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Can Egyptians be silenced? Can peaceful protests be criminalized?

Egypt President Sisi took power by a military coup against the Moslem Brotherhood one year reign on Egypt politics. After Hosni Moubarak was demoted by mass uprising, USA pressured to have a quick election without any preparation for the other emerging mass organizers to constitute political parties for any election.

Hillary Clinton admitted that US policy was to hand over Egypt to the Moslem Brotherhood by any means.

Since then, Sisi has been cracking down on any free expressions and assembling of citizens. Even after his second mandate without any opponents (the potential candidates were sent to jail)

Note: Apparently, the Moslem Brotherhood Morsi ex-president is dying in his jail

Dalia Hashad –


11:32 AM (8 hours ago)


Dear friends,

The government has just passed a new law that seeks to silence all Egyptians and authorizes the police to violently crackdown on public meetings. But in the last three years we have shown that if enough of us join together to raise our voices, we can get action. Join the urgent call to interim President Mansour and government ministers to withdraw this outrageous gag bill:


The Egyptian government just passed a law that criminalises peaceful protest and authorises the police to violently disperse public meetings. It’s up to us to stop it before there is more bloodshed.

In the last three years people’s protest has been the driving force of huge change. We know if enough of us come together we can get this outrageous law revoked. Let’s not let them gag people now.

This law doesn’t help Egypt, it’s a law to silence everyone. People have sacrificed too much, to surrender the freedom to gather in the streets. Let’s build a massive petition — click to tell President Mansour and government ministers to revoke the gag law now and then share this with everyone:

The new anti – protest law prohibits Egyptians from gathering peacefully at any meeting bigger than 10 people — unless government approval is applied for 3 days in advance.

It bans protests at places of worship, limits labor strikes, and imposes huge fines and jail time on anyone taking part.

Even scarier, it legitimizes lethal police action. Imagine what could happen if this law is endorsed.

Opposing the new protest law is not about politics, or taking sides, it’s about citizenship and the rights of people. Tell interim President Mansour and government ministers that Egyptians will not be silenced — add your voice now, and share this with everyone.

With hope and determination,

Dalia, Nicholas, Bissan, Alex, Allison, Wissam, Ricken and the whole Avaaz team More information:

Egypt protests: New law condemned as ‘repressive’ (BBC)

Female detainees released and dumped on desert road (Mada Masr)

Egyptian women jailed for years over protests (Al Jazeera)…

Egypt police disperse first protest since new law passed (Reuters)

Egypt’s interim president Adly Mansour signs ‘anti-protest law’ (The Guardian)

World’s biggest security companies, British G4S : profiting off of Palestinian oppression

Dalia Hashad – posted “Stop torture for profit in Israel”

G4S is notorious for shady operations around the world. Inside Israel, it provides security systems for prisons and detention facilities holding Palestinian political prisoners — prisoners who are often illegally held and tortured  

We have 24 hours to stop one of the world’s biggest security companies from profiting off of Palestinian oppression — if we all act now.

British security company G4S works for Israel all over illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

It guards brutal prisons, where prisoners are often illegally held and tortured, homes and supermarkets. When these contracts were exposed, some international clients protested by ditching the company.

G4S responded by canceling a few of their Israeli contracts.

Now we can get them out altogether if we convince shareholders and the Board that G4S’s shady work in Israel will give them a bad reputation and make them lose business.

There’s no time to lose. G4S has their big Annual General Meeting in London tomorrow. Let’s send them a deafening message to stop doing Israel’s dirty work. Click below to join the campaign and spread the word:

Awareness of G4S’s work with Israel’s occupation industry has led to the company losing clients in Europe – including a major bank in Denmark and several NGO’s.

The Scottish Trades Union Congress is pressuring the government to cancel a £13 million contract and 19 NGOs from across the Middle East have called on the EU to stop dealing with G4S altogether.

Israel is only 1% of G4S’s global revenues and financial analysts predict that it might become too expensive to it’s reputation to continue with it.

According to some reports, G4S may let go of its Israel contracts altogether. But there are no guarantees.

That’s why if we pile on the pressure now, just ahead of it’s Annual General Meeting when shareholders are already angry about the negative forecast on profits and scandals in other parts of the world, we can pressure G4S to get out of these dodgy deals in Israel altogether.

The Avaaz community has stood time and again with Palestinians in their quest for justice. Let’s come together to support humanity for everyone, once again.

With determination,

Dalia, Alaphia, Marie, Luis, Bissan, Ricken and the rest of the Avaaz team

PS – Many Avaaz campaigns are started by members of our community! Start yours now and win on any issue – local, national or global:

Read MORE:

G4S: We’ll stay in prisons and settlements (Dan Watch):

Facing backlash, British security firm to partially divest (Times of Israel):

G4S divests Israel West Bank operations (The Globe)

Danish clients dump G4S because of security company’s ties to Israeli occupation (Electronic Intifada):

Forced to wed her rapist, killed herself: Who is the Morocco Amina Filali?
16 year-old Amina Filali. Sign the petition and forward to everyone:

16 year-old Amina Filali was raped, beaten and forced to wed her rapist. And she decided to commit suicide and she died, as the only way she saw to escape the trap set for her by her rapist, family and the law.

When Amina was brutally raped, her family reported it to officials in their town of LaracheInstead of prosecuting the rapist, the court allowed him the option of marrying his victim— and Amina’s family agreed to the proposal.

Dalia Hashad posted on Jan. 27 in

Article 475 in Morocco’s penal code allows a rapist to avoid prosecution and a long prison sentence by marrying his victim if she is a minor.

Since 2006, the government has promised to strike this down and pass legislation prohibiting violence against women, but it hasn’t happened.

Hundreds of Moroccan protestors are in the streets demanding real reform, turning up the heat on the Prime Minister and heads of other ministries, who write and sponsor bills and the international media has picked up the story.

If we ramp up pressure, we can see real progress now.

When we reach 250,000 signatures, we’ll work with local women’s groups to deliver our call to decision-makers.

Now, in response to global outrage, the government has issued a statement arguing that the relationship was consensual, but that story isn’t verified.

Our Moroccan partners on the ground say that this is a typical government attempt to blame the victim and whitewash the issue — meanwhile the law is still on the books and now, more than ever, we need to reject Article 475.

Women’s groups in Morocco have long fought this, and it’s time for the legislature to renounce this wretched tradition and pass real protections for women.

Outraged Moroccans are flooding social network sites and the streets in protest. Hundreds of women staged a sit-ins in front of the Larache court and Parliament this week.

HUGE breakthrough — Morocco’s Justice Minister now wants to stop rapists from marrying their young victims!  Let’s get other ministers on board! Sign and share!

Let’s join in the demand that laws should protect, not trample on women’s rights:

More information:

Morocco protest against rape-marriage law (BBC)

Morocco mulls tougher line against rape-marriages (Al Jazeera)

Protesters in Morocco demand reform of rape laws after teen girl’s suicide (CNN)

Morocco: Amina’s parents contradict official account, insist their daughter was raped

Global Rights report on violence against women in Morocco

Facebook Group Page

Policemen, Rape, Tunisia, Girl on trial, Indecent exposure…

A 27-year old Tunisian woman was raped by policemen and could now face charges of indecency and months in jail.

On a recent night, two policemen raped a Tunisian woman repeatedly in her car and when they were caught, accused her of indecency! 

The woman and her fiance were driving back from dinner when the police stopped them.  One officer took the woman’s fiancé to an ATM to rob him, while the other two raped her. When the couple complained, the police alleged that the couple were found in an “immoral position,” a charge they both deny and that was blatantly invented by her rapists to cover up their crime. To make matters worse, the Minister of Justice has denied that the charges against the woman were even made.

But if we raise our voices, we can save her from detention and pave the way for stronger protection of women’s rights in Tunisia.

Dalia Hashad posted on

Dear friends across the Middle East and North Africa,

Now she could face months in jail unless we act immediately to demand the magistrate deny these outrageous charges and insist on stronger protection of women’s rights in Tunisia.

The Tunisian president has now issued an official state apology to the woman. The Magistrate beg to differ: is still considering “indecency” charges against her.

If we build massive pressure now and show the Tunisian government that this case is being watched closely by the entire region, we can shame the Magistrate to dropping this case. 

Any day now, the Magistrate will make a decision, so if thousands of us raise our voices, we can tip the balance and help ensure that state institutions stop the flagrant abuse. Click below to sign the urgent petition and share with everyone — when 10,000 people have signed, we’ll organize a major media stunt outside the Supreme Court in Tunis:

Tunisia has historically supported women’s rights, but the new government has gone backwards.  An article has even been proposed in the draft constitution calling women ‘complementary’ to men, meaning unequal.

In a country where the female literacy rate of greater than 70% is the highest of any in North Africa, women can’t afford to lose vital government protection. 

The birth place of the Arab spring, Tunisia potentially has a bright future ahead of it and ideally the country will develop a fully independent judiciary that upholds the rule of law.

During this transitional period, there is still too much political influence over the court system. We need to ensure the magistrate here heeds the call of the world to exercise the highest calling of the judiciary: justice.

The 27-year old Tunisian woman who suffered through this monstrous experience will carry it with her the rest of her life, let’s show her she’s not alone. 

Activists across the globe have been protesting the Tunisian government’s backpedaling on women’s rights, and now is our chance to join them.

Together, the Avaaz community has fought to protect an Iranian woman from execution and delivered thousands of signatures to the Moroccan government for stronger women’s rights. Now, let’s bring our people-power to Tunisia to demand justice for women.

Dalia, Rewan, Bissan, Ian, Ricken, Mais and the entire Avaaz team

Note 1

Note 2: For more information:

Outrage in Tunisia after woman raped by police is accused of indecency

President issues ‘state apology’ in Tunisia police rape case (CNN) 

Tunis judge questions raped woman over indecency claims 

Police Rape Victim Interview on IWPR 

Tunisia: Protesters support woman in rape case (NY Times) 




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