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Your love is a strange green bird

It grows on me like a bird grows

It pecks on my fingers and my eyelids

How did this beautiful green bird showed up?

I had no thought on the matter

Who is in love never thinks.

Your love is an insuferable baby

Who breaks everything on the way

He pays me visits on rainy days

He plays with my notebook and I am patient

He plays with my emotions and I am patient.

Your love is a trying baby

People sleep and he stays awake

A crying baby I have no heart to chastise.

Your love grows alone

Like wild flowers on my doorsteps

Your love is an island

Even dreams never reach it

No explanations and no words account for it.

What kind of love is yours my baby?

A burning candle?

Or a devastating storm?

All that I know of my emotions

Is you are my love.

Who is in love never ought to think.

Note: abridged free translation from Arabic of the late famous Syrian poet Nizar Kabbani




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