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Century old Principles of Political Economics:

As valid and relevant as can be

1) Wealth depends on intensive production coupled with high frequency turnover for trading the products and services

2) The price of any commodity in kind and quality should match and be lower than competitions

3) The methods of manufacturing, division of labor, salary, working hours and capital investment are directly linked to the export activities

4) The tendency of importing at credit because the merchandise are cheaper than when produced at home inevitably will ruin the industrial base and infrastructure. If the nation is unable to export as much as it import then its economy is functioning on credit and accumulating sovereign debt

5) The larger the State shares in industrial production the higher the cost of production

6) The level of Demand and Offer (availability in the market) indicates the level of inflation and cost of living

7) The cost of living cannot be balanced by a simple increase in wages and salaries. If the export activities slow down then the cost of living will increase.

8) Reduction of working hours in an impoverished small country will Not generate any sustainable capital for investing in necessary infrastructure

9) Countries that lack natural resources in energy and minerals for exchange with other resources has to focus its production on goods and services that do Not require a lot in natural resources and can be readily exchanged in external markets. For example, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Israel, Singapore, Ireland, Dubai…

10) Once a people put higher weight on mystical and fictional belief systems that would be a strong indicator that the economy is faltering

11) The only time a currency should be devalued is when export activities are lagging.

12) The internal market can function with currency at fictional value for a period. On the medium-term, if export activities fail to generate hard currencies then the national currency will increase the cost of living by slow production activities and shrinking investment prospects.

13) Linking the currency to an external hard currency is subjecting your economy and finances to external political dicta

14) Taxation that requires the citizens to divulge financial facts outside what can be retrieved from public records is doomed to fail.

Citizens are no fools: They know that declarations are used as political tools to subdue and intimidate political opponents.

You know the drill: “You declared this and that and they turned out to be false claims. You are a liar and untruth worthy…)

There are a very few nations that voluntarily accept to officially declare their financial and wealth status: They are under the strong impression that their political system refrain from political revenge or vengeance.

Any serious investigation will reveal that you cannot do politics without using and abusing State data and documents to get at the political opponents.

15) States have to reduce and restrict laws on what is considered as Illegal Activities. Otherwise:

One: Capital will be siphoned out of the nation to the other wealthier nations

Two: The state public servants at all hierarchy and ministries will have a field day cooperating with mafia corporations. Investigations will be sidetracked to insignificant Illegal Activities that do not add much to the economy

Three: The number of public servants for financial investigation purposes will grow out of proportion with reduced training and specialty skills sessions.

Four: Unless the focus is Not on investigating the public servants whose wealth is out of proportion with their earning, then mafia activities will spread unimpeded.

Fifth: It is the investigation of public servants that lead to the money trails of the corrupt political and monopolistic enterprises.

Sixth: The crime organizations targets public servants at all hierarchy levels to spread corruption and disturb the democratic decision process. When corruption is the norm in all institutions, particularly, justice, police force, municipalities, parliament… then democratic systems are faced with the worst ugly hydra  of all times.

16) Lifting the bank secrecy on accounts that are lower than the average middle class earning is tantamount to spreading a climate of insecurity in any investment.

Note: Any validated Nobel Prize theory in economics are but corollaries to the Principles of Political Economics. All these scientists are doing is to mine the huge available digital data and submit them to statistical analysis software.




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