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What direct advantages “Arab Spring” infused in the region? Part 2

In the previous post I focus on the first and biggest advantage that the “Arab Spring” infused in the Arab/Islamic States: It is the serious pitting of the three other Sunni sects (Chafi3i (Egypt), Maliki (North Africa), and Hanafi (Syria)) against the radical, salafist, and obscurantist Wahhabi sect called Hambali (7ambali) in Saudi Arabia.

Before the Arab uprising, Saudi Arabia had undertaking a vast campaign since 1980 of exporting its obscurantist brand of religious sect (Wahhabi Hanbali) to all the Arabic and Islamic States, infusing billion of dollars, constructing mosques, hiring its brand of clerics to preach on Friday prayers and obtaining the monopoly of printing its version of the Koran, by the million, and distributing the book for free…

The second biggest advantage is the “Qadhafi’s body in the nude” syndrome. After Qadhafi’s body was shamefully displayed on internet and TV cables, one of the normal women exclaimed “He is so little. I was under the impression that Qaddafi was immense…

This new spirit is what I call: “Regaining this dignity of confronting authority figures“.

People in power have lost their shimmering sacred aura, power figures who were supposed to “Know it all”, that could not be approached, touched, or discussed with…

The little people with good reflecting minds are entitled to ask the pertinent questions, and they want to know the why and how, and they want an answer, a pragmatic action reply…

Demonstrations in public Squares are feasible, pretty well oiled and tuned up at an instant notice and the little people are ready to demand convincing practical decisions and actions from those supposed to shouldering public responsibilities…

Little people have experienced making decisions, organizing, and managing million of demonstrating people, and they realize that they are as good as the sons and extended family members of the people in power…

One of the cartoons shows a simple citizens feeling terrible as the policeman looks at him before the revolution. After the revolution, it is the policeman getting worried as a citizen looks at him in the eyes..

The third advantage is that religious political parties in power can no longer fool the people with abstract notions: They are in power now, and they are expected to start providing pragmatic answers to problems.

As for resuming outright fraudulent elections, it would be difficult for many years to come…




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