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Involved with the CIA? Rumors, Evidences, and As3ad Abu Khalil  

I think that even actual agents to States’ intelligence services have no access to evidences of other agents until many years of operations.

Relying on facts and evidences to pointing fingers can become a full time investigation process that only deep pocket people and organizations can afford to launch such investigation. Or buy State secrets.

The government itself divulges intelligence secrets for internal power struggle, like uncovering the identity of this field female operative because her husband of a reporter confronted the Bush Jr. administration with nasty lies.

Or this French humorist Dieudonne who admitted to be an Israeli agent since 2002 and was asked by the Mossad to lambaste the Jews and Israeli settlers in order for the Mossad to gather information on the various French “anti-Semite” groups and…

The US troops admitted that it is not the known resistance figures that scare the hell out of them in occupied territories, but rather the unknown fighters who blend in the social fabrics like air and never express thier opinions.

Do you think it makes a difference if you get engaged as an agent to foreign powers for financial, political or ideological reasons?

Is it “good” to be an agent if you think that the regime of your country needs to be changed with a little help from outside?

Hussain  Abdul-Hussain, Washington Bureau Chief of Kuwaiti newspaper Alrai, posted this December 29, 2013

“Angry Arab” As3ad AbuKhalil: Involved with or CIA operative?

New evidence proves old rumors

Note: I attached the Debunking claims at the end of this article for the reader to make his own mind if interested in that personality or the subject matter.

As’ad Abu Khalil has been living in the USA for the last 3 decades, and teaches at universities in California and keeps the blog “Angry Arab”, and publishes articles in the Lebanese dailies Al-Akhbar and Al Safir.

He announced this Feb. 2, 2014 on the channel Al Mayadeen that he appointed the lawyer Nizar Saghieh to track the libels in Lebanon and will hire a female lawyer in the USA.

The debunking article is an excellent read for how people rely on flimsy data base companies.

Hussain  Abdul-Hussain posted in Now:

“As’ad AbuKhalil has worked for the CIA.

That’s not a mischief nor is it something dishonorable; the agency is a huge bureaucracy and it often commissions different tasks from different experts, and AbuKhalil identifies as someone who knows about the Middle East.

Washington is a small town and these types of activities are difficult to conceal.

Yet due to non-disclosure protocols, no one who has seen AbuKhalil at any CIA function can share this information publicly without risk of legal action.

Even so, many in Washington have long seen or heard rumors of AbuKhalil’s attendance at Langley-sponsored events. And AbuKhalil routinely posted about his trips to Washington on his frequently updated blog – but he rarely shared what kind of activity he was engaged in during these trips.


So whenever AbuKhalil lobbed accusations against anyone he disagreed with, those familiar with his activities in Washington knew he was a hypocrite.

But only until today was evidence finally uncovered after Syrian activist Ahed al-Hendi, while perusing through public records on the Internet, discovered that AbuKhalil had been paid by the CIA.

Although AbuKhalil’s position as a “host” may not be senior enough or even relevant to the work of the agency, the fact that he has been cleared to work at Langley, has actually done so, and has managed to hide it all these years, tells us something about his character.

AbuKhalil – the staunch anti-imperialist, anti-White Man freedom fighter – quickly realized that this revelation would be a damaging one. He swiftly contacted al-Hendi in an attempt to nip the problem in its bud.

“You are endangering my life with your distortions and lies. You can go to jail for something like that and I will sue you and drag you to court,” AbuKhalil wrote via email. “I will give you till tomorrow otherwise I will notify my lawyer and Facebook […] My lawyer says you have an hour.”

Notice AbuKhalil, who has long insisted that he is the most transparent man on the planet and would post anything that he would get his hands on, makes no effort to explain why public records indicate he was paid by the CIA.

Instead, AbuKhalil sounded scared for his life, perhaps because during the craze of the Global War on Terror, he was consulted on Islamist movements, judging by his book on the subject.

Or perhaps AbuKhalil’s other employers, like pro-Hezbollah Beirut newspaper Al-Akhbar, knew of such links and were happy to see one of them bash their rivals at Langley.

As for what work AbuKhalil did for the CIA, no one can be sure due to non-disclosure protocol and the fear of legal suit. But thanks to al-Hendi, we now have proof that the Lebanese-American professor has worked with the CIA, no matter how small his involvement.

What AbuKhalil did for the CIA is his business.

But what is our business is to show that the man who swears on his honor about his anti-Americanism, and continuously bashes others for being pro-America, clearly has a few skeletons in his closet.

If you are a US citizen, working for the government, including the CIA, is an honorable task.

Indeed, Americans are required to recite the pledge of allegiance, and this entails doing whatever it takes to defend the homeland. But the problem with AbuKhalil is that his apparent insecurity about being an American citizen has led him on frequent anti-American crusades.

Maybe it is the Lebanese political culture that has forced AbuKhalil to perfect his trademark ad hominem attacks that blast people’s characters instead of their ideas.

Perhaps the only way a man of AbuKhalil’s intellect to be heard is to propagate offensive and populist rhetoric while carrying out his punditry gigs.

AbuKhalil’s academic credentials are weak anyways.

The sheer amount of time he must spend away from his professorial duties on blogs, social media, and TV appearances make many wonder whether his scholarly work is even diligent or credible.

For those who meet him, AbuKhalil seems like a humble guy. Yet for someone with his background and position, he should know better.

AbuKhalil should be more respectful when making his points, and he should do them without slandering others.

No one cares whether AbuKhalil actually worked, or still works, for the CIA.

No one cares about his social background or preferences.

No one cares who sends him his paychecks or why.

What many care about is for him to stop his populism and stop spewing unsubstantiated claims about the character and integrity of those he disagrees with.

(Abu Khalil made it a point of attacking the Wahhabi Saudi Arabia monarchy for buying off many media outlet in order to promote its policies)


The next post is the “Debunking of the claim that As’ad AbuKhalil worked for the CIA”

Benjamin Doherty submitted to The Electronic Intifada this Dec. 30, 2013:

“Allegations disseminated by the website Now that California State University Stanislaus professor As’ad AbuKhalil worked for the CIA are based on nothing more than information harvested from Internet spam sites and web forums.

AbuKhalil is also the author of the widely-read blog The Angry Arab News Service where he has frequently been harshly critical of both the Syrian regime and opposition.

This post will demonstrate that the information on which basis it is claimed AbuKhalil worked for the CIA lacks any element of credibility or reliability whatsoever.

AbuKhalil has forcefully denied the claims.

The allegation

In a 29 December article in Arabic on the website Now, Ahed al-Hendi, identified as as a “Syrian opposition activist,” alleges that AbuKhalil worked as a “doorman” or “host” for the CIA:

Washington – It is naive to believe that the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has no doorman. More important is that one of the “doormen” at the headquarters of this agency formerly was an “Angry” Arab of California and “resister” As’ad AbuKhalil. This is no silly joke, mere accusation, or secret or classified information, but information provided by American firms that specialize in collating public records about individuals, companies and organizations.

The website LexisNexis is the world’s biggest database of legal documents, public records about individuals and companies, and this information is provided to the public. When searched for As’ad AbuKhalil, the site reveals that he worked during an unspecified period for the Central Intelligence Agency, as a host. The agency’s phone number on the website belongs to the agency’s public affairs office.

This information comes in the context of the website’s presentation of the positions a person held based on his Social Security Number, and it appears that AbuKhalil worked as a professor at the University of California [sic] with the same Social Security Number, which eliminates any doubt about a similarity of names.

Al-Hendi’s article is accompanied by this tightly cropped screenshot purporting to support its allegations:


Evidence presented by Ahed Al-Hendi in Now.

This is the only part of the article that sets out the “evidence” regarding AbuKhalil. Taking his own claims to be true, al-Hendi engages in speculations about AbuKhalil’s motives and tries to explain AbuKhalil’s alleged position of “host” – which on its face makes little sense. Why would the CIA hire AbuKhalil as a “host” or “doorman?”

Al-Hendi’s claims are laundered in an article by a writer called Hussain Abdul-Hussain, identified as the “Washington Bureau Chief of Kuwaiti newspaper Alrai” in an article on the English version of the Now website, headlined “‘Angry Arab’ or CIA operative?”.


The two Now articles containing these allegations have been quickly and credulously disseminated by numerous journalists concerned with Syria, individuals affiliated with the human rights groups Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, and pro-Israel and pro-Syria-opposition activists. These include:

Yet had any of these individuals enthusiastically disseminating these claims conducted some basic due diligence, they would have discovered that al-Hendi’s “evidence” holds no water and should in fact be treated not just as a “silly joke” but as a sloppy attempt at defamation.

The facts

As noted, the “evidence” produced by Ahed al-Hendi is a screenshot of result 16 and 17 apparently from LexisNexis Public Records, a database product marketed to law enforcement, federal and state government agencies, corporations and media organizations. A disclaimer on the product information page states (emphasis added):

Due to the nature of the origin of public record information, the public records and commercially available data sources used in reports may contain errors. Source data is sometimes reported or entered inaccurately, processed poorly or incorrectly, and is generally not free from defect. This product or service aggregates and reports data, as provided by the public records and commercially available data sources, and is not the source of the data, nor is it a comprehensive compilation of the data. Before relying on any data, it should be independently verified.

There is no indication that al-Hendi made any attempt to independently verify the information he reports.

The disclaimer means that LexisNexis does not produce the data itself, it merely aggregates the data from potentially thousands of sources, “including public, private, regulated and derived data.”

LexisNexis is not the original or sole source for the data they sell through their public records database product, and the data they publish can be found from another source who has licensed or sold it to LexisNexis.

Furthermore, in this context, “public data” does not necessarily indicate government data or official data but any data from any publicly accessible source including web sites and internet search engines.

A LexisNexis sales presentation mentions that the company partners with Zoominfo, a firm that produces data about job histories based on information scraped from web sites.

The Electronic Intifada could not reproduce the search on LexisNexis itself because it did not have access to the specific database product to which al-Hendi apparently refers.

However, searching Google for the exact details about As’ad AbuKhalil contained in the LexisNexis search result shown in the al-Hendi article revealed only one relevant link: to Zoominfo.

While the Zoominfo link is now dead, Internet caches still show the information the page previously contained.

There are no other public sources for the alleged CIA employment history of As’ad AbuKhalil.


A screenshot from a cached search result from Zoominfo identifying As’ad AbuKhalil with an employment history as “host” at the Central Intelligence Agency. This page has been removed from the Zoominfo site.

The details on the Zoominfo page match the LexisNexis data cited by al-Hendi precisely: name, job title, employer name, PO Box and city. Only the ZIP (postal) codes differ between Zoominfo and LexisNexis.

The web references for this information cited by Zoominfo are two dead links:

1. One is “Abdullah the Butcher,” a name apparently referring to a Canadian professional wrestler, on the domain It is not clear why a used car dealer near Buffalo, NY should be considered a reliable source about As’ad AbuKhalil’s employment history.

The link itself no longer exists, but Zoominfo maintains a cache of the source, which was generated on 28 January 2008:

Hezbollah’s big challenge (Abdullah The Butcher)

Asia Times – so they can be all swayed (by checkbook?) by King Abdullah. As’ad AbuKhalil, host of the CIA) asset, former Iraqi interim prime minister and “Butcher Continue reading

Egypt Today – Many citizens still haven t bought into the government s line. As butcher Mohamed Abdullah El-Farrargy teases, the best rumor he has heard to date is the one that claims the government will fairly compensate retailers for their losses and buy up Continue reading

Tags: abdullah the butcher   May 24th 2007 Added to Abdullah The Butcher

This block of text is mostly unreadable nonsense and appears to be the mashed up parts of at least two different articles.

2. The other content on the page has no apparent connection to anything related to As’ad Abukhalil or the Canadian professional wrestler “Abdullah the Butcher.”

The quoted text is a chopped up version of a 19 April 2007 Asia Times article by Pepe Escobar that contains this sentence:

As’ad AbuKhalil, host of the Angry Arab website, always stresses that the Lebanese civil war never ended.

Three paragraphs later, Escobar writes:

Officials in Damascus are more than happy to remind anyone that Hariri was also very close to former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) asset, former Iraqi interim prime minister and “Butcher of Fallujah”, Iyad Allawi, Not to mention that he was the facilitator of a $20 billion arms deal between the Russians and the House of Saud.

These two separate sentences were combined by whatever created the “Abdullah the Butcher” page on to read as the nonsensical phrase:

As’ad AbuKhalil, host of the CIA) asset, former Iraqi interim prime minister and “Butcher”

This collection of randomly collated keywords forms the substance of Zoominfo’s reference supporting the “fact” that As’ad Abukhalil worked as a “host” for the CIA.

The second Zoominfo reference for the claim is an accurate quote from an unmangled version of the same Pepe Escobar article posted on, a web forum site that no longer exists.

As’ad AbuKhalil, host of the Angry Arab website, always stresses that the Lebanese civil war never ended.

Zoominfo thinks the reference was dated 2003, even though the Escobar article was not published until 2007.

It is strange that both references originate from the same Pepe Escobar article but the original Pepe Escobar article itself is not cited as a reference, even though Asia Times should be recognized as a more authoritative source in general compared to user-generated content on an internet forum and search engine spam.

A “CIA” post office box?

Zoominfo and LexisNexis agree on the PO Box number and city but not the ZIP code.

Zoominfo says that As’ad Abukhalil worked for the CIA that used the PO Box 12727 in Arlington, Virginia 22209. LexisNexis data says that As’ad Abukhalil worked for the CIA at the same PO Box and city but in the 22219 ZIP code.

Public records searches for the two addresses reveal that the PO Box in the 22209 ZIP code (the one Zoominfo lists) has been used by the Central Intelligence Agency for employment and recruiting and also for the Undergraduate Scholar Program, a scholarship for graduating high school students who either have a disability or belong to a minority ethnic group.

Zoominfo also lists 3,753 other alleged employees of the CIA, all operating out of this one PO Box, including people with job titles like “honorary vice president,” “certified master chef,” “director of the Global Jihad Unit,” “spymaster,” “head smacker,” “spook,” “007,” and even “ghost.”

According to Zoominfo, the CIA employs or has employed the famed Russian-Canadian professional concert accordionist Alexander Sevastian. He was only one of a number of accordionists allegedly employed by the CIA.

Meanwhile, searching for the address provided in the LexisNexis results posted on Now (with ZIP code 22219, a special ZIP code only used for post office boxes) can reveal that this address is not linked to the Central Intelligence Agency at all but rather:

If the exact address with the ZIP+4 is searched, only one result turns up: Sean Dennehy, a CIA employee, who is not “Chief Technology Officer” (as this link says) but rather the Chief of Intellipedia Development for the CIA’s Directorate of Intelligence.

It is not clear if Dennehy holds this position today. Other databases do not list this post office box for Dennehy.

LexisNexis aggregates data from a multitude of sources and attempts to make connections that might be hard to see because their sources have errors and inconsistencies.

Zoominfo is one very likely source of the data published by LexisNexis and quoted by Now, and the only source that I could find in the public record that identifies As’ad Abukhalil as a “host” at the CIA.

When the details of either source are scrutinized at all, it is abundantly clear that these sources cannot be taken at face value. They must, as LexisNexis cautions and Now failed to do, be independently verified.

Zoominfo is widely recognized as riddled with bugs

Zoominfo produces its data by scraping web sites and making connections among data points about who someone is, what companies they work for and when they worked for them.

However, this is a highly inaccurate process, especially when the input is faulty (such as the case with data from “Abdullah the Butcher”).

There are several easy ways to find posts about Zoominfo’s bad data (just search “Zoominfo false scrape” in Google) but one that illustrates the point very well is “Leads, Leads, Leads” by Laura Atkins, the founder of anti-spam consultancy Word to the Wise. In a 2012 post, she writes:

I have to admit, I’m actually surprised at just how totally inaccurate the data about me is. I’m not that hard to find. Zoominfo has 6 listings I can clearly identify as me. In those 6 listings:

  • Not a single listing gets my contact information correct.
  • Not a single listing gets my employer correct.
  • Three of the listings identify me as working for different companies.
  • I’ve never worked for any of those companies.
  • One of the “companies” is a non-profit I volunteer with.
  • One of the companies is a blog written by a colleague.
  • One of those companies is a now defunct magazine that published an interview with me.

But the failure in data collection is not just in the area of collecting personal data. Their corporate information is even worse. Zoominfo has linked me with four companies. In those 4 listings:

  • Zoominfo incorrectly identifies The Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society as headquartered in Virginia.
  • Zoominfo incorrectly identifies Spamtacular as located in California.
  • Zoominfo identifies Context Magazine as a viable company.
  • Zoominfo identifies me as the “founding partner” of a company called Word.

Total strikeout for Zoominfo.

In 2010, a Republican party candidate for US Senate in Delaware, was accused of lying about her educational credentials. The data appeared on LinkedIn and Zoominfo, but on Zoominfo it was marked as “user verified,” meaning that someone claiming to be Christine O’Donnell had entered or approved the information on the site. This led some bloggers to recognize that absolutely anyone could post fraudulent information on Zoominfo by impersonating someone else.

Yousef Munayyer noticed that a Zoominfo search for journalist Glenn Greenwald shows that Greenwald has served as the Governor of Illinois. There has never been any person named Greenwald who served as the Governor of Illinois!

In Australia, allegations of corruption against Supreme Court of Queensland Justice Henry George Fryberg published on the site Haig Report have led to Justice Fryberg being identified on Zoominfo as holding the position of “corrupt parasite” at the Supreme Court of Queensland.

Hussain Abdul-Hussain, author of the English Now article, is identified in Zoominfo as a writer for Jewish Ideas Daily, a web site that has been praised by John Podhoretz, the intemperate editor of far-right Commentary magazine. However, this is false.

Ahed al-Hendi, the author of the Arabic Now article that originally published the false story about As’ad AbuKhalil, is revealed by Zoominfo to work for, a group whose advisory board includes ardently pro-Israel Canadian member of parliament Irwin Cotler and Jewish Agency for Israel chairman Natan Sharansky. The leaders of, David Keyes and Nir Boms, have both served in the Israeli army and worked for or advised the Israeli government.

This is one case where Zoominfo turns out to be rather accurate. The website lists al-Hendi as one of its “Experts.”

Vendetta journalism

After the Now articles were published, people gloated about the irony of an anti-imperialist writer working for the CIA. Even people who likely realized that the evidence was very weak defended the defamation as a kind of justice or revenge for AbuKhalil’s writings and opinions.

Even Hussain Abdul-Hussain, who wrote the English article for Now, appears to acknowledge that the falsehoods he spread are intended to achieve not the dissemination of truth or facts but a kind of lesson for AbuKhalil:

What many care about is for him to stop his populism and stop spewing unsubstantiated claims about the character and integrity of those he disagrees with.

It is hard to understand how so many professionals could have so little respect for truth or accuracy and yet expect AbuKhalil or anyone else to take lessons in ethics from them.

Those same journalists and human rights advocates cannot evaluate the quality of their own evidence and will abandon those same ethics to fulfill a petty, emotional need for revenge against someone with whose views they disagree.

Ali Abunimah assisted with translation.

Dieudonné: “I have been a Mossad agent since 2003”

In a previous post I described the controversy surrounding the black French humorists

The French authorities banned all the theater representations and gathering of Dieudonne on the basis of exacerbating anti-semitic sentiment.

In a press conference at the Théâtre de la Main d’Or, Dieudonné confirmed that he was an Israeli agent for the last 10 years.

He admitted that by the end of 2002 that he learned to be a descendants of the Ethioean Falashas Jews, most of them have been transferred to Israel 4 decades ago, and now live as third rate citizens. 

Israel contacted him and the spying resumed on French citizens.

Goal? Infiltrate “anti-semite” groups and weaken them financially…

And the Mossad retrieved 50% on Dieudonne’s shows and sold articles

Woody Allen on Dieudonné:

1.”He says that he is not Jew… But he is”

2. “The uncontested Jewish humorist of all time… In line with Jewish tradition of mocking their own communities…”

It would be interesting to know the saga of Mbala’s parents: Was his father originally a Falaja Jew who immigrated to and settled in Cameroon? Was his mother originally a French Falaja Jew?

And how the Mossad tampered with documents and concocted a credible story to convince Dieudonne?

Has DMbala read the horror stories of how the Ethiopian “Jews” were transferred to Israel?

The French text:

L’affaire Dieudonné  prend un tour nouveau.

Ce matin, l’humoriste Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, au cœur de la polémique, organisait une conférence de presse surprise au Théâtre de la Main d’Or.

Le comédien a révélé qu’il travaille en réalité depuis plus de 10 ans pour les services de renseignement israéliens. Sa mission : infiltrer les réseaux antisémites de France afin d’obtenir le maximum d’informations sur eux tout en les affaiblissant financièrement.

Le déclic de 2002

Il est 10h15 ce mardi. Les portes du théâtre de Dieudonné s’ouvrent pour laisser passer une nuée de journalistes et de fans anonymes. La salle sature de monde puis l’artiste controversé apparaît sur scène, la mine sérieuse. Pas de blagues ni d’attaques contre la communauté juive. Calmement il prend la parole :

« Fin 2002 j’ai découvert par hasard que j’étais l’un des descendants des Falashas, ces juifs éthiopiens. J’ai mis un an à m’en remettre… Puis je l’ai accepté et j’ai finalement décidé de savoir comment je pouvais aider ma communauté, mon peuple. C’est à ce moment que le Mossad m’a contacté pour me proposer un CDI. »

L’agence de renseignement israélienne réfléchit à un moyen d’utiliser cette nouvelle recrue. Quelques semaines plus tard, le Mossad propose à l’humoriste de devenir « un aimant à antisémites » en se faisant lui-même passer pour une personnalité anti-juive sous couvert d’anti-sionisme.

Dieudonné : « Je travaille pour le Mossad depuis 2003 »


L’affaire Fogiel

Pour lancer cette opération tout à fait unique, le Mossad et Dieudonné doivent frapper un grand coup. Ce sera le fameux sketch de Dieudonné chez Fogiel en décembre 2003 dans lequel il incarne un colon israélien extrémiste effectuant ce qui ressemble à un salut nazi. Une performance qui, en réalité, a été écrite et répétée en toute discrétion à Tel-Aviv un mois avant son passage à l’antenne.

Après sa prestation chez Fogiel, la machine est lancée. Dieudonné enchaîne les déclarations chocs en qualifiant la Shoah de « pornographie mémorielle » ou en attaquant de nombreuses personnalités de confession juive.

Le 26 décembre 2008, ce dernier fait même monter sur scène l’écrivain négationniste Robert Faurisson, suscitant une levée d’indignation : « A la base je trouvais ça too much et pas très drôle mais les ordres sont les ordres. Ça m’a coûté moralement mais après ça l’opération est entrée dans une seconde phase et tous les antisémites du territoire ont commencé à affluer vers moi. » explique Dieudonné lors de sa conférence de presse.

Le Mossad récolte alors un nombre impressionnant d’informations grâce au système de billeterie du Théâtre de la Main d’Or ou via les réseaux sociaux: « C’est notre meilleur élément. En l’espace de 10 ans on a récolté plus de données exploitables sur les réseaux antisémites qu’en un demi-siècle. Et puis franchement le sketch du cancer est quand même très drôle. » nous confie le porte-parole du Mossad au téléphone.

L’autre grand pilier de cette opération consiste à assécher les caisses des antisémites qui se mettent à graviter autour de l’humoriste reconverti en espion. C’est dans cette optique que Dieudonné développe un merchandising acharné en vendant tasses, t-shirts, DVD’s et autres objets à son effigie.

Un accord est même passé entre l’artiste et la direction du Mossad : le comique gardera 50% de l’ensemble des recettes en guise de notes de frais dans le cadre de son service rendu. La stratégie est payante.

Pour peaufiner la supercherie, Dieudonné s’associe avec Arno Klarsfeld, l’avocat et fils de la célèbre famille de «chasseurs de nazis ».  « Arno a accepté de jouer le jeu et de devenir mon faux adversaire. C’est un patriote. Sans lui, je n’aurais jamais pu apparaître comme l’antisémite que je suis devenu dans l’esprit des gens. »

Enfin, pour s’assurer du bon déroulement de l’opération, le Mossad dépêche également auprès de Dieudonné un officier traitant qui prendra les traits de Jacky, le pseudo régisseur du comique, en réalité capitaine dans l’armée israélienne et neveu d’Ariel Sharon. Un ingrédient de plus qui aura permis à cette tromperie d’enfumer la France entière.

Fatigué par le mensonge

Alors pourquoi arrêter cette opération de renseignement maintenant alors qu’elle semble marcher plus que jamais ? La réponse, M. M’Bala M’Bala la donne à la fin de sa conférence de presse: « Je suis un peu fatigué et j’en avais marre de mentir à toutes ces personnes qui sont devenues mes fans et que j’ai vendues au Mossad. Et puis j’aimerais revenir à mon premier amour : la comédie. Tous ces sketchs haineux sur les juifs m’ont un peu dégoûté. J’aimerais bien faire un spectacle sur les godasses par exemple. »

En cause également, les mesures prises à son encontre depuis lundi par Manuel Valls et les maires de différentes villes où Dieudonné est censé bientôt se produire: « Alain Juppé a décidé de m’interdire de jouer à Bordeaux. Si je commence à ne plus pouvoir faire mon métier qui est ma véritable passion, là cette opération doit s’arrêter. C’est la limite que je me suis fixée. »

Alain Soral est le premier dans l’entourage de Dieudonné à avoir réagi à cette révélation. L’essayiste polémique se dit en colère, trahi par un compagnon de route idéologique, mais guère étonné : « Cette révélation ne me surprend pas. J’ai compris récemment que Dieudo se foutait de notre gueule quand il nous demandait de rembourser ses amendes avant même d’avoir été condamné par la Justice. On a maintenant la preuve que même l’antisémitisme est un complot juif » écrit-il sur son site Égalité et Réconciliation.

La Rédaction

Illustration : Wikicommons / Axis for Peace

Woody Allen on Dieudonné: “The most hilarious Jewish humorist of all time…”

Alors que dans un entretien accordé au magazine Première, le réalisateur américain Woody Allen aborde son futur retour en France pour le tournage de son prochain film, le petit homme aux célèbres lunettes en a profité pour parler d’une foule de sujets.

Dans cette interview il revient notamment sur sa carrière, ses angoisses mais témoigne étrangement aussi de son admiration pour l’humoriste controversé Dieudonné. Une déclaration d’amour pour celui qu’il qualifie de « maître incontesté de l’humour juif ».

Un génie de l’autodérision

C’est donc ce surprenant aveu qui sera à retenir de cette entrevue donnée par Woody Allen à Première.

Une rencontre où celui qui est peut-être le plus illustre représentant de l’humour juif new-yorkais confie son admiration pour Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala :

« C’est un très grand, si ce n’est LE plus grand humoriste juif au monde. L’autodérision sur les Juifs, l’utilisation des stéréotypes que l’on porte sur nous-mêmes ou que les autres nous renvoient, les thèmes abordés comme l’argent, le commerce, la religion et bien sûr l’antisémitisme. Bref tous les ingrédients sont là. Dieudonné est l’archétype même de l’humoriste juif et dans ce domaine c’est un très grand. »

Une prise de position qui surprend tant le parcours du comique français a été jonché de polémiques et de scandales autour de ses attaques répétés contre la communauté juive.

Mais Woody Allen interprète cela comme un argument de plus à sa vision des choses : « Tous les grands comiques juifs se sont à un moment donné moqués de leur propre communauté. Et Dieudonné s’inscrit dans cette digne lignée. Il maîtrise l’humour juif comme personne. Alors oui je sais qu’il dit qu’il est pas juif…mais il est juif quand même… »

Une réaction nuancée de l’intéressé

C’est quelques heures seulement après la publication de cet entretien-hommage que Dieudonné a tenu à répondre à Woody Allen sur sa page Facebook en écrivant :

« Pour les amateurs de quenelles, joli glissage de barquette de Woody Allen dans Première. C’est au moins du 170 qu’il fait passer avec l’art et la manière du grand artiste sioniste qu’il est. Pour une fois que quelqu’un ose dire ce qu’il pense…J’peux vous l’avouer, physiquement, à la maison, ça zouke dans tous les sens » et l’humoriste juif de continuer en renvoyant la politesse : « Finalement au dessus c’est Woody Allen. Mes respects W, chapeau bas ! »

La Rédaction

Illustration: WikiCommons / Colin Swan / Copyleft


Entre The Onion et Le Figaro, votre meilleure source d’information de la journée.

Le Gorafi est né après un conflit d’intérêts avec les créateurs du Figaro en 1826.

Jean-René Buissière, journaliste dyslexique, tente alors de créer son propre journal, transformant Le Figaro en Le Garofi. Mais, dyslexique, il écrit « Gorafi ». La faute est restée et est entrée dans l’Histoire.

Le Gorafi se veut impartial et irréprochable.

Tous les articles relatés ici sont faux (jusqu’à preuve du contraire) et rédigés dans un but humoristique. L’utilisation de noms de personnalités  ou d’entreprises est ici à but purement satirique.

All items here are recounted fake (until proven otherwise) and written in a humorous purpose. The use of names of persons or companies is purely satirical here.

Quenelle de Dieudonné? (signature gesture of downward Nazi reverse salute?) and Zemmour’s stand…

Note: Dieudonne admitted to be an Israeli agent since 2002, on account of discovering that he is an Ethiopian Falasha Jews.. Make your mind when reading this controversy of freedom of expression and opinion.

France has been grappling in the last 3 weeks with an issue of freedom of expression.

The comedian, humorist and political activist Dieudonne (a black colored from a Cameroon father to boot) is pretty consistent in matter of racism: Lately, he has been lambasting Israel and Zionism as apartheid and racist State in his pack-full performances.

White, Black, and Brown French people are attracted to Dieudonne frank performances and are very upset that the French government is denying their rights to attend what they want to listen to.

This French government, squarely pro-Israel with strong Zionist leaning, has decided to ban all Dieudonne performances in the provinces and all his public gathering, on account of becoming public safety risk, spreading racist rhetoric against Jews or what the western nations label “Anti-antisemitism” positions.

One staunch Islamophobe author called Eric Zemmour (probably a Jew) is siding with Dieudonne’s freedom for clarifying his stands.

“It is this anti-racist left that rendered the Shoat (shoah, or those Jews persecuted by Nazi Germany) the supreme religion of our Republic. The current French leftist parties are in disarray by trashing the traditional public right for freedom of opinion…” (Read the French text in note 2)

Note 1:  Who is Deudonne? Extracted from Wikipedia and the edited additions

Dieudonné M’bala M’bala

Dieudonné in 2009
Born 11 February 1966 (age 47)
Fontenay-aux-RosesHauts-de-Seine, France
Occupation Comedian, politician.

Dieudonné M’bala M’bala (born 11 February 1966), generally known by his stage name Dieudonné (French: [djø.dɔ.ne]), is a controversial French comedian, actor, and political activist. His father is from Cameroon and his mother is French.

Dieudonné initially achieved success with a Jewish comedian, Élie Semoun, humorously exploiting racial stereotypes. At that time, he campaigned against racism and unsuccessfully presented himself in the 1997 and 2001 legislative elections in Dreux against the National Front, the French far right wing party which he perceived as racist.[1][2]

On 1 December 2003, Dieudonné performed a sketch on a TV show about an Israeli settler whom he depicted as a Nazi. Some critics argued that he had “crossed the limits of antisemitism” and several organizations sued him for incitement to racial hatred.

Dieudonné refused to apologize and denounced “zionism” and the Jewish lobby, arguing that he had “mocked a Mullah in [his] previous show and that [he] should be allowed to make fun of zionist extremists in the same manner”.[3]

Dieudonné subsequently found himself with increasing frequency banned from mainstream media, and many of his shows were cancelled by local authorities. Active on the internet and in his Paris theater, Dieudonné has continued to have a wide following.[4]

Dieudonné approached Jean-Marie Le Pen, leader of the National Front political party that he had fought earlier in his life, and the men became political allies and friends, with Le Pen even becoming the godfather of one of Dieudonné’s daughters.[5]

Dieudonné became a close friend of Alain Soral, a controversial writer with whom he shares many anti-establishment and anti-zionist views. He ran for President of France in the 2007 elections under the “anti-zionist party”.

Dieudonné’s provocations culminated in the appearance of holocaust denier Robert Faurisson in one of his shows in 2008.[6][7]

He described Holocaust remembrance as “memorial pornography“.[8] He was convicted in court 8 times on antisemitism charges.[9][10] His quenelle signature gesture went viral in 2013 particularly after footballer Nicolas Anelka made a quenelle during a match in December 2013.

After Dieudonné was recorded during a performance mocking a Jewish journalist, suggesting it’s a pity he was not sent to the gas chambers,[11] French Interior Minister Manuel Valls stated that Dieudonné was “no longer a comedian” but was rather an “anti-Semite and racist” and that he would seek to ban all Dieudonné’s public gatherings as they amounted to a public safety risk.[12] The ban on his shows has been confirmed by the courts.[13]

Personal life[edit]

Dieudonné M’bala M’bala was born in Fontenay-aux-RosesHauts-de-Seine, the son of a white French painter and retired sociologist from Brittany who exhibits as a painter under the name Josiane Grué, and a black accountant from EkoudendiCameroon.[8][14]

His parents divorced when he was one year old, and he was brought up by his mother. He attended Catholic school, though his mother was a New Age Buddhist.[15] Dieudonné lives with Noémie Montagne, who works as his producer,[16] and he has five children with her.[17]

Performing career[edit]

After getting his baccalaureate in computer science, Dieudonné began writing and practicing routines with his childhood friend, Jewish comedian and actor Élie Semoun.

They formed a comedic duo, Élie et Dieudonné, and performed in local cafés and bars while Dieudonné worked as a salesman, selling cars, telephones, and photocopy machines.

In 1992, a Paris comedian spotted them and helped them stage their first professional show.[15] In the 1990s, they appeared on stage and on television together as “Élie et Dieudonné”.

In 1997 they split and each went onto a solo theater career. In 1998, they reunited in a screen comedy, Le Clone,[18] which was a failure critically and financially. From the mid-1990s Dieudonné appeared in several French film comedies, primarily in supporting roles.

His most successful screen appearance to date was in Alain Chabat‘s box-office hit Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra in 2002. In 2004, he appeared in Maurice Barthélémy‘s box office bomb Casablanca Driver.

Dieudonné’s successful one-man shows include Pardon Judas (2000), Le divorce de Patrick (2003), and 1905 (2005). Other one-man shows were Mes Excuses (2004), Dépôt de bilan (2006) and J’ai fait l’con (2008), all understood as attacks on political and social opponents and defences of his own positions.

Anti-Semitic statements made within and around these productions led to intense controversy and numerous lawsuits.[19] Following the 2005 civil unrest in France, Dieudonné also penned a play called Émeutes en banlieue (Riots in the Suburbs, February 2006).

In 2009, surrounded by scandals (see below, “Political activities”), Dieudonné launched two one-man shows: Liberté d’expression and Sandrine. While the latter was a follow-up to Le divorce de Patrick (Sandrine is Patrick’s ex-wife), the former was conceived as a series of itinerant “conferences” on “free speech“.[20]

Started on 18 June 2010 in his theater, Dieudonné’s most recent show to date, Mahmoud (standing for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) has an openly antisemitic tone,[21]caricaturing Jews, slavery and “official” versions of history.[22]

Dieudonné’s production company first acted under the name Bonnie Productions and now under the name Les productions de la Plume.

In 2012 Dieudonné made his directorial debut in a film called L’Antisémite (The Anti-Semite),[23] which stars him as a violent and alcoholic character who dresses as a Nazi officer at a party, and also features the Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson, as well as imagery that mocks Auschwitz concentration camp prisoners.[24]

The movie, which was produced by the Iranian Documentary and Experimental Film Center, is also known by the title “Yahod Setiz“. Its scheduled screening at the Cannes Film Festival‘s Marché du Film (the parallel film market event) was canceled.[25] The film is to be commercialized on the internet and sold to subscribers of Dieudonné’s activities.[26]

Théâtre de la Main d’Or[edit]

Dieudonné is the lessee of the Théâtre de la Main d’Or in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, which is used for both stand-up comedy and political events by himself and friends.

Political activities and Views[edit]


Dieudonné was initially active on the anti-racist left. In the 1997 French legislative election, he worked with his party, “Les Utopistes”, in Dreux against National Front candidate Marie-France Stirbois and received 8% of the vote.[27] Verbally and in demonstrations, he also supported migrants without a residence permit (the so-called “sans papiers”) and the Palestinians.


Dieudonné in 2006

Since 2002, Dieudonné has attracted attention by making increasingly polemical statements.

In an interview for the magazine Lyon Capitale in January 2002, he described “the Jews” as “a sect, a fraud, which is the worst of all, because it was the first” and said he preferred “the charisma of bin Laden to that of Bush“.[28] He subsequently ran for president in the 2002 presidential election, but later dropped out of the race.[29]

On 1 December 2003, he appeared live on a television show disguised as a parody of an Israeli settler wearing military fatigues and a Haredi (Orthodox) Jewish hat. The sketch climaxed with a Hitler salute, after which Dieudonné shouts out a word.

According to Dieudonné, he shouted “Israël”, in the persona of the settler. In the following days, some news agencies stated that he shouted “Isra – Heil” or “Heil Israel“.[30][31]

He was cleared of charges of antisemitism in a Paris court after the judge said this was not an attack against Jews in general but against a type of person “distinguished by their political views”.[32]

At the European Parliament election, 2004, Dieudonné was candidate for the extreme left-wing party “Euro-Palestine”, but left a few months after the election because of disagreements with its leaders.[33]

Dieudonné is the director of the Les Ogres website, where he makes plain his denial of the official version of the 9/11 events.

Following this television appearance, a Dieudonné show in Lyon (at La Bourse du Travail) on 5 February 2004 was picketed and a bottle containing a corrosive product was thrown in the venue, injuring a spectator.[34][35]

On 11 November, Dieudonné organized a debate with 4 rabbis of Naturei Karta in the Théâtre de la Main d’Or in Paris.[36]

On 16 February 2005, he declared during a press conference in Algiers that the Central Council of French Jews CRIF (Conseil représentatif des institutions juives de France) was a “mafia” that had “total control over French policy exercise”, called the commemoration of the Holocaust “memorial pornography”[8] (“pornographie mémorielle“), and claimed that the “Zionists of the Centre National de la Cinématographie” which “control French cinema” prevented him from making a film about the slave trade.[37][38]

Dieudonné was also trying to appear as a spokesman for French blacks, but, after some initial sympathy, notably from the novelist Calixthe Beyala, the journalists Antoine Garnier and Claudy Siar, as well as the founding members of the Conseil représentatif des associations noires (CRAN), he increasingly met with their rejection.[39]

Throughout 2005 and 2006, Dieudonné was often in the company of senior National Frong members Bruno Gollnisch,[40] Frédéric Châtillon,[41] and Marc George (also known as Marc Robert), the man who went on to conduct his electoral campaigns in 2007 and 2009.[42]

Dieudonné also frequently appeared together with the conspiracy theorist Thierry Meyssan and the former Marxist and current right-wing radical Alain Soral, a confidant of Marine and Jean-Marie Le Pen.[43]

Under the influence of Soral’s writings and polemics, Dieudonné was acquainted with his militant antisemitism of French nationalist inspiration.[44] In May 2006, he gave a lengthy interview to the far-right monthly Le Choc du mois.

[45]Demonstrating shoulder to shoulder with Islamists, he also traveled at the end of August 2006 with Châtillon, Meyssan and Soral in Lebanon, to meet MPs and fighters of the Hezbollah.[41]

Some Jews reacted angrily to his comments on this tour. In April 2005, Dieudonné went to Auschwitz.[46] In May 2006 he was involved in a fight with two teenage Jews in Paris, one of whom he sprayed with tear gas. Dieudonné claimed that the teenagers attacked him first; both parties pressed charges,[47] but the lawsuits were not pursued.

In France and abroad, Dieudonné became increasingly perceived as an extremist of a type until then uncommon in Europe: in the introduction to a March 2006 interview, The Independent called him a “French Louis Farrakhan… obsessed with Jews”.[48]


Dieudonné wanted to finally represent politically these ever-radicalized positions in the 2007 presidential election, but for logistical reasons he could not maintain his candidacy, which was organized by Marc Robert (a.k.a. Marc George).[49]

The convicted Holocaust denier Serge Thion wrote for his campaign web site under the pseudonym “Serge Noith”, as did also the longtime secretary of the Holocaust denier Roger GaraudyMaria Poumier. After the end of his candidacy, Dieudonné appeared several times publicly in the company of Jean-Marie Le Pen and traveled to Cameroon with Le Pen’s wife Jany.[50] However, officially, Dieudonné called for the election of anti-globalization militant José Bové, despite Bové’s asking Dieudonné not to do so.[51]

In July 2008, Jean-Marie Le Pen became godfather to Dieudonné’s third child. Philippe Laguérie, a traditionalist Catholic priest, officiated at the baptism, which was held in the Saint-Éloi congregation in Bordeaux.[52]

On 26 December 2008, at an event at the Parc de la Villette in Paris, Dieudonné awarded the Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson an “insolent outcast” prize [prix de l’infréquentabilité et de l’insolence]. The award was presented by one of Dieudonné’s assistants, Jacky, dressed in a concentration camp uniform with a yellow badge. This caused a scandal[53] and earned him his sixth court conviction to date. On 29 January 2009, he celebrated the 80th birthday of Faurisson in his theater, in the midst of a representative gathering of Holocaust deniers, right-wing radicals, and radical Shiites.[54] Dieudonné and Faurisson further appeared together in a video making fun of the Holocaust and its commemoration.[55]

On Saturday 21 March 2009, Dieudonné announced that he would run for the 2009 European Parliament election in the Île-de-France at the head of an “anti-communitarist and anti-Zionist” party. Other candidates on his party’s electoral list are Alain Soral and the Holocaust denier and former member of Les Verts (the French Green Party) Ginette Skandrani(also known as Ginette Hess),[56] while Thierry Meyssan and Afrocentrist Kémi Seba, founder of the “Tribu Ka” are members of the party[57] but do not run.

The campaign would be conducted again by Marc George.[58] In spite of the association of Dieudonné’s party with the Shiite Centre Zahra,[59] whose president Yahia Gouasmi also runs on his list,[60] his candidacy was supported by Fernand Le Rachinel, a former high ranking executive of the National Front and official printer of the party.[61]

In early May 2009, the French government studied the possibility of banning the party,[62][63] but on 24 May, Justice minister Rachida Dati acknowledged that, in spite of moral objections, there was no legal ground to do so.[64] On 28 May, it became known that Carlos “the Jackal” also expressed his hope Dieudonné would make it to Strasbourg.[65] The Parti antisioniste finally scored 1.30% of the votes.[66]


On 9 May 2012, Police in Brussels, Belgium, stopped Dieudonné mid-performance after determining that his performance contravened local laws, and forced the cancellation of two more shows, but in Nov 2013, a Brussels Justice found that the comedian was not using anti-Semitic slurs or inciting racial hatred during the show that was interrupted in May 2012.[67]

On 21 June, Dieudonné complained against the Brussels police.[68] On 12 May 2012, event producer Evenko forced the cancellation of Dieudonné’s shows in Montreal, Canada, on 14, 15, 16, and 17 May, citing “contractual conflicts”.[69] In late May 2012, a screening of Dieudonné’s directorial debut, “L’Antisémite” (“The Anti-Semite”), was canceled at the Marché du Film, the market held at the Cannes Film Festival.[8]


Dieudonné released a song and dance called “Shoananas”, performed to the tune of the 1985 children’s video and song by Annie Cordy, “Cho Ka Ka O” (Chaud Cacao or Hot Chocolate in English),[70] which itself by today’s standards might be considered antisemitic.[71] The term “Shoananas” is a portmanteau of Shoah, the Hebrew word used to refer to the Holocaust, and ananas, the French word for pineapple.[72]

Dieudonné started a trend among his supporters of getting photographed making a unique gesture he invented and dubbed the “quenelle“. For some it is just a vulgar gesture of opposition to French institutions, for extremists it is an antisemitic gesture and was dubbed a “reverse Nazi salute” or even “sodomization of shoah’s victims” (Alain Jakubowicz) because while a Nazi salute involves an upraised straight arm, the quenelle involves a straight arm pointed at the ground.

In December, while performing onstage, Dieudonné was recorded saying about prominent French Jewish radio journalist Patrick Cohen: “Me, you see, when I hear Patrick Cohen speak, I think to myself: ‘Gas chambers… too bad.”’”[73]

Radio France, Cohen’s employer, announced on 20 December that it had alerted authorities that Dieudonné had engaged in “openly anti-Semitic speech”, and various French anti-racism watchdog groups filed complaints.[73]

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls announced he would try to legally ban public performances by Dieudonné. Valls stated that Dieudonne was “no longer a comedian” but was rather an “anti-Semite and racist” who has run afoul of France’s laws against incitement to racial hatred.

“Despite a conviction for public defamation, hate speech and racial discrimination, Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala no longer seems to recognize any limits,” Valls wrote.

“Consequently, the interior minister has decided to thoroughly examine all legal options that would allow a ban on Dieudonné’s public gatherings, which no longer belong to the artistic domain, but rather amount to a public safety risk.”[10]

On 31 December, Dieudonné released a 15 minute video proposing that “2014 will be the year of the quenelle!”.[74] In it, Dieudonné attacks “bankers” and “slavers”, so as not to say “Jews”[75] and end up in a lawsuit, and calls upon his followers, “quenelleurs”—those who listen and follow him—towards a hatred of Jews.[75]

“Antisemite? I’m not of that opinion,” he says in the video. “I’m not saying I’d never be one… I leave myself open to that possibility, but for the moment, no.” Later, he added, “I don’t have to choose between the Jews and the Nazis.”[74][75]


On 6 January, France’s interior minister Manuel Valls said that performances considered anti-Semitic may be banned by local officials. In support of this, Valls sent a 3-page memo to all prefects of Police in France on 6 January entitled, “The Struggle Against Racism and Antisemitism—demonstrations and public reaction—performances by Mr. Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala “.

With respect to freedom of speech in France and banning scheduled performances ahead of time, Valls wrote: “The struggle against racism and antisemitism is an essential concern of government and demands vigorous action.” He takes note of the liberty of expression in France, but goes on to say that in exceptional circumstances, the police are invested with the power to prohibit an event if its intent is to prevent “a grave disturbance of public order” and cites the 1933 law supporting this.[76]

Within hours, Bordeaux became the first French city to ban Dieudonné when mayor Alain Juppé canceled a local appearance planned as part of a scheduled national tour, [77]followed closely by Nantes,[78] Tours, Orleans, Toulouse, Limoges, and Biarritz. The show in Switzerland will go on as scheduled, while other cities are still studying the situation.[79] The Paris Prefect of Police on 10 January prohibited Dieudonné from staging his next three upcoming shows at his Paris theatre.[80]

Some officials from both sides of the political spectrum have reservations about the legal validity of the Valls circular, and believe that cancellations could leave their cities liable for judgments of millions of euros in damages to Dieudonné if he sues and wins, as actually occurred in La Rochelle in 2012.[81]

According to a poll by IFOP for Metronews taken on 8–9 January 2014, 71% of the French population had a negative image of Dieudonné while 16% held a positive view. The voters of the National Front were the least negative, with 54% seeing him negatively and 32% positively.[82]

On 11 January 2014, he announced he would not perform his show Le Mur but will replace it with another one, Asu Zoa, that he wrote in three nights and that would talk about “dance and music inspired by ancestral myths”.[83]

The quenelle gesture[edit]

Main article: Quenelle (gesture)

The quenelle, invented by Dieudonné, is a gesture consisting of a downward straight arm touched at the shoulder by the opposite hand.

The gesture has also been described as a reverse Nazi salute.[84] In French, quenelle normally refers to a type of dumpling. Images of the quenelle became viral in 2013, with many individuals posing while performing the quenelle in photos posted to the internet.[85]

Dieudonné claims that the gesture is an anti-establishment protest. Officially, French authorities have said the gesture is too vague to take any action against Dieudonné.[86] In December 2013, the French Minister for Sport Valérie Fourneyron publicly criticised the footballer Nicholas Anelka for using the gesture as a goal celebration in an English Premier League match.[87] French international and NBA basketball player Tony Parker also came under fire during the same time period for his use of the gesture.[88]

On 30 December 2013, Parker apologized for making the gesture, saying that the photograph had been taken three years earlier and that he had been unaware at the time that it had any anti-Semitic connotation.[89]

An official January 2014 circular issued by Interior Minister Manuel Valls besides laying out a legal justification for banning antisemitic performances by Dieudonné also specifically linked the quenelle gesture to antisemitism and extremism.[76]

Court actions[edit]

  • On 14 June 2006, Dieudonné was sentenced to a penalty of €4,500 for defamation after having called a prominent Jewish television presenter a “secret donor of the child-murdering Israeli army”.[90]
  • On 15 November 2007, an appellate court sentenced him to a €5,000 fine because he had characterized “the Jews” as “slave traders” after being attacked in le Théâtre de la Main d’Or.[91]
  • On 26 June 2008, he was sentenced in the highest judicial instance to a €7,000 fine for his characterization of Holocaust commemorations as “memorial pornography”.[37]
  • On 27 February 2009, he was ordered to pay 75,000 Canadian dollars in Montreal to singer and actor Patrick Bruel for defamatory statements. He had called Bruel a “liar” and an “Israeli soldier”.[92]
  • On 26 March 2009, Dieudonné was fined €1,000 and ordered to pay €2,000 in damages for having defamed Elisabeth Schemla, a Jewish journalist who ran the now-defunct website. He declared on 31 May 2005 that the website wanted to “eradicate Dieudonné from the audiovisual landscape” and had said of him that “he’s an anti-Semite, he’s the son of Hitler, he will exterminate everyone”.[93]
  • On 27 October 2009, he was sentenced to a fine of €10,000 for “public insult of people of Jewish faith or origin” related to his show with Robert Faurisson.[94]
  • On 8 June 2010, he was sentenced to a fine of €10,000 for defamation towards the International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism, which he had called “a mafia-like association that organizes censorship”.[95]
  • On 10 October 2012, he was fined €887,135 for tax evasion. According to the French revenue service, Dieudonné failed to pay part of his taxes from 1997 to 2009.[citation needed].


  • Lettres d’insulte, illustrations by Tignous, Le Cherche-midi, 2002, (ISBN 2862747971)
  • Peut-on tout dire?, Interviews conducted by Philippe Gavi and Robert Ménard, in parallel with Bruno Gaccio, Editions Mordicus, 2010, (ISBN 978-2-918414-00-1)


  • Anne-Sophie Mercier, La vérité sur Dieudonné, Plon, 2005; reissued in 2009 as Dieudonné démasqué, Seuil.
  • Olivier Mukuna, Dieudonné. Entretien à cœur ouvert, Éditions EPO, 2004

Note 2: The French text on Zemmour’s position and quotations.

Zemmour monte au créneau pour défendre Dieudonné, un discours incroyable !

Depuis 3 semaines, la Quenelle de Dieudonné est partout ! Hier, Eric Zemmour faisait la une d’un quotidien en tant que “défenseur” de l’humoriste, il a donc pris la parole pour clarifier ses positions et il n’y est pas allé de main morte.

Zemmour, un islamophobe acharné, a choisi le camp de Dieudonné et de la France “Black, Blanc, Beur” qui le soutient rigoureusement. Durant toute sa chronique, on assiste à un déferlement de vérités qui ne sont généralement pas prises au sérieux lorsqu’on ne fait pas partie de la communauté juive :

«  Elie Semoun peut aller se rhabiller, Dieudonné a trouvé un meilleur compère et devrait attribuer une Quenelle d’or au ministre de l’intérieur  »

«  Ce mélange explosif d’amateurisme, d’obsession de communicants, de partenariats communautaristes avec le CRIF sans oublier le conseil d’Etat sommé de renier dans l’urgence toute la tradition libérale du droit publique français révèle le désarroi de la gauche…  »

«  C’est la gauche antiraciste qui a fait de la Shoah la religion suprême de la république  »

Tout au long de son discours, Eric Z. place Dieudonné en “victime” et bouc émissaire de la gauche… Une vidéo à partager massivement !

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