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28 Boring Words Alternatives – Improve Your Writing

Jack Milgram sent this link

You’re having a conversation with your friend or colleague. Once it’s over and couple of minutes pass, thoughts appear in your head.

You start thinking: “I should’ve said that differently. Using other words would be better.”

And it doesn’t even matter, whether the conversation was friendly, or if it was an argument of some sort. It can happen even after a small talk.

At Custom-Writing, we care about how you present yourself even in a shortest talk. We also don’t want you to be doubting your conversation skills.

That’s why we’ve gathered 28 the most common words that are just too boring to use. And we’ve selected a number of alternatives you can use to make your speech way more varied and exciting.

It’s going to be equally helpful both for spoken and for written conversations.

You can find all of this goodness in an info-graphic below.

We’re not saying that you should get rid of those boring words altogether. But changing things up a little bit will make a big difference.

And again, you won’t ever have to worry about whether or not you’ve made a good impression in that last conversation.

However, English has much more to offer. It’s just became a habit to use the most common words, as it doesn’t require additional thinking.

But if the language allows you to express you thoughts in so many different ways, why would you miss this opportunity?

All you need is just a little bit of attention and patience. After some time, you won’t even notice that you’ve upgraded your active vocabulary.

Note: I would suggest another info-graphic for words that need to be dropped from these info-graphic that are being overused in writing.




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