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“A Devil in Paradise” by Henry Miller

Miller met an eccentric and picky Swiss/French man while living in Paris. The person lost his wealth and was dabbing in astrology and the occult. Anais was extending financial support to him and contacting people to meet him and get their horoscope analysed.

Anais unburdened herself and passed this hapless person to Miller.

Miller returned to Big Sur at the start of WWII and this astrologist walked the length of France to reach Switzerland, carrying 2 heavy suitcases containing just his books.

Years later, this person sent a letter to Miller and Henry accepted that he comes and join him at his house, for as long as he needs.

And Miller has to suffer this picky devil for many months.

Here as a few excerpts from the French translation of the book:

  1. We are what we think of. Mrs. Wharton stopped having a thought about any issue. She just thinks and live her belief system.
  2. The difference between l’homme adamique and current man is that the former was destined to paradise. The latter is doomed to creating his own paradise.
  3. L’homme adamique has lost faith in himself and his integral self. He seeks to know much more than being. And man began to divide in myriad of fragments.
  4. Practicing confidence and honest attitudes is the shortest route and the best way to comprehend the solid depth of the being. Observing and studying diversity and differences cannot lead but to divergences. We are lacking the simple knowledge by trying to comprehend and assimilate all the interactions.

Note: An interpretation is needed.

Before the advent of fast computation (computers), scientists had to select a single factor or independent variable to study the effect or trend on a dependent variable (data). Simply because the statistical analysis of the set of equations were too tedious to resolve manually.

In the last 50 years, the sophisticated statistical packages allow the study of many factors simultaneously according a well-designed experiments.

Consequently, we can now study the interactions of many variables and pinpoint the contributing factors that weight heavily in the trends at specific conditions.

Thus, before computers and sophisticated statistical packages, scientists and researchers could construct a world view model that was simple and straightforward.

This is no longer the case.

Every field of science has expert professionals who built their own world model since they had to account for the many interactions and particular conditions. The world has transformed into a multitude of diversified paradises because no single person can study and assimilate the complexities of a few fields simultaneously.

No single person can adamantly claim that he knows how the world function and under which conditions it may behave differently.

The importance of expert software systems is that you have got to input all the necessary conditions before the computer returns the proper equation or formula to apply. Otherwise, many professionals would be using general or short-cut equations that are not valid for the situation and condition of application




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