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Laughing at Auschwitz – in 1944

SS auxiliaries poses at a resort for Auschwitz personnel

The photos were taken between May and December 1944, and they show the officers and guards of the Auschwitz relaxing and enjoying themselves — as countless people were being murdered and cremated at the nearby death camp.

In some of the photos, SS officers can be seen singing. In others they are hunting and in another a man can be seen decorating a Christmas tree in what could only be described as a holiday in hell.

The album also contains eight photos of Josef Mengele — some of the very few existing snapshots taken of the concentration camp’s notorious doctor during the time he spent there.


Helferinnen, in wool skirts and cotton blouses, listen to the accordion and eat blueberries, which Karl Hoecker had served to them.
Helferinnen, in wool skirts and cotton blouses, listen to the accordion and eat blueberries, which Karl Hoecker had served to them. source
Jun 4, 2016
Laughter lines the faces of camp staff as they prepare for a sing-song
The images are significant because there are few photos available today of the “social life” of the SS officers who were responsible for the mass murder at Auschwitz.
These are the first leisure time photos of the concentration camp’s SS officers to be discovered, though similar images do exist for other camps, including Sachsenhausen, Dachau and Buchenwald.
The album belonged to Karl Höcker, the adjutant to the final camp commandant at Auschwitz, Richard Baer.
Höcker took the pictures as personal keepsakes. Prior to its liberation by the Allies, Höcker fled Auschwitz. After the war, he worked for years, unrecognized, in a bank.
But in 1963 he was forced to answer to charges for his role at Auschwitz at a trial in Frankfurt. In his closing words in the trial, Höcker claimed: “I had no possibility in any way to influence the events and I neither wanted them to happen nor took part in them. I didn’t harm anyone and no one died at Auschwitz because of me.”
In the end, though, he was convicted on charges of aiding and abetting the murders of 1,000 Jews and was sentenced to seven years in prison. He was released after serving five years. In 2000, he died at the age of 88.

The photos were made public by the United States National Holocaust Museum in Washington. The museum obtained the photos from a retired US Army intelligence officer, who came across the album in an apartment in Frankfurt and has now given them to the museum.

“These unique photographs vividly illustrate the contented world they enjoyed while overseeing a world of unimaginable suffering,” museum director Sara Bloomfield said in a statement.

“They offer an important perspective on the psychology of those perpetrating genocide.” The director of the museum’s photographic reference collection, Judith Cohen, said there are no photos depicting anything abhorrent, “and that’s precisely what makes them so horrible.”

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To Jewish friends: “I waited for you to inquire about my family in Gaza”
And Visiting Auschwitz and Dachau.
Lots of blood has been spilled in your name and for your privilege.
Nazi dehumanized the Jews. Zionist Israel dehumanized the Palestinians.

To my Jewish friend (you know who you are) I waited for you to inquire about my family…you didn’t.
Not even a private message, not a phone call.
I checked your Facebook page, wow…not one post about the massacres in Gaza.
Some dinner party shots, something about ISIS and Syria but nothing about Gaza.
Even though, it has been bombed for three weeks IN YOUR NAME. I waited for you to ask how I was coping, you didn’t. I cope better on some days than others.
I try to keep busy and I only sleep when I crash.
My grandfather’s house was partly bombed, but like Gaza it is still standing…for now.
Our land was destroyed…lots of new trees gone, old trees gone, but who cares about trees when lives are shattered. I waited for you to ask, but you didn’t.
My cousins spent the night on the eve of Eid huddled with their children under the kitchen sink as three bombs were dropped from an F16 over the apartment building they were seeking shelter in.
They ‘survived’ although that word is open for interpretation.
Over two thousand people killed mostly civilians …. entire neighbourhoods demolished bombed… but you didn’t ask.
All I can say is next time you visit Israel and enjoy yourself think of this: lots of blood has been spilled in your name and for your privilege.
Viviane Ghoussoub's photo.

Yasir Qadhi posted on FB this August 19, 2014

In 2010, I visited the Nazi concentration camps of Auschwitz and Dachau, and saw first hand how Hitler and his Reich attempted to exterminate all those who opposed them (Jews, socialists, gypsies, etc.).

I was extremely fortunate to meet some of the last surviving Jewish prisoners of Auschwitz, and was mesmerized by their harrowing tales.

They told us how the Nazis had dehumanized the Jews so that it was then possible to commit acts of genocide against them.

I found these survivors to be brave and fearless, and I always felt that they would not support the current policies of Israel against the Palestinians.

In a previous posting a few weeks ago, I mentioned how Israel is following some of the very same tactics that Nazi Germany did, in dehumanizing Palestinians.

I was extremely elated to read, therefore, that over 300 Holocaust survivors from around the world have signed a petition AGAINST Israel, saying:

“We are alarmed by the extreme, racist dehumanization of Palestinians in Israeli society, which has reached a fever-pitch. In Israel, politicians and pundits in The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post have called openly for genocide of Palestinians and right-wing Israelis are adopting Neo-Nazi insignia….“Never again” must mean NEVER AGAIN FOR ANYONE!”

Not surprisingly, this letter is not receiving as much coverage as it deserves.

Lastly, Muslims, realize that ‘Jews’ are NOT your enemy – Zionism is.

These are Jewish survivors criticizing Israel, and their voice is the most effective imaginable in such criticism.

Yasir Qadhi's photo.
Yasir Qadhi's photo.




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