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Tidbits and Notes. Part 284

All “free” institutions are Not taken seriously: you also cannot enjoy any facility without a token of contribution.

Don’t contribute to institutions who claim to be “Not for profit“: someone is paying for Not paying your taxes. Only the relatives are being paid.

“Si tu ne trouve pas un mari… tu es stupid. Si tu perds un mari… tu es nulle”? D’accord, mais pas tout de suite: je dois reflechir encore.

L’echec de l’imagination commune? Si ca ne marche pas avec deux personnes qui “s’aime”, pouquoi cette imagination doit fonctionner dans une commune? Occasionnellement, les interets communs ne cherchent pas l’amour et ca marche. Au moins un interet, de temps en temps, pour la survie.

L’amour ne se crit pas: il se prouve pas les actions de compassion

“On n’abandonne jamais avant qu’un miracle ne se produise”? Est-ce pour cela que l’on ne se suicide pas? Parceque nous ne savons rien des miracles, pour les rencontrer?

The lesson from New Zealand on decriminalizing sex work: When it came to making sex work safer, they were ready to hear it straight from sex workers themselves. It was written in collaboration with sex workers; namely, the New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective

On devient racist: la famille et la communaute’ nous ont coupe’ les ponts. Et l’ ecole n’est pas mieux avec son enseignement tacit. Comment peut-on communiquer si les questions fondamentales ne sont pas pose’ pour y reflechir dessus?

Opioid-maker Insys agreed to pay a $225 million settlement. The drugmaker admitted to bribing doctors to prescribe Subsys, a spray used to treat pain in cancer patients and which contains fentanyl.

Why USA never demanded Israel to conduct a single referendum on any one of major issues in the Middle-East? Like retaining the Golan Heights, Jerusalem as Capital or building Walls of Shames?

J’ etouffe quand j’entend une personne dire “je suis devenu un religieux Orthodox”. Et j’entend le message: “J’ai deja attent le point de la degraingolade morale. Je ne veux plus reflechir”

The main difference between human genders is: After sex, the male’s mind is blank, while the female’s is overcrowded. If the female fails to prime the silence with an opinion, without any questions, the conversation is declined. And you have people claiming that it is Not the woman who generates the ideas. I deduce that people who are denied sex, their opinions are Not shared and go unnoticed.

A combination of 400 kinds of olfactory receptors means each person smells things a little (or a lot) differently from the next.

40 million: Olfactory receptor neurons in the human brain. 1 trillion: Smells a human adult can distinguish

Using 34 odors and 35 descriptors we could individually identify each of the 7 billion people on earth. ”It took as little as 10 minutes to start separating one subject’s fingerprint from another, but it would take a few hours to get enough data to distinguish a distinct olfactory fingerprint from all the other noses on earth.





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