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Is the process of “Natural Selection” almost over?

Resurgence of Man-Made Selective processes?

In developed countries, 9 out of 10 kids reach the age of 21.

And every one of these survivors from infantile mortality (prevalent in underdeveloped countries) can spread his “deficient” genes as never before and generate “defective progeny“: medicine and hygiene engineering are permitting asthma patients to live beyond the age of 5 and live to be 80!

In the time of Shakespeare, 1 out of 3 kids lived to be 21 years of age, and barely lived to go beyond 40.

This ratio didn’t improve substantially, even in the time of Dickens, 3 centuries later...

If you visit the graves of the rich people, you’ll notice that most of the dead were children

In the 19th century, the rich people who had homes used wet towels on windows to block the nasty smells emanating from the river Thames.

It is no surprise that Charles Darwin criteria for “natural selection” was founded on mortality rate: The better fit had higher odds to survive, long enough, to procreate and propagate “fitter genes” in these harsh conditions of living…

Only in the last 7 decades did mankind experienced living to be over 60 of years.

And the modern criteria for natural selection is: “How healthy are the sperms? And is their count high enough to fecundate the females of mankind…?”

Evidences in modern day age are showing that the sperms tend “to lose direction and not focus on the target ovary and give up too early on their unique job… Lack of energy even at that stage?”

In countries with normal sperms, at least in count, the odds are that their people will survive, regardless of how plagued they are in famine, dying from curable diseases, malnourished, antiquated civil human rights, faulty public health…

Mind you that there is a difference between the notion of natural selection and the adaptive concept of mankind to the environment. For example:

People living in high altitudes developed intricate, vast networks of larger veins and arteries to facilitate the flow of blood in these rarefied oxygen climates. Their red blood count is almost the same with people living in seashores, otherwise, they’ll be dying like flies from blood coagulation…

People in tropical climates develop resistance to diseases carried by flies: They are infected, but many survive, long enough, to procreate under “favorable” customs and traditions…

Two decades ago, with the breakthrough in genetic engineering and medicines, many rich people are selecting the genes, tailored-made, to their choices in colors of hair, skin, eyes… The specialized hospitals and clinics do not make much fuss with their clients’s demands…

The technology is here for the trans-human clubs of the rich and powerful to “improve their genes”, but they are a very tiny fraction of the 7 billion of people who are resuming their life, as if nothing has changed…

This is another story for a special article relevant to the kinds of Singularity University, Peter Diamondis, Kurtzwel….Those believing that soon, the rich billionaires,  if they will it, will live to be eternal.

Eternal billionaires conversing with eternal people, sitting tight, and watching the billion of mankind dying every day, and having a blast

The bottom line for mankind survival is: “How to rejuvenate those lazy sperms, totally disoriented and going nowhere? What are the factors that are ruining the count and health of sperms…?”

Why the Western States are the most afflicted in their “manhood”?




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