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Tidbits and comments. Part 402

Purdue Pharma offered up to $12 billion to settle its opioid lawsuits. The OxyContin manufacturer and its owners, the Sackler family, face more than 2,000 cases alleging that they fueled a deadly addiction epidemic across the US

If Kokhavi, Israel high commander of the northern front, were Not dead or seriously injured, as communicated by social medias, wouldn’t Israel exhibited him publicly as well and kicking? Did Hezbollah came to the conclusion that Kokhavi was the commander who assassinated the two Hezbollah fighters, Zabeeb and Daher, near Damascus?

With validation therapy, caretakers don’t correct confused patients, particularly Alzheimer patient: instead, they go along with it without asking questions, similar to improving acting. There is no way to keep “reality correction or reality orientation) behavior since they’ll forget it right away. My mother has a kind of this confused condition and cannot utter any full sentence or remember names, people and objects. Actually, mother view TV as a live situation and that people on TV are talking to her personally.

The western colonial powers coined terms Semitic and Aryan to differentiate their white racist ideology from the rest of the world. The Middle-East people and Islamic world were labelled Semitic. How a Jew likes to be labelled? According to color of skin or colonial passport he carries? Funny that Iranians snatched this myth to consider themselves Aryan. Same stupid position for Georgians, Armenians, and people around the Black Sea.

The name Palestine was coined 12 centuries before the existence of any sect called Jewish. The Palestinians occupied the stretch of land from El Arich, Gaza and Eshkelon. The remaining land was called Canaan and Jerusalem was the Capital of the Canaanite Kingdom. The Jews were mere Bedouins south of current Judea and never reached any kinds of seas or river.

Later, the Jews warrior God Jehovah was used by the Canaanite during period of wars to incite the mercenary tribal Jews to cooperate and a tiny idol temple for Jehovah installed in Jerusalem close to the Kingdom main temple. Mind you that Israel means “Isra El” or the land of El, the highest God among the gods of the Canaanite and Phoenician Gods. The same as the Idol Allah (from El) was the highest among the “Arabic peninsula” gods before Islam

In Sept. 5, 2017, ISIS prisoners, after today liberation of Deir Zour ( 1,000 days in defensive position by the Syrian army, much longer than Stalingrad) confirmed they coordinated their attacks on Syria army with the USA. Actually, the Syrian army was set to liberate this region in 2017, but USA conducted air strikes to prevent any advances.

Vacuum cleaners mechanism didn’t change since its inception. The counter-intuitive design of making the vacuum’s container see-through, observe the dust accumulating in the bag, made a marketing success.

Professionals vacuuming procedure: don’t Go back and forth.

1) Vacuum a row of carpet in one direction, wall-to-wall.

2) Pull the vacuum back over that strip you just vacuumed.

3) Once you’re back to your starting place, vacuum another strip right next to the first, overlapping slightly.

4) Keep doing this until the whole room has been vacuumed.

5) After the entire room is done, vacuum the room going the opposite direction.

Henry Dreyfuss, born into the theatrical supplies business, began his career as an apprentice to Norman Bel Geddes, a stage designer who became an iconic industrial designer. Dreyfuss would go on to become a founding father of the ergonomics movement; his studio’s Humanscale reference books, based in part on his Hoover work, pioneered the intensive use of measurements in designing industrial products.

“Appearance always goes hand in hand with how something works,” Dyson’s design director told The Guardian. “James wanted a clear bin so you could see how much dust the machine was picking up. Many people were uncomfortable with that idea—who wants to look at the nasty stuff you’re sucking off the floor—but he stuck to his guns and now it’s a hallmark piece of design.”

Tidbits and notes. Part 291

Twitter demands that I share my phone # in order to resume sharing my comments, and I refuse to abide by this constraint. I don’t know the dangerous consequences. Facebook is smarter and wiser: It also request my phone # but doesn’t exclude me from “sharing” and commenting.

The Modern States that learned to listen to the demands and request of its people and reacts promptly in reconsidering its laws are the most advanced, regardless of their size in land and population and are the most respectful of the UN resolutions regarding human rights. They have confidence that their educated and cultured citizens are more attuned to the world calamities than their functional institutions.

If Raping is not about power, then what is it? Shattering another person life for a stupid exercise in power exhibition. And Not even being endowed by gender to get the pleasure that women get.

Experiments on mice with cancers revealed that the mice that fasted two days before being injected with heavy dose of chemo lived and were found very active, while 40% of non-fasting mice died. Why?

The third day in the fast protocol is the toughest: The person feels joint aches, headache, nausea, feeling under the weather, and craving all kinds of food that he loves…

By the fifth fasting day, a state of euphoria and well-being submerges the fasting individual, and life is light and the tasks are very manageable…

My daydream project is opening a fasting clinic with the motto: “Fast your own protocol”. The client will check in the clinic and will submit to two days of learning everything on fasting, the research papers, the statistics, its consequences, the processes, the benefits, the side effects…and thorough physical tests.  The client will end up devising his own protocol for the staff in the clinic to supervise…

White, middle-class, heterosexual men, usually middle-aged or the “Default Man” dominate the upper echelons of our society, imposing, unconsciously or otherwise, their values and preferences on the rest of the population. They make up an overwhelming majority in government, in boardrooms and also in the media.

I can conjecture that the US in Tanaf military base (south-east Syria) are already sick and tired of remaining in this isolated desert hot location. Summer has Not even started and the sand storms will break any time soon. Even mercenaries are Not willing to go there. Get out quick: it is Not that strategic in the first place and Jordan and Iraq are sick a tired of USA antics.

I contend that the “Armenians” and the “Kurds” were initially of the same tribes, roaming the same Land: of all the Black Sea regions and all the mountain range from Turkey to Iran. They constituted powerful successive empires. As the Armenians and the Russians adopted the Orthodox Christian sect, the Armenians sided with Russia in all its incursions and expansion on the Ottoman Empire. The Kurds adopted Islam and sided with all the empires that ruled Turkey. Turkey vastly relied on the Kurds to prosecute its genocide plans on the Armenians. And some people claim that “monolithic” religions are benign forces.

I contend that it is inevitable that Iran and Turkey will strike a long-term deal, as they always did in the past. Iran and Turkey are the most advanced economically with stable political systems. Iran will effectively “administer” southern Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and the northern seashore provinces of current Saudi Kingdom. Turkey will administer all the remaining parts of so-called Greater Syria. That would be the consequences of the western colonial powers dividing the Near-Eastern and Middle-Easter people, even before they created their Zionist movement.

One version of the story goes like this: Daesh Abu Baker was a member of Saddam Hussein Republican guards and many of Al Nusra “leaders” were members of Jordan Royal guards. These “guards” were trained to behave as reckless assassins, modern razzia without any restrictions, when let loose by the Saddam or Jordan monarch. Syria had in its prisons most of the Muslim Brotherhood Al Nusra and Abu Baker also. As the uprising in Syria spread in most cities, Syria President liberated 1000 of Al Nusra and also Abu Baker to incite exaggerated killing and ransacking. The USA and colonial powers had all the intelligence pieces and capitalized on them to divide and “exhaust” the Syrian people.

Apparently, most of the powerful “Arab” tribes in Deir Zour and North-East Syria paid allegiance to Saddam Hussein during the Baath Party feud between Saddam and Hafez Assad. The houses posted the pictures of Saddam and were well armed. No wonder then how Daesh (ISIS) quickly entered Al Raqqa and swiftly advanced to Mosul.

Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 50

Sexto Rodriguez ( a US singer of late 1950′, from Detroit et who lived a few years in South Africa), was more famous than Elvis and sold more disks than Elvis and the Rolling Stones in South Africa. He was Not known in the USA and was believed to be dead for 40 years.

La plus lente des caravans dans notre pays: Le temps

The secret service agents, particularly those assigned to desks, have this transcendental belief system of a “God-Police” that moves events around the world. A “God-Key” to comprehend the Obscure Underworld.

The US coalition bombed a Daesh chemical depot in east Deir Zour (Syria). Hundreds of civilian casualties. How the media will cover this calamity? How the UN will react?

Le present n’est pas une possibilité future parcequ’il est sans raison “Je ne suis pas, j’étais”. (Ca ne tient pas debout philosophiquement, mais on apprécie cette approche du passé durant les periodes de desespoir détraqués).

Tu ne peux plus supporter la pensée que tu ne souffriras plus comme ca. Si “câ ne peut pas durer” n’est concevable que sous forme de cataclysme, on nage vers une revolution impossible.

On essay de faire le vide des quotidiens passés pour retrouver une sanité passagére. Une maniére d’être envers les possibilités.

Le present chemine dans l’ombre, un fleuve souterrain, et ne réapparait que lorsequ’on prend conscience qu’il est déja passé.

A ne pas confondre la temporalité avec la chronologie: le temps se remet a vivre quand la pendule s’arréte de fonctionner

Le present chasse l’autre qui surgit comme un voleur, énorme, impensable.

Comment passer des actes et d’exemples d’amour qui sont conquérantes  á des discours d’idées pour un public inconnu?

C’est la sotte haine/mepris, pas le meurtre, qui nous enrage. L’angoisse que la haine triomphe le plus souvent me pétrifie

L’obligation de “faire quelque chose pour vivre” et faire un choix que l’on n’a pas la sensation d’être juste et approprié

Cette opacité du present qui devrait trouver chaque assertion: l’incompréhension de ce qu’on vit au moment, ce moment qui n’a jamais existé dans notre conscience.

C’est bête de ne pas savoir á quel moment on est le plus heureux. Pas moyen de le savoir: le future est toujours plus brilliant avant la cinquantaine

La métaphysique du temps chez Faulkner? Le malheur de l’homme est d’etre temporal, la somme de ses propres malheurs, et pourtant, on s’appercoit que c’est le temps qui est notre malheur

Tout ne prend corps qu’avec le recul.

Il est temps de créer des romans fantastiques qui ne sont pas connectés á l’espéce humaine. Le fantastique des savoir et connaissances nouvelles adoptées par notre espéce. Comme les monde des atomes, levure, galaxies…

Ce qui est navrant: on visit les lieux du passé sans frapper a la porte de ceux qui y comptaient le plus. “Hey, je reviens”. Tant qu’il n’est pas trop tard de se souvenir

Comment peut-on se souvenir dans l’absence de sens de ce que l’on vit au moment óu on le vit? Il faut attendre l’âge óu on prend conscience que le present est plus interessant que le future

“Dimanche de la vie, celui qui égalise tout et qui éloigne toute idée de mal”. Souvient-tu de ces dimanches et samedis?

“On ne vit pas pour ses parents?” et si on habite avec eux?

Un observateur conscientieux a le droit d’être litteraire, s’il a conscience d’écrire ce qu’il observe, même plus tard

Le vrai litteraire sent et joui de ce qui arrive maintenant, pas ce qu’on fait de ce qui arrive. La memoire des details est capital.




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