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In 1995, Ward Cunningham makes the first “wiki,” from the Hawaiian word for “quick” and inspired by Apple’s HyperCard programming language.

In 2001, American entrepreneurs Larry Saunders and Jimmy Wales register the domains and

The Aramaic language was the language of the Middle East for over 3,000 years; it was spoken by the people of all Empires in that region from current Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, and the western part of Iran known as Ilam in ancient history or (Arabestan for late Saddam Hussein regime). Aramaic is the root language of Arabic; the Arab nomads spoke several Arabic dialects but wrote in Aramaic as all the urban centers in the Middle East.

Women in Japan are encouraged to commit suicide to safeguard their “honors”, but they are cleverer than the stupid males; they leave such honor to the competitive militaristic disciplined males.

I try to draw democracy. I start with people voting and asserting their rights. And it strikes me that people are being possessed with an overarching ideology that a leader transmits, that they are held by their throats to be able to survive financially, that they have to rebel and kill and watch their children get killed to be heard.

La fureur, comme nous fument traite’ depuis l’ Independence du mandat Francais: Cette bequille qui refuse de me decevoir, cette hargne qui me tient vivant.

People  (mainly children) in Yemen are dying 10 times more from diphtheria than from cholera. Yemen was denied inoculation (vaccination on deadly viruses) from basic illnesses in the last 3 years

Every 2 weeks a language dies and with it, the history and knowledge of a culture.

There are some 7.000 languages in the world today. Around 40% are in danger of never being spoken again. Most of them are indigenous languages. 2019 marked the International Year of Indigenous Languages to raise awareness about these languages and their contribution to global diversity.

For seven years, China has been the world’s biggest travel spender and it will soar in 2020.

The ten billionaire gainers added a total of $555 billion to their fortunes over the past 10 years

The wealth of the 500 richest people on Earth surged 25% in 2019.

Protest groups in India have planned demonstrations across 20 cities as anger mounts over a citizenship bill that discriminates against Muslim migrants. Internet, voice, and text services have been shut down in parts of Delhi (as have metro stations and major roads), and curfews imposed in other parts of the country. This is a reminder of Israel offering citizenship to any Jews demanding it.

Enterococcus isn’t an inherently dangerous bacteria; most humans have some living in their gut. But some enterococcus strains have evolved into a virulent form, called vancomycin-resistant enterococcus, or VRE, that affects more than 540,000 Americans every year. They are especially prevalent in hospitals, where they flourish among patients with weakened immune systems. Patients who have been taking antibiotics and don’t have a healthy population of other gut bacteria are also susceptible.

Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 148

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pay attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

It is worth reading “Tout est hallucine'” de Hyam Yared, just for the sentences of Dalal in that story.

Ma grand-mere etait une montagne de force et n’avait aucune illusion. Elle n’avait pas de rapport d’amour, ni a Dieu, ni a son mari: une facon de s’evader du domicile familiale. Elle etait connecte’ a l’histoire politique des changements.

Ma grand-mere ne se morfondait pas quand le couple etait separe’ des mois durant et refusait de prier Dieu pour qu’il n’arrive rien a son mari.

In June 1974, the movie “The hour of liberation has chimed.. Out colonialists” by the young woman director Heine Srour won a special acclaim in Cannes.  Hind is a Jew female who had to leave Lebanon during the civil war. This movie is about the popular revolutionary struggle of the people in Zofar (Oman, Hadramout, and south Yemen) from the British colonial power and archaic monarchic structures.

In February 1975, director Borhan Alweyeh showed his movie “Kfar Kassem“.  Hundreds of spectators remained in the theater way after midnight discussing the movie.  The film is a retrospective documentary of the genocidal massacre that Israel committed against the Palestinians in the village of Kfar Kassem in 1956 before it invaded Sinai.

26% of USA want to support Israel versus just 2% for Palestine? Evangelical Zionists are the majority in USA? What of all these minorities, Catholics and Moslems?

People in Yemen are dying 10 times more from diphtheria than from cholera. Yemen was denied inoculation from basic illnesses in the last 3 years

At the first session of my class I repeat several times that the purpose of the engineering discipline is to design practical products or systems that man needs and wants, that human factors engineers are trained to consider first the health and safety of end users, the customers, the operators, and the workers when designing interfaces for products or systems.

Several weeks later, a few students retained the concept of designing practical interfaces or what an interface could be, but the pictures of end users are still blurred in their mind. How can you design anything if the end user is Not present in your purpose?

USA ma badda te3teref enno Da3esh intahat, mass badda te3teref bi Jerusalem, ka3edat lel erhab al sohyouni




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