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Did you breathe the Dawn?

What’s in the dawn?

Birds must be chirping.

Cool breeze must be biting.

Wet thyme must be tingling.

And I am smiling.


What’s in the dawn?

Is it raining?

Is it thundering?

Is it freezing?

I am sending a prayer

To the sick, the ill, the suffering from cold and hunger;

To the many at the end of their rope

Curtain drawn


What’s in the dawn?

I am breathing fresh life.

In a couple of hours nature dies:

The drama of the day begins

I can’t get used to that drama.

I want my dawn

Any day of the year.

Note: During this Covid-19 pandemics confinement I had to change many of my daily routine tasks and schedule. I started waking up early and take a one-hour morning walk at 5:30 am. I discovered that the chirping of birds can deafen me. It was like walking through a long tunnel, the singing of birds coming from every inch of the tunnel.

The were many periods in Lebanon that we could no longer hear birds, due to civil war, the frequent pre-emptive wars of Israel on Lebanon, or the extensive hunting of the Lebanese (just for fun).

I am glad that Corona showed me new discoveries and opportunity to change my life-style.

The perpetual rising sun around the globe (July 20, 2009)

I had this urge of witnessing dawn, rising everywhere on earth in 24 hours.  This is very feasible with a versatile landing flying jet.

It does not matter where you start; pick a location on your globe; go there, arrange your visual and sound apparatus and wait for dawn to smile.  Enjoy the scenery, take pictures and video.

Then fly quickly to another destination, land, and repeat the procedure for 24 hours.

You should plan for different variations in scenery. You may start by landing just in vast plains for 24 hours;  in just deserts, on chain mountain tops, in deep valleys, then on water masses such as oceans, seas, and large lakes.

You may repeat this experiment with selecting appropriate man-made monuments and then compare what changed in dawn’s glory.

You may repeat the experiment in various seasons; in various lunar status, in various planet realignments.

Does dawn changes? What dawn would you prefer?

Would you select a location in your retirement to just watch your preferred dawn?

Would that be worth the investment?

Project dawn is very feasible and anyone with deep pocket could do it and then share the beauty of nature at dawn.  It would be advisable to record also the sounds of birds, wild life, the wind, nature awakening to dawn.

Take measurements of many parameters of the climate: who knows? Maybe dawn is different with a combination of environmental parameters since it is all perception after all.

Since we started with dawn, how about studying the setting sun for 24 hours around the globe?  What about noon?




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