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An alternative Diagnostic technique?

Daydream project

An alternative diagnostic technique? (November 12, 2008)

I was taking a short nap to relax my legs and lower back and then, I remembered my suggestion to be aware of the automatic reflexes in my body that relaxes the erratic nerve impulses.

I had my eyes closed and was covering my face with both hands and realized regularity in my eyelids impulses.  I counted twice the beats of my eyelids for one minute, each time, and the rate was 38 beats per minutes.

I shifted my hands to my lower abdomen and the rate was 34 beats per minutes.

An idea hit me; instead of just counting the heart rate on the wrist, why not count the rates at several parts in the body?

If it takes one minute to count the heart rate and it should take no more than a couple of minutes to count the various rates with enormous advantages.

The different “beat rates” could be measured with simple detecting beat instruments linked to a simple computer or portable and the various combinations matched with normal statuses.

If the measurement of heart rates is a good preliminary diagnostic then, measuring the rates at specific parts in the body would provide a wider range of diagnostics and localized dysfunctional symptoms (i.e., not within the normal range for normal people) for heart, vein, artery, nerve or psycho-somatic ailments.

An in-depth diagnostic would then be enviable.

Most probably, a physiologist might have attempted this line of inquiry and had given up early on or no one followed up on the idea to establish it firmly as a more viable, scientific, and cheap diagnostic technique.

Most probably, Chinese medicine has mapped and pinpointed all the crucial locations for diagnosis.

It is an idea that is feasible and has promises just as counting heart rate at the wrist was judged to be promising!

Note: Later in the evening I counted 60 beats on my right wrist and 48 beats on my neck.  Try counting your beats.

How to Facilitate feasible business loans?

How about letting bank employees participate in the projects of the clients?

Daydream project: Facilitating Feasible business loans

Mankind is over 7 billion. How to deal with humanity?

Suppose a small fraction publish projects they thought about during their daydream periods.  Wouldn’t that constitute the vastest brainstorm networking session in the world?

Mind you that when I daydream a project, I am fundamentally focusing on minute details of the project, regardless of the applicable laws or consensus guidelines: Aren’t laws and “common sense” practices to be revised, reformed, modified and broken, once benefit to mankind is demonstrated?

There are many hard-working, honest, and level-headed people who can become success stories in creating profitable and fair enterprises.

The one major drawback is the funding and community backing.

You have a good business plan, you know the business, you have some equity, but lack a portion of the amount to secure a stupid loan, which should enable you to get going.

For example, purchasing modern equipment, a proper computer, hiring people…

How about local banks to set aside a fund meant to cover part of the required equity for the loan?

The bank can open an account to the loan applicant, or a joint account with an employee of the bank who can administer the cash flow.

The account is frozen until the loan is repaid, and the account reverted to the fund.

The account is just a mechanism to satisfy “standard” requirements for obtaining of a loan to a very satisfactory client.

The bank does not lose money.

Instead,the bank is gaining good clients and interest.  Actually, the fund can have shareholders from the local community, and part of the profit on the loan returned to the fund…

There are several advantages:

First, if employees in a bank are encouraged to pinpoint potential entrepreneurs among their larger family, and the employee is asked to sign the joint account with the applicant then, the employee gain a sense of empowerment, a catalyst to learn more on business creation and sustainability.

What is the use of a bank employee if the job is plain routine with no prospect to learn more about the varied banking business, and what to do at retirement, and what to do for early retirement…?

Second, the local bank is widening the sphere of its clients by empowering its employees and opening new horizons for a versatile economic base to the community.

Thirdclients with loan facilitation might be required to follow-up on courses or free training sessions on how to keep records, filling forms, prospecting for clients, improving the enterprise…

Consequently, the local bank is taking on the responsibility of forming an educated client base, which will grow the economy rapidly, and founded on firm business practices and ethical standards.

Fourth, the newly created success stories of satisfied clients will be part of the process, as training the trainers and contributing to the fund, to the community knowledge, and becoming active members in the community programs…

How to enhance job opportunity?

How to encourage people to go back to work and feel happy with what they are doing?

Isn’t community support the best means to acquiring a strong sense of community attachment?

Let money not be reserved for the well-to-do, but for those who badly need it to gain hope in a brighter future…

Note: I just added a new category “Daydream projects”. From now on I will publish projects that I thought about during my daydream periods.  My daydreaming sessions are thus very “productive”

Don’t waste it living someone else life: Steve Jobs

Note: I am updating older posts for the new followers. Somehow, these 6,700 articles need to be upgraded and updated. This post was published in 2011.

“Your time is limited”: Steve Jobs on TED

“Your time is limited: Don’t waste it living someone else life.

Your time is limited: Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.

Your time is limited: Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important,

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.

Everything else is secondary.”

This is a portion of Steve talk to TED (Technology, Education, and Development company that extend licenses for local and other country entrepreneurs to diffusing the talks of speakers (famous and less famous) registered twice a year at paid events).

I have read most of these inspiring slogans.  That Steve adopted them is great relief and a catalyst for the visionaries.

Users of Ipod and Iphone must be implicitly sending silent prayers to Steve in the coming weeks:  How many of us could dream of such a luxury?

If the natural parents of Steve (see biographical note) had decided to raise him, would Steve finish a university degree? Most probably, yes.  It is tradition for Near-East Mediterranean Sea families to see to it that their children graduate from universities.  Would Steve be a success story? Why not.  Would it be “this kind of success story”?

Did the adoptive family of Jobs done a good job? They let Steve try all kinds of electronic gadgets… Steve was so lucky: He managed to survive the critical first five years, be adopted, be fed adequately, be raised in the land of opportunities…

Streams of scientists, researchers, discoverers preceded Steve and set the foundation in digital communication and computing…

For how long Steve and his vision will last on front page? How long till it is relegated to virtual has been? Who is the next visionary to monopolize front page?

Someone wrote: “For us in Palo Alto, Steve Jobs was 15 minutes walk away…”  How many dared walk toward Steve’s direction?

Your time is limited.

Do you have a vision? Can you sustain pressure and enjoy working under pressure? If not, select another vision that requires as much work, but less stupid pressures that ruin your joy for life.

Do not worry, someone else will pick up your first vision and run with it: You have contributed to the implementation of the vision, given that you published in details your daydream project, regardless if many would deny you the essential contribution.

Work hard, not mindlessly, but mindlessly hard as you identified your strongest passions, which converge toward your dream of “What work makes me happiest?”

And the cycle closes in: Spirit, virtual vision, daydream detailed project, applied matters, trends, spirit…

Most people never cross the phase of attempting to publish their daydream project.  Why?  They don’t want to be humiliated by a few of the community pointing their fingers saying: “The fool. He can’t even earn a living…” We are surviving life!

Many blame Steve for not paying close attention to the sweatshop factories overseas, manufacturing the gadgets…

My nephew William told me that Steve was a super programmer: When Steve worked at Atari, he was paid $650 for every redundant ship he could remove from the design.  The design got so anorexic that the company paid Steve $5,000 bonus.  It turned out that Steve Wozniak was the one helping him out in Atari and Wozniak was the programmer for the first Apple computer. Any feedback?

Biographical Note: Steve was born in Feb. 24, 1955 from an American lady (Joanne Simpson) and the Syrian Abdul Fattah Jandaly.  They got married two years after Steve’s birth. In the mean time, the Jobs family had adopted Steve. In 1967, at age 12, Steve was admitted to a summer training with Hewlett-Packard: He called directly William Hewlett.

Steve graduated from Homestead high school (Cupertino) in 1972. He could not suffer university formal learning and worked with Atari (electronic games) from 1974 to 76.

In July 1976, Jobs and Steve Wozniak launched Apple 1, for $666.  Why this number 666?

Steve  married Loren Powell in 1991 and has three children.  The fourth child is from Chrissa Brennan. Steve died of cancer in the pancreas.

“Beehive Survival Nursery” Daydream Project

Mankind doesn’t have to behave like cats and dogs: If the mother is unable to feed or care for her puppies, they all die.

Billions of families live in crowded, tiny and unhealthy shelters.

No wonder the infantile mortality is high in many countries.

Mothers and new-born babies should have the human rights of having access to special centers until the mother and baby are well-trained, rested and in healthy environment.

1. All the mothers in a neighbourhood who gave birth should be allowed to join a special nursery center until the babies and the mothers are ready to fly on their own

2. The Hives of 5 cells are for 4 mothers and their new-born babies and for the attending nurse or helper. 2 nurses aid the Hive, day and night.

3. The 4 mothers share a special facility for changing and bathing the babies.

4. The Hive  will have a kitchen for the mothers to cook and share dishes

5. The Hives will have a laundry so that to encourage mothers using traditional old fashion diapers that can be re-used

6. The mothers and nurses will schedule their own time sheet to share the burden and to attend to part time jobs and events

7. The laundry or kitchen facilities could be used for continuing education sessions on what to expect in difficulties with babies and how to remedy.

8. The Hive will be opened days and nights and the mothers and babies can spend days and nights in the center, especially during critical periods

9. It is preferable that a mother who had given birth previously to join the Hive for emotional support


“Writing Rights” Daydream project

1. Everyone who has a manuscript to publish in Hard Cover should be able to publish it without an editor, As Is.

2. And for Free.

3. The new author will b provided with board and shelter at the publishing center until he finishes publishing his manuscript.

4. The first batch will be of 3 copies: One for the author, one for the center and the third one for the local library where the author resides

5. If the book generates enough interest by word of mouth, then another batch will be produced at cost, including the salary of the author and the main editor of the larger batch.

6. One rule: The author has to work in the center, focusing on his manuscript and be paid minimum wage for part time jobs in the center.

7. The author will enjoy the environment to connect and learn the publishing business while in the center

8. Manuscript from all languages, even the dying ones, and those of very ancient alphabet and other characters will be welcomed.

9. The author will be his own master and his own editor for the first batch, no questions asked.

10. These publishing centers around the world will encourage any writer to publish in his own slang and in whatever culture

11. These centers will disseminate the cultures and languages, even within minority communities, and encourage people to write in their own slang.

12. For languages with No computerized word software, a software engineer will work with professional linguist and graphic designers to simplify the characters

13. For verbal languages, the author will select the written language he prefers to translate the vocals into words, preferably in the language the local community will eventually learn.

The vision behind these centers is that the first step toward acquiring consciousness is to put into words what your spirit is speaking.

The objective is to move to the second step of awakened consciousness by actively applying your knowledge and life experience

If you have the talent and skills to pull off a Daydream project…

A feasible objective that is close to your heart… and cannot find the necessary opportunities and facilities in your home State… By all means immigrate to greener pastures.

If you lack talents, but have demonstrated that you have the necessary determination to continue your education... and cannot find the facilities for that in your Motherland… By all means seek the wide world abroad

If you decided to invest quality times with your children, a time that you lack in your Fatherland due to the harshness of survival… By all means take your children to adapt to newer human rights abiding social environment…

If you are seeking comfort and contentment and using the health/safety of your kids as an excuse… Keep working on your inner self: Added health and safety conditions abroad are never an insurance anywhere for new comers…

Unless you are fleeing a civil war or are being persecuted on the basis of freedom of expression… (You wish the world was effectively that wide and you could settle in a calmer location) do your best to change your behavior: This is an opportunity for change and appreciation for life and human rights and dignity…

If your family and social environment is strictly patriarchal, moving to a developed State with your kids is a terrible burden on the kids. Kids are adaptable, but having to adapt to a patriarchal atmosphere at home and being subjected to discrimination at school is a living hell on the kids. Unless you are willing to make the effort to adapt to the new community environment, stay home and change your behavior.

If you have reached your daydream project, do return home to manage and control the continuation of your dream where it is more needed

If you reached a satisfactory level of comfort and easy life-style, consider returning home: Facing new daily challenges is the way for another rebirth and opening up newer horizons

Proper fasting is a cure-it-all medicine: No food, plain water. What’s your protocol?

For over 60 years, medical research have been conducted on fasting in Russia, Germany, and lately in the USA (California). No pharmaceutical corporations and food industry ever contributed a dime on the benefits of proper fasting. Is this of any surprise to anyone?

The results are in:

First, experiments on mice with cancers revealed that the mice that fasted two days before being injected with heavy dose of chemo lived and were found very active, while 40% of non-fasting mice died. Why?

The genes of normal cells in the fasting body manage to regulate their behavior with the new state of shock of the body, while the abnormal cells tend to die. The chemo achieve the remaining abnormal cells that have barely survived…

Second, after a proper fasting period, most bodily and mental anomalies return to normal functional states and the organs recapture their normal regulatory functions in secreting the appropriate hormones. 

Arterial tensions, sugar blood level, tetraglycerine…return to normal levels. Many diseases (pulmonary and others…) were cured during fasting by permitting the cells to dissipate the chemicals, medicines, and unwanted hormones that they were bloated with. How?

In the first day of fasting, all the glucose are depleted. Glucose (sugar) is the readily source of energy that is quickly transformed and absorbed: The brain needs glucose to function.

In the third day of fasting, 94% of the energy are generated from the decomposition of the body fat and 4% only from the proteins in the muscles.

Thus, a person weighting 70 kilo might have 15 kilo of fat, a source that can sustain 40 days of fasting while the muscles are practically intact. The male penguin sits on the egg for 4 months (real fasting period) before he has to go to sea to feed on fish: By this time, the female is back to resume the hatching period…

This process is common to all animals and mankind: First glucose is consumed, then the fat, and lastly the protein…

The toughest day is the third in the fast: The person feels joint aches, headache, nausea, feeling under the weather, and craving all kinds of food that he loves…

By the fifth day, a state of euphoria and well-being submerges the fasting individual, and life is light and the tasks are very manageable…

What’s your protocol for fasting?

My protocol is to go easy and at stages.

Stage 1: You fast two days in the first week.

Stage 2: You fast 4 days a week later. Just to experiment with the aches and pains of the 3rd days and realize that you survived and doing much better.

Stage 3: You fast 5 days a week later so that you experience the state of “feeling good” and discovering how you fared on the 3rd day.

Mind you, that during all these fasting stages you are actually losing fat and your internal organs (liver, kidneys,…) are re-learning to regulate their tasks and secreting the proper amount of hormones as they were supposed to be doing normally.

Stage 4: You fast 6 days, once every month, for 3 successive months and check how this cure is benefiting your body and mind.

Where to undergo fasting cure?

I cannot see how fasting can be done at home: The family members will be unable to survive without cooking and you smelling the good food, or not eating and drinking (things other than water) in front of you…

Mind you that you are fasting 24 hours per day from all kinds of food and you are drinking only plain water…

The problem is: Which fasting clinic will allow you to perform your own fasting protocol?

My daydream project is opening a fasting clinic with the motto: “Fast your own protocol

The client will check in the clinic and will submit to two days of learning everything on fasting, the research papers, the statistics, its consequences, the processes, the benefits, the side effects…and thorough physical tests.  The client will end up devising his own protocol for the staff in the clinic to supervise…

The fasting clinic will refrain from imposing any physical exercises or activities that the client is not hot of pursuing…

It is normal that the client be proposed a varieties of activities to undertake so that he is kept busy and to sleep like a baby after a long day of diversified tasks (physical and mental).

Fasting can become easy when experimented on stages.

Fasting longer than a week might require very specialized medical teams to supervise and follow up…I guess.

Daydream project: Restructuring engineering schools and practices…

Technological breakthroughs are exhibiting their medium-term harms: We are at the beginning phase for experiencing the benefits and harms of technologies that we can invent and produce, but do not comprehend or grasp the consequences.

We are traversing a dangerous period without adequate check and balance on the production of new inventions, and are tampering with human genome and agricultural and animal cloning: The consequences might be irreversible this time around on our survival.

We have created enough tools, processes, and know-how to invent all kind of products without the need of thorough theoretical foundations.  It is like a machine that invents new machines with what it already knows. The vast array of tools technology has in its arsenal is driving more technologies:  Theory is becoming an after thought.  Since science requires a rational model, the fast pace of technological inventions decided it can do without theory or rational models .

Experiments require plenty of time, financial and human resources in order to validate and test the consequences of new technological products on human health, and safe usage. The backlog for long-term testing is stretching long, particularly initiated when consumers lodge complaints and file legal suits, and health and safety evaluations can never catch up with what is thrown in the market place.

For example, developed States have realized that a process for testing and validating the consequences of pharmaceutical products before marketing was a must to safeguard health and safety of the consumers; but even that process was not adequate enough or ethically stringently applied when pharmaceutical new products were tested in the third world populations.

Technology is the new metaphysical ideology for defining youth:  You are as young as you can keep up with new updates.  How fast and how readily you can manipulate and use new gadgets is the main criterion for youthfulness, for keeping your membership in the new cult.

The technology cult means that you should have faith in what the market is providing you in updates and inventions, because ultimately, it is you, the kid, the youth who is testing, validating and selling the technology at your own risk.

Technology is basically a cultural revolution against abstract or theoretical works, whether in religion, metaphysics, or sciences. The motto in the technology circles is : “There is no good or evil in technology. Let us keep inventing and let the less expensive and quicker trial and error methods sort out what is beneficial to mankind.  Let youth, these flexible and adaptable mind, these spiritually and culturally ignorant spirits, and these energetically undaunted and bold souls, be our guinea pigs as they used to be historically”.

Mind you that “corporation universities” are surpassing traditional universities and retraining graduates to specific technological fields, sort of hand-on the main business products or services.  Basically, corporation universities are sending the message that the baggage of knowledge of graduates is not appropriate for this fast technology innovation, and fast turn-over of new products.

What of this new “knowledge slavery” of keeping graduate students in a state of training and retraining positions in order to saving money on hiring new personnel and professionals? For more details read

For all the above reasons, it is becoming urgent to rethink how engineering schools are structured.

First of all, since engineering is fundamentally a design field for mankind, the main goal for designing and redesigning objects, systems, and services is to focus on the health, safety, and dangerous malfunctions of any product sold to consumers. The design process is to cater to the target users, and also to the eventual usage of other people not trained or aware of the warnings.

It is necessary that first year engineers and designers (graphic designers, architects…) be conversant with the consequences of designing any product and the various testing and evaluation procedures of the extent to which any design might harm and injure clients.

Learning the different error taxonomies and the research studies on human behaviors when exposed to new objects and systems are a must for any engineer.

Second year engineers should be methodically taught the various experimental designs, and not wait for graduate programs to brush on this highly important field of designing experiments. This idea that the theories behind design are sacrosanct and need not be revisited is a dangerous concept: We need not live with the illusion that we do know how the natural world function.  Critical innovations are generated by revisiting old theories and practices through more experimentation perspectives.

Mind you that people live under different cultures, customs and idiosyncracies, and the designer first task is to be knowledgeable of the culture of the customers. “Good design captures and takes control of every interface and interaction between the consumer and the brand, right down to the tiniest details, from opening to closing of the package…” Grant McCraken

Any engineering research study must be explicit on how the data, results, and recommendations can be applicable in design projects for the health, safety, and comfort of users and operators.

Daydream project: Restructuring medical  profession and health care providers systems

My daydreaming started by recollecting that nurses are the ones who took care of me, smiled to me, and had compassion to my predicament after each surgery: Surgeons spent less than a minute after their job was done, if they ever found it necessary or had time to visit their patients.  The entire health care system is fundamentally run by nurses, carried on the shoulders of nurses…Philippina nurses in the US (at least a decade ago).

Eduardo Galeano wrote this story: “It is 1984, in the prison of Lurigancho at Lima (Chili).  Luis Nino is inspecting the prison for the count of a human rights organization.  Luis is crossing sick prisoners, vomiting blood, agonizing, open wounds, with fever…Luis meets the chief medical staff and ask why the physicians are not making any routine health rounds…The physician replies: “We, physicians, intervene at the calls of nurses…”  And where are the nurses? The chief retorts: “The budget for the prison didn’t allocate funds for nurses…”

I got into thinking: “If I ever come into big money, or get in a position of power, I will take care of the nurses, better their standard of living, extending material values and dignity to their hard work, get engaged with Occupy Health Care protests…I will rent buildings close to hospitals and rent rooms very affordably to nurses, and let the nurses run the building…and installing a modern facility in the building for continuing education and providing vans and affordable transport system for the nurses who can barely make ends meet…”

My ideas went wild and I got into thinking: “The entire medical system and health care providers need restructuring in order for nurses to receiving their fair share in the gratitude of patients and return on the huge profit and…”

I saved the post as a draft, with the intention to publish as my daydreaming project is complete, and then I said: “This project is hardly ever going to be complete. Publish whatever you have and let readers be inspired and finish it for you…”

The project is not meant to abolish current health institutions, medical schools and health services, but to establish an alternative system, funded by States until the new alternative institutions start generating followers and fund-raisers and…

The idea is that students in all medical fields (nurse, dietetics, massage provider, biologist, veterinarian, dentist, Red Cross volunteer, hospital administration, hospital manager, pharmacist, psychologist, psychiatrist, medical students, Ergonomics designers, medical equipment designers and operators…) share nursing practices in the first couple of years, get paid from year one, and are of practical service to the communities, particularly in rural areas, poorer districts, and in time of catastrophic events.

The University program and curriculum are reviewed so that practical initiations with patients and health institutions are offered in tandem with theoretical and general knowledge are focused on.

All students enrolled in one of the medical fields mentioned above have to learn and work as nurses for the first two years, and earn their living.

Year One:  Medical students, in all fields mentioned above, work in hospital and learn to deliver first aides services (like Red Cross volunteer courses), communicate with patients, get initiated with hospital administration and procedures…

Practical initiation: trauma cases, drug cases, vaccination procedures, types of contagious diseases, curable diseases

Formal courses: Physiology, musculo-skeletal disorders, introduction to Human Factors issues, heath and safety in hospital and workplaces, experimental design, statistical analysis…

Year Two: Medical students learn to be exposed to surgery room practices and procedures, anesthesiology room, pharmacy section, and hospital administration…

Practical initiation: blood testing procedures, urine testing procedures, tropical diseases diagnostics, injection, administering medication,

Formal courses in Anatomy, designing surveys and collecting data, analysing and interpreting peer-reviewed scientific research and sorting out valid experiments, introduction to pharmacology,…

Year Three: Students targeting fields in (medical equipment design and operation, hospital management and administration, dietetics, massage provider, biologist, and psychology) part from the other students into specialized universities and sections.

The remaining students get skills in small skin surgery, dialysis procedures, intensive care units, hard to cure diseases…Formal course in neurology, in-depth reading of peer-review scientific research articles, designing and performing controlled experiments,…

In year four, the students in the medical fields part ways.  Except for the general physician practitioners, dentists, pharmacists, psychoanalysts, the other students should be ready to graduate in their preferred subject of interest.  At worse, a couple of courses might be needed to achieve their requirements.

Rationales for this alternative system:

1. The “psychological” divide between physicians and nurses is “physically and mentally” reduced

2. Physicians will be readier to empathize with patients

3. Physicians will be initiated with the “physical understanding” of the job of nurses, and will feel readier to support nurses demands and syndicates for continuing education and resume the study to becoming full-fledged physicians…

4. Communities will enjoy a much larger pool of health providers in the events of catastrophes, war, economic downturn…

5. Earning a living from year one and feeling confident as a valued citizen

6. Efficient interactions and interrelations among health institutions

7. Nurses playing vaster roles as communicators and transmitters link among patients and specialized physicians, particularly for remote patients, neglected patients in residences, uncovered patients with any health insurance…

8.  How about you forward me with all your rationales, suggestions, and developed comments?

Note: It is becoming evident that modern schooling system is principally a big detention center for the youth in order to keeping them “away from the streets”.  Kids do not need 13 years of formal schooling before going to universities or learning practical skills and talents to earning a living by the age of 15. It is not knowledge that they are learning, but regurgitation of consensus information.

Reflective learning and self-learning are not appreciated on the ground that kids are not “ready to discuss, ponder and ask the right questions…”  Kids have to earn a living from skilled maintenance professions before considering higher education in fields of their interests…

In general, in almost every society, you have about 15% of the population deemed unnecessary for producing and contributing to the development of the” system”: They are confined in ghetto quarters to fend for their survival and are basically the ones incarcerated in order to show “statistically” that the police force is doing its job…




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