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Did Gabo marry Mercedes Barcha?

In his memoire “Live to recount it”, late Gabriel Garcia Marquez finished his book with this page:

On my way to the airport of Barranquilla to Geneva, I saw Mercedes Barcha sitting on the front porch of her house. It was 7 am and she was wearing a green robe and her hair was cut “sparrow wings” style.

I didn’t stop to bid her farewell. I wrote her a short letter with a post-scriptum “If within a month I don’t receive a letter from you, I’ll remain in Europe for remainder of my life” and dropped the letter in the airport letterbox.

A week later, I received a response letter

Note 1: Gabo stayed in Paris for 3 years when he was supposed to stay in Geneva for 4 days covering the meeting of the 4 superpower leaders. He lived in Mexico City until his death and had children and where he finished writing 100 Years of Solitude.

Note 2: Gabo lived precariously in Paris. He wrote: Je ne m’etait jamais rendu compte que j’ étais un sans-papiers et loge a la meme enseigne que les millions de déplacés par la violence

Note 3: Many dailies in Columbia supported the carrier of Gabo as journalist, columnist, movie critic and reporter. In Barranquilla, German Vargas discovered the potentials of Gabo, then Alfonso Fuenmayor, and Alvaro Cepeda. In Bogota, at L’Espectador, of the family of Cano, you have Rogelio Echavarria, Jose Salgar, Alvaro Mutis, Edwardo Zalamea, Felipe Gonzalez Toledo, Dario Bautista and photographer Daniel Rodriguez

Note 4: Barcha means Very Much in the Tunisian dialect




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