gaza, Palestinians who survived the assault have told of Israeli soldiers executing their relatives in cold blood.

Meanwhile in Israel, dozens of Orange employees fanned out across the country, visiting Israeli soldiers “and distributing tablet computers, to make their time in the hospital more pleasant.”

“Adopt a soldier”

Orange’s support for the Israeli military long predates last summer’s attack on Gaza.

“Our ongoing association with the soldier population began with the establishment of the Adopt A Soldier project by the Association for the Wellbeing of Israel’s Soldiers,” Orange says on the “corporate responsibility” page of its Israel website.

As part of this project, the company has “adopted” two units: the “Ezuz” armored company, since 2005 and, since 2008, the “Shachar” search and rescue unit.

Dozens of firms, the vast majority Israeli, take part in the Adopt A Soldier project – “Ametz Lohem” in Hebrew. Among the more well-known internationally are the Israeli airline El Al and Strauss, the maker of Sabra brand hummus.

The participation of a multinational like Orange stands out – the only other readily recognizable international firm is the business services company Ernst & Young, which sponsors a drone unit.

According to the Orange website, the “adoption” consists of “joint activities of the soldiers with employees of the company, such as: sports, use of company facilities for training and conferences, support for lone soldiers, accompanying discharged soldiers on their pathway to civilian life and financing battalion-wide entertainment activities: hikes, athletics days, awards ceremonies for outstanding soldiers, and more.”

Ezuz in the attack on Gaza


An article in Shiryon (Armor) glorifies the role of the Orange-sponsored “Ezuz” armored brigade in the summer 2014 assault on Gaza.

An article in the November 2014 edition of the Israeli military magazine Shiryon (Hebrew for “Armor”) reveals that the Ezuz unit directly participated in the attack on Gaza and was present at times and places where hundreds of civilians were killed and thousands of homes destroyed.

Unit commander Lt. Colonel Aryeh Berger tells Shiryon that Ezuz was part of a force that invaded Deir al-Balah in central Gaza. There, he says that his men “attacked homes of Hamas activists” and “purified” buildings.

Human Rights Watch condemned Israel’s deliberate targeting of homes, merely under the pretext that they allegedly belonged to the families of persons associated with Hamas or other armed resistance organizations, as “unlawful.”

Berger also reveals that his unit was active in the area of Khan Younis in southern Gaza at the same time that an Israeli soldier, Hadar Goldin of the Givati brigade, was reported captured near the city of Rafah, to the south. That capture occurred on 1 August 2014.

This places the Ezuz unit in two specific areas where mass killings took place.

In the Khan Younis area, Berger says his forces were tasked to “isolate” a village – which he does not name. Once the report of Goldin’s capture came, Berger says “we had to leave our task urgently and reinforce the Givati brigade, and we got there within three hours.”


Palestinians search through rubble of their destroyed houses hit by Israeli strikes in Khuzaa, east of Khan Younis, in the Gaza Strip, 5 August 2014.

(Yasser Qudih / APA images)

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights reported that dozens of civilians were killed in and around Khan Younis by airstrikes and shelling from tanks and gunboats.

On 1 August, during a short-lived “humanitarian ceasefire,” medical crews, journalists and residents entered the village of Khuzaa, east of Khan Younis, which had been besieged by Israeli forces. They found the bodies of dozens of dead civilians.

Some had been killed while trying to leave, waving white flags. Others died as their homes were destroyed on top of them.

The UK’s Channel 4 documented scenes of destruction and carnage as people entered the village on 1 August:

The harrowing effects of the broken Gaza ceasefire | Channel 4 News

In Rafah – presumably where Ezuz redeployed to reinforce the Givati brigade following the reported capture of Goldin – Israeli forces implemented the so-called “Hannibal Directive”: they carpet bombed the town by land, sea and air, killing more than two hundred civilians and destroying more than 2,500 homes.

There were so many dead that local hospitals were forced to store corpses and body parts in ice cream coolers.

While in Gaza, Ezuz commander Berger says he ordered his men not to drive on roads or through intersections.

When tank commanders asked where they should drive, Berger replied “Everywhere else!”

He saw the assault on Gaza as a rare training opportunity:

“I assigned one of my company commanders to document some of this by video, so we can illustrate it in training, show them for example how a tank drives through a grove of trees, because they don’t believe this is possible, or how the tank shoots in different situations. Because in training we don’t have planted grove areas we can keep running over, or a variety of ‘live’ houses to shoot at.”

This is the unit Orange has sponsored for a decade.

“Corporate social responsibility”

Orange says it has a comprehensive global program on “corporate social responsibility.”

The company claims that “our commitment to corporate citizenship means that everything we do is for a single purpose: using digital technologies to speed up progress for society.”

But by supporting the Israeli army through its Israeli affiliate, Orange has been helping to speed up the destruction of Palestinian society and to kill and injure thousands of people.

Although Orange does not own Partner Communications Ltd., it remains responsible and liable for Partner’s activities done in its name and with its brand.

Orange directly derives profits from Partner’s activities through its royalty agreement, supplies Partner with equipment and is responsible for the stewardship and reputation of the Orange brand worldwide.

Brand Israel

The parent company, moreover, appears to be fully complicit in helping Israel whitewash its reputation. In May 2014, its Orange Institute think-tank sponsored a conference in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem called “How Israel became a Tech Lab for the World.”

The promotional material says that in 2014 “the brand of ‘Israel as Startup Nation’ is shining even more brightly than when Orange Institute first visited in 2011.”

“From this small country of eight million people,” Orange Institute gushes, “we continue to see oversized returns.”

The conference promoted such topics as “civilian drone use” and “cyber-security innovations within the Israeli cyber ecosystem.”

Orange wants to claim credit for initiatives “supporting digital literacy” and promoting “eco-friendly solutions.”

It should also be held accountable for its complicity in Israel’s war crimes in Gaza. Consumers might do that by refusing to be Orange customers.

Orange has already come under pressure from French civil society over its Israeli affiliate’s complicity in Israeli colonization of the occupied West Bank and Syria’s Golan Heights.

A statement signed by dozens of French groups calls on Orange to end its deal with Partner Communications Ltd. over the latter’s operations on occupied lands.

Last year, the French government warned French businesses of the risks of doing business in Israeli settlements in occupied territories that are illegal under international law.

But there is also the possibility that Palestinian individuals or human rights groups could seek to hold Orange accountable for providing material support to war crimes – including in the form of equipment it supplies to Partner – under the emerging doctrine of corporate liability for gross human rights abuses.

Orange’s press office at its headquarters in Paris did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

With thanks to Dena Shunra for providing research and translation

Orange fournissant un service gratuit aux soldats israéliens déployés près de Gaza pendant l’attaque qui a tué plus de 2200 Palestiniens l’été dernier.
La filiale israélienne de la compagnie de télécommunications française a « adopté » une…|By admin




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