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Beyond Pros and Cons in decision making? I am curious to know what else we should expect

Decision-Making for Leaders: Beyond Pros and Cons

You believe in the conclusion, and then you create supporting arguments.” Daniel Kahneman

Or you think your hard and focused research give you the confidence to proclaim your biased tendency as the truth of your subject matter?

You weigh options based on the decision you’ve already made, while pretending to be open minded.

The pros and cons method doesn’t work because you discount options that don’t support the decision you’ve already made.

Leaders make decisions and then find ways to look smart for making them.


It helps to know the problem you’re trying to solve before you try solving it.

  1. What problem are you really solving?
  2. Why does the problem matter?
  3. What if you do nothing?


Explain the process when you include others.

Don’t delegate decision-making responsibility if the decision is yours. Explain that you’re exploring options.

How will team decisions be made? Consensus? 100% agreement?


Bad moods produce self-defeating behaviors.

How do you feel? Happy, worried, angry, afraid, fatigued, disgusted?

How might your emotional state impact the option that seems most desirable?

Sadness makes you willing to pay more but charge less.

Angry people tend to take more risks.

  1. What or who are you protecting? People hate losing more than they enjoy winning.
  2. What does your current emotional state suggest you are trying to achieve?
  3. How might you delay decision-making when emotional states are suboptimal?

(And anxious people tend to resolve a tough problem that initially was expected to be easy?)


  1. Create multiple options and narrow them to three. (Why Not just 2?)
  2. Bombard your options with questions.
  3. Include others in the process. Involve Doers and Dreamers.


  1. This decision makes me proud because….
  2. Imagine bragging about your decision to your children, spouse, or parents. What would you say?


  1. How do these options impact relationships with customers? Team members?
  2. How do these options strengthen or weaken relationships?


How do these options serve customers?


Which of these options best fulfills our mission?


How do these options reflect who you aspire to become?


How do these options express what really matters to me?

How might leaders go beyond pros and cons when it comes to decision-making?

What are dumb ways to make decisions?

How complex are decision making?

Complex decision making is a skill—it can be learned, and some people are significantly better at it than others.

It involves instinct, without a doubt, but also the ability to gather information that seems irrelevant, to ignore information that seems urgent, to patiently consider not just the short term but the long term implications.

The loudest critics have poor track records in every one of these areas.

Mostly, making good decisions involves beginning with a commitment to make a decision.

That’s the hard part. Choosing the best possible path is only possible after you’ve established that you’ve got the guts and the commitment to make a decision.

There’s times you are in positions of serious decision making

And you think you have learned the lessons for getting things done

I don’t care about your idea: there are plenty of ideas floating around”

I don’t have patience for your dirty rough drafts”

I have no time for your feeling the ground of my position on an issue”

If you are serious about a project, act as if it is your daydream project, with a serious team of professionals ready to execute your project.

Bring me a neat handwritten (I am tired of copy/paste sheets) and detailed project, neat handmade sketches, names of people willing to participate and cooperate on the project, each person in the team responsible for specific operational phase

If you consider your project to be that important and urgent enough, you have to demonstrate that you are investing time and energy on the plans, even before anyone invest anything on it.

I don’t want a long list of reference of sources. I want description and analysis of a few sources of experiments exhibiting the flaws, limitations and insufficiencies of the “peer reviewed articles“.

I want to know that you are proficient in reading the experimental designs, the procedures, the  controlling variables, the statistical analysis…  and how you would redesign the experiment to answer a few of your unresolved questions.

If you have disseminated your project adequately, you’ll discover that the Tribe of fans is formed already, and all this tribe need is for you to lead it. Get busy spreading your project and lead.

Money shouldn’t be of a major hurdle once the team is dedicated and behave as a tribe to make the project a success story.

There’s times you are in positions of serious decision making

I am ready to sit down and discuss for long hours with you and your team on the feasibility of the project, fine-tune the ideas, the phases of execution, the marketing plan, and re-consider the key personnel who are ready to start on the job full time and drop the redundant jobs.

The personnel anxious to wake up every morning with enthusiasm and confidence to break down the barriers and obstacles…

I want something well thought out and backed by a team of dedicated professionals willing to shoulder their responsibilities.

Get busy disseminating and assembling your team.

Get busy connecting and gathering your fans’ reactions and propositions.

That’s the best approach to convince me to meet with you and facilitate your project.






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