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And what the passionate youths want? Justice, eradication of privileges of the elite classes and human treatment of workers (No sweat shops). The youth movements fail because they forget to include what the retired and elderly people want: reforms of hospitals, hospices, decent living for those experiencing the nastiest of cruelty and indignities after a life time of toil.

The Real #deficit is different from the deficit announced by the state. He takes into account the #unpaid, the #arrears, and the accounts camouflaged and camouflaged outside the budget. At that time only we’ll be able to talk about #deficit _ real

 USA doesn’t care about that kind of deficit (unpaid, arrears, camouflage debts…): it has sovereign debt in the trillion. The same case for all the colonial powers who get extremely low interest rates on their foreign loans

Bomis’s concept and money made possible a side project called Nupedia, inspired by Wales’s childhood love of the World Book Encyclopedia. Nupedia posted articles after they had been vetted by experts and peer-reviewed. But peer review doesn’t scale. When Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia founder) sat down to write an entry about an economist that would have been edited by top academics, he realized what an intimidating and cumbersome process they had created.

Ne pas savoir est une autre forme de ne pas venir en aide aux victimes. Il faut remonter aux sources des inustices.

L’envers d’un homme et l’endroit d’une femme, cela en vaut: ces endroits sont aussi sensibles, et ne divisent pas les heritages? The practical British institutions turned a blind eye, as long as the sexual preference is Not acknowledged publicly, in order Not to disturb the Victorian conservatism.

Un philosophe antique, comme le moderne, a 2 fonctions: convaincre autrui (un sophist) ou convaincre soi-meme (un sage). La connaissance generale peut etre un catalyst pour la premiere fonction, mais a contre-courant pour se convaincre de sa vraie “self”.

The soul, the spirit… are what your brain interpret of your sensory experiences. Since we mostly ignore or forget the “context” of our experiences (people, environment, emotional status…) it is impossible to classify the types of spirit we ended up with.

Le system educationel de Seduction: offrire a ceux qui paient bien, l’impression qu’ils sont intelligent et beaux.

The ancient city-state of Athens could Not swallow the concept of free expressions in public. Athens political structure was mainly controlled by the oligarchy and the rich conservatives. And the famous “philosophers” like Socrates, Anaxagoras and Protagoras charged extravagant stipends from all these adventurer aristocrats, seeking political status through fomenting successive wars to keep the empire cowed and the subjugated city-sates paying their due taxes.

“Moi, je denonce les idees des autres ignorants. Le chien a une ame: il peut distinguer les humains amicaux et ceux hostilent a son existence” Diogene

1993: Internet pioneer Rick Gates suggests that a free, open-source encyclopedia could exist on the internet (he called it “Interpedia”).

1995: Ward Cunningham makes the first “wiki,” from the Hawaiian word for “quick” and inspired by Apple’s HyperCard programming language.

2001: American entrepreneurs Larry Saunders and Jimmy Wales register the domains and

Why do they have to use trick terms? Why instead of “Leave” and “cancel” they don’t use “Do Not save” and “Save”? Leave should Not mean (Do Not save)

Israeli soldiers target a child and then wait to shoot at anyone who rushes to check on the child

“‘ When you have two sets of laws, two sets of norms, two sets of values, two sets of roads.’ How would you call such a State of Israel? Apartheid for sure, and worse, a colonial occupier too

Singapore lady PM Halima Yakoub wear the veil: Who said wearing the veil is synonymous to degraded society? Singapore of 6 million has a NP of $300 billion, with the strongest of passport

Want to track down which banks finance and enable illegal Israeli settlements? has launched this new database to support bank divestment campaigns from Israel’s occupation.



A compliment from him, a flatter from her and pretty soon you’ve got a Date (February 16, 2009)

            In the same talking “A mockery from him, derision from her and pretty soon you’ve got a divorce on your hand” I am not sure if these are established and trademark quotes, they just came to mind and I thought they are good for an article.  I remember a quote in that vein from a US congressman “A billion here, a billion there and pretty soon you’ve got a budget in deficit” This quote is over half a century old; nowadays, we should say “A trillion here, a trillion there and pretty son you’ve got world finance in inflation”   

So far, every rich State has poured in its “economy” hundreds of billions as “emergency fund” and we are told that this crisis is to last 10 years.  I am very curious; how many billions are circulating around the world every day, and how many billions in cash money are “saved” in the world, and how much the GNP of all the States in the world are worth?  I am curious, how much money should be needed right now to stabilize world finance?  I am curious; where all these billions would be extracted from to ‘stabilize world finance” if economies all around are bankrupt, closing down, not producing, and not finding consumers to “stabilizing” their cash flow?  I started being curious and now I am pretty worried.

In my State, recognized by the UN, one stupid billion dollars is a huge sum; it seemingly covered the destructions and compensation of 33 days of an intensive offensive war by the Zionist State, an apartheid State also recognized by the UN by a majority of only one vote in 1948.  One billion is such an astronomical amount for my tiny State that the Prime Minister could not help but enhance his criminal penchant by using the billion in aid as “collateral” to borrow money and line his pockets and his close collaborators.  Go figure, using cash money as collateral!  How bad can it be? 

The irony does not stop here, the oil State that lent us the billion for “reconstruction” is the same State that encouraged Israel to extending the war for 33 days. Go re-figure, extending money to Israel to wage an offensive war and then extending money to Lebanon to reconstruct!  How can the world be in recession?

            Back to the dating dilemma.  I have read a post in the humor category; the lady was wondering how the term “Dating” has evolved lately because she has not dated for a long time.  I submitted a comment saying “Stop wondering. It is the woman’s task to elucidate what dating means to a guy.  The guy has no idea what to date means since it is the only word that conveys a sense of liking someone.  It is the girl’s job to construct a series of multiple choices that should help the guy in understanding what he really wants from a date. 

Open questions such as “What do you mean by date?” is tantamount to failure and quick discouragement.  The lady has to offer choices of what she likes to do during a date so that if there is a match in one of the activities then a date can be contemplated.  Then, it is one date at a time with another series of inventive series of multiple choices, though this time around the list of choices has to be somewhat lengthier and growing in length by each date.




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