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“It is HAMAS protecting me…” A Christian woman in Gaza

Maryam Raniyah wrote:

“One more time: I am a Christian of Gaza and I’m not persecuted by Hamas, I am not suffering under the rule of Hamas!

I am suffering under Zionist blockade, Zionist rule, siege is killing me, not Hamas!

Zionists are bombing my country, not Hamas! I’m suffering under the Zionist occupation.

I AM SUFFERING BECAUSE OF ISRAEL AND ZIONISM. We Palestinians, all of us, are suffering because of Israel…and Hamas only protects me.

If Hamas or other resistance groups were not here, I would be already dead, Israel would have killed me,

If Hamas was not here, Israel would already destroyed my land, my beloved Gaza.

And so the sentence: “Christians of Gaza are suffering under the Hamas rule is a big lie, it’s bullshit”

Naomi replied:

And this very interesting post apparently from Gaza — Maryam I would love it if you would report more on your life there.

Anything, how you get groceries and how you get the kids to school if you have them — how the day goes…how are people doing around you….details…anything you wish to share.

Each time, Israel has disregarded the agreements while Hamas has lived up to them (as Israel concedes).

Until some Israeli escalation elicits a Hamas response, which gives Israel another opportunity to “mow the lawn,” in its elegant phrase.

The interim periods of “quiet” (meaning one-way quiet) allow Israel to carry forward its policies of taking over whatever it values in the West Bank, leaving Palestinians in dismembered cantons.

All, of course, with crucial US support: military, economic, diplomatic and ideological, in framing the issues in accord with Israel’s basic perspective.

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